Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 18

"I won't lie, I wasn't expecting this news so quickly... Eventually, yes, but I must say, it comes as quite a shock." Hans' voice was cold and sharp, "Indeed, it throws off some of the gears of ours plans... I'm afraid that this development may mean we have to hurry things along."

Alec frowned, folding his arms, gently rubbing the bruise on his arm. "I don't see how Queen Elsa's pregnancy affects the plans so much." He commented, "Would you care to enlighten me?"

The younger prince rolled his eyes, mockingly. "I would have thought it would have been obvious, Brother." He teased, but there was no happiness or light-hearted tones in his voice.

"If the Queen is pregnant, then it will be, or at least, could potentially be, harder to get her to go and help her cousin, Queen Rapunzel, in Corona, when we launch our attack on them. I'm certain she'd want to try and protect her family, but if she iswith child, there will be a limit as to what she can do, not to mention her sister, that Brat, Princess Anna, would definitely have a few things to say. She's very protective of Elsa, and in her condition, she will be even more so. And then there's the new Prince, Odd, too, who would never let her leave if she was too close to having her baby. Give it a few months, and she will be forced to return to her own kingdom to give birth to the child, and then our plans are ruined."

Alec seemed to understand where Hans was coming from, as he nodded his comprehension.

"Clearly, we'll have to try and speed things up. It will be a risk, but it's one we have to take; it's try it now, or not at all."

Hans grinned, as he stood up. "So, what are you going to tell our brothers?" He said, and Alec paused for a second, considering his answer, not keen on giving a wrong response.

"I'll tell them..." He took a deep breath. "I'll tell them we need to attack Corona now."

Hans smiled, triumphantly. "And..."

Alec seemed to almost sigh with relief. "And it's also time we rescue the baby Princess." He turned to leave, but Hans coughed a couple of times.

"What other news is there for me, Alec?" He demanded, and the said Prince seemed to almost shrink under his brother's cold tone.

"There is a woman, who would like to speak with you, Brother." He said, and Hans raised his eyebrows.

"What purpose would she serve coming here, to see me?" He snapped, and Alec looked around nervously.

"I believe she is interested in... joining our cause." Alec said, cautiously. "If I am not mistaken, I think she is under the impression that she would be useful to us."

Hans looked skeptical, but he nodded anyway, and his brother left hurriedly to get the woman in question. The remaining Prince sat, feeling a little awkward, in his seat by the fireplace, until the two returned to the room. Alec quickly hurried back out, leaving the man and woman in the room together.

"I'm waiting." Hans snapped, after just a few seconds of silence, and the woman glared at him, frustrated. "What's your pitch."

Her cold, icy blue eyes glinted in the fire light, giving them an eerie reflection, and her blonde hair seemed to almost glow in the flickering light of the flames. "I am Ayla." She said, simply. "I am interested in the events of recent concerning you, and the kingdom of Arendelle. I know what you are planning."

Hans snarled. "Did my brother tell you this information?" He growled, and the woman laughed.

"No," She said, "But I have my sources. Anyway, I am looking to join one side of the battle. The question is, which side will have me?"

"And what makes you so special?" Hans glared at her, frustrated that such a simple woman was wasting his precious planning time. She simply grinned.

"You may have heard of my brother, Karleif. He was one of the sorcerers who tried to kill Queen Elsa and her family." This news sparked some interest in Hans, and he sat up a little straighter. "I was never included in the plans, but I did manage to sneak some magic of my own."

She twiddled her fingers, as she continued. "I have great power, myself, for unlike my mother and brother, I know how to wield it properly. However, and I'm sure you can relate! I'm not content with being a nobody. I need more magic to become a somebody, and that magic, I can get from Queen Elsa's family. Then, you need them dead to gain control of their kingdom. Either way, we want the same fate for them, and we both want power. I'd say we're rather similar."

Hans frowned slightly. "How can I trust your claims are true? How do I know you won't turn on me? If you have magic already, then it is quite possible that you would be a spy."

Ayla smiled, her white teeth flashing brightly. "You are already a Prince of royal blood, yet you still want to be king. I'd say our situations are rather similar."

Hans looked impressed at this, and he smiled, also. "What are the extent of your abilities. When you say magic, what do you mean, exactly."

Ayla smiled, and Hans yelped quietly in shock as the arms of the arm chair he was sat on began to move, and little fingers grew off of it, changing into material snakes which wrapped tightly around his body and choked him of air. He gasped a little, before they fell limp, and retracted back into the couch.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Hans said, grinning, and the pair shook hands.

"The pleasure's all mine."

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