Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 25

'Odd' writhed, and Seier growled warningly at him, his sharp, white teeth bared, glinting in the dim light. Anna crossed her arms, glaring at him coldly.

"Let's start off easy." She said, and then looked to Elsa, her eyes offering her to start off the questioning. The Queen nodded, and turned to the man, her eyes as sharp as the large icicle growing from the ground rapidly, stopping a metre below the fake Odd's head. "What's your name, then?" She snapped coldly, and the man folded his arms, looking away.

"I am not answering a single question until you let me down from here!" He snapped, "I can't think straight with all the blood rushing to my head!"

Seier growled, and Kristoff loosened his grip on the rope tied around Odd's feet, and the man yelped as he quickly fell towards the sharp ice below him. The wood of the gallows creaked very slightly as the rope slid across it's surface.

"Fine, fine!" He snarled, and Seier barked sharply, his wolf heritage meaning his bark was much shorter than a normal dog's, and much more intimidating. The man's voice was reluctant, and the canine nipped at his dangling hand, not too harmful, but enough to pierce the skin, and make him groan. "Get that bloody wolf away from me! Control him!"

Anna's eyes flashed at him, as she patted her leg, and Seier trotted over to her, but his gaze remained fixed on the man, ready to pounce if he moved in the slightest towards his 'mother'.

"Answer the question." Elsa snapped loudly, and it made her feel good to have power over the man who had taken advantage of her so cruelly. The air in the room decreased in temperature rapidly, and Anna and Kristoff pulled on coats, whereas Odd was left shivering in the cooling room.

"Dagvin." He snapped, and he began to rub his arms, creating friction. Kristoff huffed, and let the rope slip a little more, and the man snarled. "Dagvin Anderson."

"Better," Elsa said, and when she looked at him, she could see easily the pure hatred in his eyes. "Kristoff, put him down for a minute. I'll thaw the ice. Otherwise the vessels in his brain will rupture."

Dagvin shuddered at the picture, and the sight of him looking so terrified actually made Elsa feel good. As she thawed the ice, she felt sort of sick at herself, too, but when she reminded herself that he had nearly made her lose her baby - and she could, still - the little bit of regret she had felt disappeared.

"Okay, time's up." She commanded, after a few seconds, and Kristoff hurriedly pulled Dagvin back up, and the man hit his chin in the process on the cold floor. He groaned, and rubbed the sore spot, but Elsa was not feeling bad for him as a new icicle sprung up.

"Next question." She said, thinking, then something occurred to her. "Did you really get slashed by an eagle?"

Dagvin snarled. "No." He admitted reluctantly, and continued when he saw Seier's warning look. "I had scars already, so they had to slash my face to hide them."

"Okay." Elsa said, and she continued to interrogate her posing husband. "Onto some more serious questions. Why were you posing to be my husband?"

By this point, Dagvin looked extremely annoyed, and he huffed. "You won't kill me. I'm too useful." He said, bluntly. "You'll have to try better than that! I'm not going to talk."

Elsa frowned, considering this, and she nodded to Kristoff, who dropped the man close to the icicle, but not quite touching. "You know," The Queen said harshly, "If Prince Kristoff was to get annoyed, his hands could get sweaty, and it would only take a little slip for you to be split in half."

Dagvin's new found confidence seemed to be going to his head, as he replied, "I still won't speak!" Seier bounded forward, and snarled in his face, but the man remained still, trying his best not to flinch.

Elsa smiled. "Have it your way," She said, and waved her hand. Dagvin shivered uncomfortably as a rope of ice trailed out from under his pants, and the Queen smiled triumphantly at her enemy's concerned look. "Kristoff? Would you loosen the hold on Dagvin's ankles, please?" She said sweetly, and the man gasped as he slipped downwards a bit. It wasn't hard to realise that he was now being held up by his lower groin area, and it most certainly didn't look comfortable.

"Argh!" He groaned, squirming. "Let me go!"

Elsa scowled. "Will you talk, now?" She asked, and Dagvin looked away from her stubbornly, despite the pain he was in. Elsa sighed. "Have it your way. Kristoff? Please tie the rope loosely up, and we'll come back in ten minutes or so. We'll see what he thinks then."

Anna walked over to Dagvin, and even in the darkness, her face was tinted bright red, as she slapped his cheek hard, leaving him groaning more in pain. She then walked over to Kristoff, feeling smug with herself, pleased with herself, and the stinging in her hand was like a trophy she'd won. It made her feel powerful, and she smiled.

"Come on, Kris," She said, taking her husband's hand, and he chuckled, as he walked out of the door with her.

"You're impossible, Feistypants." He teased, "You even scare me sometimes."

Anna laughed a little. "No, I'm not." She said gently. "I can just stand up for myself." She paused for a moment. "And, honestly, I really hate fakers. He reminds me of Hans, now that I know what's actually going on, and it really makes my blood boil. And he deserves a good slap."

Elsa smiled a little, as she made a ball of glowing ice to light the way through the corridors leading up from the underground cells. "Thanks, Sis," She whispered, and though it was quiet, Anna smiled, hearing the Queen's words, and it made her feel joyous with pride, the anger she had felt fizzing out for a while. She was protective of her sister, and it made her so happy to make her happy.

Especially after all she'd been through thanks to the impostor.

Her blood began to boil a little again as she thought of him, and Kristoff squeezed her hand as he felt her tense up angrily. He walked a little closer to her, trying to comfort her with his presence, and the Princess, suddenly weak from trying to hold in all her anger, trying not to act too rashly, began sobbing, as she sunk to the floor, in tears. Kristoff quickly bent down and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close, and Elsa quickly hurried over too, engulfing her sister and brother in law in her embrace too, so that they were all sat on the floor, as one family.

Dagvin groaned, and he felt his vision go blurry once again. He clenched his fists, trying to raise himself up so that his head was higher than his heart, but it wasn't easy, especially considering where the main point of pressure was now located. And no matter how small and weak it made him feel, despite his best intentions to not give in, he couldn't help but feel slightly relieved when the Queen, Princess and Prince returned, and placed him down, so that he had a moment's relief.

His relief ended when Seier, who had remained behind with him, bit him again. He cried out, and he could feel the blood trickling down his hand, making him curse, as Kristoff raised him back up, so that he was levitated above the icicle once again.

"Now, Dagvin." Elsa said, "Will you answer my question?"

"Now, Elsa." He bit out, "Will you let me down if I do."

The Queen was shocked slightly, and she paused for a moment, before folding her arms over her small bump. "Perhaps." She said, shortly, and Dagvin huffed.

"No, then." He snapped, and Elsa sighed; she hadn't expected him to be so stubborn, and she was shocked that he was actually so loyal to his cause. She'd figured that he was working on behalf on someone else, so it amazed her to find that he was actually defending the secrets of whoever he was helping.

Slowly, she nodded to Kristoff, who let the rope holding Dagvin up slip, and he timed it perfectly, so that the prisoner's head scraped against the ice below him, and he looked instantly scared, but he still remained stubborn. The Queen was beginning to get frustrated now, as she looked over to her sister, and the Princess nodded, kissing Kristoff's cheek and leaving the room for a minute. The mountain man looked over at the man, as he slowly raised the dangling man up again, and his sister in law thawed the ice, so that he could place the prisoner down on the ground.

Dagvin struggled, and he knew something was coming. Seier growled, and Elsa smiled as the man recoiled slightly.

"Stay, Seier." She commanded, "Wait for a bit."

The wolf whined, but he stayed where he was, watching Dagvin with sharp eyes, ready to attack if the prisoner was to try anything. Elsa walked over and patted Seier's head affectionately, praising him for his obedience, as Anna returned with a cup of golden-orange liquid in her hands.

Gently, the Queen took the cup, and the distinctive smell of rum reached her nose, making her cringe slightly - she'd never been much of a fan of the drink. Walking over to Dagvin, she motioned for Kristoff to help her, and he came over quickly, trying to hold him down. Elsa bent down and placed the cup to his lips, trying to get him to drink, but clearly, he was having none of it.

"Come on," Elsa whispered, frustrated, and she pressed the cup to his lips more forcibly. "It's not poison! Just drink it!"

Dagvin glowered at her, and, wriggling out of Kristoff's grip, he managed to connect his knee with Elsa's nose, and she wheeled back quickly, shocked, touching her nose tenderly, to learn that it was bleeding. She frowned, and glared at Dagvin, frustrated, before backing up, and nodding to Kristoff to hang him back upside down, hoping that perhaps ten more minutes would break him.

Anna, who had not been able to see what was going on from her vantage point, gasped when she saw her sister's bloody nose, and she glared at Dagvin, furious. Marching over quickly, Kristoff and Elsa had to act quickly, as the angered princess shot the ice, given to her from her sister, at the dangling man, and the beam scraped against the prisoner's face, cutting a clean line through the muscle of his cheek.

"Anna!" Elsa whispered, her voice slightly raised, and she helped Kristoff lead the girl outside. She sighed, slightly, as she placed her hand below her nose to try and catch the blood that was dripping down. "Ugh, I need a tissue." She commented, and she quickly called over one of the guards to get her something to use. "We aren't going to get anywhere with him. I was hoping if he drank enough rum, he'd get drunk and spill some secrets, but... Despite what he... what he did to me, I will not stoop down to his level and torture him."

Kristoff frowned. "So, what are you going to do, then?" He asked, "Surely you aren't just going to let him go? We need to know what's going on."

Elsa nodded. "I know. Not to mention I want the real Odd back, but I have no idea where to look." She sighed, "I guess I'll get the guards to deal with him. They can interrogate him and get the information. Whether they want to use more... extreme methods, is their choice, but as long as we get the information, then it will be okay."

Anna, still fuming, turned to her sister, and she pulled her hands away from her family's grasp to smooth down her dress. "So, Elsa." She said, "Have you decided what to do about Corona yet?"

The Queen stopped for a second, and thanked a guard as he handed her a handkerchief, gently placing it to her nose and looking around for somewhere to rinse the blood off of her palms. "I think I have." She said, quietly, then looked up more confidently, smiling in a way which could only be interpreted as vengeful. "We are going to war against the Southern Isles. And we will destroy them."

Arne stood up, watching the illusion of Mia skipping and dancing around happily. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that the girl wasn't real - the way her body blurred out at the edges proved that - but he couldn't seem to accept this, and saw her as being normal.

"Come on, Arne!" The illusion whispered, joyfully, to him, beckoning him over as she stepped up onto the window ledge. "Look at this!"

Arne quickly rushed over, and held on to the edge of the window with his single hand. Mia laughed, and Arne frowned slightly as the image of the girl began to fade out.

"Jump, Arne!" She said, "I'll catch you! It's fun!"

Arne finally snapped out of the illusion, finally coming to understand that the girl before him wasn't real. "Jump, Arne!" The illusion said, more insistently, but the boy began to back up slightly.

"Get away! Get away!" He yelled, swatting the air, but his hand simply passed through her. The girl grinned, and then vanished into a strong gust of air.

The wind knocked into Arne, and he stumbled a bit, toppling over the edge of the window. He desperately grabbed on with his hand, and tried to find a grip on the stone wall with his feet, fumbling for a latch.

He groaned as he struggled, and felt his fingers slipping. In a risky attempt to get a better grip, he pushed up off the wall, and managed to latch his arm over the ledge, giving him a bit more of a grip, when the gust of air returned, zooming into the room.

Arne whimpered, and he struggled again to get a grasp on the window, when he heard the rushing of air, and a large, tawny tiger burst into view, making him scream in both shock and fear. His hand slipped carelessly, and he howled in horror as he hurtled towards the ground.

A thud. A crack. A wave of intense pain. The feeling of bones cracking, shattering, and Arne let out one agonised roar as his eyes closed shut, his voice fading out quickly. With one shuddering breath, he gasped in a lungful of air, but before he could fully take it all in, his heart thudded once, and stopped.

The damaged limbs bent at impossible angles. Fragments of bone pierced through the soft child's skin.

His body twitched once, twice.

A pause. One final, shuddering twitch.

Then still.

Never to move again.

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