The Consequences of Dying

The Babysitter


I stared into the night sky whilst tears fell down my cheeks. I was upset, but I was able to control my emotions before I went all wolfish. Bella had probably been bitten by now, screaming in agony as the vampire-stuff went through her, changing her from human Bella to vampire Bella. I had just realised that tonight was the night that Bella had died.

At first, I didn't know what to do with myself. I certainly wasn't going to go back up to La Push yet. I wanted to spend time with people who knew Bella as Bella. I finally decided to go to Bella's house, maybe I could talk to Charlie.

As I parked my motorcycle, wiping my tears as I did so, I noticed another car in the driveway. I ignored it and knocked on the door anyway. Charlie opened the door with an annoyed, agitated look on his face.

"Oh hello Jacob, what happened?" he asked, noting my red eyes and general black aura. He didn't invite me in and as Phil came to the door I could see why. Charlie already had unwanted guests.

"Nothing particular…Bella borrowed a CD and I was wondering whether I could go get it…" I lied, not wanting to intrude where I wasn't wanted. Charlie obviously looked flustered as he moved out the way and signalled to the stairs.

I hadn't really stayed in Bella's room before. It was oddly clean and all of her personal possessions were missing, she had officially moved out. Nothing about the room said that it was Bella's. I stared at the room. This was the room where Bella once lived, where she had slept and breathed and blushed. Now it was all gone, everything. Bella couldn't even sleep like normal people.

It was all too much. I wanted to leave. I grabbed a CD from the almost empty CD rack and rushed downstairs. Renee and Phil were hovering reluctantly near the door. Charlie was by the foot of the stairs.

"Oh you got the CD? Good, I thought Bella might've taken it. She's completely cleaned out that room now…" Charlie said sadly as I slipped the CD into my jacket pocket in case he recognised it.

"Verity's restless…we'll never be able to go now…" Renee said helplessly as I stared down at the little girl. I now saw light blonde hair on her head and soft-pink lips forming a smile. She was definitely beautiful.

"I'm sorry but I cannot baby sit for Verity! I've been invited to Billy's for a game, it was pre-planned!" Charlie apologised without really meaning it. It was clear that he even if he wasn't busy, he would have lied to get out of it.

"Hey…wait a second…Jacob you're not busy are you? Can you baby-sit?" Charlie asked eagerly, just so Renee could stop glaring at him.

"I don't know…" Phil started, but Charlie cut him off.

"Don't worry. Jacob is Billy's son. He's seriously reliable and he's Bella's best friend!" Charlie pleaded as Renee pondered over the idea. None of them had realised that I didn't even say yes yet.

"Go on Phil…we've had these tickets for ages…" Renee begged until Phil finally nodded and she squealed. "Yes! Right…Jacob…that's your name right? Verity will fall asleep soon so you won't have too much hassle. She's just been changed and all she needs is her bottle and she'll fall asleep…"

I nodded, trying to submit to memory everything she had just said. She handed me Verity and in a matter of moments, all three of them had left me in the house by myself.

I stared down at the love of my life. She was small enough for me to carry with one arm. I carried her into the living room, never taking my eyes off her. She also seemed curious about me. She tried to grab my hair and giggled as her tiny fist closed around a lock of my hair which wasn't tied back. I could tell she was going to grow up to be a fun-loving, happy person.

"You gotta admit, she is cute…" said a voice out of nowhere. I whipped around and saw Sam, Quil and Embry sitting on the sofa, all staring at Verity.

"What are you guys doing here? I'm baby-sitting! Charlie won't like it if he knew that you guys were here. And Phil might kill you if anything happens to Verity…" I said quickly, cradling Verity protectively.

"What do you think we're gonna do? Eat her? We've come to ask whether you know if Bella's been bitten yet…" Quil said, poking his finger near Verity as she tried to catch it.

"They've probably already done it. They said they'd do it at twilight…" I glanced at my watch, it was quarter to eleven.

"What?" Sam roared, making Verity cry. My heart was drowning in its own tears listening to her cry. I cradled her some more, realising she probably needed her milk bottle.

"Why are you so angry?" I asked, finding the milk bottle, settling down in my chair and handing it to her. She sucked on it at once, ignoring everyone else completely. Now I could give my full attention.

"Jake, you idiot! Have you completely forgotten the werewolf-vampire treaty or is Verity making you not concentrate?" Quil asked with a serious yet joke-like tone. The honest answer was both.

"What do you mean?" I asked, still confused. The whole Bella-not-being-human thing had made me completely forget what was meant to happen afterwards.

"They broke the treaty. We attack as soon as we get the chance…" Sam growled, hostility stuck in his throat.

"What? You can't attack the Cullens! They're looking after Bella!" I protested quietly as Verity started to fall asleep.

"They won't have to look after Bella once we're done with them…" Embry explained quietly, he had been silent all night.

"You're going to kill Bella? Aren't you?" I asked with panic in my voice. We had talked about this before, I had even accepted that we would have to attack the Cullens. But they had never mentioned anything about Bella…

"Jacob, do you not remember? Her name is Bella Cullen. She's a Cullen now, she's with them…" Quil explained as if it was obvious.

"But I love her! I won't watch as you tear her apart and set her on fire…" I gasped, trying to control my emotions. I needed to be here for Verity, I couldn't go werewolf now.

"Newsflash, you love Verity. You need to forget about the idea of you being in love with Bella. It doesn't work anymore. It's either protecting Verity or let Bella live, which will it be?" Quil said clearly, there was no other choice.

"Fine, just don't expect me to be the one to do it. I'll take Edward…the main thing I need is to watch him burn…" I added menacingly. So this was what it came down to, Bella or Verity. And I knew I had no chance in deciding, imprinting had chosen it for me. I was being forced to choose Verity's protection over Bella's existence.

"Good man, we'll attack on my cue. It has to be when they least expect it…" Sam said, obviously in deep thought.

"Anyway, we'll leave you with the future Mrs Black and see you later!" Quil said happily, unaware of what was going to happen, what I was going to allow happen.

I was going to allow Bella get 'killed' right in front of me with no way of stopping it…

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