Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 20

Seier snarled in the back of his throat as Odd came over to the table, and sat down, eyeing the large canine warily as he buttered his toast. Elsa giggled at him slightly, whilst sipping her steaming mug of tea.

"What have you done to get Seier so worked up this morning, Odd?" She asked softly, and helped herself to a mouthful of sugary sweet, honey porridge, moaning quietly in pleasure at the fragrant, exquisite taste. Odd frowned, and shrugged.

"I don't know. He seems to really hate me."

"He liked you a few days ago," Elsa teased, as she put down her spoon, and called over one of the maids, requesting a bowl of cheese straws, smiling a little sheepishly.

The maid laughed a little. "Are you sure, your Majesty?" She asked, "It's only eight in the morning."

Elsa blushed, as she nodded. "Please. I haven't had them in so long, and I'm really craving some."

The maid nodded, curtsying before she quickly rushed from the room to oblige her Queen's request, and Odd chuckled, as he took a bite of his toast, chewing a few times before swallowing, coughing slightly as he choked a little.

"Oh, Odd-" Elsa began, when the door slammed open, and one of the guards stood in the doorway, his face looking panicked. The Queen rose quickly, and her voice shook as she spoke. "What is the problem?" She asked, and her fingers trailed up to a loose lock of hair, fiddling with it distractedly.

"There has been a terrible, tragic event, in the Western forest..." The guard began, and looked at Odd with large, sorrowful eyes. "One of the castle maids has, we believe, been murdered."

Elsa gasped, and then she noticed the way the man was looking at her husband. She stifled a gasp, and quietly, she asked, "Do you know which maid this was?" She looked to the side slightly, not wanting to meet the man's gaze, not wanting her hypotheses to be true.

"We couldn't tell," The guard said, and though it made the Queen feel terrible, guilty, even, she felt a small amount of hope bubble up in her stomach. No doubt the relief was beginning to show on her face, but when she looked at Odd, there was not a single emotion showing through. "But I'm not sure if you've noticed that one maid has been gone a long time, and... we fear it may be her."

Elsa's eyes widened, and her mouth opened slightly. "No..." She said, for she'd always been fond of the girl. "No!" She exclaimed, louder, and the Guard looked a little scared as he backed away from the scene slightly. Odd turned to look at her, and walked over, pulling her into an embrace, although it seemed a little stiff and forced. Elsa sobbed quietly, burying her face in his chest, and he patted her back, softly.

"You don't know who he is talking about, do you, Odd?" She whispered, and the Guard left, leaving the two to have some privacy. Odd pushed Elsa away slightly, so that he could look at her, and she noticed the way his green eyes seemed a duller shade of green, and she couldn't help but feel that, like she, he had a suspicion which he did not want confirmed. "He's talking about Heidi, Odd." Still there was no reaction, and by the way Odd was holding himself stiffly, Elsa figured that her words were not sinking in, were not going to her head. "Your sister, Odd." She whispered, finally, and that seemed to finally make an impression, as Odd let go of the Queen, collapsing to the floor.

Elsa stood still for a few moments, rubbing her slightly swollen stomach gently, before kneeling down, and placing her hand on Odd's shoulder gently.

"We will not let this go unpunished, Odd." She said, eventually, and the man looked up slowly. His eyes were dry, but he looked sorrowful, and he nodded, slowly, standing up with a determined look upon his face. "I promise."

"We are so sorry, Princess Anna." The Guard said. "We looked where Arne said he saw young Princess Mia being taken, but, I'm afraid, she was not there..." He paused slightly, trying to decide how to continue. "We do have evidence that she may have been there though, so we shall continue the search. We expect that she was simply moved to another, safer location."

Anna sobbed quietly, for all of her hopes had been set upon finding her young daughter in the place which Arne had suggested. Kristoff, however, frowned, as he looked at the Guard, concerned.

"What sort of evidence?" He said, worriedly, and he gently took hold of Anna's hand, for both his and her comfort.

"Well, there was ice, and..." The Guard began, and then trailed off.

"And?" Anna whispered, just loud enough so that she could be heard, and her voice shook with worry. She gently squeezed Kristoff's hand, tighter, clinging on to him as if for dear life.

"And there were also traces of..." He took a deep breath, and Anna whimpered, as Kristoff tensed up beside her, dreading what was coming next. "Blood."

There was a slight pop, and in the dim light of the chilly December morning, two people appeared out of nowhere, shivering at the nippy air.

"The weather is much warmer in the Southern Isles," Hans snarled, and he pulled his cloak around his body tighter. "How about taking those magic hands of yours, and making me a warmer cape, eh?"

Alya chuckled. "Why? Aren't you manly enough to deal with a little bit of chilly weather?" She teased, with a cold voice. Hans frowned at her, grumpily. "Besides, I've already made sure we can't be detected by magic, so technically, I've already given you something with my magic. I'm not going to spoil you."

"Have it your way." He snapped, "Come on. Let's get this over and done with."

Ayla grinned, as she followed Hans, waving her hands over her body to warm herself up, smiling smugly as she watched the man in front of her shivering from the cold. "So, Hans. What is it that we are doing, exactly?" She asked, as she walked a little more briskly, to keep up with the Prince in front of her.

Hans grinned. "Well, it has come to my attention that the royals of Arendelle could quite easily find out about our plans, through one... being, who is incredibly old, wise, and has his own magic. I do not know the extent of his powers, but it has come to my attention that he may be able to predict the future."

Ayla nodded. "I understand, now." She affirmed, "If this is true, this person could discover our plans, perhaps reveal unto the Arendelle Royals what we have in store for them, and our schemes would fail." She looked around, frowning. "Where, exactly, do we find this person, though? Unless I am much mistaken, we are in the middle of no where, and my magic cannot detect anyone aside from us."

Hans chuckled. "Your magic would not work on them. They have incredible abilities to disguise themselves, and I expect this protects them from magical detection, as well."


"You'll see," Hans said, mysteriously, "Either way, we must eliminate this threat. It could ruin our whole plan, and we've already had one issue, what with Queen Elsa's pregnancy, so we can't afford another."

Ayla nodded, and continued after Hans in silence for a while, but she stopped when she heard excited cheering a little way off. "Is that it?" She whispered, and Hans nodded, as he pressed his fingers to his lips, a motion to remind her to stay silent. She nodded, and continued to creep after him, until they came to a valley, and Ayla had to stifle a gasp, for down in the valley, where hundreds of rock creatures; trolls.

The largest troll stopped, and his gaze met Ayla's for just a second before he transformed into a rock, and the trolls surrounding him followed suit, so that in a blink of an eye, all that lay in the valley were hundreds of large, mossy rocks. If they hadn't known of the trolls' presence in the area, Hans and Ayla never would have known any better, would have simply thought it to be a trick of the light.

"That one." Hans whispered, pointing to Grand Pabbie, and Ayla nodded, concentrating on the largest rock of all. Opening her palms wide, a beam of bright red light shot in the direction of the hidden troll, but it bounced away, flying backwards for a few metres before dissolving into the air.

"No!" Ayla whispered, "He has a shield, I can't get my magic to hit him."

Hans cursed under his breath, before his face lit up. "If you can't get the troll, get the shield instead." He instructed, and Ayla frowned, before she understood his words. Steeling herself, she flicked her wrist, and the force around the troll began to glow green, before it began to shrink, turning blue, then purple, pink, and finally, blood red.

The shield continued to shrink, and then, with a flash of bright, white hot light, exploded, and Ayla grinned as a shower of pebbles rained down around herself and Hans.

Where Grand Pabbie had rested just a minute before, lay nothing but the necklace he had worn around his neck, which slowly sunk into the ground, glowing bright, until it's light disappeared under a coating of dirt. Ayla grinned, taking Hans' hand, popping away from the scene, as tendrils of buttercups, bright, and yellow as the old troll's fire crystals, sprouted up all around the valley.

From the place in which Pabbie had rested, a large, yellow flower grew up rapidly, stopping before it could bloom, a large and magnificent rose bud standing tall in the orange light of the sunrise.

And though he was gone, the air of magic, wisdom, and, most significantly, the caring nature, which always radiated in Pabbie's presence, still remained, living on, and the cold air was alive with the spirit of him, as bright lights in the sky began to shine brightly, twirling through the air, as if dancing. And as the trolls began to change back into their normal forms, despite being saddened, they did not mourn, for they knew in their hearts that Pabbie was still with them.

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