Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 2

Elsa woke up, panting heavily, and she rubbed her eyes tiredly as she sat up. She could feel her hair clinging onto her face, wet from sweat, and her nightdress was plastered on her body.
Groaning, she stood up, and walked over to her en-suite bathroom, pumping some water into a basin and splashing her face with the freezing liquid. She dabbed her face dry with a towel, a few droplets still running down her cheeks, and she looked at herself in the mirror.
Sighing at the sight, she pumped more icy cold water into the basin and leaned her head over, so that she could quickly wash her hair, remove the sweat from it, and then she wrapped it in a towel, before returning to her room, at a loss for what to do.
Her mind wandered back to the dream - no, not a dream, a nightmare - she just had, and she involuntarily made her hands clench into a fist, flexing her fingers as if she was ready to fight. The images flashed through her mind: Hans standing over her; Raising the blade; Her sister freezing before her eyes. It was normal - she was used to these sorts of dreams, although she hadn't had one for many months. The next part of the dream was so much worse.
The cell door had burst open, and there Hans stood, grinning wickedly, at his side the ghost of Bjørn, also smirking evilly, his eyes glinting with the desire for revenge. Elsa knew all about his death, and she couldn't help but feel responsible, even if it was, in no way what-so-ever, her fault.
To a normal person, it wouldn't have been such a bad nightmare, nothing to worry about; just two people standing in the entrance to a prison cell, even if they were both grinning like possessed lunatics. However, to Elsa, it was extremely concerning - in fact, whenever she had a nightmare, she usually spent the next day jumping at every little thing. It wasn't like she was just being wimpish, though, rather that she feared what would come in the future. Before, when Bjørn had been around, she'd had a strange dream, in which a child was shot, her sister's ship had sunk, and she'd received a warning not to be foolish.
Somehow, she still managed to remember the words.
"A foolish fool that is not yet foolish enough to be classified as a foolish and foolhardy fool, cannot fool those who are more foolish and more foolhardy than their own foolish personage is; instead, those who are more foolish than that person will consider that person to be a foolish, foolhardy fool when it is in fact themselves who are more foolish."
At any rate, her dream had come true. Heidi - Odd's younger sister - had been holding her baby daughter, when she had been shot by a cloaked man, who quickly disappeared afterwards. The girl had been too young to be a mother, at just thirteen years of age, but understandably, she was still distraught about it.
Then, later on, as Anna and Kristoff were traveling to Corona, to temporarily rule the kingdom in the absence of the King, Queen, Princess and Prince Consort. During the trip, their ships had sunk, just as had happened in Elsa's dream.
Naturally, now, coincidence or not, she was extremely worried that her dream would end up coming true. After all, the last time Hans was on the loose, he'd nearly killed Elsa and, even more worryingly, her sister. If he was free again, there was nothing to stop him trying to target them again, except now, they'd have to worry about Mia, too.
Sometimes, Elsa really hated her royal heritage.
Walking over to the window, the Queen scanned her kingdom, noting that though it was early in the morning - the clock in her room six o'clock - it was already bright out, the sun beaming warmly down upon the kingdom. She sighed as she opened the window, the warmth hitting her like one of her cousin, Rapunzel's, famous frying pans. She never felt the cold - it didn't effect her - but she could still feel warmth, and ironically, she preferred it lovely and hot, rather than the cold, despite her powers.
After a few moments, Elsa grew bored once again, and strolled over to her door, opening it quietly and tip-toeing down the corridor, to where she knew her fiancée's room was located. Similarly to Kristoff, Odd had grown up in the wilds, spending roughly half of his life growing up in the Arendelle forests, where wolves and wild cats roamed freely, and where one had to be constantly on alert to survive.
For a thirteen year old teenager, staying alert was even more vital - after running away from his abusive father, Lars, at such a young age, Odd had no defenses from predators, and had to rely on quick thinking alone. Now, though, while he was not nearly as burly as Kristoff, he'd developed quite good muscles, and wasn't one to pick a fight on at random.
At any rate, after all of the years, Odd had adapted to be an early riser, and Elsa knew that he'd almost always be awake when she needed him.
She recalled her nightmare as she knocked on his door, and cringed slightly at the thought. A few seconds passed, and Odd appeared in the doorway, his face lighting up at the sight of the Queen.
"Oh, hey, Elsa," He greeted, grinning, "You're up early today."
Elsa nodded, sadly. "Yeah," She commented, and Odd studied her face for a few seconds.
"Bad dream?" He concluded, and she nodded in affirmation. He put his arm around her, and gently patted her back, as he pulled her into his room. "Let me just get my jacket on, then we can go and see if the kitchen staff will allow us to get a snack before breakfast."
Elsa smiled, and Odd put on a face that said, 'I wonder...' and the Queen giggled at the comical expression.
"Would a hot chocolate do for you, Ma'am?" He asked, and his fiancée nodded, happily, as Odd pulled on his jacket. He wore a basic army uniform, which Elsa had commissioned for him as something to wear - though he wasn't royalty, as he was the Queen's fiancée, he would be soon. Besides, as Elsa argued, he had a very important job - something he didn't agree with, but he didn't press the matter anyway - and as such, he had to look smart. In truth, he and Kristoff figured that she just wanted to get him used to the royal ways, and wanted him to fit in.
"Come on, then, Ma'am." He said, taking Elsa's hand and kissing it, making her giggle and push him playfully, gently.
"Stop teasing me," she replied, and she frowned grumpily. Odd chuckled, as he pulled her out of his room and into the corridors.
"Okay, okay!" He replied, as he grinned cheekily and pulled her to the staircase, hopping onto the banister with Elsa on his lap, and they slid down together, laughing gleefully.
Elsa glared at him, although she was only being playful. "You'll pay for that, Mister!" She teased, trying not to let her voice get too loud in case she woke the whole castle up. Lifting up the bottom of her dress, she gently pressed down on the ground, making the wood freeze up and Odd, caught off guard, slipped on the ice and fell.
"Not fair!" He accused, "You've got an unfair advantage!"
Elsa giggled, as she made herself and Odd a pair of ice skates each. Taking his hand, she began to drag him over to the kitchens, gliding easily over the ice while he stumbled a little. "Come on, Forest Boy." She said, and thawing the ice and their skates, they trotted into the kitchens to get a hot chocolate.

Mia laughed happily as she quietly crept out of bed and walked over to her toy chest, silently opening the lid and rummaging around for a few moments, before she found her prize - a small wolf toy that she was extremely attached to.
"Ka-i!" She giggled, trying to say the name 'Kari' but not quite able to pronounce the letter R. She bounced the toy around, before toddling over to the window and glancing outside.
"Ook, Ka-i!" She told her toy, pointing outside, before she frowned. Squinting, she noticed someone moving, and smiled. "Ka-i! Ka-i, Ook!" Giggling, she rushed to her door and opened it quietly, slipping out into the halls and running on her little feet towards the stairs. Rushing down, nearly tripping as she went, she hurriedly reached the entrance doors and skipped into the courtyard.
"Ello!" She cried to the boy before her, who spun around quickly, panicked. He was standing by the stables, with Odd's horse, Storm Chaser, in his hands. He glanced nervously around, then dropped the rope, rushing to a rock and launching himself onto the horse's back.
"Huh?" Mia thought, then, being a smart child, she understood what was going on. Storm Chaser was a very valuable horse, being a thoroughbred, and, it turned out, actually had amazing bloodlines. The only reason Odd had got him was because he had found the horse as a foal, injured in the forest, and had nursed him back to health.
"You!" She shouted, pointing accusingly. "Fief! Fief!" She screamed, and there came a low growling as the doors to the castle burst open.
Seier stood there, his hackles raised, growling threateningly, and the boy slapped Storm Chaser's rear, making the horse bolt. The large, now full-grown wolf chased after, but the thoroughbred was bred for speed, and quickly out-ran him. He stood, panting, at the edge of the courtyard, and howled regretfully. Mia toddled over to him, and wrapped her arms around the wolf, sobbing sadly.
She did so love that stallion.

Anna awoke with a start at the sound of a wolf's howl, and she rushed quickly over to the window. The first thing she noticed was Storm Chaser running quickly away through the kingdom, a young boy upon his back, and though she couldn't see his face, she could tell he was panicked. Opening the window, she heard a child's crying, and her eyes shot down to the ground where Mia was sobbing, mortified. Anna gasped.
"Mia!" She yelled, grabbing her dressing gown and launching herself out of the window, grabbing onto a rope and lowering herself down. Kristoff quickly followed suite.
"Mia, Sweetie!" Anna cried, rushing to her daughter and engulfing her in a bone crushing hug. "Sweetie, you mustn't run away like that!"
Mia sniffed. "No 'un away!" She said through the tears, "Jus' payin!"
Kristoff frowned. "Paying for what?" He asked, and Anna couldn't help but giggle.
"I think she means playing, Kris." She said, rolling her eyes, before she turned back to her daughter. "Still, though, Mia... You can't just come outside without telling Mummy. Me and Daddy will get scared."
Mia's eyes trailed to her father. "Papa... Oo angy?" She asked, her voice heavy with guilt and regret.
Kristoff's heart melted at the sight of his little girl, and he sighed. "No, Champ." He said, walking over and picking her up, throwing her up in the air and making her laugh. "We just want you to be safe. Okay?"
Mia nodded, happier now that her doubts had been reassured.
"Yes, papa!" She looked over to Anna, and extended her arms to her. "So-ee Mama." She apologised, and her mother giggled, as she bounced her on her hip.
"Well, I'm awake now, anyway." She commented, "How about we go and wake Elsa up? We could pay a visit to the trolls - I need to talk with Bulda, anyway."
Kristoff nodded.
"Okay then." He said, before turning to Mia. "Do you want to go see the trolls?"
Mia giggled, clapping her hands together. "Yes! 'Ulda, 'Abbie!"
Anna laughed, as she swung her daughter around. "Yes, we can go and see Bulda and Grand Pabbie. Maybe you can play with the littles, too?"
Mia cried out in joy. "Oo-ay!" She cheered, and the group began to make their way back to the castle. Anna smiled.
"Well, we need to get you dressed. You can't go out in your night dress now, can you?"

Elsa smiled to herself as she fashioned a dress in front of her mirror. It wasn't too extravagant - quite a simple dress, really, similar to her ice dress that she'd made when she made her palace, as it was her favourite design. Twirling around to check she could move in it, she nodded to herself before going to find Odd, who was in his own room, doing goodness-knows-what.

Odd. Elsa smiled happily, and it amused her that when they'd first met, Anna had been trying to get them together. Amazingly, her plan actually worked for once.

Now, here she was, one and a half years later, and soon to be marrying him! They had waited a while to get engaged, but as a result of Anna's constant nagging, they agreed to be wed sooner than they had originally expected.

It was a month away, yet, but Elsa's stomach was a tangle of nerves, still. She loved Odd with all of her heart, and she knew the feelings were the same for him, but that didn't stop her worrying. It was fair enough - after all, the last time she had attended a marriage, her own marriage, her fiancée had abandoned her when she was attacked. What was more, it turned out, he was not only trying to use her as a 'baby factory', something she knew and accepted, although admittedly with much apprehension and anger, but he was also planning to use his to-be position in Arendelle to pay off the Southern Isles' debts.

That was something she couldn't forgiven him for, even though in the end, he'd wound up dead.

She shivered at the thought, at the way she could say it so bluntly.

Turning her head to look at her hand, she smiled at the ring on her finger. She'd never expected Odd to ever get her a ring - even with the money from his new position, which was more a present from the Queen to him than anything - but he'd managed to do so. Luckily, the jewellers in town was fond of the Queen, even indebted to her - she'd saved his young son from falling into the sea once - so he was only too happy to help Odd out and make a ring for Elsa.

It had been a little harder for Kristoff to get Anna a ring, admittedly. He'd fashioned her's himself, spending countless nights chipping away at a piece of ice, until he'd managed to make a beautiful accessory. He then had to sneak away from the castle in the dead of night to go to Grand Pabbie who, with his troll magic, was able to alter the ring, so that it was no longer cold and would not melt. He'd even made the eye of the ring into a diamond, so that the whole ring was a bright, shining blue colour, that matched Anna's beautiful, warm eyes.

Elsa stood up and walked over to her window. It was seven o'clock now - definitely enough time for Anna to get herself and Mia ready to go and visit the trolls.

Walking over to the door, she opened it carefully and ran to Odd's room, where she found her fiancée sitting at his desk, doodling.

Walking over, she whispered, "Hey, Odd," And he jumped in surprise. Taking a glimpse at his work, she smiled.

"Wow," she said, lost for words, and odd frowned at her.

"You don't like it?" He asked, cautiously, and Elsa was quick to respond.

"No, no, no!" She cried, "I love it! You really have a talent, Sweetie."

Odd smiled in return. "Thanks, Elsa." He said, and then stood up. "Come on, let's go." Turning, his hand brushed on the paper and the ink smudged. He sighed.

"Ah , well." He commented, "I'll fix it later."

Elsa nodded, and followed him out, after sneaking a quick glance at the image again. It was a drawing of her and Odd, arms around each other, laughing, but sadly, the ink had smudged the man's face out, leaving it unreadable and barely recognise able.

She frowned - she couldn't help but feel it meant something. Something important.

She shrugged as she rushed after Odd. After all, it was just a doodle, right? She smiled, reassuring herself as the pair ran through the corridors gleefully, and skidded to a stop in front of Anna's door.

"Come on, Baby Sister!" Elsa called through the door, knowing full well it annoyed Anna - she didn't like to be called a baby - but she didn't care anyway. "Let's go!"

Inside the room, Elsa could hear Anna huffing. "You're going to pay for that, Elsie." She replied, her voice too innocent when she said her sister's name. Elsa giggled, and dragged Odd away, rushing to get to the stables before Anna attacked her with a feather duster.

The pair laughed as they sprinted through the halls, but ended up falling on top of the hay very un gracefully, getting it stuck in their hair and on the clothes.

"Oops." Elsa laughed, and Odd chuckled too. He was sad that he'd lost Storm Chaser, naturally, but he wasn't too worried - he was convinced he'd find him again, so all's well that ends well.

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