Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 30

"I'll miss you, Elsa!" Anna sobbed, as she clutched tightly onto her sister, trying to pull her back to the castle, away from her fate. Elsa moaned also, tears rolling freely down her cheeks in a wave of emotions.

"Please, Anna..." She whispered, "Don't make this any harder... "

The Princess sobbed harder, and as Elsa reluctantly pushed her away, she scrambled, trying to get a grip upon her sister again, to keep her near. Desperately, she grabbed for the Queen's hand as she turned to board the ship, and dragged her back with as much force as she could muster.

Elsa sighed. "Here, Anna," She said, as she transferred some of her powers into her sister. Anna shivered at the vaguely familiar feeling of the ice flowing through her hand, into her bloodstream, resembling icy water running through her veins. "I hope nothing happens, but... if it does, please try to keep everyone safe. I hope that will be enough magic to last you one or two attacks, although I hope it doesn't get that high..."

"Excuse me, your Highness!" A shout came hurtling down towards the Queen, and she jumped slightly in shock, as she turned to face the one who'd cried out for her. "My apologies, Ma'am, but we need to set sail now. We're ten minutes behind schedule, and every ten minutes could be another village at Arendelle destroyed." He paused slightly, realising that he may have sounded slightly rude, and quickly worked to fix his mistake. "With all due respect!" He hastily added, bowing and walking backwards in a rush, so that he was no longer in sight.

Elsa looked down, sadly. "I'll see you in a couple of months, then, okay?" She said, softly, and Anna nodded, but the tear stains that lay across her face made it obvious to all that she was more than happy with her sister going. "I love you. You know that, right?"

Anna cuddled into her sister for a minute, then drew away. "I know."

"Concerning the girl, I noticed how down she seems." Hans observed, frowning at Ayla, who was listening intently. "If she's in bad spirits, it'll be hard for us to get her to help the cause, and if she won't help, then our plans will be ruined. We need her to get up close to the Arendellians."

Ayla sighed, her brow creased as she thought hard. "I know, I know... We need to do something entertaining for her. She's a two year old kid, after all, and even though I hate her, I understand she needs to have some fun. Toddlers can't survive on just food and water; they'll die of boredom. And in Mia's case, I wouldn't put it past her, either."

Hans nodded in agreement. "Yeah," He replied, slowly. "She'd probably end up playing with her magic and... stabbing herself by accident, like she killed my brother."

Any normal person would have winced at Hans' emotionless, deadpan comment, but not Ayla; she smiled, and couldn't help but admire the way Hans never let anything get him down, and did not get hurt easily. Most would see this as being cold, and sure, he was, but still...

There was just something so appealing about him to Ayla. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but whenever he was around, she felt so strong, so powerful...

So dangerous.

"Don't worry about Mia, Hans." She said reassuringly, pushing him out of the room, grinning. "I'll get her seeing straight again. I promise."

Hans nodded, sensing that Ayla had a few tricks up her sleeves, but not commenting on the matter. Smiling at her quickly, he left the room, deciding it'd be a good idea to just leave the sorceress be. No doubt she'd be able to solve the problem with Mia's grumpy demeanour and her frustrating unwillingness to co-operate.

Elsa watched as her sister faded out of sight across the horizon, and sighed sadly, placing her hand on her bump, rubbing slightly to relieve the tight feeling she had in her groin.

"Your Majesty," The head of the army said, shocking Elsa slightly, and she spun around quickly. The man bowed his head, a sign of respect towards his Queen, before straightening up. "If our fleet is to go separate ways, then we need your command now, Your Highness." He informed her, looking at the large fleet of ships following behind their own, some of which Elsa had skilfully decorated with her ice to look like a ship of the Southern Isles, at least in the dark of night.

Elsa nodded. "Yes. The disguised ships must come with us. The rest must head to Corona, and help the war effort there. I hope you would go with them, Captain? They'll need someone to guide them."

The Captain looked shocked for a moment. "But... your Majesty! What about your own safety?" He cried, sounding almost aghast, and Elsa softly closed her eyes for a second, looking away. She hated how her status meant everyone treated her like she was made of glass, so very precious and fragile as women were 'meant to be', not helped by her condition.

"Yes, I am certain, Captain. You shall go to Corona. I will be perfectly fine, but I refuse to allow my troops to go to war without someone to guide them. They'd not last the hour!"

The captain nodded.

"Of course, your Majesty." He said, and, bowing, he retreated away.

Elsa looked over the side of the vessel, at the waves crashing against the war ship's heavily armoured skeleton. She quickly rushed backwards as the motion made a wave of nausea pass over her, and she quickly rushed off to her cabin, fighting the urge to vomit across the deck. No doubt people wouldn't say anything, but it would be unfair of her. Not to mention completely humiliating.

People already looked at her like a china doll. She wouldn't give them reason to think she was even more weak, and sea-sickness hardly seemed like a trait of a strong ruler. Not that one could help becoming sea sick, of course, but still.

After the nausea passed, Elsa slowly made her way across her cabin, looking out across the sea, at the cold winter sun, and a spark of reckless excitement ignited in her heart.

Bring it on, Hans. She thought, confidently, her voice bold and courageous. We're ready.

Mia lay upon her bed, and gasped as she saw the now familiar pair of cold green eyes glaring into her mind, but something was different. She gasped, and ran to the other side of the room, trying to escape the illusions in her mind, when another pair of eyes, this time blue and piercing, broke into her vision, and she gasped, crying out, terrified of the mind tricks.

Rushing back to the bed, she dived under the covers, and closed her eyes shut firmly, trying to block out the terrifying images, hoping the blackness would steal them from her, that the darkness would give her some privacy from the outside world and all that wanted to invade her mind.

A knock came at Mia's door, and she hid under the covers even more, whimpering quietly; it seemed that nowadays, after all she'd been through, every little thing was absolutely terrifying.

"Mia?" Came Ayla's sickly sweet false voice, and the young Princess peeked nervously out of her mini refuge, though the covers had been more of a concealer than a problem solver. The child didn't pick up on the clearly forced sense of happiness, not understanding how forced the woman's calm happiness was. The sorceress smiled at her, once again forced. "Ah, there you are." She commented, "Come with me. I've got something to show you."

Mia's warm, yet icy blue eyes locked with Ayla's piercing ones, and she felt herself surrender at the lock the sorceress held over her. Slowly, she climbed out of her bed, and followed her 'mentor' out of the room, her heart pounding, her fear threatening to burst out of her chest in an explosion of emotion.

She couldn't put her finger on the problem, but she did know one thing.

With time, it was only getting worse.

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