The Consequences of Dying

The Tirade


Once I had finally woken up, I realised that I had been moved onto the sofa, a blanket was even lying on top of me. I ripped it off hastily. Only one person could have done all this. Edward.

I didn't even have to look at the cot to know that Verity was missing. Despite this, I did anyway and there I saw a little post-it note sitting out from the top of the cot. This was all Edward's doing. What is with him and his fancy little note writing?

I took two giant steps over to the cot and tore off the post-it note. Obviously, Edward's neat hand-writing covered the note and I stared closely at it to make out the words.

Dear Jacob,

Charlie's locked in the downstairs closet, please try and explain it to him in the simplest of terms. I've taken Verity to Carlisle, so that Renee doesn't find out. She's been hurt. Don't worry; Carlisle will know what to do.


I roared with anger. Verity was hurt? In what way? Why was I not awake to protect her? He had taken him to another Vampire? What were they planning to do to her?

I was so scared and angry at the same time, my skin was rippling with such intensity that I felt like my whole body was on fire. I roared again, just to release the pain and my skin burst and my fur protruded. I shook my werewolf body and slashed the note with one of my claws.

I made my way to the downstairs closet; I opened the door so that it came towards me and so that I was hiding behind the door. Then I ran.

I have never ran so fast before, my legs were detached from my body as I headed for the Cullen house. I didn't even knock; I barged straight in, knocking the door down as I did so.

"Jacob? In here…" I heard Edward's voice, it was so calm I wanted to strangle him, never let him speak again.

"Where is she? What have you done with her?" I yelled in my head, stomping straight past Edward and into the living room, which none of them ever lived in.

I saw a cot, not the same as the one in Bella's house but a cot nonetheless. I could see Verity in it and I could see that she was asleep and unharmed. My breathing returned to normal, I was finally calming down. I could feel the fur disappearing and the claws retracting, I was human again.

"I'm taking her now, if you ever touch her again, I will not hesitate to kill you" were my direct words, I could see Edward taking in all the blame; well it was his fault, his and Bella's.

"Don't be like this Jacob, she made a mistake..." Edward started, but I cut him off.

"A mistake? Are you kidding me? She knew what she was doing, she was crazy, vicious, a monster! You turned her into a monster! A peaceful, happy, slightly clumsy person into a blood-thirsty, malicious, violent vampire! I don't know how you could even live... or exist with yourself..." My words were like daggers, I could even picture them stabbing him in his cold, hard chest as he flinched at my words. He knew I was right.

"I know you're angry Jacob. Believe me, I felt the exact same when James and Victoria tried to hurt Bella. It's a horrible feeling, you want someone to blame. But it's not Bella. You can't blame her for all this; she isn't in the right frame of mind!" He protested, his eyes bled remorse.

"You could say that again! She's not Bella; she's never been the same ever since she met you! Her life revolves around you and now look what it made her do! You've finally made her go mad! This is as much your fault as it is Bella's. None of this would have happened if you hadn't changed her..." I was throwing steaks at his heart, but he wasn't wearing down any further. I wanted to see his pain, his tears, his suffering. I could see the remorse, but I wanted to see him feel it.

"Do you think I don't know that? Of course I do! This isn't Bella's fault, this is 100% mine! Blame me all you want, I deserve it. Just please, don't blame Bella," he begged me, now I was starting to feel his pain, but it was the wrong sort. He was feeling Bella's pain more than his own. I didn't like this.

"As I said. This is just as much your fault as it is Bella's. You can't persuade me to let Bella off the hook. She's not Bella. She's one of you. I thought she'd be able to see it through, I thought we could have still been friends. Obviously, I was wrong. Bella's not Bella, she's a monster." I repeated, I cradled Verity in my arms and left the house.

I vowed that this was the last time I would let them vampires get away with hurting Verity. If there was a next time, it would result in death.

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