The Consequences of Dying

The Death Continued


I stared at her. She looked so peaceful, so human. Was I really going to be the one to end it all, here and now? I looked up at Carlisle, whose face remained blank. His thoughts were filled with Italian, what good was my mind-reading power if everyone was going to sing songs and think in Italian?

"It's your choice…Bella's made the request but it's down to you…" Carlisle said plainly, repeating things I already knew. I begged at him through my eyes, unable to put into words exactly how I felt. I felt helpless yet powerful at the same time. I was pretty sure there was no word for that.

"I'm doing this…for Bella…" I said more to myself than I did to Carlisle. He nodded and made his way out the room, closing the door. It echoed into the silence. All I could hear was Bella's heart beat and steady breathing. Both were sounds which would eventually stop.

Slowly, I lifted her head so that he throat was showing. I smelled her scent and it edged me on. I had to convince myself that doing this was the right thing and that by ending her life in this way, it would mean that I would stop wanting to drink her blood. It would mean that I wouldn't have to always be on my guard in case I crushed her fragile body. I would stop having to worry whether she was safe or not. I was making her invincible.

I leaned in toward her throat, my teeth bare. I hesitated for a moment but then my cold lips touched her warm, sweet-smelling skin.

My mind exploded. I could taste the blood in my mouth and all I wanted to do was drink it. I wanted it all, every last drop. My mind was screaming at me to carry on, to drain her dry. But my heart was reminding me that this was Bella, the one I loved. I had to concentrate as my tongue licked over the blood dripping into my mouth.

My mouth oozed venom; I steadily used my teeth to inject it against the flow of blood and into her vein. I didn't think about the blood, instead I thought about the venom, concentrating on getting it in. My mind was still screaming, it was almost bursting with anger. It was telling me to drink the blood, the sweet, tasty, irresistible blood.

And then, once I had decided that she had had enough, I withdrew my lips from her skin. It was over. The strange thing was watching her sleep, as if nothing had happened. Soon enough, once she woke up, the venom would have spread through her entire body and she would be convinced that she was on fire. I pushed that thought out of my mind.

I had sinned a lot in my life, I knew that. But this had to be the biggest sin of them all. I had basically committed more than murder, and unlike Carlisle, I had done it when the human wasn't even dying. I felt so guilty. It would be my fault if Bella woke up and hated herself like Rosalie did. I couldn't stand the idea of watching Bella in pain.

But I was better than that, I would be here whilst she was in pain. I would be here to comfort her whilst I also drowned in my own guilt as she did her own pain. There was no turning back now. Bella was going to be a vampire and there was nothing I could do about it.

She looked so beautiful, I stared at her just so I could remember how amazing she was when she was human. I slowly leaned in and kissed her still-warm lips. I would miss her warmth, her scent, her wild heartbeat and erratic breathing.

I left her in peace. Not wanting to cause further damage, ending her life was more than enough. I got up and walked out the room, never letting my eyes off her until I could no longer see her.

"Did you do it?" Emmett asked quietly as Esme closed the door to the bedroom.

I nodded, there was no need for words. But I did have one question. "What's going to happen now?" I asked Alice.

"They're going to attack as soon as Sam gives the signal. They're going to try and kill Bella too, Jacob's made his decision. He chose Verity…" Alice whispered as I held back a gasp. Jacob had really chosen Bella's death over Verity. I should have been expecting it; I knew it was going to happen…but still…

"They're going to attack? Great! We haven't fought anyone in ages!" Emmett said excitedly as me, Alice and Jasper gave him a look which quietened him down.

"What should we do?" Jasper asked, ironically stealing the question out of my own head.

"We're going to have to fight back…" Alice said simply, making the decision for us.

"What did you see?" I asked straight out, there was no need for questions if she already had the answers.

"We're going to have to hide Bella. You need to take her to Alaska or wherever, we'll deal with the werewolves…" Alice said, closing her eyes as if another vision was coming on.

"Anything else?" I asked after she opened her eyes.

"You'll need to go soon. Maybe even straight after Bella's transformation. Bella's going to try and sneak out to get to Verity and you know what's going to happen if she does…" Alice said seriously, not meeting my eyes anymore.

"So is this it? The fight between the werewolves and the vampires?" Emmett asked eagerly.

"Yes it is Emmett, yes it is."

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