The Consequences of Dying

The Bloodlust


One day down, two to go. But my first day had been so easy, stupid fading blood. Now I couldn't take anymore morphine. It was horrible, the constant pain. But now I had managed to control my screaming to loud moaning. Edward returned eventually, checking up on me every half-an-hour or so.

The morning of the second day, I moaned for sleep. It was weird staying awake all night and still managing to keep my eyes open in the morning. I would miss being able to sleep. But now my nights would consist of being with Edward, just like the rest of everyday of forever.

"Bella, how are you feeling?" Edward asked as he poked his head round the door. I gestured for him to come in, constantly in pain. I wanted to scream, obviously, but my self-control was getting better. I was almost used to the pain and besides, Edward had heard enough of my screaming and moaning. I had to contain it just for him.

"I'm getting better at this. My skins on fire and yet I'm not screaming…" I said honestly, sitting up against my pillows.

Edward came and sat by my bed, nervous as always. He didn't reach out for my hand or anything, just sat there. I wanted to touch him. His ice-like skin would prevent mine from melting.

"You still…thirsty?" he asked anxiously. I could tell he had been thinking about it all night, I knew I had been.

I nodded. "What am I going to do Edward? Whose scent is it?" I asked with obvious panic in my voice. The second I asked the last question, I could tell he knew the answer. His face plainly gave it away.

"Who is it Edward? You know! Is it that Verity girl you were on about? It's her isn't it! Who is she?" I asked, a string of questions flowing out my mouth. What did this Verity girl have to do with me?

He didn't answer, just stared at the bed sheets. I moaned in pain, a surge of flames had just travelled the length of my body. It burned and I screamed. Without thinking, I grabbed for Edward as if he was an ice-pack.

His skin soothed me immediately, but he backed away within seconds. I groaned and beckoned him to come closer. He didn't. What was he doing? He didn't really need to keep his guard anymore, my blood was fading.

"Edward, what is up with you?" I asked straight out. I wasn't going to give up without an answer.

"Jacob's here to see you…" he whispered quietly. I racked my brains; Edward had told me who he was. He was meant to be in love with me or something like that.

"Let me meet him…" I said slowly, preparing myself for a visitor who wasn't one of the Cullens.

"Jacob, you can come in…" Edward walked to the door and let him in. At the same time he left the room, like a swap over.

"Bella…how are you? Are you in pain?" he asked quietly, his hands in his pockets.

I took one look at him and screamed. I couldn't stop screaming. He had come to test my self-control. I knew it. I formed a ball with my body and hid under the covers, constantly screaming.

Within a second Edward was under the covers, cradling me like a baby. He didn't even ask what was wrong. I still didn't stop screaming. This Jacob guy was still in the room and it was so unbearable.

The scent, the scent that I longed for, it lingered on his clothes. I could tell it wasn't his, he had a whole different scent but the other scent he had brought along with him, it was irresistible. I yearned to lunge at him, even though I knew the scent wasn't even his.

"Bella, Bella stop screaming. It's alright, everything's alright. Please Bella…" Edward pleaded, still rocking with me under the covers.

My screaming turned into moaning as Edward pulled back the covers. He was still in the room. Jacob had backed away against the wall, his eyes wide in terror.

"What happened?" he asked, wide-eyed, obviously terrified.

"Have you been near Verity lately?" Edward tried to ask him quietly, but I still heard. My hearing and vision had improved immensely over the last day.

"Oh-my-gosh, it is her scent! It's this Verity girl isn't it? Who is she?" I cried between my moaning. My heart was almost about to burst from the heat and my brain continued to fizzle. The scent filled my nostrils. Every breath I took, unnecessary though it would be one day, made me even more blood-thirsty.

"You don't remember Verity? But she's your own-"Jacob started, before Edward glared at him to shut up. What was Edward not telling me?

"My own what? Who is she? Is she my friend or my school chum or a family member? Tell me now Edward!" I demanded, the heat prickling my skin. The pain was soaring through my almost empty bloodstream, tackling every cell in my body.

"She's your sister Bella!" Jacob cried out, ignoring Edward completely. "She's your baby sister, barely two months old!"

"WHAT?" I screamed, gasping short, quick breaths. This scent, the one I craved above anyone else's was my sister's? I wanted to kill and drain the blood of my own sibling?

I really was a monster.

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