juul || markhyuck


"why do you vape?" "why do you care?" donghyuck buys a juul from online. mark hates everything to do with smoking.

Romance / Erotica
ellie .
Age Rating:


authors note !!

-my chapter titles are going to be in my first language and i will always have the numbers on the very first paragraph so no one is confused. anyways, enjoy the story and feel free to give me tips on writing/english!

mark lee was never one to rebel. he always did what was asked of him, has never snuck out, drank, smoked, and rarely curses.

lee donghyuck is the opposite.

when mark found out that his best friend, donghyuck, bought a juul, it seemed as though his life flipped upside down and that one piece of technology changed his life.

oof this is gonna suck ass. anyways byebye

-ellie 🌱

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