The Consequences of Dying

The Meeting

Edward's Point of View

I've been on this earth for 100 odd years, so it's a big deal when I say that this was the best day of my entire life. Bella had never been so appealing in the sense of beauty, not in the sense of thirst. I didn't even think about how appetising her scent smelled during the ceremony. All I could think of was how gorgeous she was, how unique and just…Bella-like.

Once the ceremony was over, I actually breathed a sigh of relief. I was completely convinced that Bella would back out, and throughout the whole ceremony I was scared that she would turn to me and tell me that she couldn't do it.

But thankfully she didn't. She was officially mine, my wife. She was Mrs Cullen. It was a fact, and I had never been happier that it was.

We made our way to the reception and the entire time I held onto Bella's hand as if I would never let go. If I had my way, I probably never would let it go. She was mine and I wanted to keep it that way, forever.

I recognised his smell the second we stepped out the limousine.

My eyes darted across the garden, past all the guests and the table of gifts to the forest. Even though he was far away, I could still see him leaning against one of the trees, luckily he was in human form…for now.

"Mrs Cullen? Do you mind if I step out for a second?" I said charmingly, I had to be charming for her to say yes. As she made her way over to her mother, I made my way to the edge of the forest. My speed meant that no one even noticed that I was gone.

"Jacob" I nodded towards him, my hands in my pockets. I didn't want to do anything irrational, not today of all days.

"She a bloodsucker yet?" he said directly. Internally, I winced. He would never understand that I didn't choose to be this way. But he was young and immature, so if he wanted to name-call albeit.

"No, you'll know when she's one of us. She'll leave Forks for a couple of months or so and she'll seem different…" I informed him, my hands curling up into fists within my pockets.

"She won't be Bella anymore…" he said regretfully, staring over at her with a longing passion.

"I know…But it's her choice, not mine." I didn't turn around, it would be best to concentrate on Jacob in case he went werewolf and ruined everything.

"But you're allowing her to!" he whispered angrily. "And that's just as bad!"

"Why are you here?" I retorted impatiently. It was my wedding day; I deserved to spend it with my wife.

"I came to check up on Bella. I wanted to make sure she was still normal before I spoke to her…" he said, calming down. But that still didn't mean he couldn't explode if things were to go wrong with Bella.

"Do you want me to get her?" I asked politely but with a harsh tone. I wasn't jealous of Jacob, I wanted Bella to be human, and if that meant letting her be with Jacob then I knew she was worth it. But now were married and Bella was officially mine, which meant that Jacob really needed to leave her alone.

"I can walk. I'll go myself or am I not invited?" he said with heavy sarcasm.

"You know you were invited. If I knew what Bella was thinking, she'd be wondering where you were…" I said quietly.

"Fine, I'll go talk to her then…" he muttered, hesitating a moment before walking over to Bella and dragging her away from Renee and Phil.

And in Renee's arms was a baby child.

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