The Consequences of Dying

The Plan


Too soon, Renee and Phil returned and shortly afterwards so did Charlie. I reluctantly handed Verity over to Renee as she stirred in her sleep but didn't wake. I wondered whether to stay for a tip or whether I should just leave.

"Hey Jacob, do you think you could baby sit for us tomorrow? Phil and I are going to stay in Forks until Bella returns from her honeymoon. We want her to spend some time with Verity…" Renee asked suddenly.

"Are you sure?" I checked. These people really were eccentric, leaving their child with a stranger.

"We were talking about it on the way home. We hoped it could turn into a sort of regular thing, just until Bella gets back and spends some time with her sister…" Phil reassured me.

"Uh okay…" I accepted, totally amazed at these people but also at fate. It seemed that fate would bring me and Verity closer together until we actually were together. Imprinting worked in funny ways…

"Okay, we'll see you here tomorrow, probably around nine-ish," Renee told me, carrying Verity away and to the car. I yearned for the child's presence already.

"Thanks a lot Jacob! You really helped me out there, I owe you one!" Charlie smiled, patting me on the back. I was slowly directed out of the house until I found myself wandering towards the woods alone.

I was going to see Verity regularly, every other day or so until Bella returned. But Bella was probably never going to return and when she did she wouldn't even remember them, including me. I tried to control the tears. I couldn't believe I was crying, this was so feminine of me. I was meant to be a werewolf and here I was with tears flowing down my cheeks.

The tingly sensation on my skin was expected with the tears. My emotions were like a waterfall and my skin was the plunge pool as it rippled. I stifled a scream as my transformation was complete. I hated the process of transformation; it was painful, uncomfortable and downright difficult.

"Jacob get back to Sam's now, we're planning the attack and change back before you enter…" Embry told me quietly, I could hear the tension in his mind. Embry was always quiet these days, I guess he didn't really feel comfortable with the whole attack thing either.

"I'm already there; wait for me whilst I change back" I replied. I had run so fast that the fifteen minute journey was now about half a minute long.

I had barely been in my wolf-form for a minute before I found myself trying to calm myself down. I strolled around the edge of the woods, breathing deeply. In a matter of minutes I was back to myself again.

"What's happening?" I asked as I walked straight into Sam's house. Emily had cooked one hell of a feast for us, since we ate so much, and no one had been willing to wait for me, it was hard to control the urge to eat.

"Get in here, Sam thinks we should attack the day after Bella's transformation which is in three days. We need to plan strategy and stuff…" Quil said, eating a slice of pizza in two bites.

"So soon? How are we going to plan such a substantial attack in three days?" I asked, amazed. Even though I felt horrible, it did not satiate my hunger as I reached out for some food on the table.

"We've had all the training and practice we need when we put down that party of newborn vampires. All we need to do is plan our element of surprise, the rest we've all done before…" Sam informed me as if it was obvious. I frowned, yes we had killed enough newborn vampires but these vampires were different.

"Don't you understand the Cullens? They've had more experience, more training. Don't you remember that it was that Jasper guy who taught us everything we knew? They'll all know all our moves: they taught them to us!" I exclaimed, downing my food with some root beer.

"I know that! This is why we need the surprise factor! They won't have enough time to react to the moves that they already know when they come so quickly!" Sam said loudly, he had even stopped eating from irritation.

"Please don't underestimate the Cullen's reaction times. There vampires for goodness sake! They're equally as quick as us, they'll react in no time!" I said just as loud, I had also stopped eating. Everyone else stared at us, unsure of what to say.

"Look what I say goes. We're doing it in three days, final. You're just defending them because you don't want to kill Bella. Well guess what, she's not Bella anymore! She's a vampire, a blood-thirsty, human-biting vampire! You better get over her in time for the attack, we don't need you cowering out at the last minute," Sam said menacingly, storming out of the house. Emily stood in her place, wondering whether she should go after him or not. I gave her a look which told her that it was best not to in case he had gone werewolf.

"You better listen to him mate. It's the easiest way…" Embry sighed quietly. This made me wonder whether Embry had also tried challenging Sam and had been silenced quickly. At least I wasn't the only one who knew this idea was ridiculous.

"It's always has to be the easiest way…" I muttered to myself, but loud enough for only Embry to hear.

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