Hyrule Warriors

The Invasion Begins

The day was beautiful.

Yet he wasn't enjoying it. After all, grass is itchy.

He preferred the coarse sea of sand, the blistering heat, and the company of his women.

He is the eighteen year old Gerudo Prince, after all.

Prince Joshua loved many things about Hyrule, but he hated springtime. In the desert, there's only summer days and winter nights.

Why is he here? Because he followed a woman's intuition. Damn those things.

"Remind me why we're here, Lana."

"We need to gather the fairies and protect them from Cia."

"Well, I forgot my bottle. Excuse me while I mope." Lana laughed at his sarcasm. 'At least we share the same personality. Goddess, let me keep her.'

Lana and Joshua met a few weeks back when he found her unconscious near the desert. Since then, he spent every day with her, and they became close as if they have known each other for years. He even learned about her past. The Gerudos were accepting of her, and even the Council endorsed he spend time with her. He wasn't stupid, he knew their reason, but he agreed with them. Now here he is on this stupid mission. 'Only for Hyrule's safety. Only for Zelda and Impa. And for the girls back home...OK Lana too.' He knew he was staring at the sorceress, but he couldn't help it.

She was beautiful. Long blue hair in a ponytail, deep purple eyes, flawless white skin, gorgeous smile, she was Nayru personified. And he preferred Din. Her attire showed her figure, but unlike a certain witch, she was covered completely on her chest by a blue wrap. Her white dress exposed her abdominal area, and she had a skirt at her waist. Leggings covered the legs, and she had purple feathers at different parts of the body.

Lana noticed his staring.



"Quit staring at me like a lost puppy and help!"

He smirked. "Aww, is Cute Little Sorceress feeling self-conscious today? Most girls would love having the 'King of Hyrule' stare at them."

"I'm not most girls. And if I was, I would think that you had a twig."

She just insulted him. "Are you referring to..."

She gave him a mischievous grin. "Your Fire Rod. And not the one on your back." 'Oh no she didn't!'

"Wow. You should meet Impa. You two would be great friends. I'm not even sure she's a woman. You both can provoke me all freaking day."

They both laughed at their harmless banter. "Now I understand why Nabooru keeps you on lockdown. And you think I'm cute? What an honor. How many women have you said that too?"

"Zelda, Nabooru, Aveil, my mother, few of Zelda's maids, and now you. Oh, and Impa. She's the cutest of them. My mirror said that." Lana giggled at her companion's foolishness.

"You look beautiful, Lana. Don't lose that. It's the only reason I let you hang around."

She blushed, but she wasn't going to let him win. "Is it? I thought you adored my company. Am I that annoying to you?"

"Yes. You are more annoying than the gossip group known as the Gerudo Council, and that's an accomplishment. Now shut up and get the fairies."

Lana began to gather the fairies, and when they were all together, she turned to the prince.

And. He. Was. Drop. Dead. Handsome. Eyes as yellow as the sun. His hair was a fiery red-orange, his skin perfectly tanned. He wore the attire of many Gerudo Kings (so much description on that, but its Ganondorf's OoT clothes, but the cape is longer, at about the waist.). But they couldn't hide his figure. He wasn't buff, but he was in great shape. However, his size confused her at times, but she figured that he wasn't like his more imposing ancestor. His Gerudo traits made him look like a battle hardened warrior, but his personality was that of a teenage boy. Playful, nice, flirty, courageous, but also arrogant.'Almost like the hero...'

But Joshua wasn't the hero. He's a prince, soon to be king. Well, he's called the 'King of Hyrule' due to the relationship between him and the princess, but...Hold up.

"Joshua, do you-"

"I'm really feeling it!" Lana glared at the prince.


"Seriously. She's coming. We must hurry. Let's get to the Great Fairy."

The day was beautiful.

The grass was as green as the hero's legendary tunic, but everything else resembled both of them. The sun glowed like their blond hair, the sky as blue as their eyes, the clouds as fair as their skin. Who are these two?

One of them is in this scene now. Her name is Princess Zelda.

Tiara on her head, long gold boots on her legs and feet, golden armbraces and solderpads, and dressed in a light purple dress adorned with golden plates on the hips and chest that allowed mobility and protection, you could say she was dressed for battle and comfort. The eighteen year old princess was playing her favorite song-Zelda's lullaby-on her harp, enjoying the beautiful day without a care in the world.

Or she wished.

After finishing the tune, a dark shadow crept over the land, swallowing everything in its path. Including Her Majesty.


Impa turned and saw the awaken and shaken princess. Joshua may joke about Impa's looks, but he could admit, she had her beauty, but no one (except the two royals) could say that to her. If you saw someone with red eyes, you probably be frightened also. She wore a blue Sheikah attire, which for the young warrior, was very comfortable. Her gray hair had a single thin braid in the front, and was knotted in the back. On her left eye, two tattoos were to be found. While her appearance seemed weak, wait till you see her weapon.

Plus she's younger than she looks.

Zelda finally spoke. "Impa...the same nightmare keeps haunting me."

"An omen, perhaps, of a dark times ahead for Hyrule..."

"Dark times...?"

Impa focused her attention to Zelda's dresser, which had the legendary tunic of the hero placed on it."If that is indeed true, we must locate...him..." She turned and faced the window. "We must find the reborn spirit of the hero."

The other person is Link, a trainee in the Hyrulean Army. Let's not speak of those failures. Twilight Princess is a good example.

Link was a quiet teen. However his skill with the sword was his mouth, and each victory his words. Unlike most trainees, Link actually wield a sword before. He trained under his uncle, a former knight, and joined the army not even a full month ago. Despite his skill, he was still a trainee. He didn't care.

Currently, if you played any Zelda game, you know what Link is doing. How is it that the Hero is always a sleepyhead?


'Good morning too, Captain.'

Few minutes later, Link was in the training yard with the other recruits.

"Hey Link, want to spare?"

Link looked towards the trainee who asked. Now Link was many things, and cocky was one. He gave a cocky grin and said, "Alright, meet me in 30 minutes."

What happened 30 minutes later is something he'll never forget.

The Dark Forces were ready.

Weeks spent capturing fairies made our favorite witch impatient. Yet it was necessary. Wizzro told her that fairies could help the hero should he appear, and Cia might be challenged if so. The Hero of Time had one, she knew, but who thought those moths could be trouble.

Only one escape, and conveniently it was here near the castle.

Two birds, one assault.

Except there were rocks in her way. 'These Gorons never learn. But why are they here?'

No matter. Today, Hyrule falls. "Minions, ATTACK!"

Cia felt a slight disturbance, one so familiar...

"Cia, leave the fairy alone! It hasn't hurt anybody!"

"I should've guess that you would be the one protecting the fairies. Foolish and futile, Lana."

"Help! Monsters!"

Lana and Josh turned towards the fairy named Proxi as she said this. Cia was here… and Hyrule Castle was within range.

"Cia, leave the fairy alone! It hasn't hurt anybody!"

Lana heard Cia's response.

"I should've guessed that you would be the one protecting the fairies. Foolish and futile, Lana."

Joshua was confused, but realized that the women could use telepathy. After all, he could too.

"Lana, stay here and protect the fairies."

"Where are you going?"

"We're no match for Cia's forces here. Let's send for Hyrule Castle's help." Enlisting the help of three Goron Captains, Joshua sent with them the events happening in Hyrule Field. But he had a backup plan.

"Hiya ha ha! Take the keeps and force those gates open."

Wizzro felt alive as he killed the members of the tribe that imprisoned him. 'Payback, suckers!"

Volga was enjoying himself also, but wish for a challenge. 'Hope the Hyrulean Army can challenge me. They won't win anyway."

Soon after, the West Rockface Keep and East Field Keep were taken.

The gates were open, but the Gorons were ahead. Three messengers were on route to the Castle Keep.

Cia took notice. "We can't take on the whole Hyrulean army yet. Chase them down before they reach the castle!"

Proxi was very afraid. "What do we do? I don't know how to fight monsters!"

Lana reassured her. "You go hide with the others. I'll take care of these guys!" Pulling out her Book of Sorcery, Lana advanced towards her enemies.

The final messenger was defeated by Volga right as Lana joined the fray.

Cia was ecstatic. "Ha! You can't run from me!"

What she didn't know was that the Hyrulean army was mobilized. Thanks to the Gerudo Prince.

"Guards! Get to the Princess!"

The castle guards were confused when the prince appeared. The captain asked, "What's happening that requires the Princess's attention?"

"Monsters. A whole army of monsters."

Zelda and Impa strolled the walkway that showed the training yard. Impa was confused. "We will find no fully-fledged heroes here. We'll be wiser looking elsewhere."

Did Zelda care? No.

Dressed in her attire from the dream, she silently walked across the walkway, searching for even a speck of the hero. What she did find was a close.

Two combatants stood a few feet apart, watched over by a trainer and even garnered an audience. One of the fighters caught her attention.

Golden hair graced the warrior's head as he stood, waiting for the attack of his opponent. He wields a sword and shield, and was left handed. 'Just like the hero...could he be?'

The bout started, and the opposing trainee went straight for Link. 'Already loss, sucker.' Link raised his shield and blocked his opponent, giving him a feral glare. His opponent raised his spear for a low sweep hit, but Link was faster. He jumped over the spear and hit the helmet of his opponent with his sword, knocking him down. The crowd cheered as Link grinned and put his weapons on his back.

Somehow he looked up and saw the princess.

'The princess...saw me? Wait, is she staring at me? Oh lucky day!'

Zelda was beyond impressed. 'He's amazing. Wait, is he staring back? Look at those eyes. That handsome face.'

Someone was coming. "Your Highness! A horde of monsters are marching towards Hyrule Castle! And Prince Joshua is here!"

'Josh is here? Well another surprise today.' "Impa, prepare the troops for battle!"

Impa grunted and left, followed by the captain.

The trainees murmured. "Whoa, isn't that the princess?"

"What's she wasting her time with us for?"

Link, stunned like his companions, simply looked at Zelda as she gave him a final glance and left.

Back to the battle. Lana and Volga were battling each other, unaware of the events that just transpired. Then a wave of blue and silver appeared from the Castle Keep.

Cia, unprepared, decided to change tactics. "The princess! Never mind the fairies! All forces kill Zelda!"

The Hyrulean force moved quickly however, and several captain raced towards the upper keeps.

"How cute. The mice have organized a rebellion against the cats." She then saw Impa joined her troops. "Why, is that a general I see joining the battle? Excellent. Once she's down, the princess will have to come out of hiding."

Cia went to her target.

Zelda was flabbergasted at the sight. 'Where did all these creatures come from? And how did they appear so suddenly?

Gripping her rapier in anger, she wondered if the blond trainee would join the battle.

Farther ahead, Impa cut down Bokoblin after Bokoblin. She decide to advance deeper in the battle. 'Hmm, I'm not sure my soldiers can handle this many. I better get involved directly.'

Meanwhile, Lana, after escaping from Volga, met up with Joshua once again. "The fairies are safe for now. I just hope the Hyrulean troops can turn back the monster army. Let's go."

Josh shook his head. "I'll meet you back there. Zelda needs me."

Lana sadly sighed,"Stay safe."

And with that, the white sorceress left.

Impa was defeated. The greatest warrior in the army was defeated.

"Blast it! I've failed you, Your Highess. I have to fall back." Impa teleport away from the battle, leaving a very surprised army. One captain even had the balls to say, "If General Impa had to retreat, what hope do the rest of us have?"

Cia was dissatisfied. "Pah. These soldiers are all bark and no bite. I'll leave the rest to you. Do try to enjoy yourselves."

The two generals made their way to the Castle Keep, but meet with a pissed off princess.

Despite her soldiers' opinions, Zelda entered the battle. "I will not stand idly by! When Hyrule is threatened, we all must answer the call!"

Wizzro and Volga were surprised to see the princess actually come to them. Wizzro spoke, "What kind of princess leaves her castle to fight alongside common minions? I'll have to show her the errors of her ways!" Volga saw opportunity.

"Take care of these pathetic soldiers. I want the girl."

Zelda met the Dragon Knight and immediately attacked. Wizzro, instead of playing with the soldiers, saw another big target...the returning Impa. "Princess Zelda has taken the field. We must protect Her Royal Highness!"

However, Zelda was easily overpowered by Volga. She began to call for the retreat. But Volga cut through her defenses and-

"Burn in hell!" A large blast hit and hurt the dragon knight. Zelda knew that voice for 10 years.

"Hello Zelda." There stood the Gerudo Prince. "Shall we advance?"

Volga, caught off guard, and kinda humiliated, immediately flew back to the West Rockface Keep, and Zelda gave the call. "No! We have to cede this ground and withdraw, friends. We'll regroup and return later."

The Hyruleans retreated and Wizzro was feigning dissatisfaction. "Awww, they went home to their castle and didn't even invite us in? Rude! We'll just have to come knocking! Hiya ha ha!"

Minutes later, the Hyrulean force was regrouped. Impa, not used to being beaten, called to her soldiers, "We can't afford to lose just yet...Quickly, rally the troops! Strike back!"

One captain called out, "All hands, to arms! Anyone who can hold a weapon, rally on my position!"

No one expected a trainee to overhear this.

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