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Apocalypse: The Inception

Chapter 2

He’s weak, and overpowering him is easy. His eyes straining in the dark to make out my features, I can see him clearly. The man and child kept me hostage for days, bound, gagged, and tucked away inside a closet. I could hear them below, muffled conversations, leaving and returning later in the day, and then the stranger came.

I’d managed to get my hands undone, my struggles must have alerted him, and five minutes later, i’m straddling him as he peers up at me. Removing the bat from his throat, I go to the window and the sight below shatters all hope of a two story window escape.

“We’re not going to hurt you.”

He’s come to his feet, and I raise the bat “Carney Lansford” style, to keep him away. I’m feeling lightheaded all of a sudden, but I mean business...


“Stay away from me...”

My attempt at swinging the bat, ends with the sensation of falling and a darkness that overwhelms me.

“You let her out?”

“No, she got out... I heard a noise and went upstairs, she punched me in the face, hurt my side and took the bat.”

“You let a woman do all that to you?”

“Well... she is strong daddy, she gave you a good whooping before you pulled the gun on her.”

“Nobody asked you, this is grown folks business, go find some more rope or something to hold her with.

Feigning sleep, my hands are being bound again.

“I don’t know how she keeps getting loose, i’ve only been feeding her enough to keep her alive.”

“You do know that this is kidnapping, right?”

“She’s dangerous, I saw her shoot two men in the back of the head, ”

“So you’re going to keep her here for what?”

“She found us.”

“I was looking for food, and a safe place to sleep.” I state, done with the ruse.

The black guy immediately pulls his gun on me, as I attempt to sit up, with the assistance of the stranger.



“I agree with the new guy, i think you should let me go.”

“So you can come back and kill us, the way that you killed those men?”

“Those men deserved it, you don’t know what they were capable of.”

“So you knew them?”

“Yeah, and I told Mr. trigger happy the same thing, but he wouldn’t listen.”

“I don’t know you, but I do know what I saw, those men were pleading for their lives.”

People like you, are going to get people like me killed.”

“What do you mean people like him?”

“People with unrealistic views, “Let’s do what’s right”, it’s not about what’s right, it’s about survival, and guess what, I plan on surviving this.”

“By killing people?” Asks, blue eyes.

“There’s no government, no law, people are starving, desperate... I don’t have to tell you what’s going on out there, and those men, they weren’t good.”

Blue eyes makes eye contact with brown eyes, and it’s a brief moment of a non-verbal debate between the two, before I become agitated.

“Look, I can take care of myself, all I want to do is to be on my merry way.”

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