Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 46

Elsa watched as the little Princess opened the door warily, and she peeked inside, looking nervous. Odd smiled as he watched his niece standing there timidly, and glancing at his wife to make sure she was okay, he walked towards Mia slowly. Her eyes were slightly wider than they would normally have been, tinted with a dash of fear, and she seemed to cringe slightly as Odd took hold of her petite, dainty hands in his own.

She smiled weakly as she stumbled over to Elsa, but with every step she took, the panic in her eyes seemed to grow stronger, until the small sparks of alarm had turned into a blazing inferno in the blue orbs. Her little hand shook, and Odd didn't miss the sign of fear. Softly, he used his finger to stroke the back of Mia's palm sooothingly, and Mia, though still terrified, was a little reassured as she continued to take unsteady steps towards her aunt.

Elsa's heart melted as she saw the terror in her niece's eyes as she came closer, and she had to fight to not display the anger she was feeling towards a Hans and Ayla on her face. She didn't want to scare the girl even more, and she had a right to be scared; who knew what horrors she'd seen.

Mia whimpered as she looked up at her Aunt, recoiling slightly, and it hurt the Queen that the she was so scared of her now, when she'd all but run at her earlier. In truth, though, Elsa had been protecting her then, so she must have appeared to be a safe person, whereas now, she was just sitting there and watching. To the young princess, she must have seemed like a potential enemy now that she wasn't clearly on her side, and after all she must have been through, Elsa really couldn't blame her.

"Come here, Sweetie," She whispered softly, her voice warm and inviting, but Mia still looked at her warily, and backed off a little, pulling her hand from Odd's as she shrunk back. Murmuring inaudibly, she looked down at the floor, and Elsa quickly noticed the ice snaking around the walls of her cabin. She cuddled Freddie closer to keep him warm, and felt her heart groan as she watched her husband shivering in the cold.

Hurriedly, she thawed the ice, and decided to try a different approach with her clearly scared niece. "Would you like to meet your cousin, Sweetheart? He wants to see you." She watched with hopeful eyes as Mia seemed to consider this for a second, but then the child shook her head, so that her bleach blonde hair fell in front of her face.

"No," She said, her voice quiet and filled with sadness. "No one like me. I worthless." She repeated the words she'd heard over the last few months, as they settled into her brain. As the time went by, they were beginning to settle on her mind, and she could hardly doubt their authenticity anymore.

Odd's eyes widened, and slowly, as if dealing with a wild animal which could spook if he moved too fast, he bent down and picked her up. Mia stiffened against him in fear, and he walked over to the bed with the child in his arms, softly laying her down on his side of the mattress, so that she was still near Elsa, but also at what could be considered a 'safe distance'.

Mia looked at Elsa warily, and she seemed to scoot closer to Odd, who seemed more approachable to her. After all, he hadn't been the one to attack her in the Southern Isles' castle, even though technically, she now knew that it hadn't actually been else who had been trying to hurt her. Just a vision, or something similar, but the memory still hurt.

Elsa's eyes were pained as she stroked Freddie's head distractedly. The small child squirmed slightly, and Mia's eyes locked on the little boy; for a moment, her mind cleared, and she felt a wave of happiness from the feeling of senselessness - no worries weighed upon her mind in that one moment as she looked at her little cousin. He was so small, so helpless, and yet he seemed quite comfortable in her aunt's arms. The baby's calm attitude helped reassure Mia, and she sighed as she relaxed, her position changing from stiff and alert, to one of a more peaceful demeanor.

Elsa smiled at her niece warmly, and she felt a sense of joy bubble up in her chest when the girl didnt flinch. She watched quietly for a few moments as Mia continuned to look at the baby boy in her aunt's arms, and then decided she ought to try again with the Princess, to see if she could make any progress with her. Perhaps it was good that she had time to get used to her Aunt and Uncle, learn to trust them again, before she met her parents after the months she'd been away; out of everyone, Elsa and Odd were, perhaps, the two most suited people for the job of helping her. Both had needed to learn to trust others again after their own disturbed childhoods, and as such, they would easily be the most understanding.

Elsa felt a little relief at this thought - if Mia had met back up with Anna straight out, then would her mother really have understood the situation she was in? Possibly not, whereas this way, there was more of a chance that the child would have a speedy recovery, or, at least, would get more confident. The events of one's past did tend to shape their character in later life, so it was highly likely that even though she was so young, the things she'd seen would still stick in her brain. As she aged, the memories would probably fade, but she'd probably still act as a result of them; in short, it was highly likely that she'd be controlled, if only a little, by her instincts which would have developed over these few months.

No doubt she'd end up being the sort of person who did not simply trust someone at the drop of a hat - she'd always be a suspicious or reserved person, probably, much unlike her mother. Anna had a nasty habit of trusting people the moment she met them - people like Hans - and it had undoubtedly gotten her into trouble in the past.

Elsa's eyes sparkled as she looked at her niece. "Would you like to say hello to him?" She asked, slowly pushing Freddie forward so as to show Mia, without scaring her. She studied him for a moment, and then smiled a proper smile for the first time in a long time, as the little baby's eyes slowly slid open. The newborn prince gurgled at his cousin when he saw her watching him, his fists batting the air pointlessly, and Mia's eyes sparkled in the candlelight.

Tentatively, the young princess stretched out her hand slowly towards the baby, and slowly stroked his head, marveling at the feel of the soft tufts of hair, and she smiled softly at him. In response, Freddie gurgled again at her, and Elsa's face broke out into a massive grin.

"Would you like to hold him, Sweetie?" She asked gently, and though Mia averted her eyes, looking down shyly, she nodded slowly. Elsa smiled at Odd triumphantly, and he gave her a nod in return, sending her a thumbs-up gesture, before turning her gaze back to her niece, who was still looking away from her.

"Okay, can you sit up straight for me, then, Sweetie?" She asked softly, and Mia slowly scooted backwards so that she was resting up straight against the back of the bed. She cringed at her aunt's touch as Elsa slowly moved her arms down into a position to hold the baby, and she seemed slightly unsure of herself as the little boy was lowered into her arms.

Freddie squirmed for a few seconds in Mia's arms, and the Princess' eyes widened slightly as she began to panic, not sure what to do, and relief was evident on her face when he finally settled. Staring up at her, he watched with interested eyes as she stared down at him, and when she smiled, he grew frustrated when he found he could not work out how to replicate the gesture, only succeeding in opening and closing his mouth like a little fish.

Freddie blinked slowly at her again as she giggled, and he reached up to her face with clumsy arms. Mia let out a little gasp as he grabbed hold of a lock of her hair, his grip incredibly strong, and the little girl began to panic again. She tried to wriggle free from the baby's grip, and when that failed, tried to push him off of her lap in her alarm.

Elsa gasped, but Odd was the first to intervene, as he reached forwards across the bed to pry Freddie away from his panicking cousin, and the boy, too, had began to squirm in aggravation, too. As he cradled his newborn son, trying to comfort the small boy, Elsa reached over to Mia, trying to reassure her too, but the girl wasn't ready for it yet.

As she saw her aunt offering her hand, her arms open as if she was offering an embrace, Mia whimpered slightly, and curled up into a little ball - she couldn't bring herself to trust anybody. Everyone who seemed to be kind and gentle had the capacity to be cruel and cold, too; she'd learned that the hard way, and wouldn't slip up again.

"Thank you for let hold baby." She said slowly, her voice shaking from her panic, and she turned away quickly. Climbing off of the bed, she slowly began to toddle away to the door, and Elsa moved to stand up, but Odd placed his hand firmly on her shoulder.

His reassuring smiled made Elsa relax slightly, but as she took Freddie from her husband, cuddling him close to try to calm him as he wriggled and squirmed, she watched her niece leave with eyes full of longing and despair.

"Leave her be, Elsa," He said, his voice both strong and soothing, "She'll be okay. Just give her a little time to get over it."

Elsa nodded, sadly, and then sat up a little straighter, gasping as a large wave rocked the boat, and she felt herself fall to the side, only to be caught by her husband. Laughing, she softly placed Fredrik in his little crib as he sucked on his fist, distracted, and then she sat straighter again on the bed. Reaching up to Odd, she placed her lips on his in a soft kiss.

Odd grinned at her and leaned down, placing kisses on her forehead and cheek, as she giggled like a little girl again.

Using her free hand to pull him down onto the bed with her, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her, and she closed her eyes as he leaned in, locking their souls in a second, deeper kiss as his body pressed against hers. A small moan came from the back of Elsa's throat as their embrace grew stronger; her lips parted slightly, and Odd was more than happy to oblige her wishes as the kiss grew more passionate.

Elsa felt herself getting overwhelmed with excitement, as she grazed her teeth gently against Odd's lower lip. She let her hand trail up to rest in his hair and she gripped on tightly to the dark brown mess as she felt her husband's hands trailing down her body, making her moan into his mouth with pleasure, delightful shivers wracking her body in a state of bliss.

She felt Odd's mouth pressing strongly against her own, and she could feel her core heating up with excitement, which she knew was wrong after just having a baby, and honestly she didn't care. She let her spare hand - the one which was not curled up in her husband's hair - roam also, and she felt herself heightening the kiss in eagerness.

Odd groaned as he continued to return her embrace, and his body began to relax more after all the torture he'd been through, his stiff muscles from battling the waves easing up. He relaxed against her, and she sighed at the even closer contact, as she shivered again in pleasure. He grazed her lip gently with his teeth, as she had done to him, and she gave him a rewarding shudder.

Odd leaned against his wife more, and then she let out a squeak as they were both sent toppling backwards, nearly falling off of the bed in a tangle.

The couple laughed, their faces bright red and they gasped for air, with eyes sparkling with excitement. Elsa giggled as she pushed Odd off of her, only just noticing her aching body, and she cringed slightly, but her expression was still one of happiness.

After so long, it was nice to have some relief.

Freddie rolled around in his crib happily again, as he began to suck on his thumb, kicking out at the air with his legs to amuse himself, and Odd chuckled at his son, while Elsa smiled warmly.

"I've been thinking, Odd..." She began, and then shook her head in amusement. "Oh, dear. However will we explain this to everyone back home?"

Anna laughed happily as she threw her pillow at her husband, who dodged it and sent his own back at her, letting it find it's mark with a dull thump.

"I thought you said that you weren't awake!" He teased, and grabbing his other pillow, sending it hurtling over to her before she could avoid it. Anna pouted cheekily and rushed over to him, pushing his shoulder playfully, with more force than she had originally intended.

Kristoff grunted as he felt his wife shoving him, and wasn't best pleased when he ended up hitting the floor with a muffled thud. Anna, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy it immensely, as she fell on the bed in a fit of giggles.

"Now, now, Feistypants - play nice with the other kids!" Kristoff scolded in a mock-serious voice, and Anna only laughed harder. Watching him advancing towards her, she squealed as she tried to scramble off of the bed, and managed to slip off before he could catch her.

Shrieking happily, Anna ran as fast past Kristoff as her legs could carry her, but she could hear him advanced on her. Reaching the grand staircase, she slipped a little from her momentum as she grabbed hold of the banister to stop herself, and swung around onto the banister, sliding down quickly and laughing in glee as she escaped from her husband.

Kristoff chuckled as he hurried after his wife, jumping down the stairs three at a time, and Anna, who had previously slowed down feeling safe, quickly began running flat out again.

Kristoff grinned as he noticed how slippery the floor was, and the way it seemed to shine suggested it had recently been polished. Narrowing his eyes, he leaped from the bottom stair and slipped across the wood, and he made Anna squeal even louder when he caught her up.

Gasping for breath, but feeling exhilarated from her run, Anna laughed as she rushed into the stables, before realising that she'd gotten herself trapped. Giggling nervously as Kristoff advanced, she tried to dart around him, but failed - she felt herself falling onto the fresh hay as her husband stuck his foot out, and she could hear a howling sound very nearby.

Laughing, she rolled over onto her back, looking up to see Kristoff looming over her, and she let out a squeal as he began to tickle her without any sympathy, and she had to fight constantly. Eventually, she managed to wriggle her way free, only to be knocked over by an excited Sven trying to get a hug, nudging her expectantly and snorting when she pouted at him, going over to Kristoff for a scratch instead.

Slowly getting up again, Anna groaned as she saw Seier coming towards her out of the corner or her eye, and as the now-massive wolf launched himself at her, she rolled out of the way to avoid being squished. She squeezed her eyes shut, and the very thorough face wash which she had been anticipating followed soon after - she spluttered as she pushed the over-excitable animal off of her, and Seier huffed in a canine way.

Anna laughed, after wiping the saliva off of her face onto Kristoff's shirt, and she stroked Seier fondly, laughing as she watched her husband wrestling with Sven over the carrot in his belt.

She shook her head in amusement. Her family was so crazy that it was hard to measure how far off the 'normal scale' they actually registered.

Then again, she wouldn't change her family for the world.

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