The Consequences of Dying

The Verdict


I couldn't take this anymore. I had to calm down. I had to do something. I couldn't just stand here waiting to hear my fate. It was like being on death row. The suspense would kill me before the guilty verdict did.

But this wasn't a simple matter. This was Verity, my love, my life, my everything. I had to trust vampires with my life. I couldn't do anything to save myself. All I could do was wait around. How was I meant to keep calm?

But then I caught Bella's eye through the window and suddenly I had this soothing feeling that everything was going to be alright. I don't know why. Just knowing that Bella knew I was here, waiting, listening, and praying was all I needed to calm myself down.

Before I knew it, I was human.

The joy that I was finally human almost made me turn back into a werewolf, I was that happy. Finally I could speak, I could walk inside, I could decide my own fate.

Barging through the door and striding straight into the living room, I almost fainted at what I saw.

Bella was holding Verity, breathing her scent, touching her and smiling down at her. Renee and Phil were standing beside her, happily talking away to their vampire of a daughter who seemed to not be killing Verity.

My jaw was on the floor. I couldn't have made it any more obvious that I was in a state of shock.

And then the almighty Edward walks in behind me with Charlie, glances at the scene and simply trots off to Bella's side as if nothing was wrong.

Damn him and his stupid mind-reading abilities.

"They're staying Jacob!" Bella cheered as if she wasn't dying from blood lust.

If I wasn't a manly werewolf and all, I probably would have cried with happiness. My heart swelled, filled with such joy and love for both Bella and Verity.

It was a strange feeling, loving both sisters. But my love for Bella had changed, evolved really. Bella had changed from being to 'My Bella' to "Verity's Bella'. She was more like my sister. My love for her was just as strong, it was just a different kind of love.

"That's great news! What made you change your mind?" I sweetly asked Renee as I stepped towards Bella. By some force of magnetic attraction or something, Verity was suddenly in my arms. It was as if my arms had been moulded to fit her perfect little self.

"Bella, she simply couldn't handle the idea of us leaving! Almost broke down didn't you dear? But don't worry, I'm not going anywhere love. And besides, how could I separate two sisters like that?" Renee explained, talking more to Bella then she was to me.

I looked at Bella. She glanced at me again and smiled. She nodded slightly, the smallest of movements, to confirm all my doubts. It was a moment between us, the bond that she had chosen my life over her issues, a completely selfless act.

She had truly saved me.

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