Half Human

Something's Wrong In Paradise

The TARDIS decided when they woke up that morning, filling the room slowly with a soft, artificial light. The first thing Rose felt was the Doctor's lips leaning against her forehead, his steady breath giving him away. She almost never saw the Doctor sleep. He only needed about eight hours in a week, and he tended to get them out of the way when she was asleep anyway. She heard him mutter something quietly against her hair.

"Are you awake?" She whispered as softly as possible.

He said nothing for a long minute. She turned to face him but his eyes were still shut peacefully. "The… the bag in my right pocket," he mumbled.

"You, uh… you're not wearing pants," she whispered back.

"The…the bag. Do you like jelly babies?" he murmured.

She giggled a bit and he woke with a shock. For a split second he looked at her with a quizzical scrunching of his eyebrows, then they relaxed and his entire face split into a wild grin. "Morning."

"Morning," she said back. Pushing a bit of his hair away from his face.

They laid there quietly, both entirely awake but unwilling to break out of their warm comforter. Rose felt the air around them chilling and the tip of her nose was numb. She pressed her face against his shoulder. "Is it cold? Really cold?"

"Stop it you," the Doctor called out into the room.

Rose felt the temperature rise slowly and stuck her hand out to test the air. "It's normal again. What was that about?"

"It was her," he said, tapping lightly on the TARDIS wall. "She doesn't want us to get out of bed."


He smirked. "She's been rooting for us to…have a morning like this."

"Your box is shipping us? It's a shipping ship?"

He chuckled. "She likes getting her way."

Her eyes dropped for a second. "Has she?"

"Has she what?"

"Gotten her way?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Have you spent nights in bed with people you don't intend to be involved with?"

"Have you?"

"Yes…Well, not for a long time. Ninety year olds, you know. Everyone makes mistakes when they're young."

She ran her fingers along his, not looking him in the eye.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Was this a mistake? Is everything going to change?"

"It doesn't have to. Honestly, except for this part…what don't we do that regular couples would? We live together, we spend all our time together, we have dinner and breakfast and chips."

"There is no regular in this situation," she said. "So… what do we do now?"

He grinned madly, slipping the covers off and jumping up excitedly. "Same thing we've always done! Olympics, yeah?"

"You might want to put on pants."

"Oh!" he said suddenly, grabbing a pillow to cover himself. "Yeah, clothes would be good," he agreed with a wag of his finger as he headed off to his room.

She laughed at him, hopping out of the bed—then she immediately fell to the ground. She sighed, putting her hand against her head as she stood slowly, the room spinning a bit. "Stood up too fast," she muttered to herself. She went on shaky legs to the bathroom, staring at herself in the mirror.

She winced, turning away from her reflection. Her makeup was smudged beyond belief; she should have remembered to take it off the night before, but she had been a bit busy. She smiled at the thought, glancing back into her bedroom as certain moments flashed through her memory. This was actually real. She'd pinched herself a dozen times this morning, checking to see if she was stuck in some wonderful dream where everything was right with the universe.

Rose gave up on adjusting her appearance and decided to go ahead with a shower. Her hair was full of shampoo when she heard the Doctor knocking at the door.

"Rose?" He called. "What's taking so long? We'll miss the opening ceremony if you take all day in there!"

"It's a time machine," she called back, "we're not going to miss anything."

"It's an expression."

"'We'll miss the opening ceremony' is not an expression."

"Come on," he whined.

"Two minutes," she assured him as she slipped into a towel.

She heard him grumble as he stalked back to the console room. She rummaged around in the medicine cabinet in front of her, she usually kept all her perfume on one shelf, and she was sure the one she wanted was here somewhere…

"There you are," she whispered excitedly, pulling the little yellow bottle out of the cabinet. She'd picked it up in a little shop on Woman Wept, (her Doctor was always pulling her into little shops) but she hadn't dared to use it. Banana-scented perfume; perfect, but obvious. The Doctor loved bananas, and he would know immediately that she bought it with him in mind. Now that they'd crossed that barrier, who cares if he knew. Anyway, it wasn't only for him. It had smelled delicious in the store.

She pulled the bottle open and took a deep whiff—then gasped and coughed, clapping a hand over her mouth. Her vision swam; the stink from the bottle was intense. A shiver ran through her and before she knew it she was on the floor in front of the toilet, getting violently sick. A sharp pain hit her midsection and she cried out, squeezing her nails tightly into her palm. Her other hand grabbed at her stomach, wondering what on Earth she could have ate that would hurt so much. Something budged against her hand.

She gasped, pulling her hand away as she heard the Doctor coming back. "It's been two minutes, Rose," he called cheerfully. "Come on out… I'll come in after you," he warned playfully.

She opened her mouth to answer, but she was having trouble breathing. What was happening? Had she been poisoned? Not now, not just as everything she'd dreamed of was coming true, not with the Doctor outside the door, ready to whisk her away with him all over time and space.

Figures. I find heaven then I die. She thought as her vision grew white. For just a second, she could have sworn she heard something, far, far away, but so close.

"Rose?" The Doctor called, knocking on the door. "Rose, are you okay? Rose, answer me."

She wanted to, really, but the room wouldn't stop turning around her. There was that noise again. What was it? It was so familiar…

Beat-beat. Beat-beat.

She slapped her hand against the tile floor, hoping her could hear it.

"Rose, I'm coming in!" he shouted. She hear him banging his fists against the locked door. "Let me in!" he yelled to the TARDIS. "You have to let me in right now! Don't make me break it! Rose, I'm coming!"

She didn't notice falling over, but she suddenly felt the cold tiles against her cheek. The beating sound became louder, engulfing her mind as she lost consciousness.

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