The Consequences of Dying

The Lies


I walked out with Verity with anger leaking out of my skin like heat. She looked perfectly fine, the bloodsucker of a doctor managed to fix any cuts and she simply seemed like she was sleeping. The fear was fading away: the fear of losing her.

I drove back to Forks one-handedly with Verity still in my arms. Fifteen long minutes later I was back at Charlie's and a new fear ran through me, Renee and Phil had returned before I had. Charlie was meant to be babysitting Verity tonight since I had kindly declined because of the big werewolf-vampire fight.

I leapt towards the door and managed to bust the door open with one arm. I entered the living room to see Charlie with his head in his hands and Renee comforting him, Phil stood in the corner, unsure of what to do. He was the first to see me and ran to me and took Verity away instantly. He didn't look angry, just relieved.

"What happened Charlie?" I asked quietly, it almost seemed like he was crying. Renee looked up and then at Phil and saw Verity and abandoned Charlie to cradle her daughter. I took the seat beside Charlie instead.

"B-Bella...she...she wasn't right. Something happened to her. She was actually crazy, not herself. S-she trapped me in the closet and kept muttering that she had to get to Verity...and that she was thirsty. Next thing I know, Verity's missing, two windows are smashed and Bella's gone. The police will be here soon..." he muttered, he looked up so that I could actually see the tears.

"Don't worry...Bella's at mine...I came by to see how things were going and you had gone missing so I took Verity and Bella back to mine. What do you mean by crazy?" I lied, trying to play dumb. Renee and Phil were still huddled over their daughter.

"Jacob have you seen her recently? This is the first time I've seen her after the marriage. That Cullen boy has done something to her. She's not Bella. Bella wouldn't trap me in a closet. I know what you're thinking! It was her! She did all this, the windows, everything!" He cried as fresh tears fell down his cheeks.

"Were maybe? Bella might have put you in there for She probably didn't want you to get hurt and went and took Verity and escaped!" I lied again, coming up with pretty good justifications.

"I've checked around, nothings been stolen!" he persisted with his Bella's-gone-crazy scenario. Had neither Bella nor Edward thought about this once they had left?

Right when I was about to lie some more, the police knocked on the already opened door. I called them in as Charlie quickly wiped away his tears and sniffed: he didn't want to seem soft to his work-mates.
I quickly explained the situation before he could, with his crazy-Bella story.

"We think it might have been an attempted robbery..." I added in hastily at the end of my explanation. The policemen nodded at my theory and went to take a look around whilst another policeman was getting ready to talk to Charlie. "He's...kind of in shock at the moment...he might say some weird things..." I whispered to the policeman, he gave me a questioning look but nodded in approval at my comment. He took Charlie to the kitchen to talk alone.

Renee and Phil were also being questioned, but because they hadn't been here whilst it had happened they didn't have much to say. One policeman turned to me and asked: "So what's your story lad? What happened here?" he asked in a patronizing voice. I had a strange urge to strangle him.

So I explained as carefully as I could about the situation. I mentioned my earlier lie of Bella trapping Charlie in the closet for protection and then taking Bella and Verity away to safety once I had arrived. He seemed to accept my story, but it didn't end there. "I'm going to have to talk to this Bella you've all been mentioning..." he asked, looking around as if she were nearby. My throat went dry, I hadn't thought about them wanting to talk to Bella. What could I do?

"I can explain what happened if you like?" came a misery-filled voice from the door. I recognised the voice instantly.

Of course, Edward.

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