The Consequences of Dying

The Vampire


I'd sensed that she was missing the second she had gone. I may not be able to follow her scent anymore and I may not be able to read her mind, but ever since I married and changed her there's always been a Bella-tracker in my mind. It's like constantly keeping a subconscious eye on her.

Even though I can read minds, I still had no idea which werewolf was attacking me. Mainly because I was reading the whole pack's mind instead of the individual werewolf, keeping tabs on their next moves and sequences.

My suspicions of Bella disappearing were confirmed when I saw the werewolf that I can now identify as Jacob tearing off into the woods. For a second I thought my excellent hearing skills had defied me as I could have sworn that I had heard him whimpering.

Before my attacker even had a chance to make his move I was off, sprinting into the distance, into the woods, into Bella's house. She may be an amazing vampire: beauty, agility she had it all, but I can still beat her when it comes to the department of speed.

I saw the smashed window; something terrible must have happened here. My thoughts sprung to Charlie, was he hurt? It was unlikely that Bella was the one being threatened. It was more likely that she was the one threatening.

I jumped in through the window and landed on my feet in a cat-like position, crouching down low.

"Bella! What are you doing?" I hissed at her, I looked around the living room. Verity was silent in her cot, probably sleeping or too frightened to scream and Jacob was on the floor, back in his human form.

"It's her! Edward! I can't help it! Her scent, her calls for me. She's my brand of heroin and I'm one hell of a drug addict! Help me Edward!" Bella pleaded in a hysterical voice, she was clutching her head with both hands, shaking her head from side to side as her eyes loomed over the baby in her cot and Jacob lying unconscious on the floor.

"Control yourself Bella!" I said sternly, slowly making my way over to her, side-stepping the glass, with open arms. She willingly accepted them and we embraced. I held onto her tightly, praying to a God, any God, that she wouldn't hurt Verity. That wouldn't be the Bella I knew and loved, which would have meant that I had actually created a monster.

"Edward, Edward I can't take this anymore. We've stayed here a day too many. We need to leave, Alaska, Egypt, the Himalayas, anywhere will do! Just...take me away from her!" She pleaded into my chest, sobbing with fresh tears.

"Bella...where's Charlie?" I asked suddenly, not meaning to ignore her desperate plea. But Charlie would never let Bella leave after something like this, or worse, he would want her to leave and never return.

Bella broke out into new sobs.

"The guy? He''s in the closet," Bella whispered, unable to stand up she sank to her knees. She was shaking uncontrollably, every now and again she would glance at Verity and then at Jacob and break out into more wet sobs.

" need to be here to explain to Charlie. He'll never accept any of this from me. Can you control yourself?" I asked, bending down to lift up her chin. She nodded meekly and I left the room to find Charlie.

Within the second I heard Verity's screams.

I rushed back to find Verity in Bella's arms, Bella's teeth inching to her throat. I thought instinctively, I shoved Bella away and in doing so, I shoved Verity too. Bella's hands left Verity's tiny body and before I could do anything, they both fell to the floor. Verity had stopped screaming.

My mind was in overdrive. What do I do? Verity had obviously been hurt, Charlie was locked somewhere in a closet and Jacob was still lying unconscious on the floor.

Bella was up in an instant, growling at me with an evil low voice. I had never heard Bella like this. She was completely loosing it. I had created a true monster.

"Bella listen to me, please...stop this now. Bella, are you there? Bella please, this isn't you!" I begged, standing in a crouch like, defensive position as she edged slowly towards me in attack mode. Her eyes were glowing bright red from her recent transformation. I watched in horror as she continued to glare and inch closer.

And then she lunged at me.

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