Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 6

A day passed, and there was no word about Anna, but Elsa wasn't too worried, at least not at first. Kristoff kept insisting that the Princess was fine, just a little shaken up, and though he refused to tell his sister-in-law what was wrong with her, he promised that she'd be up and about soon enough.

After just less than a week, though, Odd had begun to feel a little angry, worried for his newly-wedded wife, who was slowly working herself into insanity, surely, with worry about her younger sister. Anna had refused completely to leave her room, and had to have all of her meals delivered to her bedside. Kristoff had taken to sleeping on a sofa which he had requested be moved next to his wife's door, for she was now refusing to speak to even him, and would not let him into their room, except to get dressed. The room was even off limits to Mia, who was becoming quieter with each passing day, and had taken to sitting numbly outside her mother's room, whining quietly to be let in.

Naturally, on the eighth day, when Anna finally emerged from her cocoon, everyone in the castle was in an uproar. She hadn't come out of her cell, as many of the staff called it, for long, not even an hour, but, it seemed, she had grown a little less numb from the incident on Elsa's wedding night.

When she went to see her sister, later on in the day when she emerged once again, she'd had a good time, and had forgotten about the pains of the past for a short while, enjoying the Queen's company and simply having a laugh. She'd become a little more reserved when Elsa asked subtly about what had happened, more a prompt than anything, as Kristoff had recommended - he knew Anna was still sore about the incident - but when Elsa suggested they go to the local bakery and get a chocolate cake each, she cheered up.

It was on the tenth day that Anna finally returned to her normal self.

Elsa was sat in her new bedroom which she shared with Odd, on her bed, as she smiled to herself, watching gentle snowflakes swirling around Mia's head. The child laughed at her own power, loving using her magical abilities.

Though she was barely over eighteen months old, Anna and Elsa had already decided before the wedding that it would be best to begin to teach Mia how to control her powers at an early age. Although Elsa was certain people wouldn't really mind the child's powers, which were identical to her own, Anna couldn't help worrying - as a young child, it was quite possible that Mia would lose focus and, perhaps, she could hurt someone.

Anna hadn't wanted people to be scared of her, after all.

Elsa smiled, and then said to her niece, "Okay, Sweetie," which caught the girl's attention. "I want you to try something. Can you make a little pile of snow, please."

Mia frowned for a moment, processing the question, but the smiled a few seconds later, nodding as she waved her hand and a small amount of powder materialised of the floor. The child clapped happily, and before Elsa could say anything, she had jumped, landing in the snow, completely buried. She then sat up quickly, laughing as she threw the snow everywhere.

Elsa giggled. "You're a lot like your Mummy." She said, fondly, and Mia smiled happily. "Anyway, Sweetie. Now, I want you to try and thaw the snow."

Mia frowned, and Elsa quickly realised that the girl didn't understand.

"Faw?" She repeated, and the Queen smiled at her.

"Make it go away, Mia." She elaborated. Mia nodded, her mouth a perfect circle as she said, "Oooh!" In reply. "Why you not say?"

Elsa laughed, as the toddler scrunched up her face in concentration. Creating snow and ice came naturally to her, but getting rid of it was more of an art.

"Remember how much Mummy and Daddy love you, that will help."

For just a moment, Mia looked like she was going to get somewhere, but then she failed, and a small tear leaked from her eye. "Mama no talk wiv me." She said, sadly, as she wiped the small tear away with the back of her hand. "She doesn't like me."

Elsa looked sadly down at her niece, and bent to pick her up, cuddling her.

"No, no. That's not it." She said gently, "Mummy's just a little bit upset now because... Because... She lost her teddy bear and can't find it."

Mia looked up at Elsa with large, bright blue eyes."Really?" She muttered, and Elsa nodded enthusiastically. This seemed to satisfy the girl, who climbed down and focused on the now-scattered pile of snow again. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to thaw the powder away, but then there came a loud giggle, and Elsa knew that any hope of Mia achieving anything today was now gone.

"Hey, guys!" Olaf called as he toddled into the room. "Hey, Mia! How's it going?"

Mia frowned. "How what goin'?" She asked, not quite understanding, and Olaf giggled.

"How are you?" He asked again, and Mia nodded happily.

"I'm okay." She said, then she looked at her hands and gasped excitedly. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" She cried out in her young, high pitched voice. "O'af? Wanna build a snow-man?"

Olaf looked just as excited as the young girl before him, as he lifted his head up, gasping happily. "Oh, yes! Let's go! We can make one in the garden, and Elsa can make a flurry for her so she doesn't melt!"

Mia looked completely bamboozled - Olaf's speech was much too fast for her, and she frowned, lost, but she just shrugged and nodded anyway. "Okay, O'af!" She said, agreeing, and ran out with her hand in the snowman's own, wooden one, and Elsa sighed as they ran off. She'd thought Mia might have made some progress today, but at least she'd have a good time.

Thawing away the snow for Mia, Elsa was slightly startled as there came a gentle knock on the door, and she called out, "Come in!" with a happy tone of voice. She turned, and was surprised to see Anna standing in her doorway. It was only the morning, and her sister usually stayed in her room until lunch.

"Anna!" Elsa gasped, and her face broke out into a massive smile. "Oh, come sit down! How are you?"

Anna smiled at her sister, and muttered, "I'm fine, thanks." in a quiet voice. Elsa looked unconvinced, and she frowned at her Anna, her face asking 'what's wrong?'

The princess sighed. "I can't hide it, can I?" She asked, and laughed a little to herself, but it seemed forced. "I can't stay in my room forever." She admitted, "And I think Kristoff deserved to be allowed to actually sleep in a bed again."

Elsa giggled, and wrapped her arm around her sister. "I'm glad you're back, sis." She said, and Anna smiled. She then paused.

"Huh." She sighed. "Look, you deserve to know the truth. And you're my sister. I can't hide things from you."

Elsa looked both interested and worried, as she took Anna's hand and held it tight. "Whatever it is, I'll be here for you."

Anna smiled gently, and she looked at the ceiling, took a breath, and then let it out. "Well..." She began, "You know when we went to visit the trolls? You know I was asking Bulda something?" Elsa nodded, wondering where this was going, although she had a faintest glimmer of an idea. "Well, I... I asked her if I was, you know... Pregnant."

Elsa smiled triumphantly. "I knew it!" She exclaimed, but then she realised that something was off with her sister. It took her a few seconds, but then it settled in her brain. "Oh, god, Anna..." She said, "You... You... Did you..." She couldn't finish her sentence.

Anna finished it for her, nodding. "Yes, Elsie. I lost the baby." She hung her head, and the Queen drew her younger sister into an embrace, comfortingly.

A few minutes passed by in silence, and then Elsa spoke up. "Does Kristoff know?" She asked, and Anna nodded slowly.

"Yeah. He knew I was pregnant and, you know, pieced things together when he saw me." She replied, sighing.

A few more awkward seconds of silence passed, but then Anna let out a breath. "Still, I can't live in the past, can I? The past is in the past, and there's nothing I can do about it. I need to move on."

Elsa opened her mouth to object, to say it was perfectly natural to be grieving, but Anna held up her hand. "Please, don't, Elsie. It'll make it harder. I just need to get over it. I've had over a week now, it's okay... I think. I mean, it wasn't even a baby, really, I was only two months along..." She sighed. "Besides, Bulda said she thought she sensed something was a little off. I don't think it was strong enough to survive anyway. So, I guess, maybe it was for the best."

Elsa nodded, slowly, uncertainly, but Anna, having decided to get over things, wasn't going to let the mood hang. She turned to her sister, and, trying to forget everything going on, grinned at her.

"So, you and Odd are married now..." She began, and Elsa frowned. Where had that come from? More specifically, what exactly was her sister getting at?

"Yes..." She prompted, and Anna had a cheeky gleam in her bright blue eyes.

"And you obviously share a bed..." She continued, and Elsa's eyes widened, as a blush began to creep up into sight upon her white cheeks.

Oh, god, Anna. She thought, Why do you do this to me?

Anna noticed her sister's reaction, and this only encouraged her more. "So, have you two spent any... couple time together?" She asked, and Elsa felt like she'd had a tennis ball forced down her throat.

"W-What?" She almost stuttered, shocked and embarrassed, and her blush grew, her normally snow-white cheeks now fire-red. Anna grinned triumphantly, laughing at her sister's awkward glances around the room. She was clearly out of her comfort zone, but the Princess was enjoying tormenting her. Not in a malicious way, but it truly was hilarious.

"I'll take that as a yes. So, is Odd any good in bed?"

Elsa's eyes grew even wider, as she looked around the room for an escape route, and felt like she'd pass out from embarrassment soon.

Anns laughed. "I'm teasing you, Elsa!" She said, cheerfully, but then she stopped laughing. "Besides, I already know the answer."

Elsa's mouth hung open, and she glared at Anna. "You were spying on us!" She whispered harshly, and Anna looked horrified.

"Oh, hell, no. That's just wrong. No, not spying, but believe it or not, even if I can't see you, it doesn't mean my ears have stopped working."

Elsa felt like she was going to die any second. Can this day get any worse?

Hans lay, staring up at the ceiling, as he so often did, thinking. Elsa had been married to Odd for just over a week now, if he was not mistaken. It wasn't long enough to start the main stage of his plan, but he could begin preparations.

Standing up, he called over a guard, and requested that his older brother, Alec, come to see him. Alec was the twelfth born prince, one up from Hans, and out of all of his siblings, was the one who'd associate and help him most.

He grinned as he sat back down, waiting, and saw a small spider scuttling across the floor. He picked it up carefully and, then, with no remorse or consideration for his actions, pulled one of its legs clean off.

The spider twitched as the Prince removed another, and then two more, leaving it with only four of its original eight legs. Gently he placed it back down, watching as it scuttled around wobbly in a circle, its body wracked with convulsions of pain, and small droplets of blood, almost impossible to see, stained the grey stone floor.

Hans watched for a few seconds, then bent down, and crushed the poor creature with his finger, slowly, revelling in the desperate wriggling it made.

Strike when they're at their weakest. He thought, savagely, as he picked up the dead bug and placed it in his mouth, crunching down and enjoying the cracking sound it made. And then they'll simply fall under your control.

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