Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 33

The cold wind howled like a vicious wolf, swirling around Elsa's fleet hungrily, a ravenous predator slowly awaiting the death of its defenceless prey, as waves battered the edges of the ships constantly, harsh blows crashing against the wooden exteriors repetitively, and the boats groaned from the sheer force of the sea. Sprays of icy water battered the crews skin, sharp knifes cutting into the men's skin, and droplets of rain fell heavy down upon them, soaking each person through to the bone, chilling them to their cores.

"Haul on the brace!" The captain yelled, though his voice was hard to hear through the raging storm and the crashing of the waves. "Put your back into it, men!"

Elsa peered out of the window of her cabin, unsure of what to do. She had little experience with storms at sea - all she really knew was that the deep blue depths had heartlessly claimed the lives of her parents, and as a result of the said event, she was much too nervous to try to take control.

She hoped the captain would be able to deal with it, because she didn't want to get involved. She feared that the demons of her past would influence her choice somehow, would make her especially nervous about the issue, and she'd make sloppy decisions. Sending her men to war was bad enough - being the direct cause of their death was something she couldn't face, even if her choices meant that she died before she knew the consequences of them.

She wasn't exactly thrilled with placing the burden on the Captain's shoulders either, but as she figured, at least there was more chance they'd make it out of the storm if she stayed out of the way.

Elsa gasped as a wave crashed against the side of the ship, swaying the craft and threatening to capsize it. Desperately, she grabbed onto her dresser nearby to keep her balance, clutching onto the draws tightly to stop herself from falling, but the force of the wave had been too great - she yelled as the drawers began to hurtle towards the opposite wall, and being where she was, she was situated right between them.

Quickly, Elsa let go of the dresser and rolled off to the side, groaning at the force of the impact as she hit the ground, thankfully on her back, not her front. She slid backwards as the furnishings of her room smashed into the cabin wall, and shook with both fear and relief.

She stood slowly as the boat slowly righted itself, and gasped again as another wave smashed against the ship, rocking it again, and she braced her feet, barely keeping her balance.

Elsa slowly crept over to her window again, and watched as the storm raged on. Waves crashed over the sides of the ship, and she watched as her men struggled against the tide. She watched as the canons came lose, watched as the water logged soldiers battled to get them back into place.

Her eyes settled on a small boy, barely a man, clearly a new recruit to the navy, standing near the edge of the ship, reaching over the edge, his hand clasped around a small wooden carving, most likely some sort of luck charm. He appeared to sigh in relief for a moment, before toppling over the edge, his mouth opened in a scream, but one no one could hear over the sea's thunderous roar.

Her eyes widened in panic, when she noticed that none of the other crew members seemed to notice the man fallen overboard, already too occupied with trying to keep themselves standing upright.

She didn't even think before reacting, rushing outside into the chaos, heading in the direction the young man had been in mere seconds before. Her presence outside of her cabin had drawn some people's attention now, but she ignored the captain's cries of protest, begging her to return to her room, where she was dry and, hopefully, safer.

Before anyone could stop her, Elsa quickly jumped onto the side of the ship and gracefully dived into the raging ocean, where she could see, but not hear, the young man who'd fallen in before. She sliced through the surface of the water, as cleanly as if she'd cut it with a knife, and quickly resurfaced for breath. The icy cold shocked her body, though it did not bother her personally, and she gasped as a large wave crashed over her head.

"Your Majesty!" A quiet shout, muffled by the storm's howling, came from the ship, which was quickly sailing away now, pushed on by the strong, powerful wind. "Someone grab a rope! Hurry!"

Elsa was almost sickened at how no one made any reference to the boy who'd fallen overboard. Then again, he was drifting away quickly, and the waves almost hid him from view.

Turning away from the ship, the Queen began swimming as fast as she could towards the struggling man, who was not blessed with immunity to the cold as Elsa was - his movements were getting slower as his limbs began to freeze up.

A wave crashed over the Snow Queen's head, and she squeezed her eyes shut as she continued on, trying to stop any salty water getting into her eyes. She kicked her legs furiously, fighting against the current, but her efforts did little, and she progressed at a slow pace. She ignored the splash the rope made as it landed in the water next to her, ignored it completely as she continued on valiantly, set in her decision to rescue the man.

"Help me!" Elsa's ears could just pick up the choked cry, and from the spluttering which came after, she could tell he'd just swallowed a lot of water.

Quickly, she pushed on, but already she could feel that the strength of the sea was beginning to take its toll on her. She could feel her legs growing weaker, each stroke getting feebler.

Panting, she raised her head as high as she could out of the water and yelled to the man, "Come to me!", trying to spit out all of the water which splashed into her mouth. She could still hear the yells from her ship, and she worried that some of her men would jump in after her.

She wanted to save the man who was already in the sea. She didn't want saving herself.

He was just a few meters away from her now, almost close enough to reach, but it wasn't easy with the strength of the current. The man was nearly unconscious now, and he wasn't moving with much strength. Summoning her energy reserves, Elsa kicked on, pushing her rapidly tiring body through the dark blue waters, wrapping her hand weakly around the man's wrist, as he did the same to her with the little strength he still possessed.

Elsa's eyes began to flicker from her fatigue, and her muscles were groaning from the effort, the lactic acid produced from the exercise burning her from the inside out. She could feel the man's grip on her wrist slackening as she tightened her own, and she feebly kicked her legs, feeling the muscles tighten from the effort. Her eyes blurred in and out of focus for a second, and she wished she had the rope to hold onto now, but she could barely even make out the ship by this point, she was so tired, let alone anything smaller.

She closed her eyes for a moment as she struggled forward, and her breathing was becoming ragged. She had a strange fluttery feeling in her stomach, too, and then a sharp kick from her abdomen, which gave her only a little more strength. She figured her baby was scolding her for doing this, and she couldn't blame it - she was already drifting into a state of near unconsciousness.

She squinted her eyes open as she felt her grip on the man's wrist slacken more, and she began to panic, but she was so weak that she could barely even form more than one thought. She struggled forward, and could swear she saw something coming towards her.

She let out a breath as she finally ran out of energy, and slipped under the water, the same way Mia had before she was kidnapped.

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