The Consequences of Dying

The Bluff


Sometimes, I truly appreciate not being able to read Bella's mind. I think that's why she was so appealing to me at first, way back when I first saw her in a cafeteria of background noise. Being with her was blissful, like being given morphine when you're so used to constant pain. It was refreshing and a contrast to my daily life. It meant that she was always a wonder to me, I could spend days thinking about what she had said, trying to figure out what she was thinking. It was almost a challenge trying to get inside her head, just when I think I've cracked it, she goes and says something that takes me straight back to square one.

Sometimes I truly hated not being able to read Bella's mind. It irritated me, not knowing what she was thinking. Being able to read the minds of my family members gave us a special connection. We are able to communicate silently, I can understand what they are saying with a nod of a head and Jasper can tell what how I'm feeling as soon as he is near me. It gives us that bond that is thicker than both blood and water. And sometimes I wish I could share that bond with Bella.

My feelings on this matter change every few days or so. At some point I'm happy with not being able to read her mind and at other points I'm practically pulling my hair out with frustration.

This had to be the first time when I felt both emotions.

I was happy for Bella. I truly was. I was happy that she was able to conquer her inner demons and that she was able to fight against herself for the sake of Jacob and her family.

But at the same time, walking into that room was definitely a shock. But thankfully it took me a miniscule of a second to register this, quickly snipe the minds of Phil and Renee to follow Bella's actions and to accept that I wouldn't understand what was happening until I had talked to Bella.

Then I remembered Charlie.

Back in the kitchen, after admitting the unpleasant truth that Bella was in fact a vampire who craved blood, Charlie seemed to find bigger issues than that.

"Okay, the vampires you've explained. But why is there a werewolf hovering outside my window?"

I took a deep breath (unnecessary though it was) and glanced outside the window and there Jacob was, in all his stupid glory, hovering outside both the kitchen and living room windows.

"That's Jacob," I replied. "He's a werewolf"

Charlie's face twisted in repulsion. But I had to hand it to him, he hadn't fainted or screamed or even considered whether his life was in danger.

"Is there anyone else you'd care to tell me about? Is Billy the son of the devil? Maybe Renee's a fairy princess? I always thought Phil seemed a bit like Frankenstein…" Charlie said with heavy sarcasm, his eyes flickering between the vampire in front of him and the werewolf by his window.

"No, there's nothing more than that Charlie. Werewolves only exist because vampires exist. I don't know where we come from or how we come to be in this world but here I am and now your daughter is one of us too," I said matter-of-factly. Charlie seemed like a guy who just wanted straight facts; he didn't want to dance with the details.

Charlie thought long and hard about this.

"So you're saying…that you've just left my vampire daughter, who craves blood, with a room full of people who are, as far as I'm aware, humans?" Charlie choked out. For the first time, I saw fear in his eyes.

It was as if he had slapped me in the face. How could I be so stupid? Charlie was right, and he didn't even know about Bella's need for Verity's blood.

The only sign I had that everything was okay was the fact that I couldn't hear anyone screaming…yet.

"Bella's stronger than that, she can control herself," I bluffed, hoping that what I was saying was true.

"But still, Renee and her family are in danger!" Charlie whispered and with that he whisked his way around the table and straight into the living room. Only by using my vampire speed was I able to keep up with him.

If I was shocked at what I saw, then I would never be able to predict what Charlie must have been thinking.

And I'm the one who can read minds.

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