Quantum AU

Chapter 2

The living room was full of girls. Like, four or five. Which, okay, doesn't really mean full, but for me, who spent her whole life around guys, four girls is a shit ton of girls.

A brunette laughed when she saw me. "You look like you have no idea who we are!"

You got that right, sister. I nervously laughed back. "Haaaa….yeah, drank too much last night. You know...drinking...and...got drunk!" I sort of shrugged and made a What Can You Do face. "So...where's Jess?"

Another brunette pointed behind me. "In the kitchen. Get your shoes on, woman! We gots to goooo!" Everyone else made some sort of whoop whoop sound, and I wondered how I was going to do this without losing my mind.

I found Jess sitting with...Fuck! Dad! "Dad!" I gushed, running to him and plastering myself to his side.

"Hey, kiddo! All set for your appointment?"

He smiled down at me, and I realized...he looked different. I stepped back and examined him more closely. No furrowed brow...no worry lines...no graying hair...no hardened features…no haunted look...

Oh, shit...no hunting. He doesn't hunt. I knew without even asking. I took another step backwards. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was glad - glad that he didn't have to endure the...well, the everything, associated with hunting. But on the other hand…

I was so screwed. How could I explain that I didn't belong here?

"Heyyyyy," I started, casually putting my hands in my pockets and trying to not look as freaked out as I felt. "Yeah, all set." I thumbed over my shoulder. "There's a lot of girls in there."

Jess and Dad shared a look. Dad put down his coffee mug and smiled. "Well, yeah...all your friends are here ready for this party to start!"

Jess giggled and gave Dad a kiss on the cheek. "Tell Mom to meet us there, okay? I don't want to rush her, but I cannot be here when Sam arrives!"

Dad nodded at her, and poked her on the nose. "Will do, sweetheart. Now go have fun!"

Jess bounced out of the room, and my mind was doing cartwheels. Mom? Whose mom?

I rocked on my heels and nonchalantly asked, "So...where is Mom?"

Dad rolled his eyes and leaned on the counter. "Next door finishing some super secret gift for Jess and Sam. I dunno what it is. I didn't ask, because I don't need one more thing to think about today."

I nodded slowly, wishing like hell there was a picture around somewhere so I could see...who Mom is. "Um...okay. Well. Great."

Dad's brow wrinkled. "You okay?"

"What? Me? Yeah - yeah I'm great! Peachy! Just...soooo excited about today, you know?" I plastered this huge grin on my face, but Dad's dad. And he always knew when something was up.

"Right. Listen, I know you're happy for them. But I know you're wondering about your own wedding someday. It'll happen, sweetheart. Don't worry about it, okay?" He walked over and pressed a kiss to my forehead. "Now go have fun. I'll see you at the church." And with that, he left the kitchen, leaving me standing there with my mouth hanging open.

Of all the things Dad's told me not to worry about...things like...Don't worry - you'll hit the target - this gun's just a lot bigger than what you're used to...or...Don't worry - Dean will snap out of the Djinn's poison spell...or...Don't worry - we'll figure out this Demon blood in Sam

"Don't worry - you, too, shall get married"...was not what I ever expected to come out of his mouth.

"Kaaaate! Let's roll!"

"Coming!" I called, following her voice into the living room, and then out into the waiting car.

Thankfully, I didn't have to worry about talking. Everyone else was too busy chattering away, giving me some time to think. The plates on the car were for Kansas, so that gave me a starting point. I figured we were in Lawrence, and signs on the street confirmed that.

I was pretty sure this wasn't a dream, but then again, when Djinn's prey off their victims, they don't know they're in a dream state either, so I guessed that was a possibility. I could be cursed into an alternate reality, but who would curse me? We haven't had a big case in a few weeks, since both Dean and Dad needed recovery time from their injuries.

If Dad didn't hunt, that meant he probably didn't know Bobby. I could look him up and see if that'll help, but explaining this would be a bitch. If he's even a hunter.

I sighed.

And if Dad didn't hunt, he didn't know of the Supernatural most likely, which means Sam and Dean didn't either. A knot formed in my stomach.


I had taken a purse Jess gave me, but didn't bother to look inside. I'm not reacting in the most smooth fashion, here. Grimacing, I rooted through the bag until I found a phone. I barely contained the shout of joy, as I scrolled through the address book.

There were a ton of names I didn't know, and Mom only said Mom - no real name, and no picture. Brilliant. But there was Dean's number, so I dialed him and waited anxiously for a pickup.

"Who are you calling?" One of the girls asked. I dunno which one.

"Dean," I absently answered.

The car fell very silent, setting off my hunter alarms. I looked up to find every girl in the car staring at me. "What?" I asked.

Then they all turned to one of the brunettes who...oh...she's the one in the picture with Dean. On the mirror.



Her face crinkled up. "Why are you calling him? You know he's all busy with Sam, and told us not to bug them today."

I hung up, and stammered, "Yeah, yeah, I know. I, um, had a question, though, about...about something Mom's doing for Jess and...nevermind. I...just got so excited I forgot what I was doing!"

Big grin, lavish blinking, and finally, deflection. "So where's that Starbucks, huh?"

That got everyone chattering again about what they wanted to order, whether the whipped cream would make them too fat for their dresses, and I swallowed in relief. I had to pay more attention to who I was with, because obviously, I had a history here, even though I didn't know it.

I analyzed everyone in the car. The brunette was very pretty, and seemed pleasant and nice. I'm guessing she's Dean's girlfriend or…(quick check of her hand - okay, no ring…), so girlfriend. Or fuck of the month, who the hell knows. I tried to follow the conversation, and by the time we pulled into a Starbuck's drive-thru, I had some things figured out.

Dean's brunette was named Cassandra, which, given his history with Cassie, I found that kinda funny. The driver was Marinda, and in the back seats with me were Josie and Wendy. I'm not completely sure how we all fit together, but I think we all went to the same school. Which means I went to college and studied...something.

There were many missing pieces of information everyone assumed I had, so fading into the background was the best option to avoid making more mistakes like the phone call. I cradled my mocha to my chest and just listened, figuring I'd go to the bathroom at the salon and root through the rest of my purse, including the pictures on my phone.

"So Cassie," Marinda began as she pulled back into traffic. "When will Dean pop the question, hmm?"

Everyone giggled, and I choked on my coffee at the image of Dean proposing to anyone, let alone seeing them more than twice in a week.

Cassandra shrugged, a small smile on her lips. "I don't know. He has that trip to Hawaii planned in a couple weeks...and he's been talking more and more about the future and kids and stuff. I dunno. Maybe Sam taking the lead is making him think about it more."

Jess turned in the front seat and smiled at her. "He loves you, Cassie, you know that. He's been with you for three years, now! He'll ask! Right, Kate?"

Fuck...all eyes were on me. Maybe I could spill this mocha on my lap and distract them. "Um...yeah. I mean, you know how Dean is. He's a slow learner." I figured that was generic enough. Pleased with myself, I dove into my coffee, thinking my contribution was over.

So when Cassandra asked, "Has he said anything to you at all? I mean, you guys are so close…"

This couldn't be a Djinn world, because in no way was I enjoying this. "No...but if he did, he'd kill me if I told you." Everyone nodded, and I felt sooo bad when Cassandra's face fell. So I added, "But he didn't...and I'd totally rat him out if he did."

That did the trick, because everyone was back to chattering again, leaving me alone for the rest of the ride.

I wasn't really sure how I felt about Dean dating someone. Which is totally weird and messed up. I mean, I was obviously good with Sam and Jess (in my world) because she and I were good friends. I trusted her with Sam. Dean, though...well. Ever since Cassie in my reality fucked him over, I've been really content with him just flitting from girl to girl, never letting it get serious. As tough as Dean presents himself, he's incredibly sensitive and emotional, and a Hurt Dean is the worst thing to deal with...ever.

I'd have to watch this Cassandra and make sure she's a good fit for him.

But this isn't my world so I don't know what the hell I'm worried about.

We parked at the salon, which was some super fancy place that offered all sorts of spa treatments in addition to just cutting hair. We walked inside, and were greeted by an obnoxiously friendly woman who took us in back where stylists were waiting for our arrival.

Let me pause to say that this is, hands down, the most girly thing I've ever done in my life outside of getting my period. I have never, ever, spent this much time with estrogen that wasn't a victim or not human...if monsters even have estrogen.

I'll have to ask my Sam about that.

Anyway, we were led to a small area, and everyone was claimed by a stylist, except me. I stood awkwardly, toying with the lid of my latte and wondering if this was a good time to slip off to the bathroom, when a large, bald, African American man approached me. "Well hello, there. You can come sit with me over here." He waved to a chair off on the side, completely apart from everyone else.

After a quick glance at Jess, who was animatedly talking with her stylist about some Roman-esque updo (whatever the fuck that is), I nodded, flashed him a quick smile, and followed him to the chair. I'll run to the bathroom later.

The stylist began talking, while idly brushing my hair. "You look very out of place. Aren't you excited about the wedding?"

I set my drink on the counter and sat back with a huff. "No...I mean yes - I'm… I'm super excited. Just...yeah...feeling a little out of place, this morning."

He nodded knowingly, and paused the brushing to place both hands on the back of my chair. I looked in the mirror and narrowed my eyes. "You look familiar. Which, believe me, is a very odd thing for me today."

He smiled, and I felt a chill down my spine. The smile wasn't friendly. "I should look familiar, Kate. We met last night. In Mr. Singer's living room." I sat up straight and sucked in a breath. One of his enormous hands clamped down on my shoulder, keeping me in my seat. "Do you remember now?"

My mind raced - the BBQ, Jo and Ellen, Sam singing karaoke, I went inside...Uriel!

"Your name is Uriel," I offered, in a shaky voice. Through the mirror, I glanced at the girls, all oblivious to this exchange.

Uriel shook the chair, forcing my attention back to him. Nodding slowly, he said, "That's right. You do remember, despite all that drinking. That's promising, Kate. It really is."

"What's going on? What are you?" I demanded. I wasn't about to offer ideas or suggestions - I figured he should just tell me straight out what was what.

"What am I? I'm an angel, Kate. A real angel, who understands true consequences of actions."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

Uriel tsk-tsk'd and pulled my hair. "Language, young lady. It means that angels are not meant to consort with humans, and it means that humans are supposed to play their assigned parts in celestial prophecies." He leaned down, and whispered in my ear. "They are not to deviate from the plan."

I glared at him through the mirror. He was taking a dig at Castiel, that much I could tell. But the rest of it…"What role am I supposed to play?"

He straightened and fussed with my hair. "A backseat role. But instead, you're a major player, now, and that's no good. So I decided to teach you a lesson, so you understand exactly what your presence impacts, so you can make better choices in the future. I'm letting you see the different paths that were created because of you."

Now, I'm a fairly intelligent person. But Uriel wasn't making sense to me. "How is my existence my fault? And wouldn't these paths exist even without me? Or are you saying there's always only been one path, which kinda defies modern scientific theory. Not to mention that these paths were in motion before I was even born." I'm kinda cheeky when being messed with.

Uriel sneered, and I swore the room got darker. "Enjoy figuring out every world you enter."

"How do I get home?"

Uriel snapped his fingers, and my hair was pulled into a bun, with curly tendrils bouncing past my temples. "You don't."

Then he left.

Normally, I'm the calm one in the family. I tend to take things in stride, try not to make waves, and look at all options carefully before making decisions. Right now, though, I was in full on panic mode. I was with my family, but completely alone.

Fucking angels.

Castiel did say there was some contention in heaven, so I'm guessing this is part of it. And perhaps my...interest...in Castiel got someone's attention. It would explain why he hasn't really been around.

My heart hammering in my chest, I fumbled for my phone and began scrolling through the pictures. Lots of people I didn't know, some scenery, and…


Sarah - my mom - was sitting in the living room of that house with Dad. They were posing with Sam and Jess, with Jess holding out her hand. I'm guessing her engagement ring is on it.

Well, that answers one question.

Other pictures were of Dean making stupid faces, Sam trying to hide from me, and another...was of the three of us, sitting on the Impala.

At least she's still around.

I peeked in the mirror to check on the girls - they were all still being worked on, so I decided to check the address book. Aside from family, I didn't recognize the names. Bobby, Rufus, Ellen, Jo...not even Adam...were there.

Sighing, I shoved the phone back in my bag and gnawed on a nail. Okay. So if this is really happening, and I'm really here...then there's nothing I can do but go along with everything. Today is a clusterfuck because of the wedding. But tomorrow...tomorrow I can figure out something.

By the time we got to the church, I felt more nauseous than in the salon. I was going to see my brothers, and they won't even know who I am. My mom never showed, instead texting Jess saying that she'd see us at the church.

As Miranda pulled into the parking lot, I squinted at the building. It looked a little familiar, but I couldn't quite place it.

Everyone skittered inside, with me cautiously following behind. Churches mean holy ground, so at least no demons will be here.

I followed the group into one of the back rooms, where bridal gowns were hung on a wall. Cue more squealing and excited chatter.

What really really sucked, was that this event should be incredibly happy and exciting. We all wanted Sam to marry Jess, even though we were hunting. We wanted them happy, we wanted Sam-Jess rugrats and the whole deal. Now, I'm getting that moment, and I'm so happy to see Jess again...alive...and it's all tainted with the knowledge that while real, it isn't real.

"It's real, Kate. Of that, you can be sure."

I whipped around.


I was about to launch myself into his arms, but he held up a hand and nodded at the girls. "They can't see or hear me. So act...casual...and think your words instead."

What the holy fuck is going on, Cas? What do you mean this is real? It's not my real! Do you know that Uriel is behind this? Is my family, in my world, okay?

Cas's eyes widened and he blinked a few times at the barrage of questions.

"Kate! Let's get dressed!"

"In a minute," I called over my shoulder. "I need to go to the bathroom."

"Well, hurry up!"

Yeah yeah - that's all I've been told today. "I will!" I said, gesturing with my head for Cas to follow me.

I led him into the hallway and backtracked to a bathroom I saw on the way to the gown room. I opened the door, waited for him to enter, then slammed it shut and locked the door. In an urgent whisper, I ground out, "What is going on! Why is Uriel so pissed at me?"

Cas sighed, and leaned against the sink. "There are many different things in play right now, Kate. One of which, yes, is Uriel. He was ordered to sever my ties with you." Sad, blue eyes looked at me. "I wasn't supposed to meet with you until...until other events occurred. I...intervened at Adam's house when I shouldn't have. So now, you are being punished for my impatience."

I blinked at him. "And the other layers of bullshit?"

Cas winced. "I told you there were warring factions in heaven. The side Uriel represents wants the Apocalypse to occur, and they feel that interfering with you will ensure that event."

I threw my hands into the air. "I told you, I'm not that important to this storyline! Yes, okay, I'm important to my family, but that's it! I have no influence anywhere else!"

Cas tilted his head to the side. "And you have no understanding how important the Winchester line is. Kate, I cannot undo the spell Uriel cast. It simply must run its course. In the meantime, your family in your world is safe and asleep. They have no idea this is happening."

"Well, wake them the fuck up and tell them so they can figure out how to get me home!"

Another fucking sigh. "I can't do that. Your world is in a slight time stasis right now - where time is moving a bit slower. Your consciousness is here, in this Kate's body, and this Kate's soul is there, sleeping. Every Kate you inhabit will swap places with you. If your real body wakes, then every consciousness you encounter during this spell will be faced with your world, and most likely will never recover from the shock."

I slid down the wall to the floor, my head in my hands. "Oh my God. How long will I be stuck here?"

"In this world? I have no idea. How many other worlds? Again, I am unsure. I am meeting with the opposition, and we'll try to figure something out." He slid to the floor next to me and took my hand in his. "I'm so very sorry, Kate. I will try to find you every time you shift into another world. If I can, I will fill you in on the circumstances. If I can't...I will find someone who can. It's all I can do for now."

I blinked back tears and wiped my nose. "Okay. Well. At least I'm not in danger, right? I'm just in a wedding." I huffed a laugh and thunked my head against the wall. "Wait - will Uriel interfere with these timelines? Or the boys in my world while I'm leaping all over the place?"

Cas shook his head. "I don't believe so. As monumental as this seems right now, it's actually barely noticeable in your world." He hung his head. "I truly am sorry. This is my fault."

I took his hand in mine and squeezed it. "Yeah, well, it's okay. I just have amazing taste in boyfriends." He looked up at me, eyebrows raised. "I mean, not that you're my boyfriend. I'm just saying...I mean…"

He smiled. "I know what you mean. And I'm afraid that my...interest in you is what caused this to happen in the first place." His eyes got that faraway look, and I knew what was coming. "I have to go." He hauled me to my feet and stared into my eyes. "Be careful."

And then I was alone.

I slowly walked back into the gown room, deciding that if I'm really stuck here, for now, I should make the best of it. There's nothing to fight, nothing I can do but...enjoy the wedding that should've taken place in my world. I mentally shook myself, and walked into the room, only to stop and stare.

There was Jess, in the middle of the room, in her wedding gown. I have no idea what the correct terms are to describe her dress. There were sparkling things, and it hugged her in all the right places, and the train ran the length of the room.

She was fucking beautiful.

"Oh, Jess," I breathed, and I felt the tears well in my eyes.

"What do you think?" She asked, a huge smile on her face. She twirled a little, and everyone looked to me for some sort of approval.

All I could say was, "You look perfect. Absolutely...perfect." Then the tears fell. They fell for my Sam, who would never see this. They fell for my Dean, who deserved this. They fell for my Dad, because he had this, and it was taken away.

"Oh goodness, Kate, you'd think you were giving her away today!"

That voice was like a splash of ice cold water on my face. I spun around, and there stood...my mom. An older version of her, but still her, and not drugged out or as a hideous monster.

"Mom…" I breathed, and I buried myself in her arms.

"What in the world...Kate Winchester, are you alright?" She laughed as she hugged me, but I could hear the worry.

I straightened and wiped my eyes, aware of everyone staring at the weirdo sister-in-law-to-be sobbing at a wedding gown. "Yeah, just...emotional day, you know?"

Good grief.

Mom nodded and put her hands on my arms. "Come on, sweetie - let's get your makeup done, and then get you into your dress!"

When all the face painting and dressing up was finished, I had to admit...I was smokin'. I mean, I know there's all this hype about bridesmaid dresses and stuff, but these were really pretty, and I looked pretty darn good in it. I was admiring myself in the mirror, alone in one of the dressing rooms, forgetting that I was in an alternate universe and just sort of...enjoying this...when I heard sighing behind me.

"Wow...you look great, sis."

I froze, wishing the mirror were angled a little better so I wasn't caught off guard. I'm still a fucking hunter, I chastised myself, as I turned around.

There stood Dean, all dressed up in a tuxedo, his hair a little longer than what I'm used to, and his eyes...like Dad's...lacked that haunted look.

"Hey…" I was torn between running to him and keeping my distance. I wasn't sure what kind of relationship we had here. Cassandra said we were close but…

"Don't I get a hug or anything?"

...well, okay then. I carefully walked over (fucking heels) and gave him a hug, squeezing tight once I felt his arms around me. It doesn't matter if it's my Dean or AU Dean...Dean hugs are Dean hugs. He chuckled and kissed the top of my head. "I can't believe they're finally getting married."

You have noooooo idea.

"Heh...yeah. It's...yeah." I stepped back and stared at the floor. "Never thought I'd see the day."

Dean gave me a weird look. "What do you mean? You thought they'd break up?"

I have got to stop talking out loud. I shook my head. "Nonono, just...wow! It's here already! Time flies!" Am I destined to look like a moron in every universe?

He nodded slowly, looking at me like I lost my mind. "Yeah...okay. Dad was lookin' for you. Said you were a little weird this morning...wanted to make sure you were okay."

Ha-haaaaaaaaa…."I'm fine. Too much to drink last night, that's all." I gave him that fake smile I've been making all day, and to my surprise, it worked.

He shook his head. "Two Bicardi Breezes and you're done. Such a lightweight."

I opened my mouth to object, and point out that I actually consumed more than my fair share of beer, not to mention a few shots...but that wasn't this last night. So lightweight drinker it is. "Yeah, well. You know me!"

Dean laughed. "C'mon. Let's get upstairs. Sam'll want to see you before we start."

He took my hand and led me out of the room.

In the hallway, he leaned down and murmured, "Hey. Your time will come, Kate. Don't worry."

What the fuck is this? Is this Kate whining about being single? Am I allowed to bitchslap my alternate self? Rolling my eyes, I said, "Not a big deal, Dean. Cassandra is wondering when you're poppin' the question. So maybe look within, Grasshopper, instead of at me."

Dean stopped, eyes wide and faced me. "You didn't tell her the plan, did you?"

I scoffed, playing the part of someone who really knows what's going on. "Of course not! She is suspecting your Hawaii trip, though."

"Ha! Perfect. Hopefully she'll keep thinkin' that."

We went upstairs, and saw everyone but the bride gathered in the front hallway area. Towering over everyone else, was Sam, looking nervous as hell, but happy. Really happy. He was talking to Mom and Dad, and looked up when we walked in.

He excused himself and practically ran over. "Hey...wow...you look great!" He grinned and enveloped me in a huge hug.

Those mixed emotions slammed me once again - happiness that this Sam is marrying Jess, but heartbreak that my Sam lost her forever. I squeezed him back, and forced myself not to cry. "Thanks! You look so...handsome and...awesome. Both of you."

They both blushed, grinning like little kids who just got a boatload of candy.

"I know you're supposed to be with Jess, but...I wanted to see you first."

I honestly didn't know what to say. I was facing my rocks - my constants - and they weren't my constants...and I was just at a loss for words. So I just stood there, and smiled at them, drinking in their innocence, their joy, their youth.

"Let's get a quick family photo, okay folks? Stand together…"

The photographer began ordering us around, and soon Dad, Mom, Dean, Sam and I were all together, grinning like idiots for the camera.

What I wouldn't give to have a copy of that photo.

The ceremony was perfect and beautiful, and I did cry starting about halfway through. Well, shit, so was everyone else! I was beginning to hope that my time here would never end...that...that I could make this reality work for me. My mind wandered towards the end of the ceremony, as I watched Sam kiss Jess, Dean wink at Cassandra, and Dad holding Mom's hand.

Yeah, I really could.

And that's when I spied Pastor Jim in the congregation, and that's when I remembered where I've seen this church before.

Sam had some old photos from before Dad added me to the family. They were of this church, and a priest called Pastor Jim, who was also a hunter. He helped Dad from time to time with the boys when Bobby's was too far away, and he was a good friend.

It occurred to me...Pastor Jim's involvement with hunting had nothing to do with Dad...so if magic and monsters existed here, perhaps Pastor Jim was still a hunter. And if so...he could help. He would understand.

The rest of the service passed in a blur, and it was difficult to appear like I was totally enraptured, while also calculating what to do next.

Sam told me about Jim's hidden storeroom, way in the back, behind what looked like a closet. I figured I'd check there, and if Jim was indeed a hunter, then I'd talk with him.

We exited the church, the rice flew, and the happy couple climbed into their limo. I turned to Dad, "When do we need to be at the hall?"

He checked his watch. "There's time. You're supposed to get pictures taken, though."

I flapped a hand at him, my eyes on the entryway to the church. "Yeah...I know. I need to get something I left behind. I'll be right back."

"Hurry up," Dad ordered, as I removed my heels and flew up the front steps.

I waved over my shoulder, and heard Dean asking, "Where's she goin'?"

I ran towards the altar, and off to the right, to the rooms behind. I stopped right outside the door, took a deep breath, and went inside. No one was there. The room looked like a huge closet, with several priest robes hanging neatly along one wall, and other accessories along another. Sam said you had to move the robes aside, and the secret door was there.

I checked behind several robes, and was about to give up, until I found an alcove in the room, where a short closet pole was braced between two walls. Swallowing hard, I walked towards the robes, and slid them apart. There, in front of me, was a door, marked with a Devil's Trap.


"May I help you with something?"

I turned around and there stood Pastor Jim, holding a bottle of what I assumed was holy water. I held up my hands. "Pastor Jim, right?"

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Kate, you know who I am. Unless you aren't Kate Winchester." Then he flung holy water at me, which, of course, just got me wet.

I grimaced and wiped the dripping water off my face, noting the confused look on his face. "I'm not possessed, Pastor, but I'm not exactly Kate Winchester...at least not your Kate Winchester."

"Okay...keep talking…" He tried to stealthily pull a knife from his pocket, presumably silver.

I sighed and held out my arm. "I'm not a shifter either. Cut me and see for yourself."

Jim's eyes widened, and he took a quick swipe at me, making a two inch cut on my forearm. Other than a mild sting, I had no real reaction, making him even more confused. "Listen...I don't have a lot of time before someone comes looking for me. I am Kate Winchester, but from another universe. I got zapped here by...well, by an angel, who's a little pissed off with me."

"Angels? Really?" His voice held a touch of disbelief.

I put my hands on my hips. "You believe in demons, why not angels? Look - in my world, we discovered them about a year ago. Some are okay, others not so much. In my world, John Winchester is one of the best hunters alive. And you helped him get started when the boys were little."

Jim's eyes got wider. "You know about hunting? How - "

I had to get this story down to a science or I was gonna be wasting a lot of time in the future. "Sam and Dean's real mom - it's not Sarah, right? It's Mary?"

Jim nodded, slipping the knife back into his pocket.

"Well, in my world, Mary was killed by a yellow-eyed demon, sending John on the hunting path. Look - we can sit and play catch-up later. I just...I'm just relieved that you hunt. After this wedding, can we meet and talk? I need to get back to my own world, and I don't have a clue how to do that, especially since my whole family doesn't hunt, here!"

Jim looked plain flustered, and I was practically panting from talking so fast. I felt like I was dumping the summary of a novel that you can normally read on the back cover of a book. He fumbled with the cap from the bottle of holy water and nodded. "Yes, we can...we can talk later. I may even call for some help."

Hope sparked. "Do you know a Bobby Singer?"

His brow furrowed. "Singer? No...I don't, I'm sorry."

I waved him off. "That's okay - it was a long shot."

"So...you are Kate, but not the Kate that belongs in this world, and you hunt in your world, with John, Sam, and Dean?"

I nodded, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Huh. We definitely need to talk, then. But for now…"

"Kate! Where are you? We need you for pictures!"

Jim shoved the water aside just as Dean walked in. "What - oh, hey Jim. Have you seen - Kate? What're you doing? Why are you wet, and what the heck happened to your arm?"

I looked down, the cut from the silver knife was bleeding. "Oh...um…"

"Kate cut herself when she tripped near the baptismal font, and splashed water on herself." I stared at Jim, who lied as smoothly as my Dean does. But what a ridiculous story. He'll never -

"Geez, Kate, you're such a klutz!" Dean pulled out a handkerchief and wrapped my arm with it.

"Let me get my first aid kit. I'm sure I have a bandaid in there." Jim went back into the larger room, and pulled a lunchbox med kit from under a table. I pretended not to notice the inscriptions along the side.

As Jim pulled out medical supplies, and Dean made these mother hen clucking noises at me, I started to feel light headed.

"Kate? Kate - are you okay? Shit - she's gonna faint!"

Then everything went black.

I woke to someone shaking me. Really, really fucking hard. I snapped, "I know, I know - we have to take pictures!" I was trying to force my eyes open, but they felt really heavy.

"Pictures? For fuck's sake, Kate, wake up. They're coming, and we have to run!"

That did it. My eyes snapped open, and bending over me was...fuck...Mary Winchester, a frantic look on her face. "Hurry up - the boys are watching the front door, but they'll be here any minute!"

"What? Who - "

"The demons, Kate! Wake the fuck up and get moving!" Dad bellowed at me as he ran through the room, loading a shotgun with what I guessed were salt rounds.

I struggled out of bed, just as Mary threw a backpack at me.

"Out the back door, now! Run!"

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