The Consequences of Dying

The Fight


I couldn't believe this was happening. Here I was, in my wolf-form with Embry shaking like mad next to me. I could see the bloodsuckers all formed in a circle, including Bella. She was officially one of them now, that hit me hard.

After a few moments of talking, the Cullens formed their own line, Bella and Edward were at one end, holding hands. I wondered whether they were going to run for it. I hadn't decided what I was going to do yet, fight or run away. There were only two options.

Sam's voice sounded inside my, and everyone else's, mind. "Leave none alive, charge and attack, follow my lead…" were his few simple instructions. I shuddered at the idea of killing them all; Embry was shaking so hard that his fur was almost falling out.

Sam charged forward, heading straight for Emmett, the biggest of the Cullens. Emmett seemed ready for the impact and there were sounds of growling and grunting.

Quil aimed for Jasper, who had taught him all his moves and was therefore already prepared. He dodged the pounce and bared his teeth, growling his own deep war-like sneer.

Leah headed for a bloodsucker whose name I did not know, but she was one of the girls, whose long blonde hair told me that she was not Alice. The female bloodsucker was barged straight to the ground, caught completely unaware, but she managed to recover to fight back.

By this point, I was running towards the line of Cullens without really knowing who I was going to attack. A small part of me wanted to attack Edward, a bigger part of me wanted to attack Bella. I closed my eyes and lunged at one of them, I instantly recognised who it was. It was Alice, the short-haired pixie girl.

She dodged my attack and whipped around behind me, she didn't bare her teeth; she was purely fighting to defend herself. I growled at her. I didn't like looking like a fool during a fight, and missing the target definitely made me look stupid.

I lunged again and she darted sideways. She had a look on her face which was sympathetic, I couldn't understand why. I growled again but then suddenly she stopped. Her eyes closed, I took this as my chance and jumped onto her again, pining her arms down against the grass.

"Bella's gone! She's gone to find Verity, she sniffed the scent lingering around you! Edward didn't follow her, he's still locked in an embrace with one of your werewolves!" she whispered suddenly, hoping I would understand. She looked into my eyes, trying to look for recognition.

She must have found it because in a matter a seconds I was running away from the fight. Renee had probably already dropped Verity round Charlie's house, since he was the one babysitting tonight. It was just her and Charlie in the house. I already knew that Bella could over power Charlie in seconds, leaving her free to attack Verity.

As I ran towards Forks I heard Sam's voice in my head. "You're a coward! You ran away from the fight! We needed you! You're so self-absorbed and worthless. We're better off without you!" he shouted, I tried to push his voice out of my mind, instead I heard Embry.

"I think I hurt her! What do I do Jacob? She was one of the older Cullens, maybe the mother of the family. She wasn't really sure of herself and I think I got a bit carried away and oh no what do I do? I'm getting out of here!" he gasped. I knew he must have run away and that Sam was shouting at him too. Didn't he realise that none of us wanted to do this?

I slowed down once I reached Bella's house. The living room lights were on. Was Bella already here? I had to be cautious in case Charlie saw me. I leaned against the kitchen window, peeking in.

Charlie was nowhere to be seen, but I could see Bella in there now, preparing herself. She had rolled back her sleeves and was licking her lips, getting ready for her prey. I had never seen her like this.

I barged straight through the kitchen window.

"How did you know I was here?" she gasped, backing to the kitchen door. I had to try and stop her, before it was too late, but I couldn't talk to her. Instead I growled deeply.

"Get away from me you big dog! I know you're here to stop me! But you can't! I can't control myself, it's too irresistible! She's irresistible…her scent…" Bella laughed hysterically. I could tell she wasn't in the right frame of mind, she had officially lost it. She was having some sort of deep, internal struggle as the real Bella was trying to convince her to stop what she was doing.

I lunged at her, but she was so strong that the force of her hand held out to stop me made such an impact that I was thrown backwards, crashing into the kitchen table.

"Sorry Jacob…if that's your name…I think…but I've got some blood to drink…" the bloodsucker version of Bella said harshly. This wasn't Bella, it wasn't Bella at all. I should have killed her when I had the chance.

I tried to detangle myself from the broken table and eventually I got up. I ran through to the living room but somehow the door was locked. She must have moved the sofa.

I was almost crying on the inside as I ran to the outside window of the living room. She had drawn the curtains. I took a few steps back to crash inside. I lunged through the window and straight onto the floor of the living room.

Bella was obviously getting sick of this, with Verity in her arms, she took one good look at my face and balled her hand into a fist. The collision was hard and bloody. I didn't have enough time to react.

In fact, I didn't have enough time to do anything. I blacked out.

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