live for me, for both of us


After having accorded a second chance of living, Atem lives with Yugi and his friends. Some month later, he found he loves Anzu but a drame arrived. Would he be able to tell her before it was over?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful morning of spring, clear and shinny, a Sunday to be exact. In a house, two young men of seventeen year old were going to wake up although they were always a little tired. They had both of them a strange hairstyle. Their hairs were spiky with three colours, black with a little purple and blond lock. Although one has some more locks lifted on his head. They all have purple eyes, but one has a nice and childish gaze whereas the other has a more mature and piercing gaze. They could be like a perfect twin if one of the two wasn't a little more tall and has a tanned skin. These two young men named Yugi and Atem Mutô.

Indeed, after having found his memories and his name, and then fought Yugi, Atem had found his original body. And the Gods had accorded him a second chance to live with his friends. These latters had greatly expressed their joy to be with Atem again, especially Anzu Mazaki. She was so in love with the young and handsome Pharaoh and knowing that he had to leave, she had been deeply upset. So when the Gods had given him another chance, she was so delighted.

Coming back from their travel in Egypt, Atem was adopted by Mr Mutô, who was as pleased as Yugi and has got a "brother" now. Atem had passed the rest of the holiday to revise to be able to integrate the same high school of his friends and his now new brother. Anzu had proposed nicely to help him and this one had accepted pleased. Then in September, he had successfully integrated the high school and, when he arrived, a bunch of girls saw him and considered him like their "prince charming". They had formed a fan club and they tried to have some information about him, especially if he was single. Of course Atem was uncomfortable and annoyed with this situation and he had to hide to avoid them. At the beginning, Yugi and his friends had fun to see him struggle with his fan club, on the contrary to Anzu. She saw angry with all this girls following him and approaching him. She tried to help him by telling him when the way was free or places where he could be quiet. Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda decided to help him too when they saw that all this thing annoying him so deeply. Indeed everything upset him because he didn't want to attract the attention in him and he wanted to be tranquil. Then all this girls didn't interest him. He was so grateful of the help of his friends, especially Anzu with whom he had discover some affinities with her. They were more and more closed with the days passed and they loved pass some time together. He knew that Anzu was a lovely person, cheerful, confidence in life and her dreams, and she was also strong. He saw this all along their adventures, but he didn't take the time to know her very well. Now the more the time passed the more he loved what he discovered about her personality. Without forgetting she was so beautiful, he loved her blue eyes, as blue as the Nil he looked at when he was a Pharaoh. He was fond of her smile which lightened his life and made him want to live.

The months had passed and the new reopening arrived soon. Yugi, Atem, Anzu, Jono uchi and Honda had went in the last year of high school, even if for Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda it was so difficult. It had had to have a lot of courage and will for Anzu and Atem to help them working and revising. But after this huge test, they all have succeeded.

At start of April, Yugi and Atem came to wake up. While gaping, Yugi went toward the bathroom and took his shower. Atem sat up on his bed and waited his turn. He looked around him and saw a photo where he and his friends were. He took the photo in his hands and looked at it for a while. This photo had been taking the last day of school, near a fountain. Honda and Jono uchi were behind and had their arms entwined around each other and they mad the sign of victory. In front, there were Yugi, Anzu and Atem. Yugi smiled and made the same sign than Jono uchi and Honda. Atem smiled too, without worrying about the future of the world, happy simply, and he had hid hands in his pockets. Anzu, she smiled with this smile that Atem was crazy about. He could see her eyes shined with a glimmer of joy and amazing. He loved seeing her like this because she looked for an angel. He smiled by looking this photo and whispered her name, while savouring each syllable on his tongue. Indeed, since the Gods had granted him a second chance, he experienced some strong feelings for her and he found himself thinking about her and wanting to be with her. He loved the way she laughed, smiled or though in class and her eyes were screwing up with concentration; He was fond of seeing her live simply. He resolved to do all he could for nothing arriving to her, so he could contemplate and see her happy and bloomed near her friends, and why not… near him, because inside him he knew he loved her.

He looked always the photo when he heard Yugi went out from the bathroom and came in the bedroom. He saw Atem put the photo on the nightstand and smiled slyly.

"So Atem, you think again about Anzu? You love her so much?" he said by smiling.

Atem sighed and looked at Yugi by frowning a little. Yugi teased him often about this and he was annoyed a little.

Indeed Yugi had noticed the change of behaviour from Atem toward Anzu and the mutual closeness which accomplished between them. He had surprised some time before, the gaze of Atem, when he looked at the photo. He couldn't stop since teasing his brother about this. Because inside him, he hoped that Atem and Anzu would be together. It was true for a while, he had had some feelings for her, but he had understood that it wasn't reciprocal and Anzu had feelings for Atem. He didn't be surprised and forgot his love for her in order to help his friend and brother to tell each other their love.

Atem stood up and passed in front of Yugi without talking to him, because he saw that Yugi smiled slyly. He arrived in front of the door, when he heard Yugi talking.

"So? You don't answer me, Atem?"

Atem turned around and looked straight in the eyes.

"Listen Yugi…. This isn't concern you…And then…. You don't grow weary asking this question?"

Yugi smiled more before answering.

"No, I don't. And then as long as you don't answer me I will ask this question again!"

Atem sighed again and closed his eyes. He knew that Yugi will go on to ask this as long as he doesn't answer it. Reopening his eyes, he looked at him and said with a voice a little sharp.

"And if I say yes….. What will you do?"

Yugi looked at him by smiling.

"Finally! You see, it wasn't so hard to say it, was it?" He began to say « Well now you confessed, you have to know if it was reciprocal!!" He finished saying.

"Listen Yugi…. Don't care about that, please? I want to tell nothing for the moment" Atem answered with his deep and warmth voice.

"But… Why do you want to wait? You don't know how will be the future ?" Yugi said while becoming serious.

"Listen…. I thank you for your solicitude… but I prefer wait » Atem said as much serious as Yugi.

"But.." Yugi began.

"No Yugi, it's over. Now I'm going to take my shower, the discussion is finished!" Atem said while he opened the door and left the bedroom.

Yugi looked at him leaving while sighing. Atem could be so stubborn. But Yugi didn't finish with that. He decided to help his brother. All of sudden an idea went through his mind and he took his phone.

After fifteen minutes, Atem came back from the shower and saw Yugi who hung up his phone. This one put on his phone on his desk and looked at Atem by smiling.

"Eh Atem, I asked everybody if they would like to pass the day together and have fun. Do you agree?" Yugi asked.

"Hum…yes why not! What time do we have to meet?" Atem asked while looking at him.

"At ten o' clock, it's ok?" Yugi answered.

Atem agreed and turned round to leave the room. Yugi stood up too while smiling slyly. He had organized a date to allow Atem and Anzu to be together and who knows maybe he will decide to confess his love, because Yugi had planned to let them alone for them to appreciate their intimacy.

Yugi and Atem went down stairs and went toward the kitchen to take their breakfast with their grand father.

Before ten o' clock, the door rang and Mr Mutô stood up to open the door. He saw Jono uchi and Honda who were arrived with Anzu. They came in after greeting Mr Mutô. Then they went toward the living room where Yugi and Atem were. Yugi greeted them with warmth. Atem greeted them too with warmth especially Anzu. He looked at her attentively when she came in the living room and saw that she wore a white creamy skirt which came down mi thigh and a white shirt-blouse which showed her perfect form. She was simply divine for him. He felt warmth crossed his body and he was in heaven.

Anzu greeted everybody and lingered over Atem from the corner or her eyes; this one wore a black jeans and a black shirt-blouse a little opened. His clothes emphasized his tanned skin and he was so gorgeous. She felt too the same warmth take over her and she turned a little her eyes from him because she began to blush. Then she looked at him again despite her.

Lost in their mutual admiration, they didn't see Yugi who watched them a smile on his lips.

"Well maybe we can go, no?!" Jono uchi proposed overjoyed.

Everybody agreed and they went toward the door. They said goodbye to Mr Mutô and left. They walked while talking to go toward the centre and the arcades. They arrived toward the game arcade and decided to go in here. Jono uchi and Yugi fought in different games, under the look of Honda, Anzu and Atem. Honda has fun with Jono uchi by teasing him when he lost and they fought in front of the other. Atem was near Anzu and he could feel her sweet scent. He loved the smell of rose and jasmine she wore and particularly the one who wore it. This scent remembered the flowers he had in his palace and he had loved and always loved. From the corner of his eyes he saw his mate, who has approached the two fighters and tried to separate them. She was mi hungry mi amused, her eyes a little screwed up, but a smile on her lips. He found her so gorgeous and admired her shameless. Yugi noticed the look he had for her and smiled again.

After having apart Jono uchi and Honda, they decided to go to eat something. They went to the Burger king and ordered what they wanted to eat.

Around two of the afternoon, they came out the Burger King and decided to go to the movies. On the way, Anzu decided to take a little money to the cash machine in the corner of the street. She told to the boys what she was going to do and crossed the street to take her cash in the bank which was from the other side of where they were. The boys agreed and waited for her. Atem looked at her from far away, walking with grace. He couldn't detach his gaze from her. Anzu arrived in front of the cash machine and began to make the operation. When she obtained her cash and ticket, she began to put them in her bag, when suddenly she heard an enormous noise of backfire. She turned round to watch in the direction where the noise came from.

The boys and the passer-by around heard it too. They turned round too and watched too. From the corner of the street, everybody saw a car which drove too fast and fired behind him, followed near by a police car. The first one passed equal to Anzu who was in the corner of the street. She saw the scene with her eyes widened and heard the fired. Then she felt a suffering in her breast and all became black.

Atem, Yugi, their friends and the passer-by heard them too. Some of them began to scream, run or laid down on the floor. Yugi and his friends laid down too. Atem saw the first car fired when he passed near Anzu. He screamed her name, worried for her. He laid down too while prying for Anzu to be save and sound. He couldn't bear of lose her. She was the most precious person in his life, losing her would be worse than the death or to be locked up in the puzzle for some millennium.

When the two cars came far away, everybody stood up slowly, still in shock. Atem, Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda stood up too. Then they heard someone screaming in front of them and people running toward the place where Anzu was. Atem and his friends turned round and looked toward the place where the scream had been made and when the crowd were. The eyes of Atem widened with terror and horror ahead the scene he saw. Laid down on the ground, lied Anzu in a blood pool, her blood. His body froze and he could feel nothing. Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda saw too what had happened. They screamed her name too and ran toward her. Yugi turned round by seeing that Atem didn't move.

"Atem… please, come!! We have to go near her!" Yugi said tears in his eyes while touching the arm of Atem.

This one, feeling the hand of Yugi on him, began to feel back his body. He shivered in front this sight and ran wholeheartedly toward her, tears in his eyes. Yugi followed him worried too. By running, Atem thought about Anzu, his Anzu. He loved her so much, he couldn't bear to see her like this, he wanted to see her smiling, laughing…living, and not lying on the ground in her own blood. His head and heart screamed her name, to call and pry her to stay alive.

Arrived near her, he kneeled down beside her and touched her face. He felt her smooth but cold face. He removed his hand, by shaking and he looked at her by saying lower "Anzu…. Don't die", a tear rolled on his face and his eyes hidden by his locks. Then he took Anzu in his arm and looked at her again without taking off her from his gaze.

During that time, people around them had called the ambulance. Then someone approached her and felt her pulse and saw that it beat slowly, but it beat. Atem, Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda looked at him doing this and prayed for their friend. Five minutes later, they saw the ambulance arriving. People moved aside to let them pass. Atem always had Anzu in his arm, his look deeply on her. The ambulance men arrived near them and asked him to let them take her. Reluctantly, he let them take her and he watched the men taking care of her. They felt her pulse and saw that it was slowly. Without losing time, they put her on the stretcher and in the ambulance.

Yugi proposed to Atem to go with them, and he, Jono uchi and Honda joined them later. Atem agreed and went with them. On the way, he held the white hand of Anzu, so hot and smooth usually. Livid, he prayed fort she would be able to survive and live.

Arrived at the hospital, the ambulance men drove her to the operating room. Atem waited her in a room. Sat down in a seat, his two arms put on his knees and his forehead putting on his fist, he though badly about Anzu. He couldn't believe that everything was arrived, not Anzu, she didn't deserve this, especially dying, not her. With this only thought, his heart broke and one tear flew on his tanned skin. She had to live in the light, realise her dream and be happy with her family, her friends… and him. He didn't want to lose her, she was too precious to him. He remembered what Yugi had said early this morning and he wondered he had had to tell her his feelings, because if she died, he could never recover from this and he bore himself a grudge not to tell anything. Another tear flew and it reached his cartouche. He opened his eyes and took gently his cartouche. He watched it tenderly while remembering the day when Anzu had offered it to him. Without this gift he hadn't been able to recover his memories and his name. How he was so grateful to her to always be here for him. He decided to have faith and fight for her to help her for once. He hadn't to lose hope. He tightened his grasp on his cartouche and waited by whispering some prayers in Egyptian.

Twenty minutes later, he saw Yugi, Jono uchi, Honda and two policemen arriving. Yugi approached Atem and asked him :

"How is she?"

"I…. I don't know. They took her to the operating room ! » Atem answered with a toneless voice.

"We had told her parents what had happened. They are in a business affair so they arrived as soon as possible." Yugi said to him.

Atem agreed and saw the policemen arrived from afar. They asked Yugi and his friends to tell them what had happened. Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda told them the details. Atem couldn't tell the last events without having tears in his eyes. When they all told them everything, the policemen told them to pass to the station police later to sign their deposition. When they began to go far away, Atem interpellated them.

""Why….. Why this thing had happened? Who were these men ? » He asked with a hungry voice, because inside him he felt some hatred toward these men who had hurt his sweet Anzu. He looked at them with a penetrate gaze and they froze.

The two policemen looked at him and were a little frightened with his gaze. Of course they understood what he felt, because this young lady was an innocent victim in this mess. Yugi and his friends looked at him surprised and at the same time they understood too because they felt the same thing.

"Well…. These men were some dangerous criminals and they were going to burgle a bank, when we had been informed. They had burgled several banks already" One of the two policemen answered.

"You know…. We are sorry. All these things should not arrive. We hoped that this young lady will be well" The other policeman said sympathetic.

Yugi, Honda, Jono uchi and Atem thanked them and watched them leaving. Then a silence could be heard. Each was deep in thought. They prayed for their friend. After all she had received a bullet near her heart and had lost a lot of blood. Yugi looked at Atem attentively and saw that he held firmly something in his hand. He understood that it was the cartouche that Anzu had offered him. He saw in his eyes for the first time some fear that he hadn't has before: the fear to lose the dearest person in his heart. But he saw some anger too, what he understood perfectly because he felt it too. Yet he wasn't a mean person but he can't help it.

Two hours passed and Anzu wasn't out from the operating room. They began to worry. All of sudden the doors opened and a doctor went out. He went toward them who watched him arriving.

"Mr Mutô?" He asked while approaching.

This one agreed and stood up.

"We finish operating your friend. We have extracted the bullet from his chest which was near her heart. Now we had done everything we could medically…. Now it's her turn to fight, we must wait. The next twenty hours are decisive… But I must tell you this injury is really serious and… there is a chance that she can't survive, we must wait unfortunately… I'm sorry!" He said simply by looking at them. Then he went away letting them alone.

When they heard this, Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda had their breath took away. They couldn't believe that her friend wasn't able to survive.

Atem, he was livid with what he had heard. Losing Anzu was worse than the death. He lowered his head and went away without they notice him leaving, at the beginning. Then Yugi turned round and saw him went away, he called him but Atem didn't answer. Yugi saw him went toward the exit. He decided with Jono uchi and Honda to follow him.

When they arrived outside, they saw Atem afar near a tree. What they saw touched them a lot. A lot of tears streamed on his face and his gaze was dull. Their heart contracted with pain and sorrow by seeing him like this. Yugi, especially, understood the immense sorrow his brother had. But he hadn't to lose hope and he had to believe in it, for Anzu. They approached him and heard him whispering her name during some more tears flew on his face. Atem was so unhappy he didn't seem to see his friends approaching him, whereas before he could sense them far away.

Atem cried all his soul and tightened strongly his cartouche in his hands painfully. But he felt nothing. By arriving near him, Yugi and his friends didn't know what to say. Yugi put his hand on the arm of Atem and said:

"Atem… Anything is over. We must have faith !! »

Atem didn't look at him and told him by whispering:

"But… you heard what the doctor said? He didn't know if she would…Live" Other tears flew when he said the last word.

Yugi and his friends didn't know what to say. How give back hope to Atem, because he didn't have to lose it, Anzu had need a lot of help and strength.

"Atem, don't say that…I'm sure she will be fine… You know she is a winner!!" Yugi said.

"Yugi, your're right!! And I'm sure she would say the same thing if one of us was in the same place. She had always had faith in friendship and hope whatever it happened!" Jono uchi continued.

"Yeah!! They are right, Atem! You must believe and support her, the most possible. You must regain your self control. I'm sure that when she will wake up and learn that you lost hope, she will tell you her speech about faith and not lost hope!" Honda finished by smiling.

Atem listened all his friends say to him. Their words entered in his mind and in his heart. He remembered Anzu had told him this and she believed in it strongly, because it was one of her reason of live. He had to believe in it too. He stopped crying and cleaned his tears. He turned round and looked straight in their eyes a little smile on his lips.

"Thanks my friends, brother…You are right. Anzu need us…" He said 'I will be there for you… My precious Anzu' He thought deeply in him to have some strength.

Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda agreed and smiled to him to support him. They decided to go in her room to see her. A little in the background, Atem looked at Shis cartouche which was always in his hand. Then he put it back around his neck to put near his heart, where it had to be. They came in the hospital and went toward her room.

Arrived near her door, they hesitated a little before coming inside, then Yugi opened the door slowly supported by his friends and he took a deep breath to find the courage to come in. He reopened the door on a large scale and everybody looked inside, dumbfounded. They were all shocked with what they saw. Here, lied on her bed, they saw Anzu connected to a respiratory machine to be able to breathe and an electrocardiogram, where they could see the weak beating of her heart. She lied down here pale, really pale and she seemed so calm. They could see her chest rising weakly. They came in without a word and approach her, tears in their eyes.

Atem was the most shock. Seeing the one he loved in this state, shattered him deeply. His body began to shake and he didn't move. He was a little white despite his tanned skin.

The others surrounded her and Yugi took her hand. They watched her and tried to give her strength with their spirit. The only noise they could hear was the one of the respiratory machine and the electrocardiogram. They stayed a little time without moving and saying nothing. Yugi turned round and looked at Atem. He saw that he stood up behind and didn't move. Yugi decided to let Atem alone with Anzu and he removed his hand. He looked at Jono uchi and Honda and made them understand to look at Atem. They agreed and looked at him and understood what Yugi had in mind. They decided to leave a little and let Atem with Anzu. Yugi approached Atem and cheer up to come near her during they left. Atem agreed and thanked them with his eyes. Then they left and let him for a while.

Atem came near Anzu slowly by fixing her with his eyes. Despite her state he found her sublime. She looked like a sleeping angel. He sat on the chair beside her and looked at her lovingly. He approached a hand around her head and put some long strands behind her ear, because from the time had past, her hairs had grown longer and they went past her shoulder a little. He found her amazing with her long hair. Then he took her hand to lay a sweet and tender kiss. He felt her smooth skin on his lips and he tried to imagine what it could be if her sweet lips was on his lips. He closed his eyes and put her hand on his cheek. He whispered some Egyptian words with his baritone voice. Then he reopened his eyes and put back her hand on her bed. He approached her near her face and especially her ear and whispered tenderly:

"Anzu… My Anzu… Please… You must to fight ! Don't let us…. Don't let me… I need you… Live for me… for both of us!! » He finished saying with a voice cut by the emotion.

He closed his eyes not to see her like this. He stayed like this for a while to hear the noise from the machine which indicated the rhythmic sound of her heart. Then suddenly, he heard a dull and continual sound which came from the machine, a noise which broke his ear. He reopened his eyes and saw on the electrocardiogram that the line was flat not like before. He looked at Anzu with terror and went out quickly from her room. By opening the door he passed in front of Yugi and his friends who waited outside and they saw Atem ran precipitately by screaming. Several doctors and nurses arrived, followed by Atem. Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda saw them coming in her room, they followed them too and saw the doctors around Anzu with a defibrillator and understood what had happened.

Atem terrorised, looked the doctors bustled about on Anzu. He had tears in his eyes and didn't react. The scene unfolded slowly in front of him. He prayed with all his soul for she came back among us, but especially him. Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda had tears too on their eyes and prayed too.

The doctor bustled about on Anzu and tried to bring her back to life. They tried several times but each time nothing arrived. The heart of this young lady didn't beat. They looked at each other and nodded their head. Then they turned toward Atem, Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda and looked at them with sympathetic look.

Atem's eyes widened with terror and he looked at them. Then he howled:

"NOOOOOOO….ANZU!!" He wanted to precipitate toward Anzu. But he was held by Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda, who were crying.

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