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The Hero and the Pirate


When fate brings an island boy and a pirate girl together, things don't initially work out between them. But put them in a world crisis, and guided by a talking boat, they'll have to work together.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1- The Journey Begins

The boat was quiet at night, but for the lone person on the deck, there wasn't enough noise.

Her name is Tetra.

At the age of 17, girls search for boys, put on makeup, go to parties, occasionally have sex, get drunk, do school work, combat the monthly cycle, and sleep half the day away. Oh, and prom.

One girl will never have half of that. She was alone on a ship at night, while her crew slept.

All the girl could think about was two things: Her mother, and the fantasy she had for ten years.

Every girl has a fantasy, whether its marrying a famous singer, actor, prince, athlete, or whatever. This girl had one as well. Thanks to the story her mother told her.


"Yes dear."

"Why do we have pointed ears, and other people don't?"

"Good question. It is because, where our ancestors come from, our people were said to hear messages from the Goddesses."

"Where are we from?"

"A land called Hyrule...The Golden Land blessed by the Goddesses...That's where our people are from, my daughter."

"Where is it, Mommy?"

"Long gone, my dear daughter. The islands are all that remain."


"Evil, my daughter. Our people was troubled by an evil king, who wanted Hyrule for himself."


"Let me tell you that story, of the Golden Land. But first, take this."

"What is this, Mommy?"

Tetra looked under her red scarf, finding the golden item wrapped around her neck. A small triangle was connected to the necklace, and it had a small chip in the bottom. It was very beautiful, and it was hers to keep safe. She didn't know why.

"It is a family heirloom. My father passed it down to me, and his mother did the same. It is for you to protect. Consider it a lucky charm."

"Yes ma'am. I will protect it."

Tetra kissed the golden item, and place it under her scarf again. Whatever the item was, it was lucky. The girl and her crew were very successful pirates, and they were the most feared pirates as well.

Tetra made sure she'll honor her mother's dying wish, to protect the heirloom.

"Now, the story..."

Across the ocean, on the lookout on a small isle, a young boy gazed out at sea.

His name is Link.

At the age of 17, boys did pretty much what girls did besides makeup, and search for boys (he doesn't know any boys that like other boys). He probably could have a girlfriend, but the problem with that is the only girl close to his age is Sue Belle, and she's 20. Sucks for being on a small island, but the boy actually likes her. She was just sooooooo hot. Every night, he'll think of her, and think about her, and think of being with her.

Then reality hits.

He also had a sister, 11 year-old Aryll, and a grandmother, Saria. His father died 7 years ago, and their mother...they don't know. According to their father, she was a drunk.

Speaking of his father, Link had him on his mind. His father was an adventurous man in his 48 years of life, and Link was the same. Some days, they'll explore the forests on the island, but Link wouldn't be able to leave the island with his father until he was 18.


Link would have his first birthday without his father around tomorrow. The day a boy becomes a man. Three more hours, and it will happened.

Link remembered a story his father told him years ago, one that stuck with him. It was the other thing on his mind.

"Link, there's something I want to tell you."

"What is it, Father?"

"Do you know why we wear the green on our eighteenth birthday?"


"True, but that's not the real reason. Today, I shall tell you. But first, take this."

"A sword?!"

"Yes, your very own sword."

Link unsheathed the sword strapped to his back, twirling it in his left hand. Ever since he was seven, Link was trained with the sword and shield style of combat by his father and local swordsman, Orca. They said he was a natural at it. The Hero's Sword, as his father called it, was wielded by the legendary hero himself. Link doubted that, but, to be honest, the sword made him feel like a Hero.

"Thanks, Father!" But can you tell me the story now?"

"Alright, my son, let me tell you of a fabled land, one where magic was present, monsters roamed, and heroes saved the world."

This is but one of the legends of which the people speak...

Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. It was a prosperous land blessed with green forests, tall mountains, and peace. But one day, a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself. With its strength at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom.

But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand.

A young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil's bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light. This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time. The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became legend.

But then...

A day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom. The great evil that all thought had been forever sealed away by the hero once again crept forth from the depths of the earth, eager to resume its dark people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them.

But the hero did not appear.

Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the gods. In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate.

What became of that kingdom? None remain who know.

"Do other people know this, Mommy?"

"The memory of the kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath. On a certain island, it became customary to garb boys in green when they became of age. Clothed in the green of fields, they aspired to find heroic blades and cast down evil. The elders wished only for the youths to know courage like the hero of legend."

Tetra knew where that island was. It was called Outset Island, but she's never been there. Never had a reason.

But back to her fantasy, she dreamed of the hero of legend. She bet he was very handsome, brave, charming, everything a girl could want.

She wanted a Hero of her own. The green clothing, the floppy hat, the brown boots, golden hair, sword and shield in hand. No, her in his hands. That's what she dreamed of every night, and thought about every day. They could go on adventures together, explore hidden dungeons, find treasure, save the world, whatever they wanted, together.

But reality hits hard, doesn't it?

Tetra won't have her hero. But now, she really needed one as a giant bird swooped down and snatched her up, heading south, her crew following behind.

Link dreamed not of Sue Belle or his father. He dreamed of his dream. Being the Hero of Time.

Sounds stupid, but Link made many connections to himself and the legendary hero. They're left handed, tall, swordsmen, undeniably handsome, brave, blonds, undeniably handsome, and, most of all, undeniably handsome.

Did he mention sleepyheads?

Link dreamed of conquering dungeons, killing monsters, battling the evil one, and saving the princess, and then kissing the princess after she calls him her hero. Then he marries the princess and happily ever after.


"Five more hours..."


"Alright, four."

"Big Brother!"

Link finally woke and faced the ladder to the lookout. There, his little sister looked at him through her telescope. "Aryll, it is too early to be up. Go back to bed."

"Link, it's 10 o'clock."

"Still early." Link stood up and stretched his arms, finally deciding not to sleep the day away.

Aryll stood behind him, hands behind her back. "I knew you would be here, hee hee hee! This is my FAVORITE spot to gaze out at the sea. When I play with the gulls, I call it 'Aryll's Lookout.'"

Link still was half sleep. "Uh huh. I know."

"So, do you remember what day it is?" Link tried to remember, but thinking made him sleepy. Aryll sighed. "You're still half asleep, aren't you?"

Link said nothing.

"Did you forget?"


"Big Brother, it's your birthday!"

Link now remember. He scratched the back of his head and smile. "Yeah, I knew that."

"That's why Grandma has been waiting for you to come back to the house! She's been waiting for a while now. It's a good thing I came to find you!"


"You should probably go home and see what Grandma wants, don't you think?"

Link looked towards the house, knowing what Grandma wants. "Yeah. See you later, Aryll." Link slid down the ladder and walked towards his home, waving to everyone and getting birthday wishes as well. On his way, he met with Sue Belle, and if he was half asleep before, he was wide awake now.

The violet haired woman was carrying a pot on her head, filled with water. The long sleeve pink dress she wore had Link's attention, for he got a good look at her upper body.

If the woman did notice him looking, she didn't address it as she set the pot down and went to hug him. "Happy Birthday, Link!"

Link could've swore he didn't have "extra weight" when he was with Aryll. He did so now. "Thanks, Sue."

"Now that you're a man, I want to do something special for you."

"Today just got way better."

"I'll make you your favorite cake for tonight."

"Damn. I'll take it though. She's making it." "Thanks Sue. I got to see my grandma now."

"Ok." Link left Sue and entered his home.


"Up here, Link." Link climb the ladder to the second floor, and saw his grandmother standing under a shield he never seen before. In her hands were the clothes he has been destined to wear on this day. His grandmother smiled as he walked over. "I've been waiting for you, Link."

"I overslept, again."

She held the clothes to him. "Link, try these on. Time certainly flies...I can't believe you're already old enough to wear these clothes." He grabbed the clothes and held them. He was excited, then disappointed.

"Grandma, I think these clothes are a little warm for this weather."

"Don't look so disappointed, dear one! Just try them on. Today is a day to celebrate! It is the day that you become the same age as the young hero spoken of in all the legends. You only have to wear them for one day, so don't look so down. Be proud, child! In the olden days, this was the day boys were finally considered to be men. They were taught the ways of the sword to prepare them for battle with their enemies. But we don't live in such an age any longer. Our ways are the ways of peace. Plus, Orca and you are the only two men who know anything about swordplay." She turned to the shield. "Hanging the family shield on the wall as decoration is another tradition that has been carried down from those days. Oh, you're finally dressed." Link looked at how the new clothing fit him. It felt weird...and somehow right. "Does all this make sense to you?"

He nodded.

"Isn't that nice, Link. They suit you perfectly! A perfect fit! Girls would be going crazy over you know."


"Well, tonight I'm going to invite the whole town over for your birthday party, so I better start getting ready, shouldn't I? Your grandma is going to make your favorite soup for you tonight! Mmmm! I just know you're looking forward to it!"

That perked Link up. Grandma's soup was the best thing ever! "Yes I am, Grandma."

She smiled. "Now go get Aryll." Link turned and left the house as Saria looked down upon him.

"Your father would love to be here, Link."

Apparently, Link was a hero today. He gathered pigs for Abe and his family, gained the gift of knowledge from Sturgeon, and mowed Mesa's lawn.

Being heroic is hard work.

Link returned to the lookout, where Aryll was enjoying the sights while gulls flocked near her. They flew away as Link came closer to his sister, and she turned around. "Ah! 'Hoy, Big Brother! Did Grandma make that outfit for you?"

Link stood proud and heroic. "Yes. Yes she did."

"But wow...You look as if you'd be way too hot in those clothes."

Link walked up beside her and leaned on the wooden rail. "Sexiness comes at a price, little sister."

She hit his shoulder. "Whatever. I guess they're pretty neat, though. So anyway, Link..."

"Uh huh?"

"Can you close your eyes and hold out your hands? Just for a second?"

"Sure." He did as instructed, and felt something round and metallic in his hands. It felt familiar. "Aryll..."

"I'm going to give you my most treasured belonging...but just for one day! Happy Birthday!" Link opened his eyes and saw Aryll's telescope in her hand. She always carried it around. Like Link's sword, the telescope was given to Aryll by their father. "So? Well? Do you like it?"


"I'm letting you borrow this special gift just because you're my big brother! Aren't you lucky? Hee hee hee!"

He ruffled her hair. "Yes I am, because you're my little sister. Now let's try out the telescope."

"Try looking to our house from here!" Link did so, and saw the Rito mailman near their mailbox who looked like he was trying to fly.

"The postman looks kinda wierd, doesn't he Link."

"Yea. I wonder why he's flapping like he's scared." Link saw Sue Belle nearby, and almost moved the telescope to focus on her. Almost, because Aryll screamed.

"AHHHH! Link! The sky! Look up in the sky!"

In the sky, a giant bird was flying towards the island, clutching something yellow in its talons. Link zoomed in on the target and saw it was a girl. Several black balls went past the bird, and Link looked out to the ocean, and there was a pirate ship, firing cannonballs from a catapult at the bird.

One struck the bird's mouth, and it released the girl. She fell into the forest.

"Link, this is terrible! That girl fell into the forest! She needs help!"

'A girl...needs help? She needs a hero? This sounds like a job for me!'

Link slid down the ladder and ran up the hill towards the forest. There was a sign. Link didn't care to read it as he chopped the bamboo blocking the path to the bridge.

Now Link knew what the sign was for. The bridge was still being fixed, as there was a missing plank in the middle. Link just jumped over it and headed into the cave leading into the forest.

Coming into the forest, Link saw the girl hanging on a limb, still unconscious. "Don't worry, I'm coming."

Link followed the path, and eventually came to a not so welcomed sight.

A lone purple Bokoblin. Who never saw Link's sword coming at his face.

"Good thing they don't have blood. Better be careful." He continued trekking through the forest, climbing a fallen tree trunk to get to the girl's location. He jumped down.

"Kaw! Kaw!" Above, two Kargarocs flew above and dropped two Bokoblins in front of Link.

"HIYAH!" Link spun around, slashing the monsters across the chest. They fell over, and went poof.

That's when the girl woke up and started to panic. The tree branch snapped, and she fell down hard. "OOOWWWWWWCH!"

Link walked over and helped her up. "You alright?" He got a good look at her. Her hair was tied up into a bun, probably to keep her hair out her face. She had a blue jacket and a red shirt on, and a red scarf was around her neck. Her boots were stuffed with her pants, and a scimitar was at her side. Link was glad he sheathed his sword before he came over.

All in all, she was pretty.

"Yes." She looked at Link, and noticed his clothing. "Wow. What's with the getup?"

Link frowned. "It's my eighteenth birthday, and here, boys dress like the legendary hero when they become of age."

Tetra's eyes grew. This was the island her mother told her about. No wonder she recognized the attire. "I'm on..."

"Outset Island. I'm Link." Tetra continued looking the boy up and down like he was the ninth wonder of the world.

Is he brave? He could be. He came to save her from those monsters.

Is he skilled? Definitely.

Is he how she pictured someone wearing the green clothes? Very close to it.

"Thank you, Link. Now how did I...Oh, that's right! That giant bird came and..."

"Miss! MISS TETRA!" Link and Tetra looked at the cave and saw a man acting as if he's stepping on hot coals. The man eventually joined the teenagers, and pushed Link to the side. "Oh! Oh thank...Thank goodness! You're safe! When I saw you get dropped on this summit, I thought for sure you'd..."

Tetra raised and eyebrow. "Summit? So that bird dropped me on the top of a mountain? Well, wasn't that nice of it!" She turned to leave. "Well, don't just stand there! LET'S GO! Time to repay our debt to that bird in full!"

"But Miss...What about this boy?"

Link looked straight at the man. "The name is Link!"

"Don't worry about him. Come on!" The man followed Tetra, and Link followed behind.

The trio exited the cave, and saw Aryll on the other side. "'Hoy, Big Brother!" Link waved as Aryll walked onto the bridge.

Out of nowhere, the bird appeared again. Link saw it before anyone else, and saw its target.


Link ran onto the bridge. "ARYLL! GET DOWN!" Link raced the monster for his sister. He was almost there.

But too late.

The bird grabbed Aryll, but Link managed to grab the the monster's talon. But he couldn't hold on for long, and fell into the water below.


Link resurfaced, and watched, along with the rest of the island, the giant bird carry Aryll away.

Link made a silent swear to find his sister.

"What? You want to come with us on our ship?"

"That's what I said, didn't I?"

Tetra put her hands on her hips. "Don't you understand what you're asking? We're pirates! You know...PIRATES! The terror of the seas!"

Link folded his arms and snorted. "Please. You were carried off by a giant bird. Who's the real terror?"

That made Tetra mad. "What do we get out of bringing some helpless little kid along with us? I'll tell you what we get...a headache."

Link put his hand on the hilt of his sword. "I'll give you a headache. And you too, big guy."

Tetra probably realized how serious Link must have been. No one challenges a pirate to a duel unless they're crazy, or skilled. "Ok, I know how you must feel, losing your sister and all..."

Link knew what false empathy was. "Do you? Do you really know how it feels to lose a sister, 7 years after losing the only parent you had who was the closest person to you? Do you know that feeling, Miss Tetra?"

Tetra wanted to admit that she knows that feeling, but the pirate side of her spoke instead. "Doesn't matter. Your problem has nothing to do with us, now does it?"

If Link was about to hack her to pieces, Tetra was glad someone intervened. "And how do you figure that?"

Everyone turned to the Rito mailman. The big man, named Gonzo, leaned over towards him. "Whoa, whoa, whoa there! Just who are you?! Where do you get off butting in on someone else's conversation?!"

"Please! All I mean to say is that if you big, bad pirates hadn't come to this quiet, little island, that poor girl wouldn't have been snatched up away by that bird."

Tetra just looked at the Rito. "And what do you mean by that?"

The bird man held his arm out. "Just be quiet for a moment, and I'll tell you. Now, as my work entails delivering letters, I spend much of my time traveling amongst the many different islands. As a result, I hear many different things. Haven't any of you heard word that young girls have been getting kidnapped lately from all regions of the Great Sea? No matter. Whether you've heard it or not, that seems to be the case. Young girls with long ears like yours have been getting kidnapped, never to be seen again."

That dropped Link's heart like a sack of potatoes.

"And, unless my eyes fail me, the young girl who was just kidnapped from this island also had long ears, does she not? Much like YOU do, Miss Fearsome Pirate."

Tetra didn't like the jab at her.

"My point is that the bird mistook that poor girl for you, and that's why it grabbed her!"

The pirate girl looked to the side.

"And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was young Link here who saved you from the monsters in the forest, wasn't it?" He turned to Link. "Is this true?"

Link turned back to Tetra, still frowning. "Definitely."

"Oh, and while I'm at it, I may as well tell you that the bird that kidnapped both you and Link's sister has made its foul nest to the north, on the heights of the Forsaken Fortress."

"The Forsaken Fortress? Isn't that the place where..."

The Rito folded his arms. "So what are you going to do? Under the circumstances, I don't think it would be unreasonable for you to give Link a little help now, wouldn't it?"

Tetra thought about it, and made her decision. "Hmph...I don't need you to tell me that!" She turned back to Link, and his expression matched hers. "Even if I were to consider it, lately, I heard nothing but evil rumors about this Forsaken Fortress. You can't possibly mean to go there with nothing but a cheap little sword! That's not brave! It's stupid!"

"You would know stupid, wouldn't you? I'll be back."

Tetra hated when people left while she was talking. "Better say your goodbyes to your family while you got the chance!"

She could've swore Link gave her the finger as he walked away.

Link entered his home, already knowing what he needed. He climbed the ladder and...the shield was gone. He went back down, and saw Grandma with her back turned.

"Grandma?" He walked over and saw her holding the shield.

"Link...Is this what you're looking for?"

Link bowed his head. "Yes."

She turned around. "Take it with you." He slowly took the shield, and strapped it on his back. He still couldn't look at his grandmother. She started shaking, and he finally mustered the courage to hug her as they both cried. "I guess it is true. Aryll really has been kidnapped, hasn't she? What kind of monster could take such a sweet, young child?"

"I tried to save her, but I wasn't fast enough." He pulled back and looked at his grandmother. "I will bring her back, Grandma Saria. I promise you we will come home."

She nodded. "Your father would be so proud. Now go. Bring my girl home." Link turned and returned to the beach, where Tetra, Gonzo, and the Rito remained.

"Wow, that's a decrepit old shield. Are you sure you can still use that thing? Are you going to get splinters and cry?" Now Link was mad, so he decided to prove himself. He looked at Tetra and smiled.

"OOOOWWWCH!" Gonzo held his shield-battered face, and Link still held his gaze at the young woman. She looked at Gonzo, and back at Link. "Welcome aboard my ship, Link. Let's go everyone."

The pirates began to set sail as the young islander stood on the ship's back, waving to the residents of Outset.




The green eyed warrior looked to the side and saw his grandmother looking on the balcony of their house. They stood in their positions for a moment before Link waved at her.

He was going to miss her.

"Ugh. How much longer is this going to go on, do you think? Do you have an estimate?" Link looked back at the smirking Tetra, who had her arms folded. "Are you sure you shouldn't just quit right now? Seriously, think about it." She leaned back and put her hands behind her head, closing one eye. "I can tell you're going to get more sentimental from here on out. There's still time, you know. Are you sure we shouldn't just turn around and take you back to your island?"

Link looked back at his grandmother one final time. He was going to do this for her. He turned back to Tetra, and smiled. "If I go back, you'll lose whatever good looks this pirate ship has." That surprised Tetra, and she said nothing as the green warrior went below deck.

If he wasn't handsome, she'll toss him back now.

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