The Consequences of Dying

The Race


This couldn't be happening. There was no way I was going to let this happen. They couldn't do this to me.

To explain the sheer dramatic-ness of this situation: If a wolf's imprintment is taken away from them, for whatever reason, then life for said wolf would be over.

Imagine a life without hope, love or happiness. What is life without this? What is life where any form of good doesn't register with your brain? That the concept of joy vanishes from your mind. The only thing to comfort you is the haunting memories of happiness, which are now so small and faded that they are just glimmers of what could have been. Your heart is struggling to beat every second of everyday. And if you had one wish, it would be for all it to end; for the world to collapse in on itself into eternal darkness. The misery of life is so dark and empty, so bleak, without a chance of ever feeling happy again that even the idea of it makes your heartbeat stumble and falter. Sadness consumes your life, every minute. You can't think of anything else, you can't do anything else. Your soul has died. You're an empty shell with no reason to live for. Your mind goes numb from the pain. You're broken, emotionally and spiritually. Your only connection to this world is through your physical existence. You drift through this world, because all the strings that attached you to it are gone, dissolved into pain so sharp that it is like a million needles piercing into your heart.

Question: So what do you do in this situation?

Answer: Commit Suicide.

I am not a quitter, but I am not a miracle worker either. I could try and tell myself now that I am brave, that I would struggle through this and that I would never ever commit suicide. But this is now, I have no idea how it would feel after…I would not know how I would react.

And yet, I can't see my life without her.

So, simply, I am running for my life. Technically, I am running for the reason of my life, the reason why I exist, the strings that attach me to the ground. I am running for Verity.

For the first time, my wolf form just wasn't fast enough. I was running at speeds that could kill me in one false footing, and since my mind was whirling with impossibilities, the chances of slipping up were exceedingly high.

Finally, Bella's house came into view. I raced to the door, ready to knock it down when I realised.

I was still in my wolf form.

Oh crap! My emotions were way too high to turn human now. My heart was thudding at a million beats a second. My brain was starting to fry with the number of thoughts running through my mind. My life was on the line, and something as unrealistically simple as changing back into a human was preventing me from saving it.

And suddenly, but not unexpectedly, Bella and Edward were there. In one swift move they had opened and closed the door to the house.

The fate of my life lay in their hands

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