The Consequences of Dying

The Injury


I knew I should have gone straight back to Bella the second Jacob had taken Verity away into the realm of safety, but I couldn't. So much had happened in so little time, I had no idea what was happening. Before I could even mentally pull myself together, there was a bang at the living room door as it burst open. Someone was at my side, taking my hand and sitting me down. I looked up to see Alice, her eyes plunged with misery. I stared at her, eyes wide and carefully paced through her jumbled up thoughts. I found what I was meant to be looking for: something that couldn't be spoken in words. Within the same second I barged into the kitchen.

Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were huddled around the table and Carlisle was sitting at the end, deep in concentration. I could see the sadness, guilt and fear spread across everyone's faces. Even Jasper, who was dwelling in such an ecstasy of sadness that he didn't even have the energy to change the mood of the room. I read through their minds quickly and confirmed what Alice had thought. A wave of panic rang through me, as well as Jasper as I saw him flinch.

I rushed to the table, behind Carlisle, sure I had read the description in their minds, but it was worse looking at it. Misery and worry spread through me like the plague.

Esme was lying on the table, eyes closed and not breathing. I carefully screened her body, looking for injuries. It was all clear until my eyes hit her left arm.

It was detached. Well almost it was holding on by a couple of fibres. It was gruesome, obviously there was no blood. But still seeing Esme like this was revolting, I turned my eyes away. Suddenly I heard Esme's thoughts, she was filled with worry about whether we were okay or not.

"Esme, we're fine! Esme please don't panic, Carlisle will fix your arm. Please calm down!" I whispered with intensity. Everyone looked at me, it was a clear sign that Esme was back in consciousness if I could hear her thoughts. They all looked relieved.

"You can fix it right?" I asked Carlisle with worry. I stole another look at it; I couldn't tell whether it was curable.

"It'll take a while. He's almost completely detached it. If he was a couple more fibres on target...she'd never see that arm again..." Carlisle thought so only I could listen. I flinched, but she was going to be okay. That was all that mattered.

"Let's give Carlisle his space. He has work to do..." Alice said quietly but we all heard her. We made our way up to my bedroom for some reason; maybe they had all been following me to know what Carlisle had told me.

"She's going to be fine, but it will take a while..." I instantly told them the second the door closed. I knew Carlisle could hear our every word, but he would have wanted me to tell them.

They all sighed with relief again; Jasper had finally picked up the vibe and serenity drifted into the room like a cool breeze. I looked up, glad for once that Jasper had such a useful talent, it was ideal for times like these.

"I'm going to kill whoever did this to her..." I suddenly said out loud. Everyone looked up at me. I had just been saying exactly what was on each one of their minds.

"Well...I did hurt one of their guys..." Emmett said slowly. None of us looked up, we all knew about werewolves and their healing powers.

"By that I mean...he's missing a leg..." he said quietly. Now we all looked up at him, Alice and Rosalie gasped.

"Emmett you didn't!" Rosalie protested, fear in her eyes. We had all planned to only defend, not attack.

"It was defence! Honestly, this one was really going for it. He was clearly set on killing me. I aimed for his chest but he kicked his leg out and my teeth kind of..." He stopped; we didn't need to hear the rest.

We all settled into silence, none of us needing to talk, I ignored their thoughts to concentrate on my own. I had recognised the werewolf Emmett was attacking, Bella had told me about him. It was Quil. Quil had lost a leg, was that a werewolf leg or a human leg? I didn't know.

I wondered whether that was full repayment, an arm for a leg? I had taken enough Religious Education to learn as much about God as I was bothered to know. A sudden quote appeared from the back of my mind. "An eye for an eye..."

But another quote was emerging: "...makes the whole world blind..."

I had a disconcerting feeling that blindness was hovering just above our eyelids.

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