Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 41

Mia whimpered as she watched the kingdom's defences be blown to pieces, and gasped as they were shattered into thousands of tiny fragments, the debris flying everywhere. Whimpering, she made more ice to cover her heel, something which stopped the blood flow and, thankfully, she found to be slightly soothing, she crawled away slowly, dragging herself up the hill that stood frustratingly before her, blocking her escape.

She moaned as she slowly tried to haul herself up, and soon gave up her attempt, instead settling for sitting down part way up the hill, watching the carnage before her.

The ships heading towards the kingdom seemed to stand out for little Mia, and drew her attention. The starlight was just strong enough for her to be able to make them out against the blackness of the night sky, and what she saw shocked her - a whole fleet of ships were advancing, and from the look of them, they appeared to be shaped as the Southern Isles' own ships were.

Were the soldiers on board turning on their own families and shooting them down?

The moon's glow glinted off of the water, and something puzzling registered in the young Princess' mind, as she squinted her eyes, still looking towards the ever advancing fleet. It was peculiar, really - for some strange reason, the light appeared to be illuminating some parts of the ships, giving the wood a light blue tinge, just like ice...

Mia frowned to herself as she studied the ships a little more, and then her face broke out into a massive grin. These ships were not the Southern Isles' fleet, but that of their biggest enemy, Arendelle - her home! Mia felt her heart soar, as she thought of the prospect of being rescued, and it took all of her will power to not jump into the sea and try to swim over to them, which she knew would not work as she had not yet learned how to.

Glancing back down to the kingdom, she frowned again as she saw the destruction her kingdom's ships were causing, and she sighed slightly, saddened by the fact that her own aunt Elsa would have been the one to co-ordinate the attack in the first place. The carnage didn't help with Mia's fears, either - though she was sure that the Elsa she'd seen before who had attacked her could not have been real, she was still scared. She had a feeling it would still take her a long time to get over everything that she'd been through since being kidnapped, and she still had nightmares from the torture she'd experienced in the caves... Seeing her family again, the family she'd originally believed were punishing her in the hardest way possible, was sure to be hard.

Curling up, she watched silently as she surveyed the kingdom, closing her eyes. She'd had enough pain, and she didn't want to be responsible for herself anymore. She needed someone else to save her from all the horrors she'd seen.

Slowly, she opened her eyes again as a soft, enchantingly beautiful sound reached her ears, and she looked upwards in disbelief as a small bird came into her line of vision, singing with its beautiful voice in a comforting, almost familiarway, which made the girl smile slightly. The presence of the friendly creature made her heart soar in happiness, and when it came nearer, she noticed something strange - small snowflakes seemed to be following it, and the bird itself... Well, the bird appeared to be made of ice and snow.

Mia gasped, knowing full well that she hadn't made it appear, and that could only mean one thing - her Aunt had sent her a sign, a reminder to stay strong. She smiled as the bird landed on her shoulder and nuzzled her cheek, chirping sweetly, and the little Princess sat up straighter, her eyes shining full of hope. She softly stroked the little dove, and her thoughts wandered to the future, and what would come in the aftermath of all this.

The bird was a sign that freedom would be hers soon. She should never have doubted that her family would get her, and now, she understood just how much she appreciated both of her parents, and her aunt and uncle, for what they had done for her.

Forgetting about her previous concerns, she sighed a little more happily, and though the rest of the kingdom was being destroyed as the Arendellian forces attempted to get in, her own little world was absolutely fine.

Ayla frowned as she heard an explosion somewhere in the distance, and she slowly got to her feet, wondering whether the infamous inventor who lived in the village had been working on another one of his crazy experiments. Though not overly common, he had been known to end up with holes in his roof more than once from unexpected results.

Strolling casually over to the window, she smiled as she thought about the day she'd had. Though she was not one for overly cheerful, soppy days, which was a category she had always placed the celebration of Christmas into, she couldn't deny that this day really had been better than she'd expected. Before Hans had gone out earlier on in the evening, when he went searching for the little Princess after she'd run off, he'd actually been pretty good to her, and had shown her how to truly enjoy the event. Of course, the fact that she'd truly been treated as a Princess that day did help, what with all the castle's servants swooning over her on her host's request.

Though she frowned upon Princess Anna of Arendelle for being so naïve, she could finally understand why she'd been so taken by Hans. He certainly was a charming devil.

Especially in bed.

A slight shiver of pleasure shot through her as she remembered how her afternoon had been spent. It had definitely been eventful, and very, very enjoyable.

Another bang resounded outside the castle, and now, Ayla could just hear the sound of panicked screams mixed in with them, and she rushed to the window faster, as more and more rapid explosions sounded outside. She glanced out of the window quickly, and gasped at what she saw, as bombs began to rain down upon the kingdom's defences.

Her eyes spun towards the sea, and her eyes hardened to resemble steel as she glared at the fleet of ships advancing quickly, disguised by the darkness of the night. She snarled, and her fist smashed through the glass, shattering it as she dived out of the castle, spinning in midair and landing on her feet as she skidded down the roof, leaping off the edge just before she fell, catching the wind in mid air and using her magic to help her glide until she landed on the other side of the castle.

Running through the town, she whistled for her large, black shire horse and skilfully leaped onto the animal's back when it galloped over to her side. Kicking the mare on with a painful squeeze to her side, Ayla kept her eyes on the horizon, making sure not to lose sight of the ships attacking the kingdom. This wasn't part of the plan!

Ayla gasped as a canon ball smashed through a house just before her, and she jerked on her horse's reins to steer them away, as the mare let out a loud cry of terror and jumped away. Splinters of wood flew through the air, and Ayla winced as the shards slashed her cheek, while her mount galloped faster, her own body battered and bleeding. The great shire was not put off, however, but angered, and she ran harder, faster, in response.

"Ayla!" A familiar voice rang out across the wind, and though she did not slow down at all, she listened still. The particular Prince in question certainly seemed to be having trouble keeping up, and, sighing in frustration, Ayla waved her hand in a jerky motion, so that Hans was yanked off of his feet, floating along quickly beside her as if riding an invisible horse. By the expression on his face, he was not all that fond of the new way to travel.

"I'm going down to the cliff edge - I'm hoping I'll be able to get a clear shot at the ships." She yelled her plan as she thundered through the streets, dodging falling debris and jumping over obstacles in her path, the shire's hooves making loud clashes against the cobblestone paths.

Pawing at the air, Hans managed to grab hold of Ayla's dress, and hauled himself over, so that he was sat behind her, feeling slightly foolish, but not keen on floating any longer. His close proximity to the sorceress was making him feel rather excited, so to speak, but he kept his emotions and thoughts under control. Now was not the time to be losing himself to Ayla's charm.

"Great." He replied, as he watched the ships' steady approach. "First, though, can you try and fix the canons and defences? We need to attack back."

Ayla scowled, and she had to fight the urge to stop her mare and glare at him. "Fine, find, but I'm perfectly capable of protecting this kingdom."

"I never said you weren't." Hans countered, "But it wouldn't hurt to have a back up plan."

Ayla rolled her eyes, and as she reached the edge of the kingdom, she roughly pushed Hans off, relishing the power she had over the Prince. Flicking her fingers, the canons closest slowly began to piece themselves back together, and before she could be told otherwise, she galloped off with her shire Mare.

Reaching the highest point in the kingdom, she grinned as she hopped off quickly and held tightly onto the now agitated horse's reins. Grinning, she watched the fleet, and steadied her hands, ready to fire.

This was as much her kingdom as it was Hans'. She would not let it crumble.

Elsa leapt out of the small boat the second it touched land, and not even pausing to think about finding Mia strategically, she splashed through the water and over to the cliff edge. Scowling, she frowned when she saw the verticals wall of rock, knowing full well she couldn't climb it, and she paused for a second, allowing her guards to catch up with her.

"Ma'am?" One of the men said slowly, questioning her as to what she was planning to do now. Elsa paused for a moment, and then smiled in a dare devilish way.

"Hold on tight," she said cryptically, and a massive tower of snow grew from the ground, lifting her up to dry land, with her guards clinging on desperately, not expecting such a reaction to the problem.

Jumping from the column, Elsa waited for her men to catch up, before thawing the ice and beginning to make her way inland, running elegantly, but not without purpose. She sent out another bright blue bird, and slowed herself down for a second while she eagerly anticipated the dove's return.

When the bird did fly back to her, she did not waste a minute, and quickly followed it. She did not pause for anything, until the bird stopped, and settled down on the floor, singing a few soft notes before melting into a small puddle on the ground. Elsa sighed sadly - she hadn't meant to do it, but she was now so upset, knowing that the bird' sanctions meant that she must have just missed Mia by minutes.

One of her Guards came over slowly, and smiled at his Queen reassuringly.

"Don't worry, Ma'am. If she was here not long ago, we will find her. Do not fret... Have a little faith."

Elsa glanced upwards as she felt snow beginning to fall, and she could not tell if she was making it, or if it was natural. Either way, she gave a slight smile as she sighed, and nodded to the guards, giving them permission to do what they had to do.

She couldn't believe she'd missed her niece, and the thought made her so sad. She couldn't go home without Mia- she couldn't bear to see her sister so distraught a single time more.

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