Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 11

Mia sobbed as she rocked herself back and forth, over and over again, her arms wrapped around her legs. Freezing, icy cold water was now swirling around her ankles, gradually rising up, each inch agonising, and her hands, which were resting in the water, were deadly cold. The below-zero temperatures didn't affect her, but she knew she was going to drown, and the thought absolutely terrified her.

"Mama! Papa!" She cried out, before the tears began to choke her and she stopped crying for them.

Please help me...

"Anna, no!" Elsa cried, as she dragged her younger sister back from the edge of the dock, where frozen ice rested atop the seas. "The guards will get Mia back. Don't worry, just have faith."

Still, no matter how much she told herself that everything would be okay, Elsa couldn't quite believe it. She glanced out over the frozen sea, and sighed.

"You know what," she said, sullenly, "You're right. We can't leave Mia's fate to someone else." Glancing around, she noticed Rapunzel running over, and sighed.

"Rapunzel!" She cried, "We're going for a bit; take care of Arendelle and the villagers in the meantime, please."

Rapunzel shook her head, as Eugene came galloping over with Maximus. "I'm coming with you." she said, her voice stating 'that's final'. "I've arranged things already; Odd's more than happy to take charge."

Elsa looked a little unsure - she didn't doubt Odd, rather he simply had not had experience, and she didn't want him getting stressed or worried. Still, there was no other option.


Gingerly stepping onto the ice, Elsa sighed as she deemed it to be okay, and beckoned Anna and Kristoff over. The couple began to run, quickly, over the frozen water, and Sven came galloping heavily over, his cloven hooves making a ringing clang as they contacted rhythmically with the ice.

Taking a deep breath in, Elsa thrust her hands behind her, and used her magic to create a strong gust of cold air, forcing herself forwards as if she was sliding on ice skates. With the added help of the wind, she managed to pick up a decent pace, but was it quick enough?

"Enlighten me, Brother," Alec said, as he doodled on a piece of paper. "Why not kill the Arendellians straight out? Wouldn't that simply, you know, make things so much easier?"

Hans chuckled, as he slapped his brother on the back. "You need to think about the bigger picture, Alec." He said, his voice cruel and cold.

"If we can slowly torture the Arendellians, emotionally first, perhaps physically later on, this will add fear to other countries. We can't arrange a full scale attack on Arendelle, but, with them nervous, they'll be clumsy when we go to war with Corona. They'll make stupid mistakes. Elsa will, I expect, go with her army to help, perhaps with that new Prince of hers, leaving her sister and that ice harvester behind, with the young princess. Of course, that all depends on who they manage to capture tonight.

"While at war against us, Arendelle will be weak and they won't have many men left, nor a decent ruler. Princess Anna is hardly qualified. With their men gone to war, and their Queen gone also, we can take over them, and the people will fear us; they won't revolt because they will value their lives. People will do crazy things when they're scared.

"Once again, fear is the main ingredient in our plan. We need to develop this fear, nurture it from a seed, to a sprout, to a full-grown plant. That will give us the advantage, being the only ones with the power of logical thinking remaining. Others will be acting on instinct, and instinct is not reliable.

"After we claim Arendelle, not only will the Southern Isles grow stronger again, like it used to be, but we will also have direct routes to other kingdoms. We'll easily be able to launch surprise attacks on Corona, and end the war, killing their Queen and Prince, along with Queen Elsa and Prince Odd. From there, we'll have good routes to Kingdoms such as Becrux, which are indispensable, what with their coal mines."

Alec frowned, but he kept his mouth shut as he rose up. The candles flickered slightly, then were extinguished, as he made his way to the door. Bowing to his younger brother, he swept gracefully out of the door, and Hans snarled under his breath.

Lucky bastard, he thought, savagely, coming and going as he likes. Still, though, I'd have nothing without him - bah! How I hate to have debts.

Hans looked out of the tiny window in the wall of his new prison. Much more homely than the cells, but still horrid.

Well, when we set this plan into action, they'll be praising us for pulling it off, and then my debt'll be repaid. He'd be nothing without me, either.

Hans clenched his fists. All good things to those who wait.

Mia gasped as the water rose up past her waist, and she shivered, her body's natural reaction to cold, though it was hardly necessary - she didn't feel the cold.

She glanced fearfully at the ropes binding her hands, and then something occurred to her - icicles had managed to make the boat sink, by smashing a hole somewhere, right? What was to say they couldn't cut ropes too?

Concentrating, the young princess managed to wriggle her hand around to face the other, and, squeezing her eyes shut, she made and icicle burst up from under the icy sea water. She groaned when the ice missed it's mark, and desperately began trying to rub the string against it, eventually fraying it enough to break her wrist free.

She sighed, but gasped quietly when she noticed the water up to the middle of her chest, now.

Directing her now free hand towards the other, she took a few seconds to gather herself, before shooting the icicle up, and the point made it's mark, slashing the rope clean in half. The young princess sighed, and she waved her hands in the air above her head triumphantly, before crying out in shock as the water around her rapidly began to freeze.

Quickly, she pulled her hands back to her chest, trying to stop the ice from spreading, but it was too late; the ice was too thick, and surrounded Mia's body completely, trapping her in the sinking ship.

She cried out in fear, as the ice continued to thicken around her, trapping her. She wiggled her feet in the freezing sea water, still a liquid under the ice, and more tears began to leak out of the side of her eyes.

Desperately, she held out her palms and concentrated on the love that came from her mother, her father, Aunt Elsa and Odd, and squeezed her eyes tightly shut in concentration. Squinting them open again just the slightest, she grinned as a little bit of the ice began to thaw away, slowly but surely. Smiling, she lost focus, then suddenly, the memory of her captor's was forced back into her mind.

She gasped quietly, before focusing on her family's love, but what was done was done, and no matter how she tried, she couldn't quite manage to thaw any more ice.

She watched as the few crew members still on the ship jumped into a small wooden lifeboat dangling from the side of the ship, and began to lower themselves down. The princess gasped, as a thought occurred to her - she'd been forbidden to ever use her powers of controlling people, unless it was an absolute emergency. This was an emergency, right?

Focusing, she made a few snowflakes, and tried to direct them towards the crew members, but she'd never anticipated that the wind would counter her powers.

The child let her arms fall limp, as the snowflake blew away on the breeze. Her body was wracked with scared sobs as she waited to solidify in ice.

Either that, or drown.

What had she done to deserve this?

"Mia!" Anna cried out, as she galloped with Kristoff, on Sven's back, across the slippery, icy terrain. Elsa was skating next to them, keeping up with the reindeer's frantic pace, and Maximus was on her left, not as accustomed to the friction-less matter as Sven was, skidding along more often than he was running.

"The ship doesn't appear to be moving!" Elsa cried out, in reply to her sister's yells, and the Princess looked slightly reassured. Rapunzel, however, had noticed something the others had not.

"What is that?" She queried, as she squinted to get a better view. She gasped in shock. "Oh, my..."

Anna looked terrified, but she couldn't bring herself to speak. Kristoff tightened his grip on her, protectively, drawing her closer.

"What is it, Rapunzel?" He said, slowly, carefully, his voice shaking only the very slightest. Rapunzel shook her head, not wanting to say anything.

Eugene looked over at the Prince, Princess and Queen of Arendelle, his normally cheerful expression grim.

"There's what looks like a massive icicle right through the middle of the boat. It's going to sink."

Anna gasped, and let out a short wail of despair. Kristoff looked stunned for a second, but soon after, an expression of determination replaced the worry.

"Come on, Buddy, faster!" He yelled, as he kicked Sven on and wrapped his arm tightly around Anna, supporting her. Elsa's forehead creased in concentration as she forced herself to go faster, and Maximus neighed loudly as he focused on slipping as little as possible, consequentially going faster.

"Let's go!" Elsa cried, and a look of reckless exhilaration grew upon her face, as the snowy hair flew around her face. Her eyes sparkled with determination.

Mia paused, as she heard the sound of thudding hoof-beats, and stretched her neck up to get a look, but she was too small, and could not see above the wooden sides of the ship.

A few seconds passed, before the thuds grew steadily louder, and then they stopped suddenly, as a shaggy-coated animal came launching over the side of the sinking, icy ship, followed by a scrambling sound.

Mia's eyes lit up. "'Ysse!" She cried out, and beckoned for the reindeer, who came over and snuggled up to her friend, not aware that the boat was sinking steadily. The scratching stopped as a large, over-grown canine came bounding onto the icy ship also, and then a boy, with black hair and large, blue eyes, and only one arm, came flopping over too.

"Arne!" Mia greeted, relieved, and the boy assessed the situation quickly.

"Mia! You have to thaw the ice!" He shouted, and the Princess looked down, sadly.

"I can't, Arne. It doesn't work." She said, and the boy looked worried. He glanced around, and noticed a large hammer, not too far away. He grinned triumphantly.

Rushing over, he grabbed the tool, and began to make his way back, as a creaking noise began to be heard. He paused, confused, and then suddenly, the ship, frozen, began to crack. Arne began to rush back to join Mia, but he was too slow, and a massive, gaping hole appeared in the middle of the ship, as the wooden floor gave way, and the sides of the ship cracked.

Mia and Arne screamed in sync, as the two halves of the ship began to capsize. The boy, looked around in fear, as he grabbed onto the side to stop himself falling into the sea, and threw the hammer as far as he could. Seier leaped to grab it, before dropping it in Mia's hands.

"Arne!" She cried out, and the boy looked back at her, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Break the ice, Mia!" He yelled back, "I'll be okay! Go to a safe place! Don't worry 'bout me!"

Mia opened her mouth to reply, but then Arne let go, saluting her as he slid down the slippery floor, and, with a splash, fell into the sea below.

The princess screamed for him, and grabbed the hammer, banging at the ice she'd made desperately, as Lysse and Seier began to struggle to remain on the slowly capsizing ship.

It only took a few moments, and one well-aimed blow, to smash the ice, and Mia scrambled to the edge carefully, but Arne was no where in sight. She slipped a little, and Alyssa grabbed her dress, pulling her back up, with some difficulty, but the cracked ice had more friction than when it was smooth.

Mia wailed for her friend, as she climbed onto her reindeer' snack and held on tightly as Lysse jumped, trying to get over the side. The ship was at too much of an angle now, though, and as the reindeer landed, she lost all grip on the ice and went hurtling down the slope, falling off the end and into the sea.

Seier yelped, as he slid down and launched into the waters below following them, just as the ship creaked, splashing down in the water and sinking, trapping Mia, Seier and Lysse under it's wooden body.

Mia screamed, as she took a desperate mouthful of air and went under the water.

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