The Consequences of Dying

The Pain


Slowly, my eyelids fluttered opened and I could see myself lying in a bedroom bathed in gold sunlight making the bed sheets glitter. I lifted my head slowly, too sleepy to recognise what was going on.

Until the pain struck me. The next thing I knew, I was screaming at the top of my lungs as my body burned and burned. My hands reached my neck as I felt where I had been bitten. I truly could not recall what had happened. In fact I couldn't recall anything that had happened.

But here I was, my blood burning and my skin melting. I had been thrown into the deepest hellfire. God had seen what I had done and now I was being punished for it. My brain was bubbling with heat, as if it was slowly evaporating. My heart was getting stabbed with a thousand needles every time it pumped the burning blood around my body.

"Bella…Bella can you hear me?" said a terrified voice, but it was a sweet, velvety voice which seemed to sooth a tiny amount of the pain.

"Yes…" I groaned weakly, my voice portraying how much pain I was truly in. I screamed and screamed inside my head. It was too much, I wanted to give up, I wanted it to end.

"Bella…we're going to give you some more morphine but the sedative won't work anymore…" the angel of my personal hellfire tried to explain. I had only caught one word of it all.

"GIVE ME THE MORPHINE!" I screamed, not caring about the needles like I would have done before. I stuck my arm out, waiting impatiently for the morphine. I continued to scream.

I felt the needle go in and the cold liquid move through my heated blood. It had an amazing cooling effect. I soothed. The feeling was like being in heaven, but nothing like hearing the voice of my angel.

"Bella, do you feel better?" he asked with his own personal pain caught in his throat. I didn't want him to be upset, but I was scared my voice had been burned out by the pain.

"Yes…what's happening to me?" I asked, opening my eyes again. The gorgeous angel came into view and I stared at him blankly. A small part of me wondered whether I knew him or not, because I had a distinct feeling that I did.

"I bit you Bella…this is what you wanted remember? You're on your way to becoming a vampire…" he explained slowly, frown lines appearing on his deadly pale face.

"I did? I don't remember…do I know you?" I asked staring into his bright golden eyes. I had an irresistible urge to reach out and touch his face, but I controlled it.

"It's me…Edward…please tell me you remember me Bella…" he pleaded, taking my hand into his. Suddenly it all came back to me.

"Oh Edward…how could I forget you? Not all my memories have faded yet!" I said, smiling weakly. The pain may have disappeared for now but I could still feel the venom flowing uncomfortably under my skin.

"Good, you scared me for a second! I think Jacob will be happy to hear that..." he said, a dazzling smile spreading across his lips. Now it seemed to be my turn to frown.

"Who's Jacob?" I asked, puzzled. Had some of my human memories already faded that quickly? It had only been twelve hours.

"You don't remember Jacob? The guy who you love, tall, black hair, werewolf…am I ringing any bells?" he asked, not really surprised as he was amazed.

"How could I even look at anyone else when you're next to me?" I said obviously, reaching over to touch his face. It was soft and cold, just how I remembered it.

"You honestly have no idea who Jacob is? What about…Alice? Jasper? Emmett? Carlisle? Esme? Rosalie? Jessica?" he said all at once. At first I didn't say anything; I had to rack my brains to see if I still remembered them.

"I remember all of them…apart from Jessica. Who's she?" I asked, frowning again. Why was I forgetting certain things but remembering other things?

"She was you're best girl friend! First person you met at school…anything?" he asked, trying to string together the memories I had lost to find a link.

"Nope…" I said slowly…shaking my head.

"Mike Newton? Tyler? Eric? Angela? Ben?" he asked quickly. By the look on his face, I could tell he had made a connection which I was still unaware of.

"Who are all these people? Am I meant to know them?" I asked, shaking my head again as I clutched onto it with one hand. I was so confused.

"You don't remember anything human about your human life! You remember everything to do with vampires! You don't even remember werewolves…" he said slowly as he fitted the final piece of the missing memory puzzle.

"I don't remember…being human?" I asked, clutching my head even tighter now. I felt like a massive black hole has just sucked everything out of my brain. Well…almost everything…apparently I hadn't forgotten anything vampire-related.

"No…sorry about that Bella. But this was your choice. And don't worry, we'll go and introduce you to all your old friends and family again after we come back from Alaska…" he said quickly, formulating a plan as he was saying it.

"Family? Oh-my-gosh, I don't remember my family!" I cried, rocking back and forth with my hands clutching my head.

"You will eventually…don't worry. There's Charlie, Renee and her husband Phil and their daughter Verity…" he informed me, all this information was new to me.

"I have a sister? Oh how horrible, she'll never know she has a sister whose a vampire. You can't introduce me to any of them! It's better if I just stay out of their lives…" I said sadly. I'd never see my family as they'd grieve over my sudden disappearance, as if I had been wiped off the slate of the earth.

"You'll meet Verity alright…very soon…" Edward mumbled angrily.

I honestly had no clue what he was on about.

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