The Consequences of Dying

The Power


Throughout the whole of the second day of Bella's transformation, Bella demanded that she wanted to be left alone. Her reasoning was that she needed to mull things over. As soon as we were chucked out, I turned to Jacob, as angry as ever.

"Why did you tell her? I didn't want her to know that!" I shouted at him as he made his way down the stairs.

"She has a right to know you over-protective bloodsucker. It's that kind of news that would have stopped Bella from becoming one of you!" He argued, barging out the door and towards his motorcycle. I followed.

"There's nothing she can do! She's becoming a vampire whether you like it or not!" I told him angrily. I had never been this agitated before. I was usually the best at controlling my anger.

"You shouldn't keep things like that from her! It's her life not yours!" Jacob retorted, hopping onto his motorcycle.

"Why did you even come in the first place? Bella doesn't remember you!" I told him viciously, clearly striking a nerve. Jacob's face went blank for a second and he sighed.

"You need to stay on your guard. Take Bella away as soon as possible if you want to protect her, since that's your speciality…" Jacob said curtly, starting the engine.

"I know what your pack is planning. Alice has already seen it. I won't let any of you get to Bella, trust me on that one…" I replied with the same harsh tone.

Jacob gave me one last unreadable look as his thoughts hovered over whether he should go home or go tell Sam straight away. I ignored this. He revved the engine and soon he was gone.

I was back by Bella's door, begging for forgiveness through the door. She had already accepted my apology but still wouldn't let me in. I could tell she was still angry at me and it felt horrible. I had only been acting for her safety.

The second day passed by slowly.

The morning of the final day, I slowly poked my head around the corner of the door, as I usually did. Bella was under the covers, quietly moaning in pain.

"Bella…can I come in?" I asked, opening the door a little wider.

"Yes please…I've had enough of being alone." Bella pleaded, still hiding under the covers. I took this as a sign that she had fully forgiven me.

"How are you feeling?" I asked my usual question, sitting down on a chair next to the bed. I didn't try to comfort her, scared that she might push me away as she did yesterday.

"You need to take me far away from here. As far as possible. I can't hurt Verity, I wouldn't know what I'd do if I did." She said straight out, poking her head from under the covers.

She looked beautiful as always but I could see the differences. Her skin was deadly pale. I knew that her cheeks would never blush again. Her eyes were an amazing bright red, clear sign that there was still some blood left in her body, but only a little. I missed her light blue eyes. After a while, once Bella started her new diet, her eyes would turn gold. Still not the blue I craved for.

"Bella, I told you this yesterday. I won't let you become a monster! I'll take you as far away as you want. I promise you, neither you nor Verity will be harmed." I told her clearly, smiling crookedly.

For the first time in what felt like forever, Bella returned my smile. Her teeth dazzled an amazing white colour, I could tell that there was now venom stored in her teeth, producing that bright white colour.

She finally got out from under the covers and leaned against the pillows. She winced constantly, like she was twitching with the pain. I reached over and touched her now ice-cold, pale hand.

Everything happened so quickly.

Firstly, Bella screamed and withdrew her hand. She stared at me with wide-eyes for a couple of seconds before plunging under the covers yet again.

I had never been more confused in my life. "What happened?" I asked, scared to touch her again. Did my skin burn hers or something? I feared the worst, what if I could never touch Bella again?

"I don't know…" Bella mumbled, her voice informed me that she was scared.

At that moment, Alice barged into the room. "I'm sorry, I should have come in sooner. I didn't really want to say anything before Bella figured it out for herself…" she said quickly, sitting on the bed and removing the covers off Bella, being extra careful that she didn't touch her.

"You know what happened?" I asked, instinctively reading her thoughts. Alice was getting good at this, she was singing an old nineteen-sixties song in her head. Darn.

"Yes, but as I said. I wanted Bella to figure it out for herself before I said something and ruined the surprise!" Alice said happily, clapping her hands together. How was what had happened meant to be good news? Alice was deranged.

"What did you see?" Alice asked, leaning in further, smiling brightly. Bella looked up at Alice, thinking fast. She looked from me to Alice. Suddenly she smiled. She had obviously realised something I hadn't.

"You mean…I've also got…" Bella started and Alice answered her question. I was starting to get irritated, it was weird not knowing things.

"I don't get it though…" Bella asked. Alice thought for a second and then simply, she touched Bella's hands too.

I could see it clearly this time. Bella's eyes immediately shut and then opened with amazement a couple of seconds later. I still couldn't see what was happening.

"So…what did you see?" Alice asked, almost jumping with excitement.

"You and Jasper, together on a beach with your skin sparkling. You don't worry about the sun. You are also discussing all your human memories, you finally remember them…" Bella said, thinking carefully after what she had just seen. Why had Bella seen that? Alice had never been to the beach, she also didn't remember any human memories.

"What exactly is this?" I asked, feeling extra slow today.

"Don't you get it Edward? Bella has a power!" Alice almost sang with happiness. Bella was beaming as if she was in no pain.

"And exactly what is her power?" I asked. I hated seeming so naïve. I was always so used to knowing everything, mind-reading always came with knowing a lot about things. So did the whole living for ninety years.

"I…I think I see what people crave most in live. Like their most wanted desires. What they want most in life…" Bella said slowly, looking at Alice who was nodding along with her.

"What did you see with me?" I asked, curious as ever.

"We were somewhere far away and we lived together and we were happy…" she said simply, trying to remember accurately.

"So why did you back away and scream?" I asked quietly, did she not want a happy future like I did?

"Because I was still human…" Bella whispered quietly.

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