Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 47

Anna giggled as she spun around in circles with Kristoff, trying - not for the first time, and certainly not for the last - to teach him how to dance. It was the twenty seventh of December now, and the New Years ball which she had planned for the kingdom was in just a few days time, meaning her partner had to look his best.

Considering how poor his dancing skills were, his best probably wasn't good enough to make him look like a "proper" Prince in the eyes of some more... snooty people, but perhaps with a little last minute work he could at least work out how not to step on her toes?

She winced as his foot landed on top of hers, and she shook her head in amusement as he mumbled apology after apology.

Maybe not, she thought to herself, and it took all of her willpower to not roll her eyes at him. She guess, deep down, she knew that he'd never be a good dancer - it wasn't in his nature - but she still tried, and even though he failed every time, she still loved him anyway, even if it did mean she would need to find another partner to dance with at the ball. She didn't mind, really, because she knew that afterwards, she'd have him all to herself anyway.

After an hour of (in Kristoff's opinion, pointless) practice, Anna finally decided that they had done enough for the day, and she finally let him go to get some lunch. She laughed when she saw his relieved expression, and stood up on her tip-toes to softly peck him on the cheek, giggling happily at him.

It was strange - for the last few days, Anna had been so much happier than normal, and she knew it. Something in her heart had changed, but it wasn't as if she had forgotten about her daughter; rather, it felt as if somehow, her subconscious had relaxed, as if it had received some reassuring news about little Mia which settled her nerves down.

Entering the kitchen, Anna grinned as a delicious smell reached her and Kristoff's noses, and she jumped up and down in glee, looking forward to the meal.

"Now, now, Princess," A voice from behind the pair came, and Anna jumped around in shock, whereas Kristoff turned around a little more calmly, hearing the man coming. The chef chuckled at the Princess' reaction."Sorry, ma'am," He apologised, "But maybe you'd rather wait in the dining hall or the lounge? I can get a maid to bring you some food - it's a cold day, so I've made a baguette and some tomato soup to warm ya' both up."

Anna smiled at him and nodded, grinning as she skipped away to the lounge, and she leaped onto the sofa, laughing as she landed, laying down and giggling as Kristoff frowned in annoyance, losing his favourite spot on the seat. She smiled evilly at him as she stretched out to emphasize how comfy she was, and her husband huffed, rolling his eyes as he sat down on the couch across from him.

A knock came on the door, and Anna jumped up happily as a maid entered, bringing two steaming bowls of soup and two halves of a buttered baguette to go with each. She was even more pleased when she realised the maid had brought her a steaming mug of hot chocolate, too, and when she leaned forward eagerly, she could hear Kristoff chuckling at her from his seat, and she could just see him rolling his eyes at her in amusement.

"What?" Anna questioned him in frustration, "Does a girl not have the right to be excited over a hot chocolate?"

The maid's face broke into a little smiled as she set the tray down, and her eyes were shining with amusement as she turned and left quickly, obviously not wanting to be caught laughing at the Princess, not that Anna would have minded anyway.

Everyone else laughed at her, and she laughed at herself along with them. After all, she was so clumsy, she seemed to just attract attention, so what better way to get over being embarrassed than by joining in with her spectators?

Sitting up as she pulled her meal over to her, she patted the space on the sofa next to her, smiling apologetically at Kristoff for stealing his spot as she scooted over to the other side, and though it was a trivial thing, the man seemed to truly be happy to get his seat back. Collapsing down, he sighed as he sunk into the material and began on his lunch, but his head shot up when a woman entered the room.

"Sorry to disturb you, Ma'am, Sir," She said, and Anna snorted in a very unladylike fashion, as she tried to imagine Kristoff being the true gentleman people expected him to be, and then remembering how he spent his afternoons during winter - up in the mountains, harvesting ice in his old, comfortable work clothes.

Certainly not very formal, and it made the Princess laugh to think that people still had to refer to him that way. She couldn't help but wonder how the other ice harvesters acted towards him, now that he was a Prince, and the officialArendelle Ice Master and Deliverer.

Rapunzel smiled as she picked up a small chalk from the floor, carefully adding a few more lines of dark green to the lighter background on the wall behind her, before stepping back to admire her handiwork. She grinned at the image, a large Christmas tree, decorated with intricate little ball-balls and shining tinsel, which she'd arduously drawn on one strand at a time.

"Well, it's not awful." A deep voice from behind rang through the air, and Rapunzel spun around to find her husband standing there, grinning at her as he looked at her artwork. "You know, if you were to neaten up those rough edges and add a bit more detail, it might be half-decent."

Rapunzel looked up at the towering chalk picture above her, and she then glowered at him as he raised his hands in submission.

"Okay, okay!" He cried, "It's lovely!" He surrendered, as he took a step back in mock fear. Rapunzel laughed as she shook her head, and took a step back to see it in a better light.

"You know, though," Eugene commented absentmindedly, "I definitely think yours is the best here... considering the rest were done by kids." Rapunzel's eyes shone in amusement as she rolled her eyes at her husband, and her tone was lighthearted as she replied, "You flatter me," in a tone which clearly stated she thought the exact opposite, but not in a spiteful way.

As she stared at Eugene for a few moments, she suddenly noticed the lack of something which usually rested upon her head, and she frowned as she thrust her hand forward, waiting expectantly for her husband to comply. In response, the man only shrugged, beginning to look a little worried.

The last time Rapunzel had lost her crown and hadn't gotten it back, two weeks ago - to no fault of her Consort's, though it normally was - Eugene had been sleeping in the stables all night. The memory made him shiver; he didn't like the idea of being pounded to a pulp again by Maximus' powerful kicks. Granted, Rapunzel had felt bad the next day, but the dreadful night wasn't worth just her sympathy.

"Honestly, 'Punzie, I don't have it!" He pleaded her to believe him, but the girl simply huffed when she noticed that he was not giving her the crown, and, not taking into account whether or not he had it in the first place or not, she stormed off.

Bloody hormones, Eugene cursed, and he slowly followed her back to the castle, his shoulders hunched. How on earth did this woman have so much power over him.

He shook his head, as he resigned himself to his fate. He'd better be extra nice to Max today, maybe he'd get him an apple or two - he'd need all the brownie points he could get to make it through the night with the horse.

As he walked inside, a certain little chameleon, sat high up on the wall, removed his camouflage and smiled, chortling 'hee hee hee' as the man went inside. Curling his tail tighter around the crown, careful not to drop it, he climbed down and scampered inside.

It was fun, pranking the Prince.

"Please, please, please Kristoff!" Anna begged as she pulled at his arm like a whining child, and her husband rolled his eyes as he shook his Princess off of him. Her face changed into a pouting expression. "Oh, come on! I haven't been with you to go ice harvesting in ages! I need a break from being the temporary Queen!"

Kristoff chuckled. "I'm guessing you sympathise with Elsa, then. Come off it- you haven't done any work since she left!" Anna opened her mouth to argue, and Kristoff quickly cut her off. "Sorry, Fiestypants - I'm afraid that ticking a few boxes for something you didn't even need to read first because Gerda already checked it over does - not - count for doing work."

Anna looked crestfallen. "How could you say such a thing? It was very stressful work!" Kristoff raised his eyebrows questioningly. "... Sort of!"

Sighing, Kristoff shook his head in submission. "I can't believe I'm saying this: fine, you can come along, on the basis that you do the work when you get back... deal?"

Anna looked very slightly perked up as she nodded, and pecked him on the cheek. "Thanks, Kris." She whispered, tracing the line of his jaw, "Love you."

"I must love you too, to be letting you get off without doing your work. God, I'm such a pushover." He chuckled, "Don't worry, though - I'm sure you'll have a great time helping me to move all of the blocks of ice!"

Anna's smiled drooped like a wilting flower, her eyes losing their shine, and she looked grumpy. "On second thought, I might just stay here." She said, "You know, get everything done so I have some free time later."

Kristoff grinned easily. "There's no getting out of it now, Princess - I'm a man of my word, and you're coming with me."

Anna groaned in frustration as she slouched against the sofa.

"You owe me big time, tonight." She whispered grumpily, and her husband laughed.


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