Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 45

Elsa's weary blue eyes opened slowly, and she frowned as she felt something laying upon her breast. She could feel someone next to her too, and through her blurred eyes, she could see a head of dark brown hair, which made her heart soar. It was nice to wake up next to Odd again - she'd missed him so much.

Feeling the thing on her chest move, she glanced up and saw the muslin cloth with the small, delicate head poking out, and she smiled as she remembered what had happened.

Her son.

It was a surreal thought, she observed as she watched him sleeping, snoring very gently, very softly, in a way that only a young baby could. To think that just over five years ago, she'd resigned to the fact that she could never have children, for fear that she'd pass the curse over to them - hell, she'd come to the conclusion then that she'd never even let anyone she loved, such as her sister, into her life, for fear she'd hurt them!

She laughed slightly at the ironic nature of it, but the movement of her chest shocked the baby awake, and his wailing almost made her ears pop. She cringed slightly as she stroked his soft head, and helped him to find her breast again, effectively settling him down.

By now, Odd was awake too, and Elsa was shocked at how horrible he looked, with massive bags under his eyes, gashes across his face and dark bruises over every inch of his skin. It sickened her to think what had been done to him - she tried to divert her trail of thoughts away from it.

Odd chuckled as he saw the little boy feeding hungrily, shaking his head in amusement. "He's a greedy boy," He commented, and Elsa had to smile too.

"He gets it from you," She replied, grinning, although her sore, aching body made her a little less enthusiastic that she would have otherwise been. It seemed both she and Odd had been through the wars recently. "I'm a Queen, it's not in my job description to be greedy, so it must be your fault."

Odd rolled his eyes. "So, Princes are greedy?" He asked, and Elsa smiled at him warmly, nodding, her eyes, though shining with pain, also shimmered with amusement.

"No, Princes are meant to be gentlemen. You must just be an exception to the rule."

Odd laughed, kissing Elsa's forehead softly, and she giggled like a little girl again, even if she had just had a child. Perhaps 'little girl' didn't apply to her anymore, considering she was a mother now.

Then again, she'd never had much of a childhood.

She was shocked out of her thoughts as she felt the little baby move away from her, and she laughed as he hiccuped, little bubbles of milk coming from his mouth, as Elsa rushed to support his lolling head. Odd nudged her shoulder, smiling warmly as he laughed at his son's hiccups.

"You're getting the hang of this already," He commented, and Elsa nodded, also laughing slightly. She smiled happily, and looked down at the very new-born child, who was also staring at her with an inquisitive expression, and his large, bright-blue eyes sparkled in the candlelight.

"He really looks like you," Elsa commented fondly to her husband, "He has your face shape, your nose and your almond-shaped eyes, and a tiny little bit of your hair. I can't even tell if he's my own son!" Odd chuckled as the child tore his gaze away from his Mother and yawned again. He closed his eyes as if opening them had tired him out, and he blindly reached for the nipple again. After a few seconds, with a little guidance from Elsa, he soon found his prize, and as lay in her arms, he let out quiet grunts of contentment.

Odd smiled at his wife and new son, grinning at the baby boy. "I guess he does look quite a bit like me, but his eyes are the same colour as yours are. They really sparkle in the candlelight... he looks like he'll be cheeky when he grows up."

Elsa nodded, and her mind strayed to the rest of her family back home. "Like Anna," She commented, her own eyes shining. "She really is a devil... She always was, in fact. Did I ever tell you about the time she filled my room with fish when we were kids as a punishment for my ignoring her?"

Odd chuckled, nodding in amusement. "I think I remember that - it's why you don't like fish, isn't it?"

"Yeah. It put me off for life - I can still remember the horrid smell that came with that prank! I still cringe when I think about it too much!"

Odd chuckled, and Elsa sat up a little, shocking the boy from his previous, comfortable position. She gasped, quickly reaching for the child before he fell back, and she let out a sigh of relief as Odd moved faster, catching the now-wailing boy and pulling him close to his own chest. He looked down at his son adoringly - he couldn't fathom how someone as unworthy as him could have helped to make something so perfect.

He handed the little boy back to Elsa, and she cradled him, glancing at Odd helplessly. She had a panicked expression in her eyes, as she desperately tried to soothe the wailing child, but to no avail. Slowly, she began to rock back and forth, hoping that the motion might soothe her son, but the little boy was having none of it, as he continued to scream.

Slowly, she raised him up to her breast again, and let out a sigh of relief as the child latched on once again, his sobs quietening.

"Thank Goodness that's over." She muttered, "I don't remember Mia ever crying that loud!"

Odd laughed. "Boys are always going to be more trouble, that's common sense." He grinned at Elsa as she sighed again, this time for dramatic effect, and she laughed along with him. She frowned again as felt the baby slip down, and when she peeked under the muslin covering him, she had to bite back a soft laugh; her son was sleeping once again, his head hidden in the warm alcove that was the space under Elsa's left breast. His mouth was parted slightly, and his hands were clenched in tiny fists which made her coo softly.

She pulled back the muslin slightly, though still covering herself, to show Odd the little sleeping boy, and he grinned, as he softly stroked the little baby's tender head.

"Eating is very tiring," He said in a falsely serious voice, and Elsa giggled, nodding.

"Oh, but of course!" She replied between soft laughs. "Besides, he'll need his energy to deal with Anna when we get back home - she's going to go crazy with excitement." She paused for a moment, as a memory hit her. "In fact, I remember that she had Mia without me knowing - she wasn't meant to have her for a couple more weeks. You can imagine my surprise when she came home from her day out with Kristoff a day late with a little baby girl in her arms!"

Odd nodded, laughing, and he shook his head. "You two can't seem to do things normally, can you?" He questioned, though it was more of a statement, and Elsa shook her head in amusement, before becoming quiet again as the little boy softly wriggled.

She frowned, thinking for a moment. "You know, we need a name for him..." She began, thinking, "I wasn't expecting him to come our way for a couple of months yet - I haven't even thought about names yet! Do you have any ideas?"

Odd rolled his eyes. "Elsa, you've known you were pregnant for, what, a couple of months? I've known for less than a day, and yet here we are!"

"Oh, right," Elsa trailed off in thought, and her face fell sadly when something hit her. "I didn't tell you what happened to Mia's little friend, Arne, did I?"

Odd's frowned in both concern and confusion as he shook his head, and Elsa let out a sigh. "Well, you know Arne? The boy with one arm?" Odd nodded his affirmation, and a tear escaped the Queen's eye. She'd so loved the boy. "He's dead."

Shock instantly registered on Odd's face, and he had to sit down on the floor before he fell. His eyes went wide, as he muttered, "D-dead?" And Elsa nodded slowly, then let out a gasp of horror.

"Oh, God, Odd..." She trailed off, her eyes shining with sympathy, and his heart rate only increased as she looked at him with large blue orbs full of compassion. "Oh, Gosh, I don't know how to say this..."

Odd's mind was racing, and he slowly muttered questioningly, "Elsa...?"

"Your s-sister..." The Queen managed to whisper, and Odd's eyes widened in shock and horror. He pushed back from his wife, as if he could get away from what she had just said by getting away from her. He shook his head, helplessly.

"No..." He said quietly, and his hands curled into fists, banging them on the ground in anger. "No! No! No!" He hung his head, shaking it in denial, his brown hair falling over his face and covering his eyes. Elsa felt her heart sink in her chest, and more tears came to her eyes.

"How?" Odd eventually managed to choke out, and as he looked up at her, Elsa could see the regret in his eyes - he looked as if he was blaming himself for his sister's death, but there was nothing he could have done anything, because he wasn't there. Then again, perhaps that was where the problem lay - he hadn't been around to stop it.

"Do you really want to know?" Elsa said questioningly, and though it was obvious to Odd what had happened now, he still held that slight sliver of hope that one always clings to in times of desperation. He nodded slowly, hoping that his sister would at least have had a pain free death.

Elsa's eyes were shining with tears of sorrow for her husband, and quietly, she began to mutter a response. "Dagvin - the man posing to be you... We think he was involved." She took a deep breath, and watched Odd's reaction unsurely, wondering whether it would be kinder to twist the truth very slightly or not.

"Please tell me, Elsa." He slowly said, his voice amazingly steady. "Please, tell me. I need to know."

Elsa sighed sadly. "We don't know very much, Odd... It's safe to say that she was k-killed by Dagvin, but other than that, I'm not sure what happened." She didn't want to mention how much pain the poor teenager, who had seen so much horror in her short life, must have been in.

Odd nodded, sadly, and he turned his head away again. He was always so strong, but Elsa could hear the his choked cries of anguish.

"Come here, Odd..." She whispered, her voice soft and reassuring. Slowly Odd came over to her and sat next to his wife on the sofa, and with gentle movements, Elsa softly picked her son off of her lap, and gently placed the sleeping babe in her husband's arms.

Odd looked down at the softly snoring child, and a small smile broke through on his grief stricken face, as his eyes softened a little. Rare tears still rolled down his cheeks, but he was a little more comforted, and as the child rolled over in his arms, he smiled a little wider.

Reaching up to his eyes, he wiped away the tears and looked at Elsa with a more determined look upon his face. "Heidi wouldn't have wanted me to grieve her," He said, in a quiet but unshaking voice. "She'd want me to get on with my life, and focus on little man here."

Elsa smiled and nodded, and squeezed his hand reassuringly. He grinned at her, and then looked at his little son, who was laying in his arms.

"We still need a name for him, you know..." He prompted, and Elsa nodded in agreement.

"I know," She said, "But I'm not sure... I was thinking, perhaps, Arne? In memory of him - you know, Mia's friend?"

Odd didn't looked convinced, and he frowned in an unconvinced manner. "I don't know, Elsa... It's up to you, but can't we name him something else? My father's name was Arne... I'd hate to feel like I was paying him any respect by having a son named after him."

Elsa nodded, and considered things for a moment. "How about Fredrik, after my Grandfather?" She suggested, "The name means peace, or something along those lines, which I think is quite an amiable trait to have? Perhaps he'll live up to his name? And we can always shorten it to Freddie, which is just cute."

Odd smiled weakly, a small chuckle escaping his mouth. "That'll satisfy Anna then. She'd probably sue you if you didn't give her some sort of nickname to use." He shook his head in amusement. "We still need a middle name for him, though... how about Aleksander? I don't know if it means anything, but it has a nice ring to it... Fredrik Alexander, don't you think?"

Elsa nodded, squeezing his hand comfortingly again, and she smiled. "I like it. Fredrik Aleksander - it's perfect!"

Odd grinned as he looked at the little boy with pride. He wondered if his sister had felt such joy when she named her own baby girl, or if she'd hated the child, at least at first, for reminding her of what she'd been through.

Of course, both were gone now. Only his mother might know, but he didn't really want to ask her - he'd run away as a young teenager to get away from his family, living in the forests of Arendelle for the rest of his life until he met Elsa, to keep Heidi safe from himself, after he'd hurt her accidentally. He was willing then to grow up without her and his mother, and it was his fault he missed the moments he wondered about now in his sister's life. He couldn't just butt in when it suited him.

Elsa smiled, as she rested her head on Odd's shoulder and cuddled into him, sighing. He smiled weakly, but his mind still trailed to his sister.

I'm sorry, Heidi, He thought to himself, as he lay back into the sofa, letting his body mold into the fabric, and Elsa curled up around his shoulder. Her hand was laying across his body, protectively placed near little Freddie's body as she drifted off into a nap, and he smiled at his wife and son, but his heart was still heavy. I'm sorry, Sis. I'll make sure I get revenge on the ones who did this to you. This was a joint murder. It wasn't just Dagvin, I'm sure of it.

He glanced out over the waters to where the Southern Isles had been before. I will get revenge on the ones who did this to you. As soon as they show up again, I will.

He closed his eyes, and tried to keep his breathing steady. He would avenge his sister - until then, he would just have to make sure everything else was perfect.

"Happy Boxing Day, Elsa," He whispered, and sighed quietly as he stroked his son's soft head distractedly, simply enjoying the comfort and joy he got from his family's presence. He'd missed his wife so much, and now, he had a baby son, too.

The relentless waves continued to batter the ship for the rest of the night, but Odd was not bothered by them, happy from being with his family, and reassured that he could get revenge for his sister.

When his mother returned to the room ten minutes later, he faithfully carried Elsa over to the bed and placed her down on the covers, not wanting to allow her to walk when her body was still sore from the birth. He helped his mother get Frederik into the ice-crib that Elsa had made for him, laying the child top of a spare pillow so that his little body didn't freeze when it touched the ice, and covering him over with one of his own jumpers, for lack of anything else to keep the baby warm.

As he said goodnight to his mother, he climbed into bed with Elsa, and sighed as he curled up under the covers. He hadn't slept this well in what felt like years.

He smiled as he felt a pair of arms wrap around his chest, and he soon fell asleep as his world finally began to fall back into place.

Anna sighed, as she watched the waves battering the edges of her kingdom, and she lay her head in her hands, sadly. Caught up in her thoughts, she didn't hear Kristoff coming up behind her, and she gasped when he came to her side, watching her with an inquisitive expression.

"What's wrong, Anna?" He asked, as he sat down next to her on the window seat, and she sighed as she leaned into him.

"I'm worried about Elsa. Something just feels... off. As if something's gone wrong. And, I can't get the disappearing ships out of my head - I keep thinking about them. How can they just disappear like they did?"

Kristoff shrugged. "I'm not sure, Anna." He said, and then he pulled her to her feet, "But what I do know is that youneed to get to bed. You'll be exhausted tomorrow if you don't and we have to get a trip scheduled to the trolls if you want any information."

Anna nodded reluctantly, and allowed her husband to drag her over to the bed. As she snuggled cozily under the covers, her mind wandered to her own daughter, and she was worried that something had happened to her. She was scared for her sister, too - she just had a feeling that something had gone wrong.

She shook her head, and closed her eyes.

She was just being paranoid.

Everything was fine, Elsa would be heading home with Mia and Odd soon... And they'd both be absolutely fine...

She shook her head in frustration as the unease returned, and she couldn't help but feel that it had something to do with her sister's pregnancy. She just hoped nothing bad had happened - though she had been bitter when she first learned of it, feeling jealous, she'd grown out of that now.

Sleep soon took hold of her mind, and as she drifted off to sleep, she dreamed of family, and love, and she was content and relaxed in her unconscious state.

Sleeping was so much nicer than being awake, sometimes.

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