The Consequences of Dying

The Anger


I ran so fast, I couldn't concentrate on the numerous thoughts running through my mind. The main one was 'Is Quil okay?' None of them would reply to this. I feared the worst.

I received the worst.

As I transformed back to human and entered the house, everyone was silent. My eyes were careful, I didn't want to do or say anything wrong. I had no idea what had happened. All I had was a crummy perspective from a mind-reading vampire, not exactly what I call accurate.

"Jacob..." Embry started, shivering more than ever, he softly pushed me into a chair. How bad could it be? We had healing powers. It couldn't really be 'sit-down-for-this' bad news, could it?

"What? What is it?" I asked, impatiently. I tried hard to control the need to burst out of my chair in search of Quil.

"Quil's...Quil's dead..." Embry whispered, inches away from my ear. Everything happened in slow motion.

I jumped out of my chair, my eyes vivid with denial. He couldn't die, that wasn't possible. We were werewolves, werewolves never died. Especially not Quil, he was my best friend. He was the funny one, who made all the jokes. How could this be happening?

"You're lying. He couldn't die. He can't die!" I emphasised, still not comprehending what was about to come smashing into my face.

"One of the vampires…tore his leg off…he died from the loss of blood…he was losing too much blood before midnight…none of us saw him…he limped into the woods and we found him there after the fight…we were too late…" Sam's voice was drenched with sorrow and guilt. He put the blame on himself, and in all honesty, I blamed him too, well, partly.

"Which one of them bloodsuckers did this to him? I'm going to kill them…" I growled. I physically couldn't blame Sam, he was my leader and he had too much guilt piled on him already. It was a surprise to hear Embry speak.

"This is my fault. I knew that this attack would end up like this. I did nothing to stop it, nothing. It's my fault he's dead. I should have tried harder to stop you doing this…" he spoke quietly through his hands that were holding his head. He didn't dare look up; Sam's face was full of agony.

"Your fault? How is this your fault? It's my fault more than anyone's! I'm more to blame than the bloodsucker who did this! I'm the one who sent you all out there, unprepared with a 100% chance of losing! I shouldn't be the leader of this pack, I'm a failure, and I'm a murderer…" he practically cried out, near enough to tears. Mirroring Embry, he buried his head in his hands which were shaking like mad.

I didn't know what to do, what to say. Quil was dead, everyone blamed themselves. But not me, I wouldn't grieve like the rest of them, Quil wouldn't have wanted that.

He would have wanted me to avenge him. As cheesy as it may have sounded, it was true right down to the last word. Quil wouldn't want me to take this lying down, he would want action. I wouldn't let him down, not when it was the same bloodsuckers that turned Bella into one of them. I would kill one of them or all of them. It all just depended on which one first.

I had already heard Embry say that he had hurt one of them, but that wasn't the same thing. Hurting someone and killing someone were two completely different things. For things to be even, that one bloodsucker would have to die. It didn't matter that she was probably suffering in agony and that she had been through enough already. It wasn't the same compared to one of them dying.

I looked at Sam and Embry, still speechless at comforting them through words. I could only comfort through actions. I took a step outside and before my feet were on the grass by transformation had started. I howled at the night sky, typical of me really.

I scampered into the woods, heading straight for the Cullen house. I didn't think about how I was going to do it, I just thought about the fact that I had to do it, no matter what.

A Cullen was going to die tonight.

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