Hyrule Warriors


When a love-struck witch wages war against Hyrule, no amount of dungeons can help stop them. Link, along with Impa, Zelda, and others must join forces through war, in both the past and present.

Action / Romance
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The Dragon of the Caves

Part One: Legends Reborn

The Triforce is the harmonious union of Power, Wisdom, and Courage. It has been the object of countless battles between the forces of light and darkness. Each time the Triforce sail into the clutches of evil, Hyrule was placed into misery. But in every age a hero clad in green would restore peace to the land. During one of these dark times, the legendary hero split the spirit of evil into four fragments, sealing each away to finally break the cycle of destruction. Three of the fragments were scattered across time and space. The final fragment was sealed in a sacred temple built up on holy ground, imprisoned by the blade of evil's bane.

For generations, Hyruleans have told the tale of the War Across the Ages. This is how it begins.

Deep in the forests, far from mortal eyes a great sorceress watched over the balance of the Triforce. Through her magic, she could see across the ages, able to read the fates of all who lived, but never interfering. That is, until a unique soul caught her attention... The soul of the Hero of Legend, eternally reborn when Hyrule's need is greatest. Through her powers, the sorceress should have seen that the hero was bound to another. Instead she saw only a soul that was unlike many she had while she was preoccupied, a fragment of darkness, locked in its prison, saw an opportunity. The whispering darkness wormed its way into her heart. It pushed the light away and warped her curiosity into a desperate desire to possess the legendary hero's soul. Of course, this evil had its own desires... To use the Triforce to resurrect itself and conquer Hyrule once again. Having pushed the light from her heart, the darkness compelled her to open the Gates of Souls, the doorway of time itself. Monsters from across the ages poured through the gate, bringing ruin to the land of Hyrule once more.

The sorceress name is Cia, and she will plunge Hyrule into darkness. But first, she'll need someone, or something, to lead her army.

'This place is hell incarnate.'
Cia, searching for a warrior to lead her army of ghosts and pigs-or for the right term, Poes and Bokoblins-said of the Eldin Caves, home of the Goron Tribe and her target, Volga, the dragon warrior. And it is not hard to imagine whether she's dressed for battle or for other jobs. Leaving little to the imagination, Cia wears a bird like mask with red feathers at the collar. Her left arm and leg exposed, she has a bracelet on both of them, and a red tattoo running down the leg's lenght. Her right was covered by her purple robe. Her most...attracting attribute...is her halfway covered chest, exposing her belly button and not decently covering her breasts. Decent enough for her not to be uncovered, but still can make a man stare.
Speaking of the Gorons, her forces were fighting them at the moment. While unarmed, the Gorons are strong as rock. Take that literally, they are technically living rocks who eat regular rocks for breakfast. Plus, guessing by their choice of home, the heat wasn't a bother.
''The dragon knight should be somewhere in this cave. I'll just have to find and convince him to join me. Forcibly.''
As Cia began whipping-yes whipping. Her staff somehow has a whip-she sensed another presence. ''Wait...There's something else here, too...''
The Gorons weren't having any of that. However, in his anger, a captain made a critical flaw. "Leave while you can, interloper! We've sealed the ring away where you'll never find it!" All brawn, no brains.
Cia was intrigued. Now with an opportunity for not just one minion, but two? "Oh, this suddenly just got MUCH more interesting. Now let's see here...If I were a rock-brained do-gooder, where would I 'seal' away a dangerous artifact...?"
The evil forces immediately went for the nearest keep(think of them as forts for those who don't have or seen the game), the Store Room and eventually captured it. No ring present.
"Hmm...no ring here...Head to any keep with walking stones in it."
The Bokoblins and Poes followed their leader instructions and advanced towards the next keep, Tunnel Square. Cia arrived just to see the last Goron fall, and her force captured and searched the keep. However, she, and she alone saw a way deeper into the caves. "This door is open...I wonder..." Following her instincts, the dark sorceress went to the Crystal Cave. Her curiosity was rewarded.
"Ah I feel it...The ring is here! Come here my darling..."
Upon touching the ring, black smoke began to appear, as if it was escaping the ring. Seconds later, a Poe appeared. But unlike regular Poes, or even their icy cousins, this one was larger. Its robe was purple, worn and more ornate than usual. It had the thinnest arms and fingers, and a blue ring graced the left ring finger. But its most daunting feature was his eye...no wait mouth...eye-mouth. Cia wasn't afraid, but it was freaky.
'Imagine if the hero-no, he's way too handsome to even look like this.'
The Poe, after regaining whatever sense it had, looked towards its savior. If it was human, he would say she wasn't decent. If it just got dumped by its girlfriend and went to the club to relax and saw her, decent would be the last thing on the mind. The first would be...well how would I know? The Poe, finally ready to raise hell, spoke. "Ahh, much better. But who are you and what do you want with me?"
Cia, being use to quiet Poes, was quite surprised it could speak. 'Well, it has a mouth.' "I've been looking to recruit a general for my army. I believe you might be the monster for the job."
"Hiya ha ha! I look forward to proving you right! The name is Wizzro, at your service!"
'One down, one to go' "I'd also planned to enlist the dragon who lives in these caves. Unfortunately, he's on the other side of a gate."
"Ha! I'll burn down, blast apart, or shatter anything that gets in your way, Mistress! Heh, heh hee!"
'Oh, if he said that, I'll burn up.'
Someone is thinking dirty.
True to his word, Wizzro burned the door blocking the way to the remaining section of the cave. When Cia's forces poured out from Tunnel Square, they met with an unfortunate fate.
There stood Volga, the Dragon Knight.
Wearing red armor with a helm made to look like a dragon, Volga was true to his moniker. It is unknown whether he's a human who has dragon powers or a dragon who prefers being human, but no one ever questioned, and if they did, they never got an answer, and if they did, they certainly died with the answer.
Cia had no plans on dying. "Ah, you must be the dragon, Volga. I offer you a chance to command and to kill on a scale you can't imagine."
"No. Leave."
Cia was surprised. Wizzro was surprised. The Poes and Moblins...well, they don't know emotion, but if they could, they'll be surprised. He said no, to her, the most powerful sorceress in Hyrule. Cia wasn't having that.
"I'm afraid that won't do. Looks like I'll have to get my hands dirty..." As if her thoughts aren't dirty.
Cia advanced to battle with the warrior. Her arrival was met by fire straight from Volga's mouth. Dodging, she immediately used the distance to her advantage. Using the whip and her dark abilities, such as forming dark energy from the ground when Volga step into a circle, she bested the Dragon Knight. But unless you're a Hylian Knight, you don't go down easily. Double that for Volga.
"Let me be. I have no interest in humans or their wars."
"You don't fool me. You're a warrior. War is the only thing that interests you."
"Hssss! You not insult Master Volga!"
Cia turned and saw that Volga wasn't the only lizard in the caves. Dinolfos and Lizalfos joined their master to reinforce him. They, too, were leading Bublins. "We k-k-kill her for you, Master." "We roast her for great feast." 'What a lively bunch of cold bloods'
"Good. But don't underestimate her. She has the smell of power." And with that, the dragon knight was gone.
"Now we fight, witch!"
"Little monsters no match for usss! We crush them all!"
'Rather talkative for lizards...I suppose I'll have to intervene if I want to keep my army...'
Wizzro saw an opportunity to be useful. "Looks like our side could use a little shoring up! Allow me to fill the gaps with a few more warm bodies." And just like that, Cia's forces got reinforcements.
"Not bad, ring." 'Mmm. This one seems very interested in proving his loyalty. Prehaps a bit TOO interested...'
Soon after, the Stone Square keep was Cia's. However, the defenders of the caves made their return.
"We have to reclaim that ring! If it remains unsealed, there's no telling what could happen." Taking over the north and south sides of the Crystal Cave-not the keep-and the Central Keep, the Gorons rolled their plan into action. "We got the keep back! Now to reseal the ring!" The Gorons then began sending their most explosive invention yet-the Bombchu- to the Store Room.
Seems the Gorons aren't the only one who are interested in rings. No not Cia, although she might be, but I'm talking a bout the lizards. "We found witch's ring c-c-creature!"
Wizzro could care less about lizards, but exploding rodents were another thing. "When fighting Gorons, watch for giant rodents. Your base will thank you for it."
However, another problem arose. The Dinolfos and Lizalfos chiefs became enhanced in power, probably due to Volga.
'The lizard men seem to be getting stronger. I suppose that's what I get for getting distracted."
"Bombchus deployed for Tunnel Square and Crystal Cave keeps!"

Needless to say, the Goron plan failed. The Bombchus were taken out before denonating, and even a backup plan to storm Crystal Cave was foiled. Now Cia could focus on Volga and his forces. It wasn't much time later before Volga's keeps were the sorceress's.
He was actually impressed. "I acknowledge your power if you can defeat my brethren. But I still see no reason to be involved in your war."
Cia was furious, outraged, sicked with anger. "Still? I'll just have to MAKE you serve me!"
However, the battle was still on.
"So sorry Master. We shame dragonk-k-kind."
"We mussst call great beast!"
If an earthquake happened in the Eldin Caves, they happened suddenly. And they end suddenly. Then return for a few seconds. Then they roar...earthquakes don't roar, do they.
Two King Dodongos appeared, one between Cia and Volga, and another to the north. These yellow scaled dragons are tough, but not immortal. Cia knew its weakness. If you're gonna spend time watching heroes do their thing, at least know what they're fighting and how to beat it. Simple. Lesson learned in Hero of Legend's Crazy Stalker 101 Class.
"I will not willingly mingle with humans-but I will take back my kin's keep!"
Cia definitely wasn't prepared for what happened next. Someone didn't study in Evil Villain 101.
"Heh heh heh! If I can make these dragonfolk obey me, I won't need any sorceress to conquer the human world..." And with that, Wizzro turned on the Dark forces, heading towards Cia's base at Crystal Cave. "Hiya ha ha! Once this keep is crushed, the witch won't stand a chance against my magic!"
She went straight to the traitor. 'Am I really being betrayed by evil jewelry? I suppose I should have expected it, but it's disappointing nonetheless'
Twice summoning dark energy blasts, Wizzro was defeated, and after a meal of bombs and dark magic, so was the accompanying Dodongo. "Gyah! I'll swear any oath you like-I'll never betray you again! Mercy, please!"
Cia decided to be remorseful today. "See that you prove your worth to me every hour of every day, or you're back to being an accessory." And with that, Cia had a date with a dragon.
And that battle was just a repeat of the earlier one. Cia was victorious.
"This whole exercise has taught me something important. Independent thought is severely overrated in underlings." Cia then began to enhanced her new generals with dark magic, bringing them closer to her control, but still with their will intact.
"I swear...eternal loyalty...to Cia."
"My...only desire...is to fight worthy foes."
"Excellent. Now that that's done, let's talk about laying siege to Hyrule Castle..."
And with that, the Dark Forces prepared to reveal themselves.

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