Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 13

Seier panted, as he kicked his paws quickly through the water, the reindeer and small child laid upon his back like a useless sack of potatoes. He struggled to keep them in position, diving down rapidly every time the two unconscious beings submerged under the water again.

Scraping his claws along the ice, trying to get a grip on the slippery material, he growled quietly and heaved his body up, quickly grabbing Mia and Lysse before they fell back under the surface. Grunting, he sunk to the ice, sitting down before his two rescued friends, and his large eyes glinted in the light, as he protected them, a self-appointed guard.

Seier remained faithfully at their side, very tempted to find Anna, whom he saw as his only mother, but he knew where his place was, and that was here, with the youngest Princess and her little pet reindeer.

The sun passed across the sky slowly, and the blue eventually began to fade to a deep red, and finally, blackness. The wolf didn't understand why his 'mother' hadn't come to find Mia yet, but he still didn't move, not leaving the girl's side.

Eventually, Mia's eyes opened, and the child coughed and spluttered as she awoke. Her eyes were wide, and she was clearly scared, and Seier nuzzled up to her to comfort the child, wrapping his body around her.

After a few minutes, the wolf stood back up, his teeth pulling up the fabric of the child's dress with him. Mia stood slowly, with weak, shaking legs, and she had to lean on Seier for support, as Lysse slowly stood up too, helping her friend make her way across the ice.

"Thank, you, Seier..." Mia said gently, her voice weak, and she smiled at him through the dark of the night. In response, however, the wolf simply growled, his hackles raised, and he spun around to face the sea again.

Mia turned around too, but her human eyes, her human nose, her human ears, were all weak compared to that of Seier, and all she could pick out was the distinctive aroma of Lysse, and the splashing of the waves.

"What is it, Seier?" She asked, and turned her head to look at the animal, who looked back at her, then yelped loudly, falling to the ground with a loud thud, and Mia cried out. Despite the fact that her ears were not finely attuned, the heavy beats of a man's running footsteps could easily be heard.

Mia gasped as she spun around, and a large pair of rough hands clamped around her mouth. She wriggled, writhing, terrified, and another man lifted her easily off the ground. Her short, thrashing legs made no contact, and even when she heard Lysse's distinctive 'battle cry', there came no rescue, was no escaping her captors. The reindeer was thrown aside with an easy kick, and lay on the ice, unconscious for the second time that day.

"Help!" She yelled against the hands, but her voice was muffled, and there was no one near to hear her. The men tightened their grip on her, and, terrified, she was thrown onto a boat - a small lifeboat, she guessed, - completely trapped.

She cried as she felt a gag forced roughly into her small mouth, and the tears would not stop going, as she felt the boat riding the waves, as it rowed away, leaving home far behind in the distance, like a memory.

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