Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 7

Odd was sat outside in the castle courtyard, under the only-slightly warm september sun, a small piece of wood clutched in his hand, a scalpel held in the other, as he carefully sliced a few small strips of the bark away. He frowned, and squinted at the work, before he noticed the rough edges, and began to make a few more small changes, carefully editing his work to make it perfect.

He looked up as he heard a small disturbance, and noticed Kristoff and Sven trotting over to him. The mountain man nodded to him, and sat down next to his brother-in-law.

"Hey, mate." He said, and then noticed the little item Odd was crafting. "Oh, what's that?"

Odd looked down at the item in his hands, as he cut off another small sliver from it. The little wooden piece was a small snowflake that the man had crafted, from memory of the ones the Queen managed to create so perfectly. "Oh, it's for Elsa." He commented, "She isn't feeling too good, and I thought it would make her feel a little better."

Kristoff chuckled. "That's sweet," He said, "I'm sure she'll love it."

Odd smiled. "So, how was your day?" He asked, "How'd the ice harvesting go?"

The man shrugged. "Meh, not all that great. I got half way up the mountain and then noticed that Mia had been following me all the way up." Just then, the little child came bouncing over on her reindeer's back. "Speak of the devil." Kristoff commented affectionately, as he rubbed her hair gently.

Mia laughed. "Hiya, Odd!" The child cried out happily.

Odd laughed, as he placed down the wooden snowflake he was making for Elsa. "What were you up to, little Princess?" He said cheekily, as he tickled her under her chin. Though he'd spent most of his life growing up away from people, he'd made that his fate partially because of the love he'd felt for his sister, when he'd run away, and now, he absolutely adored children.

"I was following Papa!" She explained, and Odd smiled, as he patter her shoulder.

"Good girl," He teased, holding back a laugh when he saw Kristoff's face. "You have to keep an eye on Mummy and Daddy for me, okay? Then if they are naughty, we'll get revenge on them." Odd then glanced at his brother-in-law's face, seeing a look of both horror and shock on it, and realised exactly what he'd said.

"Oh, god!" He cried out, "Not that type of naughty!" Kristoff breathed out a sigh of relief, but Mia frowned.

"What type of naughty?" She asked, her voice sweet and innocent.

Odd looked around unsurely, glancing to Kristoff for help, but the man shook his head, laughing at his companion's situation. "Umm..." Odd said, not quite sure what to reply, obviously not wanting to say the truth, but not knowing how to cover it up. "Uhm, well, when Mummy and Daddy are only being a bit naughty, we won't get revenge on them then. But if they're really really naughty, then we will."

Kristoff looked like he was going to choke from trying to hold in his laughter, but Mia looked serious still, oblivious. "If Papa take Wolf?" She suggested, and Odd laughed.

"Okay, Mia." He said, "If Daddy steals Wolf, then we'll get revenge on him."

Mia looked gleefully at her father, with a gleam in her eyes. "Papa taked Wolf!" She cried out, pointing at him accusingly, and Kristoff crossed his arms over his chest.

"No, I didn't!" He said in response, miming horror at being accused. "You lost him!"

Mia laughed, and Odd stood up from his seat.

"I don't know..." He said, grinning, "Do you believe him, Mia?"

The toddler laughed happily. "No! Papa taked Wolf!" She ran over to her father, and grabbed tightly onto his leg, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him, and no matter how much he shook her, she would not let go.

"Well, then." Odd said, "We'll just have to fix this, then, won't we?" He said, and Mia nodded enthusiastically, laughing. "Come on, then!"

Odd laughed, as he pinned Kristoff down playfully, and the man squirmed, playing along, as his daughter came over and jumped on him.

"Ooph!" Kristoff groaned, as Mia landed right on his stomach, and he scowled at her. "Come here, you!" Standing up, he caught her as she fell, and swung her around, before stopping so that he could tickle her. The toddler wriggled and writhed wildly, screaming happily for help.

Odd chuckled again, as he bent down to pick up his wooden snowflake, and finish it off.

"Well, I'm going to go back inside and see how Elsa's doing. Are you two coming?"

Kristoff nodded and, for a moment, stopped tickling Mia, who took advantage of the second to scramble from her father's grasp and run to her uncle, poking her tongue out at him cheekily as she went.

After a few minutes, the group reached the main entrance hall, and slowly, Odd's gaze trailed over to the portrait of the old king on the wall. He stopped, and sighed.

Kristoff turned around, frowning at him, before he looked at what his 'brother' was looking at and understood.

"Are you a bit nervous, Odd?" He asked, and his companion nodded.

"Yeah." He replied, in affirmation, "I mean, sure, I'm a Prince, now, but who am I really? I don't have any past - not a past that I want to remember, any way - and I'm not exactly Prince material. I don't even have a proper job, because really, that whole 'Forest Master and Protector' thing is just an excuse."

Kristoff placed his hand on Odd's shoulder. "I know how you feel." He said, as he looked at the towering portrait. "I always worried I'd be no good - I wasn't even raised by people, I was raised by trolls, who have completely different customs. In the end, though, as Anna reminded me, it isn't your lineage which makes you a good member of the royal family."

Odd considered this, but frowned. "Then what?"

Kristoff smiled at him, as he said, "It's who you are inside." He then turned to look at the painting again. "Perhaps you won't be the king, but I promise you, you'll make a bloody brilliant Prince." He paused, thinking, and Mia cried out, "Bwoody Bwilliant Prince!"

Kristoff's face was one of pure shock, as the thought, "I am so dead," ran through his mind. Odd chuckled, as Mia added, "Like Papa!"

Kristoff's heart melted, and he picked up his daughter, who smiled at him.

"Come on," he said, "Let's go find that Queen of yours."

As the walked off, he said quietly to Mia, "Do you know what 'bloody' means, Baby?"

The girl shook her head, and Kristoff continued, "It means poo."

Mia scrunched up her nose, as she cried out, "Ewww!", loudly enough for almost all of the castle to hear.

Elsa groaned as she sat up, and Anna rubbed the back of her neck.

"You feeling better?" She said, gently, and the Queen nodded, before hastily shaking her head again and almost diving for the chamber pot. She groaned again, as she rinsed her mouth out.

"Ugh!" She complained, "This is hell!"

Anna laughed. "Hey, hey, it's not so bad. Remember what I was like when I was pregnant with Mia?"

Elsa couldn't help but laugh quietly. "Oh, thank God I'm not pregnant." She commented, as she wiped her mouth on a handkerchief. "I think I'll just say I can't have children and adopt, instead."

Anna laughed. "Whatever you want, Elsa." She said, as she studied her sister's face. "You know, you've got more colour in your cheeks... well, a little bit. Your skin isn't completely white at any rate. And it doesn't have that green tint."

Elsa smiled, as she commented, "That's the downside of my being the snow-Queen, huh?" She turned to look in the mirror. "It looks like I've just, I don't know, painted my face with chalk, doesn't it?"

Anna giggled. "Well, your hair's whiter." She pointed out, but Elsa frowned as she turned to leave the bathroom.

"My hair isn't white, Anna." She said, rolling her eyes, "It's just very bleach-blonde."

The Princess raised her eyebrows, as she said, "Uh-huh?", unconvinced, and Elsa waved her hand dismissively.

"Fine, think what you want." She replied, and Anna grinned triumphantly as she sat down on Elsa and Odd's king sized bed.

Just then, there came a little knock at the door, and Olaf came trotting in, grinning like crazy, as normal. "Hi, Anna! Hey, Elsa!" He greeted, and he smiled at the Queen. "Kristoff and Odd are waiting for you two downstairs, so I came to get you."

Anna and Elsa looked at each other, before shrugging and following Olaf out of the room. Though the Queen still looked a little under the weather, she was quite presentable, as she made herself a dress of ice quickly.

Olaf laughed as he skipped through the corridors, before he turned his head around to look at the Queen.

'"You know, Elsa," He said, "Your hair looks especially white today. Like snow!"

"Hello, Alec..." Hans sneered, "Long time, no see. How's life up above?"

The older Prince frowned, as he crossed his arms and stood up taller, threateningly, but the younger was not put off in the slightest.

"What do you want, Hans?" Alec snapped, as he impatiently tapped his foot on the ground, his eyes narrowed at his younger brother in disdain.

Hans chuckled quietly at his sibling's behaviour, as he stood up and glided over to the cell bars. "Don't look like that, Alec," He said, his voice sharp as knives. "Maybe we don't agree on everything. I understand that you do not agree with my actions in Arendelle, four years ago, whereas I still feel that I did nothing wrong. Well... perhaps I was a little harsh on the Queen, but that's in the past, now."

Alec stared at Hans, his face expressionless. "What are you trying to get at here, brother?" He snapped.

Hans chuckled again. "Now now, brother. Don't jump to conclusions... just let me talk first, before the guards take you away."

"Spit it out, then."

The younger Prince sat back down again, as he stared at his brother directly in the eyes, but neither would back down, both struggling without saying anything for authority, power, over the other. "I'm not blind, Alec, even if I am trapped down here. I know that Bjørn always was your favourite older brother, and his death still makes you angry."

Alec seemed un-impressed, as Hans continued. "I also know that our Kingdom is... aching... for a war. And those cravings must be quenched, yes?"

Alec frowned. "Are you suggesting that we go to war with Arendelle? I believe you are forgetting that she has one of the largest, strongest navy fleets in the world? We'd never get to the docks, even."

Hans clucked his tongue, mockingly. "You seem to underestimate my intelligence, brother. It is insulting, even. No, I am not suggesting that we go to war with Arendelle, for she is, as you say, much too well-defended for us. However, from what I know, are the Queen and Princess of Arendelle not related to the Queen of Corona?"

Something seemed to click in Alec's mind. "Are you saying that if we go to war with Corona, Arendelle will join?"

Hans clapped his hands together, grinning. "That's exactly what I'm saying brother, but that's not all."

Alec seemed suddenly interested in his sibling's plans, as he took a step closer to the bars of the cell, eager to hear the rest of the scheme. Hans was amused at his brother's rapid involvement in his plot. "That would satisfy our need of war, but what about the need of revenge?" Hans was in his element by now. "And I know exactly the way to get it."

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