Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 10

Anna gasped quietly, as she looked towards where Odd was pointing, and saw the approaching ship moving at an incredible, impossible speed towards the kingdom. With large, wide blue eyes, she turned to Kristoff and Eugene and shouted, "Go and find Elsa!". She then picked up Mia, and looked over to her cousin and Odd, who were looking just as frightened as she was.

"Come on!" She cried, as the wind began to howl in her ears. "We need to get all of the villagers up here to the castle! If there's an attack, it's the only place they'll be safe. At least for a while."

Rapunzel and Odd nodded determinedly, and Anna placed Mia gently back down. The child looked absolutely terrified.

"Mama?" She asked, her voice shaking. "What going on?"

Anna tried to look confident, for her daughter's sake, as well as her own. "Bad people are coming, Sweetie. They might try to hurt you. You have to get inside and stay hidden, okay?"

Mia looked unsure, but she did as she was told anyway, running off on her chubby little legs, a little unsteady from fear. Anna could only pray she'd be okay.

"Come on!" She cried out, as the wind suddenly picked up, and she stumbled slightly from the unexpected force. "Let's get to the stables, then we can travel quicker!"

Anna's companions nodded, and hurriedly, they raced to the boxes, where they found Heidi, Odd's younger sister, mucking out one of the stalls.

"Princesses! Odd!" She cried out, and hurriedly curtsied, but then she noticed the grim expressions on their faces. "Whatever is the matter?" The teenaged girl asked.

"There's an enemy boat approaching from the South," Anna explained in a rush, her voice high-pitched from the fear that was brewing, bubbling in her stomach. "We need to get all of the villagers up to the castle."

Heidi looked worried. "Is there anything I can do to help?" She asked, and Anna frowned. There wasn't much a servant girl could do in a situation like this, but then a thought occurred to the Princess.

"Actually, yes, you can!" She said, "Could you go to the leader of the navy and tell him to get all of the boats out, as soon as possible. We've got ten minutes, if that, so we need to act fast! Also, tell someone to ring the bells - we need the villagers outside."

Heidi nodded, and rushed off, and the three royals went to their horses, Odd grabbing Brandy Shot, Anna fetching Misty, and Rapunzel whistled for Maximus. Without bothering to get any tack on the horses, the group jumped quickly onto the animals' backs and headed out of the stables, out into the massive castle courtyard, at a fast gallop.

"Anna!" Odd called out over the thundering hooves, "We need to split up! Arendelle's a big kingdom; we may not have enough time to save everyone, but if we can go separate ways then we'll cover more ground!"

Anna nodded, and shouted back, "Get anyone with a horse to help!" Rapunzel and Odd nodded, before turning their horses sharply and heading off in a separate directions, trying to save whoever they could.

Kristoff rushed around, crossing paths with Eugene multiple times, but their searches were fruitless - even with the help of all of the servants, the Queen was no where to be found.

"She's not here!" Kristoff called to Eugene, "We need to find her - she can stop the ship, but I don't know where she could be!"

"I-" Eugene began, but Kristoff cut him off as he looked out of the window.

"Shit!" He yelled, as he began to run to the stables to grab Sven, terrified as his two year old daughter ran across a newly-frozen fjord to reach the land on the other side, sat on the back of her little reindeer calf. "What is she doing!"

Eugene frowned, his eyes wide with worry; Mia was almost like a niece to him. "You go and get her, I'll keep looking for Elsa."

Kristoff nodded, and ran out of the hall.

Mia squinted her eyes as the wind howled around her, the blonde hair on her head swirling like snow around her face, making it hard to see, and the child had to trust her reindeer friend to go in the right direction.

She didn't completely understand what was going on - it was all so confusing - but she had managed to pick up on the fact that there was someone bad coming to hurt everyone, and that the only person who could stop them was her Auntie Elsa. Naturally, she was always a curious child, and she'd been more than willing to help search for the Queen, but from her low vantage point, Mia had been able to pick up on something everyone else had missed: a very fine layer of ice trailing across the ground.

Though it was cold, the young Princess knew that it was not cool enough for natural ice to form. Studying the trail with her large, inquisitive eyes, she had noticed something was a little off, but it was a few seconds before she realised the soft snowflake pattern that was gently engraved in the faint, light blue substance.

When she'd seen the ice the first time, she'd figured, there wasn't time to find her father, and had set off in search of her aunt herself, deciding that it would be more beneficial for her to follow the Queen's trail. It had not occurred to her once that Sven, being much older and bigger than Lysse, would have been able to make up the time spent searching for Kristoff by running faster, but the child was just two years old. Understandably, she hadn't yet picked up the skill of quick analysis of a situation, even less so a potentially dangerous one, where her decision could affect the safety of others.

Mia glanced around as she smoothed the long, blonde hair from her face, looking desperately for her aunt. She didn't know how to count above ten, and there was no way of her knowing how much longer it would be until the ship arrived at Arendelle.

One thing she did know, was that however much time was left, there wasn't much time spare.

I must have gone for least five minutes now, She thought to herself, as she paused at the edge of the mountain and looked down at the sea. She was always able to think in near-perfect english, but her voice box simply wasn't developed enough to allow her to speak properly. And ship is nearly at Arendelle...

"Go, 'Ysse!" The child called out, as she clucked her tongue and kicked the reindeer into a fast gallop, which she had perfected over the last month, trapped in the castle with little else to do.

Lysse's cloven hooves pounded across the solid ground, as she bleated tiredly and Mia patted her neck encouragingly. The reindeer whined slightly, but kept going, rushing forward with a final burst energy at a speed she'd never before managed to reach.

"There!" Mia yelled, pointing. "There it is, 'Ysse!"

And indeed, in front of her, in the direction she was pointing, the magnificent palace of ice stood tall, shining lavishly in the fading sunlight, brilliant shades of red and orange.

"Stay here." Mia said, patting her friend's head as she sat down in he thin layer of snow, that covered the top of the mountain all year around. "I be back soon."

The young princess looked on in awe at the massive ice sculpture, as she rushed up the ice staircase, no regard for the fact that she could easily fall and hurt herself. She'd heard stories about the place, seen painting of it, and had looked at it from a distance, even. Nothing could actually capture the real magic of it like being up-close could.

"Auntie?" Mia called out, as she knocked gently on the ice doors, which swung open, and the girl rushed inside. "Auntie Elsa?" She repeated, louder this time, when she heard a low growl off to her side.

Spinning to look in the direction the noise was coming from, Mia let out a scream when she saw a massive snowman, or rather, snow monster, looming over her, ice growing from his back. Clearly he was angry.

The young Princess whimpered, and she took a few steps backwards, slipping over clumsily in fear. Her eyes widened, as the monster approached her, his voice raucous, almost like a growl.

"Go away!" He snarled. "No intruders welcomed here!"

Mia whimpered again. She didn't understand what 'intruders' meant, but she had a pretty good idea that her presence was not allowed in the palace.

"P-please!" She stuttered in her young voice, "I go now... Don't hurt me!"

The monster frowned, and picked Mia up. "Get out?" He said, as he began to escort her to the door.

"Marshmallow!" A regal voice sounded through the crisp air. "Put her down!"

The snow monster turned to his Mistress, and nodded, letting go of the Princess so that she fell towards the solid ground, at least ten, fifteen metres below.


"Good. There are a couple of small villages still left on the outskirts of the kingdom, but hopefully we can stop the ship before they get there."

Rapunzel smiled at her cousin, nodding. "The only villages I had left on my third of the kingdom were the ones in the forests, and that's probably where the people from the Southern Isles would target last."

Anna grinned. "I guess that's all we can do, anyway, and it didn't go that bad, really." Walking back into the castle, Anna and Odd pulled the doors shut, and then hurried to the window to watch the ship's location.

The Princess frowned, as she watched the ship drawing ever closer. Thankfully, the wind had begun to blow towards the Southern Isles' vessel, slowing their approach, but they were still gaining on the kingdom, now only fifty metres, give or take some.

Odd frowned as he surveyed the situation, thinking. "We've got five minutes, I'll say. We've had more time than we did earlier already, but we need Elsa, and it'll only be a few minutes until they start to attack."

Anna felt her heart drop like a rock, plummeting in the sea.

"They haven't found her yet?"

Odd shook his head, sadly, as there came a disturbance from behind them, in the form of a rather panicked looking Eugene Fitzherbert.

"Did you see Kristoff and Mia?" He called, and Anna's eyes widened, as she shook her head worriedly. Eugene frowned, his brow creased in worry. "Mia ran off a while ago, and Kristoff went after her."

Anna gasped. "They're still out there!" She cried, as she rushed off outside.

"Anna!" Rapunzel called after her, but she'd already gone.

"Mia!" Elsa yelled, and she quickly made a large pile of soft snow to cushion the child's fall. "It's okay, Marshmallow. She's a friend."

The snowman bowed his head, his icy spines retracting as he walked slowly off. Elsa rushed over to her niece, and helped to pick her up out of the snow.

"Mia! What are you doing here?" Elsa scolded, but she didn't use too stern a voice, knowing it would just upset the girl if she did. The young Princess looked worriedly at the Queen.

"Arendelle in trouble!" She cried out, "Is a ship coming attack! From the South!"

Elsa gasped, understanding quickly what it meant, and she picked Mia up in a hurry. "Come on, Sweetie - we need to get back to help!"

Forgetting the concerns that had been troubling her, Elsa rushed outside and ran down the icy stairs quickly, nearly slipping a few times, but luckily, she was able to stabilise herself. Reaching the bottom of the grand steps, she launched off the bottom and landed on her feet as if she was riding a snowboard, as a thick trail of ice materialised under her feet.

Holding out her free arm to keep herself balanced, she shot down the hill at an incredible speed, Mia in her arms, with Lysse following quickly behind, not wanting to remain, alone, at the palace.

"Hold on!" Elsa cried out, "We'll be there soon!"

"Kristoff!" Anna called out, relieved, "There you are! Did you find Mia?" Kristoff hung his head, shaking it. "I've searched and searched, but I just can't find her anywhere."

Anna gasped, as she looked at the mountain. A small tear trickled down her cheek, but then her eyes focused on a massive, blue trail growing at an incredibly fast rate towards Arendelle.

"What is that?" She asked, and she felt the weight upon her heart grow even greater as she feared for her daughter's safety. She rushed over to the edge of the fjord, and her eyes widened as she saw the thick trail of ice approaching.

"Is that-?" Kristoff began, his voice quiet, for he, too, was worried about Mia. She wasn't completely helpless, what with her powers and all, but still, she was so young, and small for her age as it was.

The ice grew towards the pair, and Elsa came sliding into view, Mia grinning in her arms. Anna felt so relieved, and she rushed over, slipping, to grab her baby daughter in her arms, holding her so tightly it was a miracle she could still breath.

"Oh, Mia!" She cried out, tears of relief rolling down her cheeks, "I'm so, so glad you're okay!"

Elsa smiled, but then she noticed the ship in the near-distance, and gasped.

"Come on!" She cried out, "We have to get back to the castle!"

"There!" The captain commanded, and the men on-board the vessel grinned, turning their canon to face the direction that had been pointed out. The blast was deafening, but it was the projectile that would do the most damage.

"Watch out!" Elsa cried, as she pushed the group out of the way, narrowly avoiding a flaming, wooden cannon ball. "Get back to the castle! I'll hold them off!"

A few gun shots sounded, and it was obvious that the navy had began to deploy their ships, to try and destroy the enemy's, but it was difficult - the Southern Isles' vessel was so close to the kingdom now, almost a horse's jumping distance away, there was no way to attack it without destroying Arendelle, too.

Anna, Kristoff and Mia rushed to get back to the castle, as they dodged the onslaught of flaming cannon balls. Elsa was having just as hard a time, if not even more difficult, as she attempted to put out the flaming, burning buildings that had been hit.

They managed to get near to the castle, not twenty metres away, when a raucous voice came from the side, making the group jump in shock.

"There's no where to run, now." The voice said, and a man, a cloaked figure, stepped out from the shadows. "It's too late."

Elsa spun on him, positioning her hands, ready to attack, but the man just laughed, as two men jumped from the sides, shoving two tight-fitting gloves onto Elsa's hands. The Queen squirmed, but she could not get them off.

Anna gasped, just as a man leaped from the shadows and pulled her arms behind her back, making her drop Mia on the ground, causing the child to scream out in pain from the sudden pain that ripped through her body. The poor girl lay moaning on the floor, and the Queen and Princess struggled to escape their captors, but to no avail.

Kristoff growled, as he struggled against his constraints - two large ropes tied around both of his hands, tied to the lamp-post behind, but there was no escaping. The men from the southern Isles laughed, as they pulled sharp knifes from their belts, and Mia screamed in fear, snowflakes bursting forth from her palm, swirling around the leader of the group, resting on his nose and placing him in a trance, standing there, doing nothing. The remaining men gasped.

"Grab that brat!" One yelled, and soon, three men were on top of Mia, struggling to keep the squirming child still, while avoiding the icicles shooting up from the ground.

A bullet whizzed past Mia's head by inches, hitting one man in the neck, and warm, dark, crimson red blood shot from the hole, making the baby princess scream in fear, but the men seemed to barely bat an eyelid at their companion, more worried about the guards shooting at them, led by an angry ex-thief.

"Get out of here!" One of the men said, "Go! To the ship!"

"What about-" One began, but a round of bullets passed through his body before he could finish, and that was enough for the other men, leaving their captives where they were, dragging the youngest princess off.

"MIA!" Anna yelled, and, only being tied down loosely, she managed to break free, as Kristoff succeeded also. Elsa managed to rip off her gloves with her teeth and froze the ropes until they simply snapped, but it was too late. The group rushed down to the ship, where Mia was screaming, terrified, not quite able to control her powers enough to stop the people taking her away. Controlling people was still difficult for her.

The wind was blowing away from Arendelle, and by the time Anna, Kristoff and Elsa reached the docks, the ship was already almost out of sight.

"No!" Anna yelled, "No..."

She broke down in tears, as she watched her daughter sail away from her. Elsa quickly used her magic to freeze the sea, but she had no way of knowing if her ice had reached the ship - it was already hard to pin point.

Somewhere in the distance, a young child screamed, as she watched the ice, which had been growing toward her, slow to a halt, not actually encasing the ship at all. She wriggled and writhed against her bonds, and screamed even louder, as a massive icicle, the largest, sharpest and deadliest she'd ever made, shot through the ship.

Mia cried out again, as the ship began to go down, sinking in the freezing November water. The crew rushed around her, terrified as their ship went down, and no one came to help her. The princess sobbed quietly, terrified, but already out of tears to cry.

The tears froze on her face, as she placed her hands on the ropes and squeezed them tightly, relieving her fear and anger, and distracting her from the water beginning to rise around and above her feet.

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