The Consequences of Dying

The Baseball


The three days were up. It was twilight on the third day, which meant that Bella's transformation was complete. She was officially an indestructible, graceful, pale, desire-reading vampire. Even though she was indestructible, I still had to be on my guard. The werewolves were planning to attack at any moment of the next day. We had to be aware.

"Bella? How are you feeling? Is the pain gone?" I asked as I came into her room in the twilight hours. She had been in that bed for the last three days and hadn't slept a wink, she must be desperate to get up.

"Serious bed sores, can we go do something? I wanna test my speed and strength and stuff!" Bella said excitedly, finally standing up and walking to meet me by the door. Her movement was so graceful, it astounded me. It was so un-like Bella.

"We were thinking of playing baseball, Alice said there'll be a storm brewing…" I suggested as Bella bopped up and down in excitement. Her hair followed her movements fluidly, it was neat and shiny. Not at all like the messy hair Bella should be waking up with.

"Oh-my-gosh! I want to play! Let's go!" she said, reaching up to kiss me on the lips. Her lips were ice-cold, just like mine. I stole a quick glance at the mark beneath her jaw on her neck. I felt a pang of remorse.

We all gathered in the hallway of the house. Emmett wanted to make it interesting.

"Five bucks says that Bella makes it there before any of us…" he told Jasper who took a good look at her and then at me.

"Don't try and look at Alice! You in or out?" Emmett said, standing in between Jasper and Alice.

"I still think Edward's the fastest so you're on!" Jasper held his hand out so that they could shake on it.

"Okay, on your marks…gets it…go!" Esme shouted as all the Cullens, now including Bella ran to the playing area.

I was convinced that I would beat Bella. She may be really strong as a newborn, but speed was always my advantage. I sprinted to the playing field with pure ease as I found myself the first one there. Bella turned up seconds later, along with everyone else.

"Looks like I'm still the fastest…"I said smugly, but I pulled Bella into a hug which she returned.

"You owe me five bucks…" Jasper reminded Emmett, who grunted and took his position on a base.

We started to play, and as we did, we all saw exactly how strong Bella was. She hit the ball so hard that when the ball landed, it knocked over the tree. She scored a homerun every time. I was amazed. To me Bella was always a fragile body that I needed to constantly protect. Now it seemed she could protect herself easily.

"STOP!" Alice screamed from her position in the centre of the field. We all froze and were by her side in the same second.

"What did you see?" I asked urgently, reading Alice's mind. For once she wasn't singing.

It wasn't a vision that disturbed Alice. It was the lack of vision. Alice saw nothing, as if her vision was invisible which only meant one thing: werewolves.

"We need to get Bella out of here now!" I whispered, grabbing Bella by the arm. I almost asked her to climb on my back when I realised she didn't need that anymore.

"You can't! They've got the playing field surrounded!" Alice whispered, looking into the trees.

What a stupid place to come to. What a stupid idea, to play baseball. I should have listened to Jacob and taken Bella away as soon as possible. It was going to happen here. I had no control over the situation. This was actually it.

"What should we do Alice?" I asked, staring out to the edge of the forest. I could see the shadowed movements of the big creatures lingering just behind the darkness of the forest.

"What can we do? We'll have to defend ourselves…which means…" Alice said, thinking hard. She didn't want to admit it out loud, but we all knew what this meant. Emmett, however, was rather excited.

"We get to fight them? Finally…they certainly took their time…" Emmett said, looking pleased. He was the only one smiling and yet Bella seemed quite happy too, which I found quite odd.

"Oh! Do I get to use my newborn super strength power now? I've always had to stand out of fights, now I get to join in!" she said cheerfully, totally clashing with the mood of the atmosphere.

"I thought you said you didn't want to be a monster…" I whispered harshly at her, glaring. This shut her up instantly as she blended in with the mood. I didn't mean to be harsh on her, but she obviously had no idea what she was signing up to do.

"Let them come, I'll negotiate with them…" Carlisle said smoothly. He stood taller than the rest of us, bolder and braver. I wished more than anything to be like him, to handle a situation so coolly.

"They're not here to negotiate…" Jasper said quietly. Everyone spun round towards him; we had all been expecting Alice to say something like that.

"How do you know?" I asked, stealing a quick glance at Alice, who seemed just as surprised.

"Because they don't look like they're here to negotiate…and I can certainly feel that they aren't in a compromising mood…" Jasper said, pointing in a direction none of us were facing. We all turned around.

A line of big, savage werewolves were waiting for us, teeth bared and claws sharpened. Jasper was right.

They definitely weren't in a compromising mood.

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