Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 22

"What!" Anna cried out, and she quickly pushed herself away from Ida as she rushed over to Elsa, who had fallen to the floor, and she helped her stand up on her shaking legs. "That can't be true!"

Ida's face looked stricken, and she quickly rushed away before she could hear more. Solemnly, Elsa nodded slowly, and Anna gasped, clutching on to Elsa's arm.

"Elsa!" She shrieked, "What if Rapunzel gets hurt? What if Mia is with the Southern Isles and gets hurt in a crossfire? What if-?"

With a shaky voice, Elsa whispered, "Shush, Anna," as she gently placed her hand on her sister's shoulder, and drew her closer, into an embrace. "I said to Odd I wouldn't let his sister's murder go without punishment, and I won't. And you know what? I won't let anyone else get hurt either."

Anna smiled slightly. "Thank you, Elsa." She whispered, as she buried her head in her sister's shoulder, and the Queen sighed as she comforted the younger Princess.

A slight disturbance came from the left, and Elsa and Anna spun around to see Kristoff and Odd standing in the doorway. The Princess gasped, and pushed away from her sister, rushing over to her husband, who was shivering from the cold weather of outside, and launched herself into his arms, sobbing softly. "Kristoff!" She moaned, "They've gone to war with Corona! What will we do?" In her distress, she lost complete control of herself, and the Prince held her tightly, holding her so tightly that she almost choked. At the least, the lack of air ceased her sobs.

"Don't worry, Sweetie," Kristoff whispered, smoothing her hair, "Everything will be okay!"

Anna looked up at him, and then over to Elsa, and though she had both of their words, she was not reassured, and she let her eyes fall to the floor, as she pushed away from Kristoff, sadly. Seier came trotting over to her, coming out of the shadows where he had previously been lurking, and rubbed against her leg softly, comforting her in his own way.

Odd, who had been standing awkwardly next to Kristoff as he comforted his wife, slowly made his way over to Elsa, and took her hand softly.

"Come on, Elsa," He whispered softly to her, and his breath brushed her ear, tickling the side of her pale face. "We need to talk."

Slowly, as if in a trance, the Queen nodded, and left with her husband, walking to their room so that they could have some privacy to discuss things. Elsa sat down on the bed numbly, as she softly massaged her shoulders, trying to find some relief from the aches. Not once did Odd offer to help her, and the poor Queen was silently cursing him as she watched him looking out of the window.

"You wanted to talk?" She snapped, grumpily, and Odd looked slightly taken aback at the tone of her voice, before he relaxed again after the initial shock had worn off. He nodded, leaving the window to sit on a sofa located in the corner of the room, and Elsa groaned as she moved herself so that she could see him.

Selfish git, She thought, the aches from her shoulders interfering with her thought patterns, but she tried to hide her frustration with a small, tight smile. Either way, Odd didn't seem to be looking at her, so it made no difference.

"So, I hear the Southern Isles has gone to war with Corona, huh?" He asked, and Elsa nodded stiffly, as she switched to her other shoulder to relieve that one instead. Odd groaned. "That's not good... at all. What should we do? We have to help them... They're only a small kingdom, and they can't stand up to the southern isles."

Elsa sighed. "You're right, Odd. But... I'm not sure what we can do. We could go and help them, but the Southern Isles are strong. We have a great navy, although our army is weak so there isn't all that much which we can do to help."

Odd nodded. "That's true, but like you say, our navy is strong. Perhaps it would be possible to... I don't know, attack them from the sea? The, uh, enemy, I mean."

Elsa frowned, a little grumpily, and she shrugged. "I guess so..." She sighed, "But I'm unsure... I would hate to let the people of Corona get hurt, but I do not want to help if all that will come is more fatalities of our own people. There is only so much we can do if they have already begun to storm Corona, as we have trained our men to protect us from the sea. They do not have experience of battle on land."

Odd sighed. "Yes, but Elsa, this is Corona we are talking about!" He argued, "Your cousin lives there, and if we do not help, then you may as well sign her death warrant!"

Elsa gasped at her husband's retort. "Are you trying to make me feel guilty!" She snapped, "This is not an easy choice. Naturally I don't want to let her get hurt, but if that costs the lives of so many... I don't know what to do!"

"That should be an easy choice, Elsa!" Odd snapped back, "She is family, not to mention she is royalty! What is the death of commoners against the death of a monarch! Royals are chosen by God, Elsa, and it would be forever frowned upon if you were to allow the death of a fellow ruler simply because you would not risk a few people of no true value in her place!"

Elsa stood up, and she folded her arms above her stomach, glaring at him furiously. "How dare you!" She shouted, "Whether Royalty are chosen by God or not, no true, compassionate God would simply... dispose of some 'worthless' people in exchange for one other! I am no better than anyone else in my Kingdom, and nor, I believe, is anyone else!" She sat down, and placed her head in her hands. "I won't send my people to war, and sign some of their own death warrants, if it will not make a difference." She sighed. "I need some time alone. Please go."

Odd growled, and he frowned at her, frustrated. "Look, Elsa!" He snapped, "You are going to go to this war! And if you won't, I have ways to make you!"

Elsa's mind was in turmoil, and she had to hide a whimper as he spoke. Ways to make me talk? She thought, worriedly, Please say that doesn't mean what I think it does... Elsa's eyes shone with worry, and Odd was quick to pick up on this. He grinned, and the scars upon his face were dark in the shadows, more obvious, and it only made the man seem more dangerous. The Queen sat up straighter, staring straight up at her husband defiantly, but he grinned coldly.

"Now, Elsa, will you go to war and help Corona?" He growled, and Elsa squeezed her eyes shut in thought.

"I don't know." She said, and was rewarded with a sharp slap to her cheek. She gasped, and shuffled backwards. Get away, Odd... She pleaded in her mind, wishing he could hear her, Please, get away from me. I'll only hurt you if you don't. For despite the way her cheek was still stinging, Elsa couldn't help but worry she'd hurt him back - she cared for him too much to even want to consider it.

"Now, Elsa, will you help Corona!" Odd repeated himself, and Elsa still looked at him defiantly, although her heart was aching at the way he had hurt her.

Why would he hit me? She thought, as she replied once more, "I don't know." The easy answer would be 'yes', and deep down, from the way Odd was watching her, looking at her so devilishly, she knew he would not stop until she said yes.

But she would stay strong. She would not subject her subjects to war if no benefit would come from it.

Odd's hand slashed her cheek again, and a faint squeak escaped the Queen's lips. She could feel the way the air was quickly cooling, and from the corner of her eyes, she could see icicles forming around the walls.

Odd, it seemed, noticed this too, and before Elsa could do anything, he was laying atop her, pinning her hands down firmly by the wrists, and it was clear what he was doing: by pinning her down, the Queen could not direct her magic at him, and could not hurt him.

He grinned at her coldly, his green eyes - duller than the Queen remembered them - glinting, and Elsa squirmed uncomfortably as she felt a new pressure pushing down upon her legs, and she wriggled to get free, scared of what was coming. "Please, Odd... Get off me, please... Can't we just talk about this... Don't be rash..." She begged him, and the man laughed slightly.

"You know what's coming, don't you, Elsa?" He said, taunting her, his voice sharp, and the poor Queen was distraught - why was Odd acting like this? "Will you help Corona?"

Elsa's voice shook, as she answered, "I don't know," once again, and Odd sighed.

"That's a shame. For you, at least. It would have been better for you if you'd just agreed, but I much prefer it this way..." He flashed his white teeth at her in a cold sneer, before forcibly pressing his lips against hers, roughly, and he pushed her arms above her head, tying them together with the belt of Elsa's dressing gown. She squirmed again, and Odd slapped her cheek again, making the developing bruise suddenly darker and more obvious. "You just need a bit more convincing, Elsa. I'll stop once you agree."

Elsa, however, continued to squirm desperately, but to no avail - she was stuck, and she looked at Odd with large, pleading eyes. "Odd, please don't! Think of the baby - it could hurt the baby!" Her pleading seemed to have no effect on Odd, however, who payed no attention to her, and the pressure pushing against Elsa's leg increased, which made her feel uncomfortable.

The Prince's lips smashed against Elsa's again, as he began to pull down his trousers, and pushed up Elsa's dress, and the poor Queen, with her arms tied behind her legs and her body being weighted down by Odd's body, was completely helpless.

A small tear escaped her eye as she continued to struggle, and her mind was in overdrive. Why are you doing this Odd? She sobbed in her head. Why are you doing this? What did I do to deserve this? If you wanted me so badly, you only had to ask... She gritted her teeth, as Odd began to torture her in the worst way possible, and throughout the torture, she did not once surrender.

She would never give in to evil.

Anna looked at Kristoff, concerned. "Elsa and Odd have been talking for a long time, Kris." The Princess whispered, as she stroked the wolf, who had his head resting upon the Princess' lap lazily. "Do you think we should go and see if everything is alright?"

Kristoff shrugged. "I'm sure it's okay. I think for now, we should just... give them ten more minutes. It's a difficult subject."

Anna nodded, sadly. "Okay," She said, "I guess you're right. Hopefully if Elsa can make a good decision, we can sort this all out. All of it, and that means, maybe we'll even be able to get Mia back too."

Kristoff agreed, as he pulled Anna into him and rested his head atop of hers, breathing in the flowery smell of her hair, and relaxing at the familiar, comforting aroma.

I hope you're right, Anna. He thought.

Ayla smiled at Hans. "Don't worry, Princey-boy." She said, "I'm pretty sure I've resolved the issue revolving around the little, one armed kid. Any information he knew won't be much use now, I expect."

Hans looked at Ayla suspiciously. "What did you do?" He asked, and the blonde haired woman shrugged, her blue eyes shining sweetly, as a halo materialised above her head.

"Me? Nothing... sort of." She said, "I made an illusion of Mia, and the poor boy was playing with her. I can't be held responsible if anything bad happened."

Hans chuckled. "You know, your completely twisted."

Ayla giggled, as her halo disappeared. "Oh, no." She said, "I'm not twisted. I'm just ambitious, and like to achieve my goals."

Hans shrugged. "Fair enough," He replied. "I like to achieve my goals too." He looked out the window. "And, I'd say, my goals are going well."

Elsa shook, as Odd finally climbed off of her, red in the face and breathing hard, looking pleased with himself, in a sick, twisted way. Pulling his clothes back on, he laughed as he watched the Queen hide beneath the covers quickly, trying to protect her honour, despite the dastardly things her husband had done.

"How could you?" She whispered, as a wave of dizziness clouded her vision slightly, and she began to panic. Please don't let me lose my baby, She pleaded with someone, anyone, inside her head, as a sharp pain came in her abdomen, and then went. She could only hope it was a one-off thing. "Why have you changed so?"

Odd shrugged. "Oh, I've not changed all that much, really. You just think I have."

Elsa felt a small tear leak from her eye, and she brushed it off quickly. "You're not the man I married. The man I married is loving, and sweet. You're a monster."

Odd chuckled. "No, no, Queen Elsa," He whispered, and a thought began to form in Elsa's mind. "I'm not a monster. I'm just a man."

"Get out." Elsa said, as she had earlier, and her hands, now free, wrapped around her stomach, trying to hold her baby in, willing it not to die, trying to stop her body from miscarrying, although she knew that if she was going to, she was going to, and there was nothing she could do.

Odd chuckled. "First, tell me one thing," He said, "Will you help Corona?"

Elsa paused, and the tone of his voice suggested that he had no problem with repeating the last ten minutes. She thought for a moment, and finally, she answered, "Yes." Odd smiled triumphantly, and turned to leave. But not on your terms. She added, grimly, in her mind.

Still hiding beneath the covers, she watched as the door opened, and felt a wave of hope, but it dissolved when she heard Odd saying, "Elsa's tired, she's taking a nap."

The door shut quietly, and finally, Elsa let her emotions run free, not contained behind the wall of false strength she had been hiding behind, and the tears ran freely, as she pulled her knees up to her stomach and wrapped her arms around them, humming quietly to herself, absolutely terrified. Her body was shaking, and her core felt sore, aching with the painful sores Odd had inflicted upon her.

Her mind was reeling. No, she thought, he's not the man I married at all.

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