Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 5

"There! Finished!" Anna said, and Elsa turned to look in the dressing-room mirror. She gasped, smiling.

"Wow!" She said, smiling at her reflection, and she admired her hair. Anna had put it up for her in a style similar to the one she'd worn on the day of her coronation four and a half years ago, and she'd managed to intertwine small flakes diamonds, in the shape of snowflakes, into the white braids too. The light shone down, and reflected off of the precious gems, making the Queen's hair seem to shine.

Anna smiled, satisfied with her sister's response, and then she went over to the walk-in-wardrobe that she and her sister shared, to find Elsa's dress. She paused for a minute, before she found something that caught her eye, and a mischievous glint formed in them.

"Anna?" Elsa queried, as she frowned at her sister's delay. "What are you doing?" She sighed, as she returned to the mirror, concentrating as she fashioned herself a pair of earrings, shaped as snowflakes. She didn't have her ears pierced - her parents had refused it when she was younger, and she respected this as a tribute to their memory. Besides, she didn't usually like to wear too much jewellery, because she didn't feel she really needed it. Only, today was a special occasion - she'd make an exception.

As she froze the snowflakes onto her ears, there came a rustling from inside the wardrobe, and Anna jumped out happily, crying out, "What is this!"

She wore a very bright orange dress, with a lime green stripe down the middle. It had too much padding, with massive bulges around Anna's hips, and her backside, and made her look extremely comical. The Princess giggled.

"Ooh!" She teased, "Ooh la la!" She span around, as if trying to see over the massive padding (and failing to do so). She grinned, as she began to talk again. "My hips are here, my hips are there, oh!" She put her hand over her mouth as if she was embarrassed or shocked. "Pardon my behind, young man, didn't see you there! Didn't mean to knock you down!"

Elsa laughed at her sister, and she shook her head. Anna looked at her sister suspiciously.

"And where, may I ask, did you get this?" She teased, and Elsa blushed, embarrassed.

"It was just a gift!" She replied defensively, though her voice had a light-hearted tone. "From one of those... big countries. Now, stop goofing around!"

Anna giggled as she was pushed back to the wardrobe. "Oh! I cannot fit through the doorway!"

Elsa sighed at her sister's antics, as she got up and went to find the beautiful pair of high-heeled shoes Odd had brought her. After the teasing from her sister had ended, she was now feeling a little nervous, the butterflies in her stomach distracting her a little, but she was excited, too.

Just three hours to go.

A knock sounded on the door, and Ida's voice came through the wood. "It's time to leave, your Majesty." She said, "I need you and the Princesses outside in five minutes, so that you can go to the church."

Elsa swallowed. "Thank you, Ida." She said, dismissing her, and then turned to her sister, her eyes wide.

"Oh my gosh, Anna!" She cried out, a new wave of fear washing over her. "I can't do this! What if Odd says no? What if something happens again like last time! I don't even know if I'm ready for marriage!"

Anna laughed, as she placed a gentle hand on her older sister's shoulder, comfortingly. "Hey, hey, hey." She said, softly, "Everything will be fine. I promise you."

"But-" Elsa began, the natural worries of one's wedding taking control. Anna took her hand.

"Elsa..." She began, and then took a breath. "No one will shut you out again, No one will slam the door, No one will make you keep your distance anymore!"

Her voice had a melodic sound, and even without listening to the lyrics, Elsa would still have relaxed at the song.

"Because unlike things were before, I will never leave your side,"

"Because unlike things were before, you will be one lucky bride,"

"We will head down to the church together,"

"You do not have anything to fear,"

"Because unlike things were before,"

"I will be right here!"

Anna smiled at her sister, and squeezed her hand gently.

"Come on, Sis." She said, as she bent down to pick up Mia.

Elsa grinned. "Let's do this."

Olaf and Mia were skipping gleefully down the middle of the aisle, spreading flower petals with their arms interlocked. The snowman was laughing, his head bouncing around atop his body, while Mia was giggling happily and trying her hardest not to trip. It was difficult for her to skip on her chubby little legs and swing the basket at the same time.

Odd's breath caught in his throat as the large doors to the now restored church swung open revealing the Queen, smiling nervously, but it was clear she was excited too. Anna was stood next to her, taking up the role of escort, and together, they began to walk down the aisle.

The princess was dressed in a beautiful, 'safe' dress that reached down to the ground. It was a simple gown, an a-line design and a deep, royal-blue in colour, with embroidered flowers in a lighter shade around the neck. The bottom of the dress was slightly more flowing than the top, and when the Princess spun around as she walked, it twirled slightly around her legs, like waves surrounding her.

However, her appearance was easily overlooked when one glanced at her sister beside her. Elsa's dress was breathtaking, the same colour of freshly fallen snow. It was tight at the top, and strapless, with a crystal white sash just below. From there, the fabric changed into a soft, fine tulle material, and it made a net bottom, that glided and twirled with every step Elsa took, as gentle and flowing as the soft snow of a winter's morning.

Similarly to her hair, Elsa's dress was embroidered with gems, a mixture of diamonds and other various gemstones, which made her appear to shine in the sunlight through the repaired stain-glass windows. Her tiara rested gently upon her head, giving her an air of innocence and femininity, and the opal necklace around her neck complimented the light, baby-blue snowflake earrings perfectly.

"Wow," Odd whispered to himself, as she neared him. She was absolutely radiant.

Finally, after what felt like years to Odd, Elsa came to a stop beside him, and he gently took her hand.

"Ready?" She whispered, and he nodded in response, smiling warmly. Elsa retracted her hand, and smiled, and then the pair turned to the priest.

"We are gathered here today..."

Hans dug his fingers into the crevices in the stone walls of his cell, relieving some of the tension that had built up inside of him. He knew exactly what day it was, and the events of the day were causing his mind to reel in anger, over loaded with his jealousy and fury as it desperately tried to think of a way out.

The wedding of Queen Elsa and that stupid little nobody, Odd. He wasn't even a villager - he simply lived in the forest! How could he achieve so much, over him, Prince Hans!

Pounding the wall twice, Hans took a deep breath in as his steely, cold eyes glared daggers at the wall, as if he could break it with a glance.

I must remain calm, he thought to himself, Everything will work out fine. I need this marriage to go ahead.

Yet, even though the joining of Queen Elsa and Odd was necessary for his little scheme, the knowledge did little to reassure him, to quell his feelings. It wasn't that he liked the Queen - quite the contrary, the brat and her sister had gotten in his way too many times - and he was not jealous of Odd's love for her rather his position.

As a nobody, Odd would never be more than a Prince in the eyes of the law; though a woman may marry a king and become the monarch alongside him, a common man could not take such a prestigious title simply by marrying a Queen, only receiving the next best. Still, even if Odd would not be a king, people would still see him as one.

Something Hans should have been.

Taking a few more deep breaths, the Prince placed his hands behind his head and breathed out again.

He just had to stay calm. In a few hours, the Queen would be married, and then his scheme could really begin to unfold.

"I do." Elsa said, and she beamed at Odd, who returned the gesture just as happily.

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife!" The priest concluded. "You may kiss."

Elsa and Odd looked at each other, and then, completely oblivious of everyone surrounding them, the Queen practically jumped on him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he placed his on her back. The audience cheered loudly as their lips met in a long, lingering kiss, and after what felt like forever, they drew back, gasping for air and beaming wildly at each other.

"I love you," Elsa whispered in his ear. Odd grinned as he reached up to brush a small lock of hair from her face, which had fallen out of place.

"And I love you, too."

Taking Elsa's hand, the pair then raised their hand into the air and ran happily down the aisle, to much cheering, and climbed into the carriage which was waiting outside for them. Anna was the first person to leave the church, whistling happily, and Mia came toddling not long after, crying out "Love 'oo, Auntie Elsie!" as she threw the remains of her petals at the carriage. A few got stuck in Elsa's hair, and she giggled, while Odd chuckled at his new niece.

"Are you ready?" Odd asked his newly-wedded wife, and she nodded, but then shook her head.

"Oh, no, no! Wait!" She said, and leaned out of the carriage window, a bouquet of flowers in her hands, and she threw it back, so that it flew through the air and, strangely enough, landed in Sven's antlers. The reindeer looked at it in surprise, snorted, and shook them off of his head.

Elsa giggled, as the carriage began to pull away, waving happily.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Anna cried out, "I'm so excited!" Bending down to pick up Mia, who was playing with her little toy wolf, she climbed into the carriage which was waiting for her. "Come on, Kristoff!"

Mia gurgled. "Come 'n, papa!" She culled out, and Kristoff laughed as he ran over.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming." He replied, as he climbed in next to Anna. Mia laughed gleefully as the carriage pulled away, and kicked her legs back and forth happily, as she bounced her little toy wolf around.

Kristoff rubbed her hair affectionately, and Anna scowled, pushing his shoulder gently.

"Kris!" She scolded, "You've messed up her hair!"

Kristoff grinned sheepishly. "Sorry. For being late, too. I was trying to make Sven and Seier feel better. I think they're a little sore at not being invited."

Anna laughed. "Really? A reindeer and a wolf want to come to a wedding party?"

Kristoff shrugged. "Seems like it."

Mia thrust her wolf toy towards her parents, shaking him around gently. "Look! Look! Mama! 'olf want go!"

Anna giggled quietly, as she patted the toys head, making her daughter giggle. "Of course he does, Sweetie." She said, before turning to Kristoff and rolling her eyes amusedly.

"See, Anna?" Kristoff said, his voice saying 'well, duh!'. "If Wolf wants to go, then obviously Sven and Seier want to go too!"

Anna giggled, and she glanced out of the window. She gasped.

"Kris! Kris! Kris!" She yelled excitedly, as she reached over to grab Mia. "We're here! We're here! We're here!"

Kristoff shook his head, laughing as he got out of the carriage, and offered his hand to Anna to help her down. She jumped down gently, grinning, and Mia squealed.


Elsa and Odd spun slowly to the beautiful, calming music, their first dance together as a married couple. The Queen sighed, as she closed her eyes and rested her head gentle upon Odd's shoulder, as the pair continued to spin rhythmically.

After what felt like hours, the music subsided, and Anna cheered, loudly. The watching crowd slowly made their way onto the dance floor, and soon, everyone was spinning happily to the music, laughing as they danced together to the much more energetic and lively tune.

Anna laughed as she and Kristoff danced together, happily. Though she truly did love her husband, she wasn't nearly so fond of his dancing skills. He was strong, certainly, but he had two left feet, and despite all of the Princess' coaching in dancing, he still could not move with the music. Either way, Anna didn't really mind - everyone had to have their flaws, something she knew better than most.

It just happened that one of his flaws was his dancing skills, but as the pair danced together, she could forget it. Being with her husband was enough, even if she did look silly dancing with him.

Then again, she made a fool of herself a lot on her own, without her husband's help. It didn't really make much difference in the end.

She laughed as she spun off to another man, and she sent a quick glance towards the woman dancing with Kristoff to say 'sorry'. When she noticed the way the lady was looking at him, though, she snapped her head back, trying to hide any sincere feelings towards her, and concealing her snarl.

The man she was dancing with placed his hands on her waist and lifted her up, and Anna was shocked for a moment, not expecting it. The man below her lost his grip upon her and she fell with a thud. The music instantly stopped and everyone turned to look.

Elsa, who had still been dancing with Odd, rushed over quickly to help her sister up. Kristoff was also by her side in an instant.

"Anna! Anna!" Elsa called out, "Are you okay?"

Anna groaned slightly, and accepted Kristoff's arm to help her up. She blinked a few times, muttering, "Yeah, yeah, I think I'm okay..." quietly, but the Queen didn't look very reassured.

"Continue dancing, everyone! Nothing to see here! Everything's fine!" She called out, and she helped Kristoff lead Anna over to one of the chairs at the side of the room.

"Just... stay here for a minute." She said, as Mia toddled over to sit next to her mother.

"Mama? You 'kay?" She asked, and Anna nodded, a little shaky but okay otherwise.

"Yes, yes, Sweetie." She said, quietly. "I'll be fine." She turned to Kristoff and her sister. "You two go back to the dance. I'll be okay."

Elsa looked unsure, but an insistent glance from Anna, she sighed and obliged. Placing her hand on her shoulder, she said, "Just call me over if you need anything, 'Sis." Anna nodded, and Elsa went back to Odd.

Kristoff stood up, and smiled at his wife. "Well, I'm not going to go back to the dance. I'm not exactly brilliant, and besides, there'd be an odd number if I did."

Anna laughed a little, and Kristoff grinned. "D'you want me to grab you a drink?" He asked, and the Princess nodded slightly.

Kristoff nodded, and turned around to get her a drink of lemonade, but he spun around quickly when he heard Anna's gasp, missed by everyone else over the noise of the music and dancing.

"Anna!" He said, worriedly. "What's wrong, Anna?" He bent down and took her hand, looking into her large, scared eyes. Mia was whimpering, whispering 'Mama?', and Kristoff turned to her.

"Mia, can you go and get Auntie Elsa for me please?" He requested, and Mia, confused and worried about her mother, obliged, running off quickly in amongst all of the dancers, clutching Wolf the her chest in fear.

Anna tried to stand up, and the first thing she noticed was how wet her skirt felt. Her eyes widened even more than before, and she nervously looked down, to see that the bottom of her dress was completely soaked in blood.

Kristoff quickly noticed, and looked around nervously.

"Okay, okay, Anna," He said, trying not to let his voice waver in fear. It would only scare her more. "We'll go out of the back door. Here." Taking off his jacket, he tied it around his wife's skirt, and took her hand, helping her along the wall to the exit.

Sitting her down on the floor, he said quietly, "Wait here." and then left.

It was a few minutes before he returned, but during those few minutes, Anna could hear Kristoff and Elsa's worried whispering. When he got back, with Mia in tow, he bent down and picked his wife up, bridal style, and led her back to the carriage. Gently laying her down upon two of the seats, he then got in himself, resting Anna's head on his lap, and pulled Mia in also, then he instructed the driver to get back to the castle, quickly.

"It's okay, Anna." He soothed, and she smiled weakly up at him. "You'll be okay."

Anna looked at him, her eyes pained and scared. "I'll be fine, but... But what about you?"

He gently moved a lock of hair out of her face. "Don't worry about me." He said, and Anna smiled weakly, remembering when he'd said that before. He was always so sweet, even now. There was no doubt he knew what had happened, and though so many men would have been furious at her for it, even if it wasn't her fault, he didn't say a word.

It was what she loved about him.

Elsa knocked on Kristoff and Anna's bedroom door quietly, and after a few moments, the man opened the door slowly.

The Queen peered into the room nervously, and saw Anna sleeping quietly on the bed.

"Is she okay?" Elsa asked, worriedly, and Kristoff nodded very slightly.

"I hope so."

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