Frozen Powers: Sweet Vengeance

Chapter 8

Odd rubbed Elsa's back gently, holding her silver-blonde hair back, as she threw up once again into the chamber pot, moaning. She'd almost been living in the bathroom for the past three days, vomiting almost all day-and-night. To his credit, Odd had remained faithfully with her, despite her dishevelled appearance, and even worse, the gag-worthy smell. During one of her 'free periods' - when she wasn't being sick - Elsa had actually commented how un-Queenly it all was, and her companion had actually agreed, teasing her, but it made her laugh, and she was grateful.

Well, at least until that triggered another spell of vomiting.

People had been in and out of the room during the whole time, whether it be Anna, maids bringing food and drink to Elsa and Odd, although the Queen could only stomach water and was, as a result, getting very hungry and quite cranky, an emotion that she rarely ever showed. Still, though, she didn't want to try eating again, because her nausea seemed to finally be clearing up, and she didn't want to risk another wave of it.

She sighed, as she felt her stomach clench up again and she retched, but nothing came up, and she groaned as it happened a few more times, before eventually ceasing.

"Ugh..." She moaned, and Odd patted her back gently.

"How are you feeling now?" He asked gently, and Elsa shrugged slightly, weak and shaky from the retching.

"I think I'm a bit better now." She laughed nervously. "I don't think there's actually anything left in my stomach for me to be sick."

Odd smiled, as he helped her stand up, but he noticed how shaky she was, and he bent down to pick her up, bridal style. "Come on," He whispered. "I'll get you to the bed, and then you need to try and eat something. Else you'll starve, and we don't want that."

Elsa laughed quietly, as she was carried to the bed and gently laid down. "You sound like you're talking to a child."

Odd chuckled, as he moved a lock of sweaty hair from Elsa's face and smiled. "Sorry," He apologised, before placing a kiss on his fingers, and touching her forehead. "I'll be back in a bit, would you like me to get Anna?"

Elsa smiled. "That'd be wonderful. Thanks, Odd. I'd kiss you, but quite frankly, I don't want to give you this bug."

Odd chuckled, as he stood up. "I've probably caught it already by now." He said, his voice teasing. "I'll be expecting you to care for me then!"

Elsa laughed, a proper, stronger, hearty laugh. "It's your own fault." She teased, not feeling sick at all any more. "But if that's the case, I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks, Snowy." Odd teased, and Elsa raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Snowy!" She snapped, but her voice was not harsh, but gentle, surprised sense. Odd chuckled as he walked through the doorway.

He shrugged in amusement. "What? It suits you." He teased, and grinned at her. "I'll go find Anna. I think she wants to talk with you, anyway."

Mia laughed as she danced around happily, spinning, her long, elbow length bleach blonde hair twirling around her as she went. She giggled happily as she skipped around her friend, Arne, cheekily grabbing his hand and pulling him around in a circle.

The pair laughed together, their young, high-pitched voices ringing through the still air. Eventually, they got bored of dancing around, and Arne found a small bag of marbles in his pocket, which he brought out for the pair to play with.

Arne was a young boy, a poor, disabled orphan, who would show up sometimes, randomly, to play with the little Princess. He was older than Mia at the age of three and a half. The princess was very advanced for her age, however, and as such, the boy had no problems with playing with her. She didn't act like a baby, and that was enough for him.

At any rate, no one else would ever play with him, so the little Princess was the only person he could trust to keep him company, and not judge him instantly. Most people looked at him with disdain, no one taking the time to get to know him like Mia did.

Mia rolled her marble, and cheered as it hit the striker, making Arne scowl, before he noticed the larger ball rolling away. Quickly, he scrambled up after it clumsily, not wanting to lose his precious marble, and Mia cried out, making adults come rushing outside.

"No, Arne!" She shouted, "Stay 'way from edge!"

Arne, however, didn't notice the Princess' warning, as he hurriedly scurried after the little ball, which dropped off the edge of the cobbled floor and fell down to the village below, smashing from the impact. The boy pounded his fist angrily on the ground, and he began to try to climb awkwardly down, making the adults surrounding him stare in a mixture of awe and concern. Even though many did not actually see Arne as a human being, for he was so different to them, the way that he managed to manoeuvre the face was truly amazing, all things considered.

Mia yelled for him to stop again, crying out, "Stop, Arne! Stop! You get hurt!" But nothing could deter the young boy from his mission. Mia ran over to him, and in her fear, she didn't notice that the floor was becoming increasingly slippery, as a small layer of ice formed around her feet.

Arne noticed a second too late that there was ice on the ledge, and slipped as his foot made contact with it, falling down a metre or so to a dirt outcrop below, crying out at the impact and the shock, not really hurt, but stunned.

"Arne!" Mia cried out, as she lay down on the slippery floor, trying to reach him, but her short, stubby arms were not up for the job, and she could not help. More ice began to form, and then, suddenly, the ledge Arne was sat on gave way. The princess cried out in fear for her friend, and large icicles sprung up behind her, almost hitting the surrounding villagers, but luckily not quite.

Mia didn't notice the scared looks the adults surrounding her were sending - she was only a year and a half old, and there was no way she could control her powers. Not completely, anyway, and even though she was so advanced, she was still only one and a half. They had no problem with Queen Elsa, but she was not dangerous. The young princess could be, quite possibly.

She spun around to the adults, who all instantly backed up a step, and she cried, "Someone, 'elp Arne!" But no one reacted, all too dazed to process the girl's request. No one really cared for the child, either - no one knew where he came from, and a large majority of people assumed that he would bring bad fortune along with him. Perhaps part of this distrust towards the child stemmed from his physical appearance - the poor boy only had a stump, in the place where his right arm should have been, and people did not have confidence in people with such handicaps. She begged again, but still, no one would help, all seemingly frozen in place, but they couldn't get past the icicles anyway.

Mia began to sob, and then, suddenly, she stopped, and, with a dazed expression on her face, she turned to the adults again and waved her hand. A few small snowflakes emerged from her fingertips, and gently floated over to one of the villagers, before settling upon the man's nose, and disappearing.

For a few seconds, he appeared normal, but then his body shook, before returning to normal, and slowly, he began to make his way over to the edge where Arne had fallen, breaking the ice away with his hands, not reacting at all when he slipped on the slippery floor beneath him.

It wasn't long before the man reached Arne, and slowly, he helped to pull the child back up to the village, before placing him down, and then walking back over to the crowd.

For a second, everything was silent, and then suddenly, the man collapsed in a faint, out cold on the cobblestone floor. It was a few moments before anyone spoke up.

"It was the princess!" A boy, nearing the age of his teenage years, but not quite there yet, shouted. Mia glanced at him, confused at why she was being accused, and she instantly recognised him.

She glared at him, her blue eyes icy cold, and he stared back at her with just as much disdain. Their paths had crossed before, when Mia had been riding Lysse, and had knocked over the boy's carefully crafted stone sculpture of the Arendellian symbol. Though the little princess had apologised a lot - she had inherited some of her mother's clumsiness, it appeared - the boy refused to believe that she had not hit it on purpose. Ever since, he'd made it his goal to try and get revenge on her, but it wasn't easy to hurt a Princess without getting a prison cell with one's name on it.

The boy grinned coldly, and Mia shrunk back a bit, staring around at the frightened villagers around her.

"She hypnotised him. Don't you see! She's dangerous! She's too young to control the curses she has! We must stay away from her!"

Arne, slowly getting up, in pain from his fall, glared at the boy. "She's not dangerous!" He cried out, but instead of being intimidating, it was actually almost amusing, the toddler arguing with the teenager.

"She is!" The boy snapped back, and he turned to his fellow villagers. "She can't even talk properly yet! There's no way she could control herself! She'll hurt someone, and she can hypnotise people! She'll make someone... walk off a cliff! Like she just did!"

Though the villagers had confidence that Mia was a sweet child, they all seemed to accept that the boy had a point. A few had begun to retreat away from the girl in fear, while others were staring suspiciously at her, untrusting.

A disturbance came at the back of the crowd, and Anna pushed through, glancing worriedly at her daughter. She didn't mind her playing with Arne, because she always hated the idea of the child being alone - she'd had enough of that as a girl herself. However, she was a little concerned about the massive crowd.

"What's going on here?" She asked, as she walked over to Mia and picked her up, smiling gently at her. "Come on, Sweetie. It's lunchtime. Do you want to bring Arne?"

Mia shook her head, her long, straight blonde hair flying gently in the wind. "Arne no like castle." She said, before explaining. "Too much. Too big, many walls."

Anna frowned a little, but nodded anyway, accepting it. She looked around the crowd, and smiled. "I don't know what's going on here, but... well, bye!"

She tried to leave, but the teenager stepped in front of her, and glared coldly.

"Your daughter is a brat!" He shouted, unable to stop himself, controlled by the desire to put Mia down in front of her mother. "She's dangerous!"

Anna gasped, as she looked down at her baby daughter worriedly. "W-what do you mean?" She asked, her eyes shining. The boy laughed.

"You know exactly what I mean, Princess." He said, all reasonable thoughts lost in his anger. "She has ice powers, and she can't control them. She nearly stabbed someone!"

Anna looked terrified, as she tightened her grip on her daughter protectively. "No, no! She... she nearly can! She's just learning to master it."

The boy didn't look impressed. "If you say so, Princess. But that's not all, is it? That's not all you've been hiding from us!"

Anna looked confused, now. "N-no, she doesn't." She stuttered, scared by the terrified looks many of the villagers were sending her.

"Yes, she does, Princess." The boy snapped back. "Never seen her hypnotise someone before?"

Anna had to hold back a gasp. "N-no! She can't! She just makes snow!"

"Believe what you want, but mark my words - she's going to get someone killed."

Anna felt her legs go weak, and she struggled not to collapse. There came a disturbance from behind, and Elsa quickly came forward to help her sister, grabbing her shoulder to support her.

The Queen turned to her guards, and said simply, "Take this boy to one of the free prison cells. Hopefully a week of confinement there will teach him some self-discipline and to hold his tongue." She then turned to the villagers. "There is nothing to see here. Please, be on your way."

Carefully, gently, she helped support Anna as she walked back up to the castle, by which time Arne had disappeared. The Princess stopped when she got inside the doors, and quickly placed Mia down, before she collapsed onto the floor herself.

"Now, everyone knows." She muttered, before looking at her sister. "What can we do? If what that boy said is true - if Mia really can control people - then the word will soon spread."

Elsa looked at her niece fearfully. "We can't let her out of our sight. She isn't safe anywhere now. One way or another, someone will try to hurt her, out of fear or greed."

Anna looked at the new portrait of the Queen and her Prince, and sighed. "We can't ever let her out, really, can we?" She asked, sadly. Elsa shook her head, not know how to soften the news for her sister.

"It's true - we can't let her out. Perhaps not indefinitely, but she'll have to remain here, in the castle, for the most part. If we don't... I can't imagine what will happen."

Anna felt tears leak from her eyes. "Oh, Elsa. I feel terrible! How can I keep her locked up forever? She'll hate me!"

Elsa sighed. "I know, Anna. We'll try to work things out, but... for now, though it pains me, we really have no choice. She could get hurt. You saw how that boy reacted to her, didn't you? People don't trust magic very much, even my own - in a young child, they'll never see her for anything but a monster."

Lunch was forgotten, as Elsa helped Anna and Mia to the lounge, where the Princess lay crying all evening at how messed up everything was, whilst the young girl entertained herself with gentle snowflakes, a constant reminder of the trouble they were all in.

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