Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 19

A pair of large, bright green eyes glinted in the cold blackness, shining with hatred, malice and a sick, twisted, dastardly pleasure, as the sharp sound of a sword being unsheathed from it's holster echoed around the dark cave of nothingness. The silver sliced through the scene, a blur as it fell, and the bright white of teeth could just be made out through the shadows.

Mia gasped, as she jumped awake, sweating despite the chilly, still air inside the cave, and she sobbed as she deeply heaved air into her lungs, each breath stinging her bruised body, and she only cried more. The bright, green eyes in her dream had been so real, the emotion in them so convincing, she had truly been terrified of what the man had been planning to do.

Eventually, her breaths calmed, and despite the pain that wracked her body with each breath, she quickly fell back to sleep. She'd been living in constant pain for a month now, and though the scars of the beatings still stung, she'd grown so used to much more intense misery, meaning that the torturous aching was almost a relief.

The door creaked, and Mia screamed as she saw the shape of a man come into the dim light, anticipating yet more beating. She quickly tried to scurry back against the wall, as far away from the man as possible, and she held her breath, hoping desperately that she would blend into the wall, invisible.

Sadly, her powers weren't quite so willing to hide, and the gloves, glued to the skin of her wrist, began to glow as her magic started acting up.

"Shush..." The man whispered. "Be quiet, it's okay. I'm here to rescue you. I promise I wont hurt you."

Mia whimpered as the man came closer, but she let out a breath when the man undid her handcuffs. Gently, he bent down to pick her up, and the warmth of his skin was comforting, even if the cold did not bother her, although something seemed off about him, and she pushed herself away, untrusting.

The man bent down, and gently pulled out a knife, making the girl whimper in fear, but she began to feel more confident as the blade cut off the fabric on her hands, leaving just a little of the material which was still stuck to her skin. The princess smiled slightly, as she flexed her fingers and felt the soft skin of her hands, unscathed from the torture she'd been through.

The man chuckled as the girl made a few snowflakes, happily, but then he hushed her, reminding the girl that they needed to be quiet. Mia nodded, and, making sure to walk a few safe metres away from the man, she followed him to the door.

"Come on, Hans." A man's voice said, and Mia screamed in shock, spinning in the direction the voice had come from, as a massive icicle shot from the ground. There came a load groan, then a thud as the body fell to the floor, and Mia could feel something hot and sticky touching her toes.

She gasped as she looked down, making an ice light, seeing a pool of thick blood spreading the three metres between the girl and the injured man, who was sat on the floor, the icicle through his body. Hans gasped.

"Brother!" He cried, and rushed over to the man, but Alec's eyes had already began to flutter weakly. He groaned, as he rocked back and forth, and the blood poured from his wound, until finally, his body convulsed once, twice, three times, and then, stilled.

Mia gasped, and she rushed backwards, scared as ice spread across the floor rapidly, and Hans gasped, too. Quickly, he grabbed her wrist, and pulled the child to the door.

"Hurry, Princess." He whispered, "We must get out before they find us!"

Mia whimpered, and began to cry as the man pulled her along, forcing her to run on her painful legs, and he quickly noticed his mistake, picking up the child as he ran through the corridors of the cave. The princess cried, scared of the close physical contact, and she tried to squirm away, but Hans held tight to her, not willing to let her get away.

"You'll have to close your eyes and hold your breath." He instructed, and the commanding tone of his voice scared Mia even more, as the man began to descend down the slope, slipping as the floor grew wetter, and the Princess screamed, terrified, and Hans snarled as he felt his shoulders freeze up, but he kept going.

Mia squinted her eyes open after a while, her body still squirming wildly to get away, and she noticed the water was quickly rising up, and the lower half of Hans' body was submerged. She screamed again as she felt the icy liquid nipping her toes, and she was reminded of drowning once again, as the Prince holding her dived under. She gasped quickly to get a breath, and she squeezed her eyes shut until she felt herself re-emerge above the water.

Spluttering, she coughed as she felt Hans swimming smoothly through the water, and she gasped with relief as she felt him push her into a small, wooden rowing boat, where a guard was sat, holding the oars. He frowned as Hans climbed in too.

"Den knægt dræbte min bror med en af hendes istapper. Alligevel er vi nødt til at gå. Hun har skreg og græd, og jeg frygter, vi kan blive opdaget, hvis vi ikke forlade hurtigt." Hans said, speaking in his natural tongue, Danish, and the guard nodded, quickly rowing off, to the south.

Mia scuttled away to the rear of the boat, away from the two men, shaking in fear, her legs drawn up to her chest. Eventually, she found the courage to speak.

"Where are we going?" She whispered quietly, refusing to make eye contact with Hans as she said it, her voice scratchy from screaming, crying, and otherwise lack of use.

The Prince looked almost shocked at the girl actually speaking, but he quickly regained his composure. "We are going to my home," He said, his voice silky smooth, "We are saving you from your parents. They sent you to that horrid place, and we don't want to see you hurt. They are cruel people."

Mia was not completely convinced, but she didn't say anything. If she was older, she would have considered how the men knew of her location, and what was happening to her, but she was much too young to even think about it. Instead, she tried to weight up both sides in her mind. Her Mother, Father, Aunt and Uncle all seemed so kind, seemed to love her so very dearly, but then, if what Hans said was true, then they were cold-hearted and completely cruel. Whatever she'd done wrong - something she still could not work out - surely did not deserve the harsh punishment she'd received.

She closed her eyes to protect them from the spray of the sea, and curled up in a ball, relishing the feel of the sun on her red, raw skin, enjoying the feeling of freedom, and though her mind was in overdrive, she fell asleep, and for the first time in forever, she didn't have a nightmare.

"I can't believe we still haven't found her..." Anna whispered quietly, "It's been over a month, now, and she's still missing..."

Elsa wrapped her arms around her younger sister gently, trying to comfort her, whilst being careful not to let her sister come into contact with her own curved stomach - Anna had apologised for the way she'd acted by now, not that Elsa blamed her, but it obviously still reminded the Princess of her own loss, and the Queen did not want to make her feel any worse than she did already.

Anna wiped her eyes gently. "She's only two, Elsa... She should be here, at home, with us. It's her birthday, after all... I can't believe we're missing it..."

"Oh, Anna..." Elsa whispered quietly, as a small tear escaped her own eyes. "It'll be okay. There's still a lot of land for us to search, so there's still a great chance that we'll be able to find her."

Anna smiled weakly. "I hope so," She whispered, and squeezed tightly onto her sister for comfort, as the door slammed open with a bang. Kristoff stood in the doorway, his breathing heavy, and he looked at Anna desperately, as if she'd be able to understand what he was saying from the glances he was giving her.

She couldn't.

"What is it, Kris?" She asked, excitedly, her hopes soaring at her husband's face, relishing in the fact that perhaps, just possibly, they could have found Mia. Elsa, also, looked up quickly, her eyes shining with foolish desire.

"They haven't found Mia yet," Kristoff said, between gasps for air, and the Queen and Princess' hearts fell rapidly, like stones, plummeting deep below water to the bottom of the sea. "But Arne has woken up, and they think he knows what happened to her!"

Anna and Elsa looked at each other quickly, before they both leaped up and rushed out of the door, dragging Kristoff along as they went. Seier, who had been laying at the end of he sofa, quickly jumped up also, excitedly following his people to one of the spare rooms, in which Arne was resting.

Anna burst into the room quickly, and Arne jumped in surprise, weakly, not quite awake, but getting there. He rubbed his eyes, as he sat up straighter, and watched the two adults before him with interest.

Quickly, before Anna could begin tormenting Arne with all of her desperate questions, Elsa walked briskly over to the boy, and sat down on the bed next to him. She smiled at her sister, but she frowned at her slightly, too, warning the younger girl not to be too hasty or rash.

"Hello, Arne," She greeted, softly, and the boy smiled at her. He seemed a little wary of the Princess, her boisterous entrance to the room confusing him, considering that he was still not quite with it. Every colour was too bright, and every sound too loud; every smell too strong and every thing too strange. "How are you?"

"Umm..." Arne seemed at a loss for words, and his mouth seemed almost out of sync with his words. "I'm okay..." He slurred out, and he blinked a few times, as a wave of dizziness came over him, and he groaned, laying down. Elsa sighed slightly, and she stood up, looking at Anna sadly.

"We can't ask him anything, yet, Anna." She whispered, quietly, as the boy fell asleep, snoring softly. "He's too tired, and we can't trust that he'd actually answer correctly. He seems quite confused, still, and I think we need to give him some time to rest."

Kristoff came over slowly, and picked Anna up, who was eagerly looking at the sleeping child, desperate for information about her daughter.

"Anna, come on." The man said, as he began to walk towards the door. "Elsa's right. We can't ask Arne any questions as he is now. He needs to rest."

Anna sighed as she was carried out of the room, and if one was to look into her eyes, the battle between the desire to rush back, and the knowledge that she shouldn't, was evident in the bright blue.

The war between her brain and her heart, what is right and what is wrong, continued throughout the day. Even as she wrestled an angry Seier off Odd, who was in the middle of being ripped to shreds by the normally-docile wolf, her heart was only half in the task, the other remaining in the room with Arne.

He was the only lead she had to her daughter. And for that, she needed to see him so very, very badly.

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