Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 49

Elsa felt the ship come to a complete stop, and she stood up, her breathing heavy from nerves; she now understood Anna had felt when she had presented Mia to the kingdom for the first time.

Standing up on unsteady legs, she had to grip tightly onto Odd's arm to support herself, and he smiled before reaching down to pick Mia up. He was a little wary about doing so, but as the girl was asleep, they would not be able to get her off of the ship otherwise.

Slowly, he helped to lead Elsa over to the door to the cabin, out onto the deck, and he noticed the small snowflakes dancing in the air. Gripping her hand and squeezing it tightly, reassuring her slightly, the pair made their way outside at an almost pathetic speed, and eventually, they actually made it to the ramp leading off of the ship.

Mia squirmed in Odd's arms, and her eyes fluttered open when she felt the tension in the air, beginning to panic at the close proximity to her uncle, and he had to place her down quickly to try and conserve the trust he'd earned. She let out a breath of relief as she pushed a little away from him nervously, but when she saw the people who were waiting for her at the end or the ramp, she yelped and scurried back.

A murmur of confusion passed through the crowd, and Anna, watching the scene with squinted eyes, trying to see through the blackness, gripped Kristoff's hand tightly.

What was wrong with her baby?

Seier had clearly noticed her actions too, and he let out a quiet, wolfish bark as he bounded forward to the child. Mia screamed as she saw him coming, her mind going back when she'd been bitten by one of Hans' blood-hounds, and she quickly scampered back from him; but when the confused animal stopped and let out a whine of confusion, she realised that this wasn't the horror scene she'd been preparing for, that she had been living in before.

Smiling slightly, she called out, "Seier!" in her young voice, and was soon squished by her mother's pet as he licked her, and somehow, she wasn't scared by the close physical contact. She giggled slightly as she pushed him off, and the sound made Elsa's heart melt; the following cry of happiness made her even more giddy with happiness as Mia spotted her own little reindeer, and she stood up and toddled over to the calf, wrapping her arms tightly around her. Lysse let out a bleat of happiness, and an 'aww' rang out through the crowd.

Up until this point, the people had been too busy watching Mia's reaction to notice Elsa or her son, and she was glad that she'd had the extra minute to prepare herself. Still, though, it broke her heart in two as she watched as Anna bend down to her daughter's height, opening her arms as if waiting for a hug, only to be denied. Mia's face contorted into a panic again, and she ran back onto the ship, clinging onto Odd's leg as if her life depended on it.

As Anna's eyes trailed after her daughter, she noticed Elsa's stiff posture, and her gaze went higher, until they landed on the bundle in her arms. A gasp escaped her mouth, and she felt her legs go weak, everything confusing her. She felt Kristoff catch her as she fell, and she looked up at her sister with large eyes, needing an explanation for the new development.

Elsa took a deep breath, her heart beating fast, and she glanced over at Odd for support who, in turn, gave her a comforting smile and an encouraging nod. Trying not to shake so much that Freddie actually fell out of her arms, and then she opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Odd stepped a little closer and squeezed her hand, and she smiled at him, grateful for the slight boost of confidence, and then he made a quiet 'shush' sound, signalling to her to be quiet.

"Hey, Elsa," He said to her under his breath, as the crowd, "It's okay. I've got this; show the crowd Freddie, and I'll present him."

Elsa sighed with relief as she pushed her son forward to give the crowd a slightly better view of him in the dim light, and Odd spoke with a strong voice.

"Presenting your newest Prince of Arendelle, Prince Fredrik!" He called out, and the crowd was struck for a few seconds with shock that this was, indeed, Elsa's child, when she was but five and a bit months pregnant, but none questioned it any more and let out a cheer.

Mia whimpered at the loud noise against Odd's leg, and Seier whined sadly, looking at the girl with large yellow eyes, before letting out a wolfish sigh and trotting back over to Anna, sitting beside the stricken looking mother. Lysse bleated loudly over the murmurs coming from the crowd, trying to encourage Mia to follow her as she trotted back to join Sven, but the Princess just made a few incoherent sounds and looked away, cuddling closer to her uncle's leg.

He was the one person she felt she could truly relate with, and the person she trusted the most. He'd been through similar torment as she had - he understood her better than anyone else.

Anna was shocked when Elsa finished explaining what had happened to her to make her have Freddie so early, and she looked truly horrified when Elsa went on to explain what had happened before; when she'd been protecting Mia from the mysterious Sorceress.

"Oh, Elsa..." Anna whispered, and tears ran down her cheeks freely, her body wracked with sobs as she cuddled into her husband, burying her face in his chest, desperately clinging to the fabric of his shirt. Her muffled voice could just be heard. "Do you think Mia will ever trust us again?" She murmured, "After all she's been through?"

Elsa was about to answer, when the door was pushed open, and Odd came walking in, carrying a sleeping Mia in his arms. He smiled reassuringly at Anna as he came over to her and laid the child down in her lap, then went over to sit with his wife and resting son; Mia wriggled uncomfortably for a few seconds, as if her unconscious self was trying to get away from her mother in an unknown panic, but then she settled, and her breathing slowed.

Elsa smiled as she watched Mia cuddling into Anna contentedly, and she nodded. "I think there's a good chance she will, with time." She concluded, watching her niece clutch her mother's dress tightly in her grip, as if she never wanted to let go.

Give it time, Anna. It'll be okay soon.

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