live for me, for both of us

Chapter 2

The doctors decided to try one more time to bring her back to life.

- Charge it at three hundred. Look out, step back! Please Miss Mazaki, come back! The doctor said who had the defibrillator.

Atem always kept by Yugi and their friends, saw the scene in a slow motion. He saw the man moving his hand with the defibrillator near her heart, with tears in his eyes.

- Anzu, don't leave me…. ANZU!! He screamed desperately, without caring about what people could say or think about him, as he couldn't bear the fact that he could lost her forever.

The doctor put it on her chest and the waves of electricity crossed her body and lift her again. Then the silence could be heard one more time. Everybody looked at each other without moving and ready to pronounce the death of the young lady, when suddenly the electrocardiogram reacted and the rhythmic curve started moving again.

Dumbfounded, they reacted quickly. They took care of her to keep her in life.

For Atem, the last seconds were hard. Indeed, when the doctor had tried one more time to take her back to life, and nothing had arrived, his heart had stopped beating. He felt nothing and had the impression to be a stranger with everything around him. His breath had stopped too, like if it was arrested in his gorge. Then when the machine had started again, telling him that the heart of Anzu beat again, his heart has beaten again too and he could felt his body live again. His breath came back and he took a deep inspiration. A deep joy crossed him. The unconditional love he felt for Anzu overwhelmed him. Tears of joy flew on his cheek. Anzu was alive and came back to them… especially him. Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda loosened their grip on Atem, with tears in their eyes and a smile on their lips. Jono uchi and Honda hugged each other, so happy that her friend was alive. Yugi approached Atem and put a comforting hand on his arm. Atem looked at him and smiled; what wasn't arrived since a long time. They smiled together and hugged too, joined by Jono uchi and Honda. Then when they calmed down, they looked at the doctors who took care of her.

Then, when the doctors were reassured that she was fine, they turned toward Atem, Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda who were so happy.

- Well, your friend is a fighter! She must really love the life!! One of the doctors said.

- Yes… our Anzu is a fighter and plus she is our sunshine, our precious friend!! Jono uchi said by smiling and he was approved by Yugi and Honda.

Atem said nothing because he watched Anzu without letting her from his gaze 'Yes, it is true, Anzu is our sunshine but for me she is the light which brighten my life, with her smile and her strong will to live. It was for one of this reason I love her so much' he thought while smiling lovingly

The doctor noticed his gaze and understood that for the young man, this young lady was more than a friend. He smiled a little, then he talked again :

- We have thought that we have lost her!! Fortunately not!! Now she is safe and sound, but we are going to watch over her!!

- By the way, do you know if her parents will arrive or not? He asked by looking at them.

- Yes, we have told them about, they should arrive soon! Yugi answered smiling.

- Very well, so we let you with her. But try not to make noise and if there is a problem, tell us quickly! He finished by saying while beginning to go away with the other.

Yugi, Atem, Jono uchi and Honda agreed and thanked them. Then the doctors left the room by letting them alone with their friend.

They came near her by wiping their tears. Atem stayed behind. He wiped his check then he looked at her seriously and determined. He was resolved to confess all, as soon as she will wake up and be fine, because he didn't want to waste time. With this accident, he was aware that he would pass all his time, his life to cherish and love her. Even if his feelings weren't shared, he wanted to tell her. He felt no more this fear that had stopped him telling what he felt, because the fear of losing her without telling her was more devastating than this fear and he didn't want to live this again. Then he came near her too and they all stayed here.

Around half past seven, Yugi, Atem and their friends decided to go home and let her. Atem went with them despite that he would like to stay with her. By leaving her room, they saw far away her parents who arrived.

- Ah! Gentlemen! How is our daughter ? Mr Mazaki asked worried. Mrs Mazaki was worried to and waited their answer, a good new. The boys looked at her and saw on her face some tears.

- Well…. Yugi didn't have the time to finish, because the doctor, who was with Anzu before, was here to check her.

- Mr and Mrs Mazaki? I'm the doctor Yukimura. I'm the one in charge of your daughter. He said by smiling.

- Doctor Yukimura, how is she? Asked again Mr Mazaki by turning toward the new one

- Well, now she is stable but we check on her very much, because… this afternoon her heart has stopped. He said simply.

Mrs Mazaki sobbed a little and new tears appeared in her pale check.

- Oh my god! She said with a shaking voice. Her husband approached her and took her in his arms to cheer up.

Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda looked at her, with sympathy and with new tears in their eyes.

Don't worry Mr and Mrs Mazaki. We have succeeded to revive her fortunately. Now we must to wait. He finished saying by trying to reassure them.

Mr and Mrs Mazaki nodded their head to agree. They stayed here by thinking of all her daughter had lived, while listening what the doctor told them about the drama and the operation she had had.

Atem, he closed his eyes because he saw again what had happened earlier in the afternoon, the anguish and the despair he had had. A ball formed in his throat and he tried to stop the tears which threatened to flow. But the simple vision of her hurt body lying down in her own blood and especially the terror to almost losing her, all these feeling overwhelmed him. Tears ran freely and silently on his tanned check. He turned his head to not be seen by the others.

While hearing the doctor, Mrs Mazaki looked straight toward her and noticed the tears which flew on the cheek of the young man and one of the close friends of her daughter, before he turned his head. She understood that all these things had upset him so much and above all he had strong feeling for Anzu. She went away from the group and came near to him nicely. She put an affectionate hand on his arm. He opened his eyes and saw the sad but tender gaze of Mrs Mazaki. Despite her sadness, she tried to comfort him, to tell him not to lose hope.

Atem agreed with a little smile to thank her and kept hope a little more. The others looked at them and approached to cheer up them.

Mr and Mrs Mazaki went to see their daughter, after thanking the boys to have checked on her and wished them goodnight.

After coming back in their house, Atem went directly in his room. Sat down on his bed, he seemed to be absent minded. He thought again about this nightmarish day which was so good at the beginning. He remembered how he was entranced by her grace and beauty, when she had come in the living room, with this particular glimmer of joy in her eyes. And now she lied on a bed between death and life, fighting to live. He had almost lost her this afternoon. His heart tightened from pain and despair with this thought. He put this thought aside to keep hope, because it was what Mrs Mazaki tried to make him understood earlier, and more especially for the respect to Anzu who fought to live and always kept hope. He stayed in his room and didn't go down to eat.

Yugi had seen Atem go upstairs in their room and that Atem was again in shock. He was in shock too because Anzu was like a sister for him now and knowing that she was in this state saddened him a lot.

Mr Mutô joined his grand son and saw the look on Atem and Yugi.

- Well Yugi, what a face you make you two? Did something have happened this afternoon? He asked a little worried.

Yugi looked at him sadly. Sighing, he said with a low voice.

- Well… this afternoon, when we were on our way to go to see a movie, Anzu wanted to take money. When she almost finished, we heard far away and in the corner of the street some pursuit cars. One of them was some criminals and they shoot on the police car. Unfortunately one bullet had landed in Anzu. We found her lying on the ground in her own blood. Told Yugi.

- Oh my god! Poor girl!! Mr Mutô said horrified.

- After she was taking to the hospital, she had been operated during several hours. The policemen were arrived and they have questioned us. We have to go to the station police to sign our deposition. Then in the afternoon, when Atem was alone with her, we saw him coming out quickly to look for the doctors. In fact she had had a heart attack and they tried to revive her. Yugi pursued.

- It's not possible! But she is right now? Tell me she is fine, Yugi !! His grand father said in panic.

- Hum… yes but we have believed she wouldn't. It was just at the end that she came back to us. We were so frightened to lose her…but the most frightened was Atem. During they tried to revive her, he screamed her name desperately and he wanted to come near her. We have to hold him and it wasn't so easy!

- I imagine, but you know Yugi despair can give to someone the strength to do extraordinary things. And then it was normal to be upset when the one you loved so much is in this state!! Mr Mutô said by smiling a little.

Yugi surprised, looked at him his eyes and mouth wide opened and he said :

- You… you noticed it too?

His grand father smiled a little more.

- Of course! I'm a little old and senile, but it's so evident! It's not at my age that you will learn to me these things about love!! I know to read signs. And I can tell you that your brother is crazy in love with her, especially with the way he looked at her lovingly. He said by smiling maliciously.

Yugi agreed by smiling too. Then Mr Mutô became serious again and asked :

- Her parents had been called? They are here?

- Yes, they arrived this night. When they learnt what had happened, they were so frightened too, especially Mrs Mazaki. She cried enormously. We tried to comfort her when suddenly we saw her go away and approach Atem. Because you see, he cried too. They smiled together to keep hope. We came near them to be together and keep hope for Anzu. Then we decided to let them alone with their daughter and we left. Yugi finished by saying.

Mr Mutô agreed, not believing it again 'Poor Anzu' He tought. He wished with all his heart that she will be fine, she and his "grand son", because if she died, Atem would be so devastated and disconsolate for the lost of the one he loved. And Mr Mutô didn't want to see that.

They stayed quiet for a while, then Yugi talked again :

- The doctor said we must to wait and this night will be important for her.

- So we must to wait and pray. If you would I don't mind I would like to come with you! Mr Mutô said.

- Of course you can come. I'm sure that she will be happy! Yugi said by smiling.

- Well… It's time to diner. We must to have strength for tomorrow! Mr Mutô said.

- Yes, you're right! Tomorrow will be an important day and I want to be in form when she will wake up! Yugi said with resolution.

- Good, my grand son! This is the spirit you must have. Mr Mutô said by smiling too. You will tell your brother that the diner is ready!! He finished by saying.

Yugi looked at him and agreed, but deep inside him, he knew that Atem didn't want to eat.

He was right when he went upstairs to see him and this one didn't want to go downstairs to eat, preferring stay alone despite what said Yugi.

Later in the night, Yugi went upstairs one more time with a plate full of sandwich. He opened the door slowly and looked inside. All was dark and the silence could be heard. He came inside quietly and came near slowly. He saw a form lying which didn't move on one of the bed. By coming closely he saw that Atem was asleep. He looked at him and saw him very deep in his sleep. He noticed too that he held hardly in his hand, the cartouche which was near his heart. He looked like peaceful first, but by looking attentively Yugi noticed some traces of tears which had flew earlier. The heart of Yugi tightened with sadness. Sadness for his brother, that Yugi saw very breaking down and he couldn't do anything to cheer him up. But he felt sadness too to Anzu because she was in a bed in a hospital between the death and the life. He approached the window and prayed for his best friend and almost a sister for him.

In the town, two other people were at their windows and contemplated the city. Indeed, Jono uchi and Honda prayed for their friend too because she was a full member of their group and she was even the one who make the cohesion of the group. They didn't want to loose her.

Atem was alone in an unknown place to him. Nothing and nobody was here near him. He walked slowly by looking around him. The more he walked the more he was aware of the place he was. His eyes widened in horror when he recognized the street, where the frightful tragedy had had been. His heart beat so quickly. Far away he saw a form which was standing. When he recognized it he stopped for an instant. Indeed he saw it was Anzu who has her back turned toward him. He called her by howling her name.

This one turned her head slowly, by hearing her name. His eyes widened again with fear by looking at her eyes attentively. Her eyes were without life, the gleam inside them was extinguished. He saw tears which flew on her beautiful face so pale. Atem couldn't bear to see her like this, the one he loved with all his heart. He walked again to approach her and take her in his arms to show her he was here and he didn't let her, never in his life.

Suddenly he saw a shadow far away in front of Anzu and approached her. Atem saw Anzu turned her head and watched the shadow too. His heart beat very fast because he felt that this shadow was here to take the woman he loved. He screamed her name one more time, when he saw her walking toward the shadow. He ran but he saw with horror that the more he approached her the more the shadow came near to Anzu ready to take her.


Just before the shadow took her, Anzu turned around one more time and looked at him with the same gaze and tears on her face. She whispered some words then she said nothing. His eyes fogged up because he understood what she had whispered and so what she wanted to say. He screamed with despair and told her with a hoarse voice by the emotion.


Anzu sketched a smile for the first time by hearing this, despite her pale cheek. Atem gave her back her smile, despite his tears too, because he thought she would finally stay with him by seeing her walking toward him and so went far away from the shadow. He walked too and approached her slowly. They were almost arrived in front of each other. They reached out their hand in the same time to be able to touch at each other.

But the shadow which did nothing for a while decided to move and began to take Anzu. Atem took her hand desperately and pulled her with all his strength. He could see the fear in her eyes. Unfortunately the shadow continued to take Anzu and he dragged her along with him in the darkness, forcing them to let go of their hands. Their hands didn't arrive to resist to the pressure and slowly they were apart. Their fingers brushed one more time before she disappeared completely with the shadow. Atem howled her name with despair and fell on his knees on the ground, by crying all the tears he has. The emptiness took him and his heart. He screamed her name one more time before he fell on the ground completely alone and destroyed.

Atem woke up panting. Some beads were on his forehead. He breathed with difficulty. His heart pounded very quickly. Some tears flew on his face.

He was terrified with this nightmare. Being so close with Anzu, almost touching her and then losing her like this was too much to him.

He stood up from his bed and looked at Yugi, who was deep in his sleep. He tried to take back his breath and closed his eyes to try to forget his dream and especially take back the control of his emotions. He went toward the door with a step not so confident like he always did. He opened the door the most silently possible not to wake up Yugi. He went downstairs and went toward the living room. He sat up on the couch and didn't move. He was deep in his thoughts which were about Anzu and only her. The nightmare he had had showed him the suffering and the immense lost he would has if he lost her. He cried like a child without stopping it. He cried like he had never done again in his all life, like a pharaoh and a spirit. And yet he had felt a deep sadness when he had lost Yugi during his fight with Raphael, when Dartz had tried to take the control over the world. But here, what he had felt was nothing compared of what he felt now. At this moment by losing Yugi it was like if he had lost a brother and a precious friend, but losing Anzu will be more frightful because he would lost the one who made his life so wonderful, who gave him the strength to live his life and especially his soul mate.

Suddendly, he felt a hot and comforting hand on his shoulder and he turned around slowly. He saw his grand father who smiled tenderly to tell him he wasn't alone. Mr Mutô was sad to see the one he considered like his second grand son so miserable. He had heard him opening the door of his room and went downstairs. He had decided to follow him because he suspected he was upset and thought about his friend and the one he loved so much. He sat down near him and they stayed side by side for a while.

- Atem… You shouldn't be so worry, you know. I'm sure Anzu wouldn't apreciate to know that you are so worried about her and you don't rest ! He said nicely.

- I…I can't…. I … cant' bear the fact that she is in the hospital like that and … maybe….she could…. He didn't arrive to finish his sentence, because he felt a ball forming his throat and new tears arrived.

- NO ATEM…. I forbid you to tell this, ok. Anzu is a strong and brave woman, I'm sure that she fights to live. So you don't have the right to lose hope like this. It's disrespectful toward her. He said by raised the tone a little for he bucked up. Then calming a little, he told with a nicer voice.

- Listen… I'm going to tell you something that you don't know about her! He began to say.

Atem raised his head and for the first time since a long time, another thing that sadness was present in his face. A glimmer of curiosity could be seen in his eyes. He wanted to hear what his grand father wanted to tell him. He stopped to cry and looked at him straight in his eyes.

- You don't know this, because it had happened for around ten years…. A winter day, Yugi and Anzu have fun in a park while returning from the school. They loved very much to go in this park, because it is beautiful. Well, they have fun near the pond to chase each other. Then suddenly, Yugi slip and fell in it which was frozen.

Atem has his eyes wide opened and waited the following with worry.

- What had happened? He asked.

- You don't figure out it Atem? His grand father asked.

Atem thought about it for a little while by looking at the table, then when he guessed it he turned his head toward his grand father and said :

- No…. Don't tell me that… Anzu has dived in the pond to go to look for him?

- Well… She did it because at this moment Yugi didn't know how swimming. You know Anzu, she does all she has to help the ones she cares a lot despite her own life. Mr Mutô answered.

Atem agreed and a little smile was present on his face. Indeed he knew very well that Anzu was the type of person, devoted and brave. It was one of a reason he has fallen in love with her. He turned toward his grand father again and waited the following with impatience.

- So she dove and she looked for him despite the freezing cold. She succeeded to take him back on the riverbank with difficulty. But when she was going to reach the riverbank, she slip and fell again while bumping her head into a piece of ice.

The eyes of Atem widened with dread by hearing this. He couldn't bear to imagine his Anzu imprisoned and hurt in the icy water. He looked at his grand father again and wanted to know the following.

- Yugi was so frightened by seeing this. He howled her name louder and wanted to look for her despite he couldn't swim. Fortunately, his cry had alerted the people who were no so far away and at the moment Yugi went to dive, someone stopped him. By turning around, Yugi saw some people so he told them what had happened and he saw one person dived in the pond to look for her.

Atem looked at him who stopped his story to catch his breath. He waited with impatience that he told him what had happened next.

- Then when the person came back with Anzu in his arms, Yugi was at first happy but then when he saw her so freeze and with blood behind her head, he cried a lot. People called the ambulance and tried to calm him down but nothing worked. Yugi couldn't help crying like you now. Anzu was taken in the hospital with Yugi. I was called as well as her parents so we went to the hospital. When we arrived the doctor told us what had happened. They tried to warm her up but especially what worried the doctors was the injury she has behind her head. She has a concussion and he told us that we must wait to know what would happen.

Atem could imagine very well what had felt the little Yugi because it was what he felt now.

- After having hearing the news, I looked for Yugi everywhere and I found him behind a pot of flowers. When he saw me he went in my arms and didn't stop to say that it was his fault and he didn't want her to die. I tried to comfort him the most possible, her parents too who weren't mad at him, but nothing worked. He felt guilty. He didn't eat nor slept and he stayed at home prostrate and he prayed for her. We began to be worried for him too.

- Hum! I understand what he had felt because I felt too ! Atem said simply.

- Yes, I know, for this you are exactly the same. Well some days later, Anzu had finally woken up unhurt. Overwhelmed, I told it to Yugi who ran quickly as possible at the hospital to see her. By arriving and seeing her woke up, he embraced her strongly while crying. And you know what she had said? Asked Mr Mutô with a smile on his lips.

Atem shook his head to tell him he didn't know and he waited his answer.

- Well, first she told him she was happy that he had nothing and was alive, a smile on her lips. Then she held her finger and put it on his nose and told him by frowning a little to reprimand him 'So I learnt that you didn't eat and sleep as well since the accident because you were worried for me? It's not good YUGI, and I bore a grudge against you' Yugi looked at her frightened because he thought that she would get hungry. Then she smiled and laughed by looking at his face. She embraced him by laughing more and she told him 'Idiot, I could never bear a grudge against you! But it's true that you shouldn't have to stop eating and sleeping for me because it's something was arrived to you, you would make a lot of sorrow to your grand father and me' Yugi looked at her and he cried again. He said that he was sorry for all the thing had happened and he would do anything she wanted. She comforted him and told him that he hasn't to be sad and regret what had happened, she was fine and she would be. And you now what she had added? Mr Mutô asked by looking Atem.

- Well she said to him, by putting her forehead on his, that firstly he hasn't to feel guilty about that because everything was right and if he continued to do it she would bear a real grudge against him and so didn't talk to him anymore. She made him promise that he has to smile, forgot everything and more important, keep hope whatever would happen in the future. Then she added that as soon as she would recover, she would learn to him swimming so later maybe he could save someone one day and so on he would pay his debt to her. She looked at her parents to ask them if they would like to learn him swimming with her. They agreed and then Yugi looked at her by crying one more time, then he smiled to respect his promise. You see, the hope and optimistic Yugi had in him came from of what Anzu had said to him this day. This is for this promise he had done this day, that Yugi kept Hope whatever what happens! So Atem do you want to adopt this style of thought or continue to mope and so scoffed at her belief!! He finished saying.

Atem was astonished by what he had heard. He could never imagine what she had lived and she could tell this for her young age. Not only she had never bore a grudge against him for everything, and she taught him swimming, but she especially gave him the strength to believe and never lose hope. He made a beautiful smile full of tenderness and love, because this story strengthened the strong feelings he felt for her. It was full of love that he cleaned his tears from his face and he decided to adopt too this philosophy of life.

Mr Mutô was delighted to see one of his grand sons bucked up and decided to fight. He put his hand on his shoulder and told him to go upstairs and sleep to be in form tomorrow when they will go to the hospital. Atem agreed and told him he would shortly. Mr Mutô agreed and went upstairs.

Atem stayed on the couch for a while, by thinking about what he heard. He closed his eyes and he saw all his memories he had about her and he had lived with her : her wonderful smile and her angelic laugh, her eyes, her strength and determination she put to realize her dream and life, the love and friendship she felt for all the people she loved, and especially her faith in life. All this memories made him happy and he though about his angel a smile on his lips. Then he stood up and decided to go to sleep by wondering he would build new wonderful memories with her and his friends.

He went in his bed and before sleeping he whispered something with a smile :

- My love!! You're right… I will believe… Believe in life… and you !! I will cheer you up like you always done to me!! So you must to fight and live and we will make happy memories together! Then he felt asleep quietly with serenity.

The next morning, Yugi and Atem get up early what was new. Yugi stretched quietly and looked at his brother, surprised. Indeed he saw Atem calm and especially he felt in his brother a confident he hasn't seen since a long time. He was happy for Atem because Yugi began to wonder what he could make or tell to cheer him up.

After being clean and prepared, Yugi and Atem went downstairs and found their grand father to take their breakfast. Then they decided to go to the hospital to see Anzu. On their way they saw Jono uchi and Honda. They decided to go together. When they arrived they went toward her room. Yugi knocked at her door then they came in. Near Anzu, were her parents. Yugi, Atem, their grand father and their friends could see the circle under their eyes because they have passed the night near their daughter. Mr and Mrs Mazaki lifted their head when they came in.

- Mr Mutô, thanks to you for coming to see our daughter! Mrs Mazaki said.

- Please, she is like my grand daughter. So it's normal that I come! Mr Mutô began to say. Then our Anzu is strong, I'm sure she will be fine. He finished by saying while smiling.

Mr and Mrs Mazaki smiled too to thank him.

- Yes, it's true! Anzu had always had a strong personality and she is a fighter! Jono uhi said while coming near Anzu and touching her hand. Hey Anzu, you will wake up soon, won't you? Then you will be able to behave like our mother when we will do something stupid! He finished by saying while smiling.

- Yeah, she will not stop to mother you because you behave as a kid! Honda told and who was behind Jono uchi.

- What?! Watch who talking !! Jono uchi answered, by frowning and turning toward Honda.

They defied each other with their eyes and everyone laughed, almost everyone because Atem stayed behind and was concentrated only on Anzu. Mrs mazaki noticed this and smiled. She had understood that Atem has strong feeling for her daughter. By smiling she decided to let Atem and Anzu alone for a while later.

They continued to discuss near Anzu, like this she would be able to feel that they are there and so on she wasn't alone. They stayed like this for one hour, then during the youngs talked between them, Mrs Mazaki came near her husband and whispered :

- Darling, maybe we could take a breakfast and a coffee. We need to take a break, don't you think?

- Now? Are you sure?" He said a little surprised.

This latter agreed and nodded to tell yes.

Mr Mazaki looked at her without understanding and he saw her smile, but especially the direction of her gaze. He looked in the same direction and saw that she looked at Atem. He looked at his wife again and understood what she wanted to do. He agreed too by giving her his smile.

- Well, we are going to take our breakfast to the cafeteria! So if anybody wants to join us, they are welcomed! Mr Mazaki said by looking everybody.

They were all quiet and looked at him. Then Yugi understood what they wanted to do.

- Yes, I will come with you; I will take a coffee.

- Eh! We come too Yugi! We are hungry too. Jono uchi and Honda said.

Mr Mutô agreed too and decided to follow them.

Then Mrs Mazaki looked at Atem and said to him nicely:

Atem, my boy. Do you mind if you stay here with her?

This latter looked straight in her eyes and answered :

No, of course. I will stay with her. Like this he could stay alone with her.

- Thank you, Atem! She said by approaching him and putting her hand on his arm. My daughter is lucky to have someone who cares for her. She whispered.

No, I'm lucky to have her Mrs Mazaki. I'm ready to do anything for her. He whispered by looking at her the most seriously possible.

Mrs Mazaki smiled to him. Then she removed her hand and went on.

- So Atem, we let her to you. Take care of her!! Yugi said by winking at him. Then he went on by laughing.

Atem sighed by hearing this and closed his eyes. Then he opened it and looked at Anzu tenderly. He came near her and sat up. He removed some locks on her face and put them behind her ear. Then he bent his head and put tenderly his lips on the forehead of his sleeping beauty. He could feel the sweetness of her skin and he wondered what he would be to feel her sweet and generous lips on his. Then he sat up again by looking at her lovingly. He took her hand and brought it toward his face and he made a sweet kiss on it. He kept her hand near his cheek and closed his eyes. He stayed for a while without talking, while appreciating this moment. Then he opened his eyes and he talked with his deep and mature voice:

You know Anzu, our grand father told me what had happened ten years ago, when you dived in a icy pond to save Yugi by risking your life. You were so great… in the same time I'm not surprised!! You are always ready to do anything you can for the other. You're so generous and caring.

He stopped for a while and looked at her again.

- It was all I always appreciated on you. This and your happiness and faith in friendship and life! I decided to believe in it and ever lose hope!!

He smiled tenderly and closed his eyes again. He felt he could tell her anything he had in his heart.

- You know Anzu… my precious Anzu…. Everybody miss you… your parents… your friends… He stopped a little then he talked again with a shaking voice by the emotion. He was so deep in his thoughts he didn't see the eyes of Anzu opening a little. He took back his monologue... But the person who misses you a lot is me. I need you, Anzu. I need your presence, I need to see you laughing and I miss your determined character. But the most I miss it's your marvellous eyes which dazzled me and illuminated my life.

- Anzu… I was so stupid. I have several times to tell you what I felt for you, but…. I was stubborn and a little frightened. But now I realize how I wasted this moment….You are so precious for me, you are the one who mean a lot to me. I would give my life for you…Oh Anzu…. if you knew how I love you!!

At this moment, he felt her hand shook nicely in his. He opened his eyes and looked at her. He saw with surprise that she has her eyes opened and looked at him with a happy glimmer in her eyes and something else. He couldn't identify it.

- Anzu… you are finally awake!! He said tenderly.

This one shook his hand a little stronger to agree. They looked at each other for a while without leaving their eyes, both of them lost in their eyes.

- If you knew how I was afraid of losing you!! I couldn't bear it!

Anzu closed her eyes a little then she squeezed his hand by opening her eyes. She tried to smile but she was bothered by the tip in her mouth.

Anzu… Did you… Heard what I Just…. Said ? Atem asked a little embarrassed.

This one blinked to tell him that she did. Atem reddened a little because he was embarrassed. But at the same the time, he felt so relieved that he told her at least. But, did she feel the same way?

- Listen… I don't know if you fell the same way, but I want you to know that….. He couldn't finish his sentence, because Anzu took away her hand from his hand and put a finger on his mouth to stop him from talking. She closed her eyes for a while. Atem looked at her a little anxious. He didn't move and didn't dare to talk no more. He waited simply that she talking. Anzu opened her eyes again and looked at him with the same glimmer in her eyes from earlier. Then she took away her finger and put sweetly her hand on his cheek and stroked it tenderly. This latter was a little surprised from her gesture ' Did she feel the same thing I felt?' Atem asked. He was afraid of hoping and yet he couldn't stop it. He put his hand on her and looked at her tenderly, a glimmer of love in his eyes.

- Anzu… Have you…. Feeling for me ? » He asked with hope in his voice.

She looked at him for a while then she blinked to tell him that she did. His eyes widened, surprised. Then he smiled lovingly and put a tender kiss on the hand of the woman he loved. He was so delighted, like he never was in his life. His feelings were mutual. They stayed like this to contemplate each other, the same glimmer of love and tenderness in their eyes.

Then Atem pulled away from her with a little sadness and told her :

- Ma sweet Anzu! I'm so happy that I forget where we are! I will look for a doctor to examine you and took away this tip and I will be able to hear your sweet voice again.

Anzu agreed and looked at him going away. Atem went to look for a doctor. During the examination, this one waited outside. Then he heard far away, his friends, his family and her parents arriving. When everybody saw him in the hallway, they were a little afraid. Did something happen to Anzu? Worried, they came near quickly.

- Atem!! Does something bad happen to Anzu? Mrs Mazaki asked.

This latter looked at them all before answering.

- No, on the contrary. She just wakes up and a doctor is checking her now. He said by smiling.

Dumbfounded, they didn't react immediately. Then they screamed of Joy and they embraced each other.

- It's so fantastic!!' Jono uchi screamed so delighted by the news and by lifting up his arms.

- I agree with you!! Mr Mazaki said by hugging his wife in his arms while smiling, happy and relieved. Mrs Mazaki wept with joy and happiness.

Everybody was so overjoyed. From the corner of his eyes, Yugi saw the intense smile of happiness and love that Atem had. He approached him and asked him by whispering:

- Eh, Atem! What it happens? You have a strange glimmer in your eyes, like something had happened and we don't know?

Atem looked at him and closed his eyes for a while. His brother has the habit to read in him like an opened book. He sighed then he opened his eyes and smiled like a child who has the most present he could have.

- If you want to know Yugi…. I told my feeling to Anzu. And the most incredible is that she felt the same way!!

- GREAT!! I'm so happy for you!! And for Anzu too !!

- Yes, we are too !! Jono uchi, Honda and Mr mutô said. Indeed everybody has heard what the two brothers had said, because they came near them to listen and know what had happened. Atem and Yugi, surprised, looked at them. Atem blushed under their gazes and smiles from his friends and Yugi who did the same thing. He saw too that Mr and Mrs Mazaki smiled. Blushing more he turned his head, embarrassed.

- See Atem, don't be shy!! It's so great!! Jono uchi said catching Atem by his shoulders while laughing.

This one reddened again and said nothing. Everybody laughed from is behaviour, but they were happy and it was so good after the anxiety they had had.

Fifteen minutes later, the doctor went on from her room and went to see them.

- So, your daughter is wake up and it's great. She is well now. But we will keep her for some days to be sure!! He said.

- Can we see her? Mrs Mazaki asked.

- Of course you can!! But, for not too long. She's a little tired. So I wish you a good day!! He finished saying. He went away and let them see her.

They went in her room and saw her wake up, even if she was a little tired and pale, but in her eyes shined a glimmer of joy and life who reassured everybody. Her parents came near her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Then they sat up and took her hand. Yugi,Jono uchi, Honda and Mr Mutô came near too, delighted for her friend. Atem stayed a little behind and looked at her. Anzu saw him and looked at him too. They smiled to each other as if they were alone and so don't be aware of the other who looked at them with a grin.

- Well, lovers. If you would we can let you alone? Jono uchi said while lifting up his eyebrows several times.

Atem and Anzu took their eyes off and reddened a little. Everyone laughed of their embarrassment for a while.

- Well, don't stay behind. You are dying to take her hand too!! Yugi said to his brother with a huge smile.

Atem looked at his brother in his eyes a little severely. Then he came near her slowly and sat down from the other side of her parents. He took her hand shyly, but he felt Anzu squeezd his hand sweetly. He shook too and relished her sweetness and warmth. They stayed with her all the day. They left her and before coming back at home, they went to the station police to sign their deposition. They told to the police men that Anzu was safe and sound. They learnt too that the criminals were arrested.

Then during some days where Anzu was in the hospital, Atem went to see her everyday and they became closer than ever. Atem proposed to Anzu a date when she would go out to the hospital and she agreed with happiness.

The day when she went out arrived quickly. Her parents went to look for her and take her back at home. The guys have prepared a welcomed party for her. Touched, Anzu thanked them and they partied, happy to be reunited finally like before.

The day of their first date, Atem went to take Anzu at her home. She wore a white skirt and a purple blouse, the same colour that his eyes. She has attached her hair in a bun a little loose and with some locks around her face. Atem found her sublime. He was entranced by her beauty when he looked for her. He smiled sensuously by coming near her to whisper how she was so radiant. She reddened from the compliment. He put a tender kiss on her forehead before proposing to go. He held his hand out to her for she took it. She smiled tenderly by putting her hand in his, which he shook her hand tenderly. Then they went out hand in hand, happy and especially in love. They have this smile that only the lovers have. The people turned around to see them and their happiness which were on their face.

The day was idyllic for them and they were at the end of the afternoon, in the same place that they were during their first date before the tournament with Marek. They watched the sunset, tenderly embraced, he behind her. They savoured this moment, after all they have lived so much hardships since several years, but especially the terrible anxiety there was one week ago.

- Anzu…. I love you so much! I'm so happy that you are here and alive !! Atem said.

Anzu turned toward him and looked at him while smiling.

- Yes, me too and I'm happy to be there too!! I love you too so much!! She said while smiling.

Atem smiled too. They put their forehead on each other and closed their eyes. They stayed like this for a while. Then they opened their eyes and smiled. Atem came near Anzu slowly and put his lips on hers. He kissed her tenderly without rushing her. Anzu answered to his kiss. Their kiss became quickly passionate, laying all their love they have for the other, their tongues meeting and dancing freely. They split up when they need to take their breath. They looked at each other and smiled. Then they kissed too, again and again, lighted by the last ray of the sun. They finally found each other and were happy simply with the promise of a life full of happiness, love and joy, near their friends and families. Atem would be never alone and without hope. He has found the most present that the life could offer to him and he could finally live his life without dangers, but only a simple life full of love.

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