The Consequences of Dying

The Hard Part


This wasn't going to be easy.

Firstly, Bella was within the vicinity of Verity, her throat on fire and her eyes blood red. I had no choice on the matter, I couldn't leave her behind. Renee had to see her if there was any chance of convincing them to stay. Bella just had to be careful, extremely careful.

And then there was Jacob, his soul was being served up on a silver platter and he was too busy stuck in his wolf form to do anything about it. The stress of not being able to turn human would prevent him from turning human; it was a never-ending cycle which would only be solved once Jacob knew what his fate was.

And finally, Charlie was still convinced that Bella had locked him in a closet. The police had brought my simple cover up story, but Charlie just wouldn't accept it. He was certain that Bella was the delusional one, not him. So he wasn't going to be very helpful in persuading Renee and Phil to stay.

For once in my life, I didn't have a plan. I was just going to wing it.

We slowly entered the living room where Renee and Phil were sitting together. Renee held Verity in her arms in an overprotective manner. She looked up when she saw us come in and sighed in relief. I was thankful when she handed Verity to Phil before hugging Bella. The slightest contact with the baby and Bella could easy rip her throat out in less than a second.

"Oh Bella! Where have you been? We've been waiting to see you for so long! You have some real explaining to do…" Her tone had turned serious and she nodded Charlie's direction, whose eyes had practically jumped out his skull at the sight of Bella.

"I know, I'm sorry," Bella said meekly. I could sense that she wasn't breathing, her eyes were the only sign I could see of her internal struggle, they were filled with pain so deep that I couldn't look at them. A new pain started inside of me, because there was nothing I could do to help her.

Charlie was on the verge of having a heart attack. He was holding onto his chest with one hand and holding onto his seat with the other. His gaze locked on Bella, the monster daughter of his nightmares.

"Let me explain," I stepped in, wrapping one hand around Bella's waist to comfort her. The less Bella opened her mouth, the less she would taste Verity's scent and the smaller the chances she would attack her.

"We're sorry for how long we've been away. We extended our honeymoon for another month, a surprise for Bella from me, a trip around the world..." I started saying, still trying to think of reasons to explain the other couple of months we had disappeared for.

"Wow, that sounds amazing! You'll have to tell me all about it sometime dear," Renee butted in. I was glad for this interruption, it meant that she was buying it, and it gave me more time to think.

"And well, we wanted it to be a surprise, so we might as well say it now and well…Bella's attending Dartmouth," I lied, hoping that they would buy this too. And with Renee's shriek of excitement it was clear that she did. As she hugged Bella yet again, I took the moment to read Charlie's mind, get an insight into what he was thinking.

He was scared out of his mind. It was as if he knew that Bella had turned into a vampire. Charlie couldn't stand how easy Renee and Phil were around her, as if nothing had changed. He knew that Bella was different, he had seen it. He was considering whether she had a personality disorder.

"Hey Charlie, can I speak with you in the other room? I'm sure Bella and Renee and Phil have a lot to catch up on," I asked politely, receiving a kind smile from Renee and a nod from Phil. Bella whipped round, her face panic-stricken. I didn't need to read her mind to tell what she was thinking. She needed my support, she wasn't sure she could do this without me.

"You'll be fine love, trust yourself," I whispered in such a low voice that the others couldn't hear. I followed Charlie into the kitchen; he seemed so relieved to be away from his own daughter. I wondered how I was going to do this.

"Look Edward, I know what you're trying to do, but it's not going to work. I know something's up with Bella and I want the truth," Charlie stated before we even sat down.

This wasn't going to be easy.

"Look Charlie, you don't want the truth…" I started, but he cut me off.

"Yes I do! Why wouldn't I want it? Give it to me straight Edward Cullen. I don't want this honeymoon, college business. I want the truth," He repeated, glaring at me with an intensity that would make any regular human cower.

"Charlie, I don't know how to say this. So I'll just say it. I'm a vampire, and so is Bella. We didn't go on honeymoon; she's been staying in our house during the transformation from human to vampire…" I explained. I couldn't believe I was telling him this, but it was the only way.

He looked close to fainting and sat himself at the table. Within seconds I had a glass of water for him. It seemed as if he was going to have a mental breakdown.

"You turned…my daughter…my human daughter…into a vampire?" He said slowly, his voice filled with anger.

"It was her choice! She wanted to do it! She wasn't forced or anything, she's known about us for years," I quickly explained, but this didn't help the situation.

"She knew. She knew and she still stayed with you, became one of you? What was she thinking?" He spat out, his hand was shaking round the glass.

"Because we're in love. I know this seems impossible, but we are and we want to be together forever. That's why," I knew my reason was strong enough to win, for even Charlie knew that Bella and I were inseparable. We were in love.

There was a long pause.

"Okay, the vampires you've explained. But why is there a werewolf hovering outside my window?"

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