Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 12

They were close, so close, when the sound of a young child's screams reached the ears of every member of the group, a loud, ear piercing cry that made the hearts of each person drop like a stone, leaving just an empty, hollow space in it's place.

"Mia..." Anna whispered, her voice, already weak from fear, barely audible, even to Kristoff, who was sat just behind her. A sob wracked her body, as Sven galloped harder, more determined.

Elsa squinted at the massive ship, and noticed something odd; the strange angle at which the craft was laying in the water, and gasped quietly to herself when her brain processed the issue.

"Oh my gosh..."

Mia's little arms thrashed wildly, as instinct told her to try and resurface, but it was no use - she had never learnt to swim, and one could not pick up the skill in one day.

Lysse was kicking, too, but in a much calmer manner, doggy paddling to get out from under the sinking boat. Her strikes were weak, for she could not breath, but the little doe was stubborn, determined to get to safety.

Mia moaned in the back of her throat, as her body, desperate for air, began to convulse, trying to force her to take a breath, but the princess refused - she knew if she did, all she'd swallow would be water, and she'd drown. Holding tightly to Lysse, she placed a hand over her mouth and squeezed her eyes shut tighter, as she began to feel dizzy. Involuntarily, she groaned a little, her lips parting slightly, and a trickle of salty water trickled into her mouth. She quickly shut her mouth and swallowed the water, cringing at the unpleasant taste that made her throat feel as if it were on fire.

Squinting her eyes open, ignoring the stinging pain that came from the salty water, Mia could see the blue sky up above and weakly patted Lysse's shoulder, encouraging the doe on, who was now kicking with all her strength, but not progressing very quickly, and then her legs slowly began to still, as she ran out of oxygen.

Mia felt a pang of fear in her chest as she and Lysse began to slowly sink, and the last thing she remembered was hearing an echoing splash and seeing a grey blur in front of her eyes, as they began to drop further and further from the surface.

Sven bleated as he reached the edge of the ice, panting tiredly, as Anna and Kristoff virtually dived off of his back, rushing to look into the water.

Anna sobbed sadly. "Kristoff! Kris, oh, where is she!" She moaned, as she searched the salty water again for any sign of life. There was clearly no sign of her on the now sunken ship, meaning she was somewhere under the water.

Elsa gasped as she slid to a stop on the ice, as she, too, looked around, searching for Mia, but to no avail.

"Oh, Anna..." She said, as small tears escaped her eyes. "I can't see her..."

Anna scowled, as she pushed away from Kristoff. "She's okay!" She shouted, determined that her daughter was still alive, and before anyone could stop her, she dove into the water, spluttering slightly and shivering from the icy sea. Hurriedly, she began to swim forward, trying not to splash around too much so that she caused too many ripples to see under the water, in case she could see Mia.

"Anna!" Kristoff yelled, as he dove in after her, shivering also, and Elsa screamed as her sister swam out to sea.

Anna splashed around wildly as her husband wrapped his strong arms around her waist, trying to pull her back to land. "Come on, Anna!" He said, trying to resist the Princess' resistance.

"No, Kristoff!" She cried out, kicking him in the groin, and he released her as he groaned. She quickly began to swim away, towards the ship, and it took all of her will power to keep going, as her limbs began to feel heavy and slow, the cold water rapidly effecting her for the worst.

She reached out with her arms to keep herself going, but she could not get her limbs to work, as she lost feeling in them, and she struggled to continue kicking, as she flailed around, trying to stay afloat, her movements getting quickly weaker.

Kristoff gasped, as did Elsa, and the pair quickly swam over to the Princess. The cold water did not affect the Queen, luckily, but the Prince was another matter, as he felt his own limbs begin to go numb, and he had to fight to keep his movements quick, so that he'd stay warmer, and would not falter and sink, as he noticed with a start, that Anna was beginning to go down under the water.

He gasped again, and he and Elsa moved faster, trying to reach the Princess. He wrapped his strong arms around his wife's small, freezing cold body, and began to pull her back to the ice, which Elsa hastily expanded to make the man's job easier.

Reaching the frozen ledge, Kristoff felt his arms begin to stop working, and he quickly threw Anna up onto the ice, as his movements stopped, and he gasped as him leaden, numb arms refused to work, and his legs stopped responding too. He tried to grab hold of the ice, but he couldn't seem to work his fingers, and he took a deep gasp of air as his head slipped under the water.

Oh, god, Kristoff thought, as he felt his body sliding under the water. He writhed his body, the only movements he could manage, as his freezing body finally shut down, his quest to save Anna complete, and his eyes slid shut, as he slipped out of the conscious world.

"Kristoff!" Elsa yelled, and Sven bleated loudly, as he rushed to the water's edge and plunged his head under, yanking it back up with Kristoff's royal jacket caught on his antlers.

Snorting as he fought to keep his grip on the slippery ice, he closed his eyes and dragged his friend onto the ground, and Elsa gasped at the sight of Kristoff. Anna also let out a small, weak, quiet breath, as she opened her eyes slightly, shivering and only just conscious. She was confused, and slightly delusional, not able to make sense of everything, but she knew that her husband was seriously sick.

Rapunzel rushed over to Kristoff quickly, as she began to wrap her hair around his freezing cold body. Elsa went over to her sister, and sat down beside her, gently squeezing her hand for reassurance. The princess quietly muttered, "Mia...", as she shivered again, and the Queen looked down at her with large, sympathetic eyes. There was nothing they could do for her now.

Eugene came over to the two sisters, as he pulled off his cloak and draped it over the smaller girl's back. The thin material was not designed to keep out freezing cold, but it might help her, at least a little.

Elsa glanced towards Kristoff, as Rapunzel finished her song and her hair stopped glowing. She looked down, to see if her magic had worked, and gasped when she noticed the man's skin was still blue, and he was still unconscious.

"Oh, my..." She gasped, as she looked apologetically to the others. "Ever since I regained my powers, they've never been quite the same. They are a bit... unpredictable sometimes, and not as strong. Kristoff's really sick; my magic can't help him."

Elsa's eyes widened, as she stood up, helping a weak Anna to stand as well. The princess stood on wobbly, unstable legs, but she was upright all the same, and she managed to get herself onto Elsa's horse, with her sister supporting her from behind.

Sven bent down to pick up Kristoff in his antlers, and quickly, before Rapunzel and Eugene even got onto Maximus' back, he'd set off at a gallop towards the castle.

Anna's eyes fluttered slightly, as she forced them to stay open. She knew, deep down, that Mia was gone, but she couldn't quite comprehend the facts. Her brain had begun to shut itself down as she began to freeze in the sea water, and was incapable of comprehending things.

She slowly glanced out to the sea, and knew her daughter was somewhere out there.

Please be okay...

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