Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 35

Elsa sighed, as she got up from her large, king sized bed, and walked over to her window, feeling a little queasy. Though she knew looking out of the window would not help, her mind was slowly beginning to fall asleep from boredom, and she needed to do something. It was already dark outside, but it was still early in the evening - Elsa always hated how it got dark so quickly in winter - and she did not want to go to sleep at the moment, but not just because she wasn't tired. She had a nagging fear that something was coming.

She watched as the waves lapped at the edge of the boat, as the sea spray decorated her window in a random pattern. In the distance, she could make out the shape of dolphins leaping in and out of the water, playing with each other, a family pod, and she had to move away from the glass before she could ponder how much she missed her own family.

She slowly made her way over to her bed again, sitting down and picking up the little project she'd been working on - a small, kitted baby hat, made from soft white wool. As of yet, she hadn't got very far, but with so little else to occupy her, she figured she may as well try and make some more progress on it. She knew she had some accounting work she needed to get done too, including looking over Arendelle's trading statistics for the year, but to be honest, she simply didn't have the will power to do it, for it was such a tedious task.

She slowly began to knit a little more, relaxing into her chair, as her mind wandered to the date. She hadn't been keeping track of what day it was, but by now, it must have been nearing christmas. Perhaps, the eve of Christmas Eve? No doubt, there would be all the christmas decorations up already at home in Arendelle...

Her head shot up from her work as a knock sounded at the door, and when she answered, 'Come in', the captain entered the room, looking father flustered.

"Your majesty!" He said, bowing, but there was an urgency in his voice. His eyes were wide, and Elsa instantly knew something was wrong.

"Whatever is the matter, Captain?" She asked, her voice that of a Queen, very much in control and calm, but the slightest trace of panic slipped through at the last moment. "Is something wrong?"

The captain nodded. "One of our men has just spotted a fleet of ships in the near distance and, we fear, they are those of the Southern Isles. If they spot our ships and recognise them, there can be no doubt they will attack. What should we do?"

Elsa looked nervous - she didn't like the Captain asking her what to do. He was the leader of the fleet really, not her - she wished he would just take control.

Still, it was her duty as Queen to help. "Well..." She thought quickly, nervously. "Let me take a look outside." She concluded quickly. Placing her knitting down, she quickly rushed out onto the front deck, and ran over to the edge quickly, much to Ida's dismay as she came to bring her some food. Still, the maid could tell this was important, so she didn't question it.

The ships were quite a way away, and Elsa sighed, almost relieved. "There is quite a distance between us and them." She pointed out, and then gestured to the changes to her fleet she had made with her powers, which made Arendelle's boats the same shape as those of the Southern Isles. "It is dark, so hopefully, they will be tricked into thinking that we are one of their own. They probably won't be able to tell that I've actually used ice to make changes because of the lack of light - unless they actually attack, I believe we should just leave them be."

The captain nodded. "Whatever you say, Queen Elsa." He bowed, and walked off to the other sailors, to inform them of what to do. Ida came over slowly, as Elsa made her way back into her cabin.

"Where do you think they are headed, your Majesty?" She asked, as she placed down the plate of food on Elsa's bedside table. "To Corona?"

Elsa thought for a minute, and then her face fell.

"No, they were heading North West. To get to Corona, they'd need to head plain North, which would suggest that..."

Her voice trailed off, and Ida looked worried, as something occurred to her.

"You don't think..." She began, and Elsa bowed her head.

"I do, Ida." She said, and she had to sit down as she finished off. "They're headed towards Arendelle."

Anna smiled as she looked around the castle ballroom, amazed at how well the servants and maids had finished the decorating. Tinsel was draped around the room, and there was a massive christmas tree in the far corner, which stole the breath of anyone who looked at it - though not overly decorated, the fir tree had been carefully decorated by hand to look like the top of it had been softly dusted with snow, as if it had just come from a snowy mountain. Multiple fir cones hung off of it, covered with small flecks of silver and gold, creating a beautiful, shining image, and the few ball-balls which could be found on it were decorated to perfection, with little painted pictures on. Each had been painted specially for the royal family, each one unique, and Anna adored every single one, for each held their own little story.

"They really did a cracking job tidying this place up, eh?" Kristoff said, as he glanced around the ballroom in awe. Even after five years of living in the castle, the decorations which were put up for an event never ceased to amaze him.

"Yeah," Anna agreed, but her voice was heavy with sorrow and pain. Kristoff didn't need to ask what was troubling her - the same thoughts plagued his mind every living moment. "But it just wont be the same without our family here."

"I know, Anna." Kristoff said softly, as he pulled her into a warm hug. "But this will all be over soon, and then we'll be a proper family again. All of us - me, you, Elsa, Odd and Mia."

Anna nodded slowly. "I know, I know." She muttered, but she didn't sound very convincing. Her voice shook with each syllable, and her lip was quivering, something Kristoff noticed quickly.

"Hey, hey!" He said quickly, stroking her cheek gently, hating to see her so upset. "Come on! That's not the strong Princess Anna I know! Where is she?"

He moved his hand so that it lifted her head up, and her eyes connected with his. "Where's the Anna I know, eh?" He prompted, but the red-head just shrugged meekly. "Oh, come on, Fiestypants! I know you're in there somewhere!" He lifted her head a little higher, softly kissed her forehead and, without betraying his true intentions at any point, began to tickle her.

Anna squealed despite herself, and backed away, but Kristoff just chuckled and ran at her again, picking her up bridal-style when he caught up so that she began to wriggle desperately to get out of his grip.

"Haha!" He cried, and began to tickle her again, under her arms, down the side of her torso and even managing to get her shoes off to tickle her feet.

Eventually, Anna managed to break free and, squealing like a mad-woman, she pelted from the ballroom, with her husband close behind, but being 'tickled to death' had given her a new lease of energy. Kristoff chuckled, enjoying the feeling of a good run as he tried to catch up, glad that he'd distracted the girl enough to actually get her to laugh. Somehow, he knew, deep down, that Mia was okay, and he wanted Anna to know it too, didn't want her to remain depressed her entire life.

A low growl came from behind him, and suddenly, Kristoff stopped running, freezing, as Seier slid past him, his momentum keeping him going, before he spun around to face the man. Anna slowed to a stop too and giggled as Seier slowly crept towards her husband, snarling as he protected Anna, but he wasn't a fierce character to anyone who was kind to him; in the end, Kristoff just received a thorough lick down from the wolf, although he felt so revolting after - a feat for someone who normally didn't care much anyway - that he could easily have spent an hour cursing the creature.

In truth, though, it made Anna laugh even more than before, and that made him a little happier - he was just glad to actually see her smile for once.

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