The Consequences of Dying

The Distraction


Okay, now I was certain that I should have returned to Bella, but I couldn't. Something that happened made me not want to face her...yet. I had thought about Charlie for a second whilst sitting at home and that was a second enough to realise that he had no idea about Bella and everything that had happened. I would have to go over and explain.

I wasn't surprised by the police that was obvious. I walked in and heard the policeman think about Bella. After some formal introduction he took me to the kitchen to be questioned. I would need to do some serious persuasion here to get him out of wanting talk to Bella.

"So you're Isabella Swan's husband?" he asked, just to clarify my introduction. I could tell that he was unsure; he couldn't see why someone married to me would ever go round trapping people in closets.

"That's Isabella Cullen and yes I am." I answered softly, staring at him with the full power of my eyes, which were currently black. The eyes had everything to do with persuasion and had the same effect on people, male or female. And intensive stare was enough to wear someone down from what they had been wanting to ask.

"You're saying that it was you who trapped Charlie in the closet and that Bella had just returned home from a walk when Jacob saw her and he didn't see you because you were upstairs, searching for robbers or stolen goods?" he summed up in one sentence. I nodded and smiled with my white-bright teeth.

He accepted my story as if it were fact. I raced through his thoughts; the idea of questioning Bella had left his mind. The policeman was too busy thinking about the robbers. I inwardly sighed in relief, grateful that I had such useful persuasion techniques on humans.

"That should be all. You should return to your wife..." he paused and then gestured to the door so he could think. I made my way, human pace because of the watching eyes, towards Jacob. According to his thoughts, he had no idea that Quil was hurt. How could I tell him without him causing a scene?

"Jacob, can I speak to you for a minute?" I asked quietly. He turned to glare at me with burning pupils; I could see the anger in his eyes. Astonishingly, he nodded and led the way outside to the nearby woods. This reminded me specifically of my wedding day when we had met each other by the edge of the forest...when Bella had been human.

"What is it bloodsucker?" he asked curtly, leaning against a tree and crossing his arms sternly.

"Do you know the outcome of the fight?" I asked, wanting to bring him slowly into realisation instead of straight-out telling him. His mind instantly filled with worry, I could read his thoughts as they dwelled on Embry for some reason. He looked at me for the answer, not even bothering to ask.

"Quil...Quil's been hurt..." I said softly. Jacob chuckled at this as I read in his thoughts that he would be fine by midnight and wondered whether I knew about werewolf healing powers or not.

"It's not what you think it is..." I started...pausing to think of the words. "His...his leg has been ripped off. It was purely an accident, a case of defence...we didn't want it to go this far..." I said quickly, but not quick enough.

As soon as he had heard about Quil, he transformed into a werewolf and looked about seconds away from attacking me. He re-thought this and realised that Quil needed him as he scampered away into the woods. I was left on my own.

Now I definitely had to go see Bella.

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